Virtual Events

At CPNN, we are beginning to receive notices of free virtual events concerning the culture of peace. In order to inform our readership of these events, we will try an experiment: a “rolling article” about these events. We will try to update the listing every day or two, removing the events that are past and adding new events as they are received. To be included here, an event must be free and must provide a registration link. Unless otherwise noted the events are in English.

We will also include here the application deadlines for initiatives promoting the culture of peace.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Past virtual events in June

Past virtual events in May
(Links to recordings are provided for 5 of 13)

Past virtual events in April
(Links to recordings are provided for 8 of 19)

Past virtual events in March
(Links to recordings are provided for 23 of 34)

Past virtual events in February
(Links to recordings are provided for 14 of 23)

Past virtual events in January (23)

Past virtual events in December, 2020 (24)

Virtual events in November, 2020 (24)