African journalism and the culture of peace, A model for the rest of the world?

CPNN continues to find that African journalists give priority to culture of peace news, unlike media in much of the world that give priority to violence.  The articles are listed below:

Niger: 7th edition of the National Press Freedom Day under the theme “Journalism in the electoral period”

Decolonising peace journalism – and putting it to work in East Africa

PAYNCoP Gabon Works with UNESCO to Combat Covid19 Fake News and Violence Against Women

Peace promotion in the Sahel: The best award-winning radio productions

Togo: Catholic Church urges media to serve dialogue, peace and reconciliation

Morocco and Senegal promote gender equality through media

Making Waves: Local radio transforming perceptions of gender-based violence in Africa

Uganda has benefited from peace journalism

Senegal: A regional seminar on “The role of journalists and the media in preventing violence”

Cameroon: Community radio in the service of peace education

Africa: Creating media channels to promote the culture of peace

Africa: Faire des médias des voies pour la promotion de la culture de la paix

Gao, Mali : Youth at school for a culture of peace

Gao, Mali : Les jeunes à l’école de la culture de la paix

Mali: The Radio Kledu broadcasts, “Anka Ben ! – Let’s make peace !”

Mali: L’émission «Anka Ben ! – Faisons la paix !» sur Radio Kledu

Somalia: Somali radio on peace mission

Culture of Peace: IDEM workshop for journalists in Mali

Culture de la paix : les journalistes à l’école de l’Idem

Pour une ‘culture de paix’ dans la presse du Cap-Haïtien

Second High Level Media Workshop on the African Peace and Security

Launch of the network of journalists for peace and security in Africa (Netpeace)