The understanding of indigenous peoples, Can it help us cultivate a culture of peace?

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Inauguran una escuela por la paz en el mundo maya del altiplano guatemalteco

Participants in the Pan-African Forum Recommend the Valorization of African Culture

Participantes ao Fórum Pan-africano recomendam valorização da cultura africana

Wilfredo Camacho: Professor of Andean Culture [Bolivia”>

Wilfredo Camacho: Profesor de Culturas Andinas [Bolivia”>

Green Light for Indigenous Intercultural University Amawtay Wasi of Ecuador

Kari-Oca II Declaration: Indigenous Peoples at Rio +20 reject the Green Economy and REDD

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Rosalina Tuyuc Velásquez: Trabaja en la construcción de una Guatemala incluyente.

World Social Forum in Belem, Brazil

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