Become a Reporter

    CPNN has the potential to provide the news for a culture of peace every day and everywhere in the world. Only one thing is lacking: having enough reporters around the world who write stories on a regular basis about what is happening. That’s where you come in.

    You are invited to be a reporter. It is easy. All you have to do is to write a story on the Submit Article Page and send it in along with a photo or logo that illustrates the article. It doesn’t even have to be written by you, but can be a story that you found in the local media that you think should be known worldwide. If it is already on the Internet, all you need to do is to send us the link.

    You are probably asking “Why should I do this? What is ‘in it’ for me?”

    Here is what some CPNN reporters have answered to that question (click on photo for one of their articles):


    For us it is important to be a CPNN reporter to have a wide public with whom we can share the situation in Colombia, our dreams and how we work to fulfill them.” (Amada Benavides and Charlotte van der Tak, Colombia)



    “Being a CPNN reporter is a choice that I have made out of my own will. I look at it as a little contribution on my part to further the culture of peace. If each and every individual around the world just make one step towards peace, we shall them be millions working for peace.” (Priya Baligadoo, Mauritius)



    “Being a CPNN reporter is a very small way I can contribute to sharing stories of peace and inspiration. I feel it is a way to help counter some of the mainstream media coverage that focuses usually on war and fear.” (Skye Stephenson, USA)


    “To be a journalist for CPNN means I can inform people interested and active in the Culture of Peace about groups and individuals working to effect change where they can do the most good.” (Janet Hudgins, Canada)




    “For me being a part of CPNN and reporting for it is engaging with the world with hope. It gives the ability to rise above the everyday cynicism and actively look for inspiration and believe that another world is possible. The joy of hearing stories that other have collected put forward gives me the strength to work towards social transformation and culture of peace as one gains a sense of community and belonging.” (Shreya Jani, India)