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Ukraine: Message from Yurii Sheliazhenko to Mouvement de la Paix November 19


Message published by Mouvement de la Paix (translation by CPNN)

Dear friends! I am delighted to bring greetings from Kyiv, from the Ukrainian Peace Movement, to the Congress of the French Peace Movement. I wish you success in your initiatives to actively defend peace in Ukraine, to promote diplomacy and to make the structural changes necessary to institutionalize and strengthen the culture of peace, to help different people to live together on a common planet as a great family and to manage conflict non-violently.

Winners of this year’s MacBride Peace Prize. Yurii Sheliazhenko is third from the left.

The Ukrainian Peace Movement has adopted a strategic statement entitled “Peace Agenda for Ukraine and the World“, which says that we consider as the goals of our peace movement and all peace movements in the world to uphold the right of conscientious objection to military service, to end the war in Ukraine and all wars in the world by peaceful means, and to secure lasting peace and development for all peoples of the planet. To achieve these goals, we must speak the truth about the evil and deception of war, learn and teach practical knowledge about peaceful living without violence or with its minimization, and we will help the needy, especially those affected by wars and unjust coercion to support the military or participate in war. This is our vision for the long-term strategy of the peace movement, and I hope this vision will be useful to you.

Peace movements need a long-term strategy because warmongers have long-term strategies. Military production complexes generate insane profits, and their media successfully turn militant populists into glorious heroes blaming all problems on the foreign enemy. Ruling elites are content with war being mass murder organized by governments that have failed to resolve their differences peacefully.

Too rarely do we hear responsible voices calling for a diplomatic solution, and I’m glad to see President Macron among those voices, but many who speak for peace are still bound by an old misconception that diplomacy is no substitute but completes the war machine. And this old misconception disempowers civil society by allowing militarists to hijack the political agenda, while evading democratic accountability. The military-industrial complex devours in obscurity the lion’s share of public finances, now intentionally inflated to feed beasts of war. If they position themselves as defenders of the people, can they defend us from poverty, food and energy shortages? Will they defend us from climate change with a nuclear winter and kill all life on the planet? For these defenders, the first enemy is a peaceful citizen who does not believe that war is a meaning of life and that the army must always be in command; they fight for power and defend those in power, not civilians abused by war. All war is a gross violation of human rights, and it starts by turning civilians into soldiers against their will.

Make no mistake: war profiteers and opportunistic warmongers don’t care about people’s suffering, they only care about their gains which increase as the conflict goes on, so they will perpetuate war for as long as possible. Their excuses are endless and miserable: the sanctity of the land which is supposed to cost human sacrifice; deep wrongs meant to make war right; etc But no war ever was, is, or will be inevitable, necessary, just, or beneficial, and if you think a war was or is an exception to that rule, you simply haven’t studied your war critically enough. Any war is beneficial for some and disastrous for many. War profiteers in Eastern and Western capitals have invested too much in the war, they intend to get the maximum in return without hesitation, ignoring the blood and tears of the civilian populations.

Ukraine, like France and all of Europe, is facing a harsh winter. My electricity is out almost all day, every day. Almost half of the energy infrastructure in Ukraine is in ruins, we have lost a large part of the GDP and the economy continues to shrink, tens of thousands of people are killed, some sources say that about a hundred thousands, millions have left the country. Russia continues its conquest of the Donbass, mercilessly bombarding the rest of Ukraine with hundreds of rockets, and the Ukrainian army takes a counter-offensive position in the south after the recapture of Kherson.

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(Click here for the French original of this article.)

Questions related to this article:
Can the peace movement help stop the war in the Ukraine?

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To stop the war, we need a ceasefire and peace talks without preconditions. But President Putin refuses to negotiate peace without Ukraine recognizing Russian control over Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhya and Kherson regions while President Zelensky refuses to negotiate peace unless Russia withdraws its troops from Ukraine, agree to pay reparations for Ukrainian losses and try Putin for a crime of aggression. When Zelensky rushed to accuse Russia of attacking Poland with a missile after a tragic accident with a Ukrainian anti-missile, he tried to engage NATO on the battlefield on the Ukrainian side, as he had already done in calling for the enforcement of a no-fly zone. It’s not just his own radicalism, it’s the policy of his administration’s hawkish American advisers who dream of replacing the United Nations with the NATO at the Cost of a Third World War. His speech at the G20 summit, where he insisted that Russia must be punished, not negotiated with, was ridiculously turned into good peace formula. If you have any doubts about whether this is a call for peace or not, just look at the Kyiv Security Pact announced in Zelensky’s speech, written by officials in his office making teams with the same warmongering American advisers: this document indicates that Ukraine will need military assistance from the EU and NATO which must fight Russia for several decades, and all adult Ukrainian civilians must be transformed into soldiers. Imagine war in Europe in the next ten, twenty, thirty years and more hysterical calls for the production of guns instead of butter. It’s a very serious and sinister plan, and it’s already in the works. Ukrainian youth are forbidden to cross the border, even to study in European universities, and the courts impose prison sentences on conscientious objectors to military service, trampling on the fundamental value of human rights while Zelensky hypocritically makes himself the heroic defender of Western values, turning Eastern Europe into the Middle East.

I know that the French peace movement discusses ways to stop the war. The world peace conference is a good idea, and the United Nations should play a role. But diplomats are used to being messengers of war, to change you have to change the system. The more peace institutions the better; it might be useful to create a ministry of peace. But nothing can replace the leading role of civil society and citizen diplomacy. Only the voices of the people, streets full of anti-war slogans could make it clear that humanity will not tolerate militarized economy, politics and culture. We must demand deep reforms towards non-violent governance here and now. Calls for scrapping guns, disbanding armies and turning military bases into homeless hostels and art galleries should be heard everywhere, on either side of the front line, so that no sane person can accuse peace-loving people of “treason”.

The solidarity of the peace movement in all corners of the planet is crucial, and we, the Ukrainian peace movement, are proud to have friends in the Russian and Belarusian peace movements, calling for peace together in different international forums. It is a time for solidarity between people who speak peace in different languages, who pray or think about peace with different beliefs and worldviews, who seek, teach and experience peace in different academic disciplines, who work for peace in multiple professions, — but not professional killers, let’s be clear, — all the billions of members of the human family suffering from endless wars must contribute to the cause of peace, and the sooner their conscience will be awake, the better. One day, eight billion people will cry “peace” so loudly that the war profiteers will have to walk away, and the time will come to admit and right wrongs, find reconciliation, and enjoy lasting peace on Earth. In conclusion, I reiterate a century-old truth: war is a crime against humanity, therefore, we must be determined not to support any kind of war and to fight for the elimination of all causes of war. .

The war system exists by popular consent. How long could armies continue to shed blood without popular support, in the face of fiscal resistance, strikes and streets full of anti-war demonstrations? If everyone refuses to kill, no war will be possible. We can and must eliminate the causes of war, which are not demonic enemies but ignorance and overinvestment in stupid militarism. No war could last forever. In November 1918, the first world war ended, and it was too long and devastating because of the stubborn pursuit of victories, but people had hope for the end of the war, and the hope came true , then wars were prohibited by international law. It’s time to make the law work. Let’s hope and act non-violently to end the war in Ukraine! Because, as the Ukrainian poet Ivan Franko wrote during the First World War: ,The pure sky is proudly azure, when the bloodshed of inhuman war has ceased, And the peace endures.

Yurii Sheliazhenko, Ph.D. (Law)
Executive Secretary, Ukrainian Pacifist Movement
Board member, European Bureau for Conscious Objection (Brussels, Belgium)
Member of the Board of Directors, World BEYOND War (Charlottesville, VA, United States)
Member of the Council, International Peace Bureau (Berlin, Germany) LL.M., B.Math, Master of Mediation and Conflict Management

Russian mothers oppose the war


An article from Meduza

The Council of Wives and Mothers is a grassroots organization uniting women whose family members serve in the Russian military. Its leaders were understandably surprised when they heard about the President Putin’s planned meeting with several military mothers; not a single member of their group was invited.

photo of meeting from BBC

Council organizer Olga Tsukanova responded with video where she insists that the president should meet with “real mothers,” as opposed to the “tame” women Kremlin bureaucrats “hand-picked” for the occasion:

Vladimir Vladimirovich, are you a man or what? Do you have enough courage to look into our eyes — openly, in a meeting with women who weren’t hand-picked for you. Women who aren’t in your pocket, but real mothers who have traveled here from different cities at their own expense to meet with you? We are here, in Moscow, and we are ready to meet with you. We expect an answer from you! Are you going to keep hiding from us? We have men in the Defense Ministry, in the Military Prosecutor’s Office, in the Presidential Administration — it’s all men, including the president. And mothers are on the other side of the divide. Well, are you all going to come out for some dialogue — or will you just stay in hiding?

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Do women have a special role to play in the peace movement?

Can the peace movement help stop the war in the Ukraine?

(Article continued from left column)

On November 22, citing Kremlin sources, the Russian newspaper Vedomosti reported that Putin will meet with a group of military mothers on November 27, when Russia celebrates Mother’s Day. One of the sources said that Putin plans to discuss combat operations. When asked to confirm this information, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed the report.

Valentina Melnikova, the secretary of the Union of Mothers’ Councils, told the Russian publication Verstka that no one at her advocacy organization has been invited to the meeting with the president. “If they invite us, we’ll think about it. What are we to talk about with Putin? We’re a peacemaking organization,” she said.

An unnamed Kremlin source told Verstka that the authorities are now considering the possible creation of an alternative, state-sponsored “patriotic” military mothers’ movement. This information is still unverified, however.

Since late October, soldiers’ family members in 15 regions across Russia have staged protests demanding the return of their loved ones from Ukraine and humane treatment for the soldiers while they’re in the army.

(Editor’s note: Meduza was one of the independent media in Russia that published accounts of opposition to the war in Ukraine when it was started. As a result they were shut down in Russia and have had to reopen abroad, as shown by their internet domain of “Indian ocean.” Among other articles recently in Meduza are More than 90,000 Russian troops lost in war and Russians are tired of the war.)

Germany: Nationwide Peace Council to take place December 10-11


An article from Frankfurter Info (translation by CPNN)

After a two-year break, the nationwide Peace Council 2022 will take place again as a face-to-face event on December 10th and 11th, 2022 in the Philipp-Scheidemann-Haus in Kassel. Under the heading “On the way to a new world order – world war or socio-ecological turn to peace” we want to assess the political situation and discuss conclusions for our further work in the peace movement.

This peace meeting comes at a time

• when the Ukraine war escalates into an open proxy war between NATO and Russia, while at the same time diplomatic negotiation channels and peace plans are blocked;

• when a developing new world order goes hand in hand with a parallel threat to humanity through nuclear self-destruction and the prevention of the necessary socio-ecological turn to peace;

• when the consequences of the EU economic war in Germany leads to massive social protests;

• when an open debate on the topics mentioned is greatly restricted and there is also a great need for discussion within the peace movement.

The program for this year’s Peace Council in the Philipp-Scheidemann-Haus in Kassel is now available online on the homepage at

CPNN translation of programme

Germany-wide peace council in Kassel on December 10th and 11th, 2022

On the way to a new world order – World War or socio-ecological turn to peace

Block I a: Sat. 12:15 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. (plenum)

Panel: Global upheaval and new world order with Jörg Kronauer, Christin Bernhold, Peter Wahl, Karin Kulow

Lecture: German great power ambitions in the context of new NATO strategy and EU militarization by Juergen Wagner

Lecture: Dark Eagle – a déjà vu with Pershing 2 by Joachim Wernicke

(Continued in right column)

Questions related to this article:
How can the peace movement become stronger and more effective?

(Continued from left column)

Block I b: Sat. 2:45 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (workshops)

Discussion on the global upheaval with speakers from Podium Block Ia

The Rise of China and India – Opportunities, Risks and German Ambitions with Uwe Behrens

Current developments in the Near and Middle East with Karin Leukefeld

Geopolitical Dynamics in Africa with Frauke Banse

Anti-colonialism and anti-imperialism in art with Werner Ruf, N.N. Ruangrupa collective (documenta)

Block II a Sat. 16:30 p.m. – 18:00 p.m. (parallel Panel and workshops)

Panel: Ukraine war controversies with Hermann Kopp, Helmut Lohrer, Wiltrud Rösch-Metzler, Franziska Hildebrandt, Ulrich Schneider

Panel: Environmental issues in the peace movement with Jacqueline Andres, Angelika Claussen, Karl-Heinz Peil

Peace Prospects for Afghanistan with Heela Najibullah

Block II b: Sat. 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (workshops)

Discussion on the Ukraine war with speakers from Podium Block Iia

EU interests – US “vassals” or “cronies”? with Frank Deppe

Domestic political developments in Russia and Ukraine with Ulrich Heyden (via video) and Susann Witt-Stahl

Formation of public opinion and cultivation of the enemy with Ekkehard Sieker

Economic blockades: “civilian alternative” to war? with Joachim Guilliard

Block III a: Sun. 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. (plenum)

Lecture: “Liberate the UN, prevent abuse of international organizations” by Hans Christoph von Sponeck

Panel: Negotiated solutions for Ukraine and a new global peace order with Michael von der Schulenburg, Michael Müller, Daniela Dahn Norman Paech

Block III b: Sun. 11:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m Discussions at standing tables

Block IV: Sun. 12:00 – 14:00 (plenum)

Lecture: Social protests and peace movement by Sevim Dagdelen (Member of the Bundestag Die Linke)

Panel: Challenges for the peace movement through wars and armament with Angelika Claussen (IPPNW), Christoph von Lieven (Greenpeace), Reiner Braun, Robert Weißenbrunner (IG Metall)

Organizational Notes
More information online at

France: Echoes of the national congress of Mouvement de la Paix


An article from Mouvement de la Paix Corrèze (translation by CPNN)

From Friday November 18 to Sunday November 20, 2022, as part of the national congress of the Mouvement de la Paix, more than 400 people participated or attended one of the initiatives organized in the City Hall of Tours by the Mouvement de la Paix (Art and Peace exhibition, international forum, national congress of the Peace Movement, cultural and musical evenings).

The 18th International Forum brought together around 280 people including 27 delegates from 14 different countries (Algeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Belgium, Germany, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Japan, Iraq, Iran, Palestine).

150 activists from 62 departments were delegates to the congress.

At the opening of the exhibition proposed by the Gallery ‘Art and Peace’ we were more than 300 people, many local personalities, representatives of associations and friends of the Peace Movement, trade unions, a good diversity. .. A magnificent exhibition, a forum with a full room, extraordinary cultural evenings, a lively congress

The Mayor of Tours Emmanuel Denis speaking on behalf of the city which made the premises of the City Hall of Tours available for 3 days to the Congress of the Peace Movement, made a beautiful speech rooted in the history of Tours. Among those present at the opening were Deputy Charles Fournier, Vice President of the Center Val-de-Loire Region Jean Patrick Gille, Regional Councilor Isabelle Texeira, Departmental Councilor Mrs Ursula Vogt and many councillors, Deputy Mayor of Tours and the municipalities of the department as well as associations, unions, personalities from the world of culture.

The President of the Centre-pays de Loire Region, François Bonneau, sent a message to the delegates insisting on the importance of peace, the complementary role of communities and citizens in the defense and construction of peace.

In addition, there were representatives of national organizations such as Arac, CGT, Free Thought, ACCA, Teachers for Peace, Pugwash, Initiative for Nuclear Disarmament (IDN), Afcdrp, International Feminist Initiative, Europ Ecology The Greens (EELV), Pcf, Pax Christi, Ccfd, Solidarity peoples, Acat, France Kurdistan, Christian migrants, peace educators, international handicap, family planning…

(Editor’s note: Click here for the Peace Appeal issued by the Congress.)

(Continued in right column)

(Click here for the French original of this article.)

Questions related to this article:
How can the peace movement become stronger and more effective?

(Continued from left column)

In this period, when we see a certain decline in citizen commitments, in a serious and worrying international situation, everyone can only rejoice in this citizen mobilization for peace, which attests to the representativeness of Mouvement de la Paix. and the reality of citizen engagement and gathering around this movement. The Movement is recognized as one of the structuring elements of resistance to war, to all wars and a citizen force, capable of bringing together including through his role as one of the leaders of the national collective of marches for peace made up of 210 organizations in France.

We are pleased to send you below a first report produced by Ms. Manon Salé, journalist at CitéRadio Tours.

We had planned a press meeting on Friday evening around certain foreign participants. At the end of this press briefing, Manon Salé made a very interesting montage which gives a good overview of the work of the international forum and the general atmosphere of these 3 exceptional days..

This report contains interviews with the following people.

Ludo De Brabander, Pacifist activist from Belgium, returned to the issues of common security in Europe and in the world.

Shura Dumanic, one of the coordinators of the feminist peace movements in the former Yugoslavia, shared with us her experience of peace and war in Croatia.

Jim Anderson, animator of Peace Action, one of the largest pacifist networks in the USA, insisted on the importance of getting involved by carrying out concrete actions for peace.

Cherifa Kheddar, president of an association for the defense of victims of Islamist terrorism in Algeria (Djazairouna), emphasized the human dimension of conflicts and peace, which according to her passes through women.

Roland Nivet, national spokesperson for the Mouvement de la Paix, also spoke. In particular, he explained the importance of establishing an “economy of peace”, as opposed to the “economy of war”.

David Adams, former Director of the Culture of Peace at Unesco and animator of the Culture of Peace News Network, spoke about the place of the United States in international geopolitics and the European opportunities to set up a new order turned towards peace.

Finally, Michel Thouzeau, national secretary of the Mouvement de la Paix, offered different solutions to prepare for peace and returned to the word “utopian”, which is often applied to peace activists.

Once the conference was over, we went to the opening of the Art for Peace exhibition in the city hall for the speech of the Mayor of Tours Emmanuel Denis. He recalled the importance of art and the commitment of the city of Tours for peace.

Marching for peace in Ukraine: thousands in Rome ask for the peaceful resolution of the war


An article from Agenzia Nova

A long colorful procession marched today in Roma to protest the conflict in Ukraine. The snake of people gathered in the late morning in a square of the Republic full of rainbow flags, banners, symbols of peace and the 600 associations that participated in the march. At the head of the procession, which paraded up to piazza San Giovanni – passing through via Cavour, piazza dell’Esquilino, piazza di Santa Maria Maggiore and via Merulana -, the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri and the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, who accompanied the march holding the banner of the Italian Peace and Disarmament Network. The demonstration, organized to ask for a negotiation for peace, was organized by the trade unions CGIL, CISL and UIL, ARCI, ACLI, ANP, together with the community of Sant’Egidio, the association Libera, Emergency, Sbilanciamoci and the Aoi.

A large stage set up with white and red balloons welcomed the demonstrators as the march arrived. And from here the interventions of the institutions and representatives of various organizations alternated. Reduce military spending in favor of investments for poverty, ecological transition and decent work, guarantee shared security, which “does not come from weapons that only cause suffering to the populations”: these were some of the demands raised by the stage.

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Questions related to this article:

Can the peace movement help stop the war in the Ukraine?

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“My compatriots feel the consequences of this war personally. We believe that every conflict must be resolved in a peaceful way because human life is the greatest value, the life of every Ukrainian is the greatest value like the life of every Russian “, said in a video message an activity of the pacifist movement. Ukrainian, to the cheers of the crowd. According to the organizers, 100 people participated in the parade, 45 for the Police Headquarters.

(Editor’s note: According to Agence France Presse the police reported that the peace rally was attended by some 30,000 people.)

Among those present at the event also the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta and the president of the 5-star Movement, Giuseppe Conte who explained: “Today there are no political flags but citizens who parade, who tell the Italian government and not only that we are tired of this strategy that only provides for military escalation, we want a peace negotiation, difficult to build but we must succeed and this cry rises loudly from the silent majority of the country ”. For Rome it is “very important to be here for peace against this terrible war unleashed by Putin,” said Gualtieri. “We stand by the Ukrainian people because they work to make peace and law prevail,” he added.

Today’s goal “is to overcome war as an instrument for regulating relations between states”, he continued Landini. “We must not only stop this run-up but prevent nuclear weapons from continuing to be built and it is time to shift spending on health, knowledge, training and work to allow people to live in peace but with dignity. China and the United States play a decisive role in this phase – he stressed – and I believe that Europe must also play a role in the relationship between Ukrainians and Russians that is able to ensure that a ceasefire prevails, that can start the negotiations and – he concluded -, as proposed by the President of the Republic, I believe it is time to work to build an international peace conference since behind this war there is a re-definition of the political equilibrium of the world ”.

The World at War: A Trade Union Issue – Stop the War TU Conference


Received by email from Stop the War

We are urging all trade unionists who support Stop the War to register for our first ever trade union conference on 21 January and join the discussions on shaping a more peaceful and prosperous world for us all.

It’s vital that we connect the struggles of the anti-war and labour movements and make the call to ‘cut warfare not welfare’ at this crucial time. We stand alongside our teachers, nurses, firefighters, lecturers and all those who refuse to see their living standards eroded to pay for the misery of war.

(Article continued in right column)

Question related to this article:

How can the peace movement become stronger and more effective?

(Article continued from left column)

On the day we’re going to be joined by a brilliant range of speakers including ASLEF Gen Sec Mick Whelan, Jeremy Corbyn MP, workers from the docks in Genoa who refused to load munitions onto ships earlier this year and a speaker from the Australian Maritime Union to talk about the AUKUS pact.

We will also be hearing from Kevin Courtney (PC), Alex Gordon (RMT President), Fran Heathcoate (PCS President), Salma Yaqoob, Andrew Murray and many more.

The conference is open to all trade unionists. We urge you to register and circulate the resolution in your branches and trades councils. If you want leaflets for the conference or any other information don’t hesitate to get in touch at:

Register for the Conference

Download the Resolution

Chambéry, France: locks of hair in solidarity with the women of Iran


An article from France 3

There were a hundred women in the center of Chambéry who came and cut a lock of hair in solidarity with the women of Iran. These locks, also collected this Saturday in Grenoble and Lyon, will be sent to the Iranian Embassy.

The women of Chambéry “want it to be known: we are in solidarity, in sorority” with the women of Iran, who “fight to be free” and have been demonstrating since the death. of young Masha in a police station in Tehran.

The locks of hair will be sent to the Iranian Embassy. • © France 3 Alps

They are a hundred who have responded to the call of the League of Human Rights, but also of the CGT, the PCF, EELV, the PS of Savoie, Amnesty International and the Mouvement de la Paix.

(continued in right column)

(Click here for the original French version.)

Questions for this article

Prospects for progress in women’s equality, what are the short and long term prospects?

Solidarity across national borders, What are some good examples?

(continued from left column)

For the representative of Mouvement de la Paix in Savoie, Laurette Mugnier, “it’s nothing compared to all that these women have endured for so long, in Iran but not only. We also think of the Afghan women who are fighting against the Taliban, the little girls who cannot go to school. At the Mouvement de la Paix we demand that a culture of peace be promoted at the call of the UN. We can’t just watch them fight alone in Iran. The support of the people is important for those who are fighting.”

Singing in Persian, they sing Bella Ciao, the song of Italian partisans and resistance fighters during the Second World War. And on the steps of the town hall, a mauve cloth collects locks of long hair, short hair, from women and men, of all ages. “They will be sent to the Iranian Embassy,” promises Marc Pascal, ecologist and member of the “all migrants” collective. “And the same symbol is used in other cities: the embassy should receive hair from many places in France”.

Already practiced at the beginning of the week by actresses, the gesture has caught on. Marc Pascal insists that “It’s not just a symbol. That people agree to come and undermine their physical integrity by cutting their hair is a strong gesture that says that we are physically committed, that it is important”.

The same demonstration was organized Saturday morning, in Lyon. And in the afternoon, in Grenoble.

‘Big Win’ for Climate: EU Parliament Backs Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty


An article by Julia Conley from Common Dreams licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). Feel free to republish and share widely.)

Just a year after angering climate campaigners by voting down a resolution to call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, the European Parliament on Thursday overwhelmingly approved the measure, demonstrating that “momentum is growing”  in the push for a global, rapid shift away from planet-heating oil, gas, and coal.

450 members of the body  voted for the resolution and 119 opposed it—a reversal of last year’s vote in which just 168 approved of the resolution and 510 opposed it.

“This is a major development in the global push for a fossil fuel treaty,” said the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative, an international campaign group.

The resolution outlines the Parliament’s demands for the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), which is scheduled to begin in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt on November 6.

Included in  the resolution  is language demanding that “all parties must make financial flows—public and private, domestic and international—compatible with the path towards the 1.5°C target in the Paris Agreement; reiterates the need to urgently end fossil fuel subsidies” and that encourages nations represented in the European Parliament “to work on developing a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty.”

(article continued in right column)

Question for this article:

Sustainable Development Summits of States, What are the results?

Despite the vested interests of companies and governments, Can we make progress toward sustainable development?

(Article continued from the left column)

Such a treaty would end all new coal, oil, and gas production; phase out existing production infrastructure, which is responsible for 80% of fossil fuel emissions over the last decade; and  ensure a just transition  to “enable economic diversification” and “support every worker, community, and country.”

E.U. members must “stand ready to contribute to closing the gap necessary to limit global warming to 1.5°C, in a just, socially balanced, fair, and cost-effective way, while taking into account aspects of global fairness and equity and the E.U.’s historical and current responsibility for the emissions causing the climate crisis,”  reads  the resolution.

“We welcome this resolution,”  said  Tzeporah Berman, chair of the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative. “Phasing out fossil fuels is now clearly the test for climate leadership at COP27 in Egypt. It is not a transition if we are growing the problem. If we are going to break free from the tyranny of oil we need countries to cooperate to stop the expansion of fossil fuels.”

The resolution was passed just over a month after the World Health Organization  led  a coalition of global public health experts calling for a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty on the grounds that the continued extraction of coal, oil, and gas poses “serious global health risks.”

Youth climate leaders made a  similar call  in June, and more than 100 Nobel laureates, 69 cities, and more than 1,700 civil society groups have  supported the push for such an agreement.

Last month, Vanuatu  became  the first nation state to officially call for a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty during the U.N. General Assembly.

By joining the tiny Pacific island nation, which is vulnerable to rising sea levels and other impacts of the climate crisis, in supporting the treaty “the E.U. can stand on the right side of history,”  said  Tasneem Essop, executive director of Climate Action Network International.

“The momentum behind a treaty to keep fossil fuels in the ground in a fair and timely fashion is phenomenal and growing,”  said  Andrew Simms of the Rapid Transition Alliance.

Europe: International Day of Peace


A survey by CPNN

We list here 293 events in 20 European countries that were listed this year in Google during the week of September 21-28 under the key words “International Day of Peace”, “Journée Internationale de la Paix”, “Dia Internacional de Paz”, “Dia Internacional da Paz”, “Internationaler Tag des Friedens”and “Giornata internazionale della pace” or were listed on the websites of International Cities of Peace Facebook and the website of the Collectif de 21 septembre.

In France, there were events in 59 departments, more than half in the country, and in Belgium there were events in 136 municipalities.

In addition to these, over 300 events are listed on the maps of One Day One Choir and Montessori schools singing for peace, but, with the exception of 6 listed here that were new this year, there is no indication which took place this year and which took place only in previous years.

No doubt there were also many events listed on the Internet in the various national languages in Europe other than those for which we searched.

For events in European countries formerly part of the Soviet Union, click here.

Photo from Le Creusot, France


The United Nations proclaimed September 21 as the “International Day of Peace” to encourage all initiatives to “promote the ideals of peace”. On this occasion, we invite the cities and municipalities of Belgium to participate in this UN appeal by hoisting the flag of peace on the municipal building(s). . . . This initiative is a campaign of the Belgian Coalition Against Nuclear Weapons. The following 136 municipalities have taken part:
Amay, Andenne, Aubange , Avelgem , Assesse, Awans, Beersel, BoechoutBouillon, Bredene, Brugge, Châtelet, Chaumont-Gistoux, Chièvres, Chimay, Komen-Waasten, De Panne, Dessel, Engis, Eupen, Florenville, Fontaine-L’Evêque, Gent, Gerpinnes, Gouvy, Ham, Hamont-Achel, Hannuit, Hensies, Herbeumont, Hoeselt, Holsbeek, Houffalize, Houthalen-Helchteren, Itter, Geldenaken, Juprelle, Kalmthout, Kasterlee, Koekelare, Kontich, Kortessem, Laarne, Terhulpen, Lanaken, Leuven, Lichtervelde, Lierde, Manhay, Marche-en-Famenne, Marchin, Meise, Meulebeke, Messancy, Moeskroen, Nijvel, Ohey, Pecq, Peer, Péruwelz, Perwijs, Blieberg, Ramillies, Roosbeek ,Rouvroy, Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse, Sainte-Ode, Sambreville, Schelle, Sint-Lievens-Houtem, Zinnik, Soumagne, Spa, Stekene, Tessenderlo, Thuin,Tinlot, Tintigny, Trooz, Tubeke, Verlaine, Wezet, Viroinval, Weismes, Walhain, Borgworm, Waver, Wichelen, Wortegem-Petegem, Zandhoven, Zonhoven, Lille, Lummen, Borsbeek, Zelzate, Oostende, Florennes, Beaumont, Belœil, Geer, Herstal, Meix-devant-Virton, Quaregnon, Rendeux, Sint-Joost-ten-Node, Morlanwelz, Overijse, Melle, Putte, Zutendaal, Herne, Vilvoorde, Frasnes-lez-Anvaing, Genepiën, Hoei, La Louvière, Manage, Pepinster, Quévy, Somme-Leuze, Stavelot, Wingene, Roeselare, Nazareth, Montigny-le-Tilleul, Bièvre, Kaprijke, Arendonk, Machelen, Ravels, Riemst, Herk-de-Stad, Brunehaut, Écaussinnes, Vorst, Léglise, Malmedy, Anhée


Following a series of youth essay and art competitions organized by the OSCE and United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2020 and 2021 to mark the 25th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement and the country’s commitment to Agenda2030, the two organizations have gathered a selection of essays and artwork in a publication presenting young peoples’ reflections on peace in BiH. The publication, entitled The Peace Young People Wish to Build in BiH, was presented today in Sarajevo on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, and was followed by a conversation with young authors. The Peace Young People Wish to Build in BiH publication is available at the following link: The Peace Young People Wish to Build in Bosnia and Herzegovina | OSCE.


Acting on this year’s theme of End Racism, Build Peace, the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research, the Home for Cooperation, The Home Café and Peace Players Cyprus join together to organise a series of activities promoting and celebrating peace. On the International Day of Peace, September 21, a series of activities, performances and presentations will take place inviting all of the communities of the island.


Turkish and Greek Cypriot unions, which are members of the World Union Federation and the Bi-Communal Peace Initiative are organizing a bi- Communal event for United Cyprus, in line with the 1st of September World Peace Day. Turkish Cypriots will gather at Kuğulu Park and Greek Cypriots will gather at Eleftheria Square at 6.30 pm and will walk to the buffer zone during the event that will take place on Thursday, September 1st 2022. The General-Secretary of the World Federation of Trade Union (WFTU) Pambis Kiritsis will be holding a speech at the 1st of September World Peace Day event to be held at the ÇetinKaya Stadium at 7.30 pm. The “Let’s Sing Together” Orchestra will give a concert at the event.


The International Day of Peace is coming up and like in the previous years, it’s a chance to invite everyone to run with us in Nicosia! This will be an easy 6-7km run with runners from both sides and will pass by some major streets of the whole of Old Nicosia. The event is organized by RUNITE, a group of friends from across the island who love to run together and have organized running events in different parts of Cyprus.


March and gathering for peace. Wednesday 21 September, from the National Garden (bust of Jean JAURES) to Place du Vigan.
From 3.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Graphic and musical course.
Posters, texts, poems, songs, petitions, bibliographies, exchanges…
At 6:30 p.m. Gathering Place du Vigan.


On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, Wednesday September 21, 2022, the local committee of the Peace Movement of Alençon ( Orne ) will be present Thursday September 22 at the downtown market. In the context of the war in Ukraine , pacifists call for mobilization to “obtain social, economic, cultural, national and international peace policies inspired by the United Nations Charter and respectful of all human rights”.


Two highlights for peace. Date(s): 21/09/2022 – 24/09/2022
September 21, International Day of Peace, in Angers: 2 highlights
Wednesday, September 21: 6 p.m. PLACE DE LA PAIX celebration
Saturday, September 24: 3:00 p.m. PLACE DU RALLIEMENT walk


The gathering will take place this Saturday, September 24 at 2 p.m. in front of the Annecy Prefecture. First signatories: Peace Movement, PCF, Human Chain Against Hate. Stop all wars, violence, misery, injustice. Dare Peace, Cultivate Peace


At the call of the Peace Movement, let us come together to express our demand for peace: Exhibition and meeting-debate. Wednesday, September 21, 2022, International Day of Peace, 6:00 p.m., Mairie d’Availles Limouzine


International Day of Peace. During two days, 20 and 21 September, many highlights will come to celebrate these days, the associations offer a space of peace to marvel, recharge, inform, dialogue & discover works of art, manual creativity, portraits of people of peace , messages of peace, stands for Unicef (peace ambassadors in schools), Omcal (many leisure activities sources of peace), Ammac (helps young people build model boats ), Agrédiance (promotion of peace through relational harmony and offers tools to manage aggression).


On the occasion of the International Day of Peace (September 21), the UN urges us to build A CULTURE OF PEACE. Also, we invite you to a cinema-meditation session on Friday September 23 at 7 p.m. with the film We All by Pierre Pirard on the program.


Call for a rally for Peace as part of the celebrations of the International Day for Peace : Saturday September 24, 2022 at 11 a.m. Besancon aux Glacis (war memorial). Themes: nuclear disarmament in a context where the risk of nuclear war has never been high, the need for a ceasefire and peace in Ukraine, the consequences in France with inflation and rising prices Energy. Rally at the call of: Peace Movement, General Confederation of Labor (UL CGT), Europe Ecologie Les Verts (EELV Grand Besançon), French Communist Party (PCF Doubs), La France Insoumise (LFI), Movement against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples (MRAP), A Gauche Citoyens! (AGC!), Republican Association of Veterans Affairs (ARAC)…


Sunday, September 25, we are organizing our 40th Peace Walk in Blois Departure from the Allées stadium car park. 5 Routes of 5,10,15,20,25 km. Organized by Mouvement de la Paix du Loir et Cher


Several initiatives are programmed in Bonneuil on the occasion of the International Day of Peace.
11 h. Placement of one thousand cranes and origami made by children in leisure centers – Leo-Lagrange sports complex.
14-17 h. Football game, to live together, to speak about peace, to favor feminine and mixed practice in sports and football, to create a space for inter-generational contact.


COLLECTIVE WALK FOR PEACE, In LIBOURNE, the local organizations FSU, LDH, CGT call to participate in the “GLASS FOR PEACE” Parc de l’Epinette from 5:30 p.m.


War is anything but harmless. And the fact that it is not yet happening on our territory should not encourage us to ignore it. War is never the right answer, it is bad for everyone at every level. This is the message that the collective for peace wants to convey during this annual gathering. Created a few years ago, this gathering is designed to raise awareness in this complicated period on the importance of preserving peace in the world, respect for human rights, the socio-economic development of populations and the emergence of pacifist citizenship. The tree of peace is the symbol of this peace movement. In Boulogne-sur-Mer, it is personified by a Gingko Biloba, planted in 1995 near the war memorial on boulevard Eurvin, by Jean Delessalle, member of the Boulogne section of the Communist Party


Saturday, September 24, about thirty activists from the PCF, the League of Human Rights, Attac, free thought, showed their support for the International Day of Peace. Gathered at 2:30 p.m. at the corner of rue Gambetta and rue Victor-Bach, the members of the “Collectif National 21 Septembre” led by Daniel Blatrix (PCF) recalled the remarks of António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations who had declared “Instead of fighting against each other, we should act to defeat our real enemies: racism, poverty, inequality, conflict, the climate crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic. » Banners unfurled and microphone in hand, peace activists recalled that the International Day of Peace has never been so important, in a world where 37 “theaters” of war are identified in different parts of the globe with a nuclear threat.


Exhibition and Conference-debate. September 21, 2022 – 6 p.m. International Day of Peace – End Racism, Build Peace. At the Val d’Auron Media Library, Place Martin Luther King: Inauguration of the exhibition “Faces and birds of peace”
8 p.m. – The Culture of Peace, a brief history and a resource for the future. At the Natural History Museum, amphitheater, Allée René Ménard: Conference-debate with the participation of David Adams, Former Director of the Culture of Peace at UNESCO


Rally for Peace on September 21, 2022 in Cahors (46) at 5.30 p.m., Fountain of Peace, Place Mitterrand. First signatories: CGT 46, Lot Committee of the Mouvement de la Paix.


Distribution of leaflets, 22/09/2022, all day.


Animation and distribution of leaflets. As part of the International Day of Peace, an event is organized in the city center of Châtellerault on Saturday, September 24, it will be preceded by the distribution of leaflets in the city’s markets.


Peace March in Chenove (21) as part of the Peace Day. The march will follow the city’s memorial route and will end with a speech by the Mouvement de la Paix.


Gathering on September 21, 2022. As every year for many years, the Channel Committee will gather at the foot of the olive tree of Peace in Equeurdreville, Cherbourg-en-Cotentin.


Gathering and animation for peace. September 21, 2022 from 3 p.m. (until 6 p.m.) Place Travot in Cholet. We will propose an animation to inform, exchange, sign petitions… in order to advance the culture of Peace. And we will participate in the march for PEACE, September 24: 3 p.m. PLACE DU RALLIEMENT in Angers


Many events, peace trail
September 11: Association Forum in Brive
September 21: 12:30 p.m.: Citizen picnic in front of the tree of peace in Brive
September 22: Ceremony of the Tree of Peace in Argentat
September 30: Ceremony of the Tree of Peace in Ussel


60 people gathered in Ajaccio this Wednesday, September 21 for the International Day of Peace. Many associations called for a mobilization on the theme “end racism, build a world of peace”.


In Bastia, around thirty people gathered for peace. On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, and at the call of many associations, two gatherings were organized in Corsica, notably in Ajaccio and Bastia.


On September 21, the International Day of Peace, around thirty citizens unfurled banners in Dijon, and a dozen in Moloy, near the CEA site in Valduc (Commissariat for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies) which maintains and the modernization of France’s 290 nuclear weapons.
They demand :
– France’s compliance with art. 6 of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to which it acceded in 1992 and of which it violates the spirit and the letter,
– France’s accession to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TIAN), which since January 22, 2021 has become the standard of international law,
– and, eventually, the reconversion to peaceful activities of the CEA-DAM sites, including that of Valduc.


At the call of the association Vosges pour la Paix, a few demonstrators met in front of the Vosges prefecture, place Foch, on the occasion of the International Day of Peace.


International Day of Peace on September 21, 2022: mobilization for peace in Foix between 12 p.m. and 2 the call of the Mouvement de la Paix, and the organizations ACAT09, AFMD, 4ACG, CGT09, Couserans-Palestine, EELV09, FSU09, LDH09, MJCF09, NPA09, PCF09, RESF09, Solidaires 09, UFAL09 and the deputy G. Lazaroo. We will distribute a flyer and have people sign the petition “cursed be war”.


The Popular University of Fontenay-sous-Bois invites you on Monday September 26, at 8:30 p.m. at the Le Kosmos cinema, to the screening of the documentary film La Bombe et nous (70’) by Xavier-Marie Bonnot. This film was shot in 2017, during the preparation at the UN of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TIAN) for the preparation of which the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) received the Nobel Prize for the peace. On January 22, 2021, the TIAN entered into force; it continues to be ratified by many countries. This film has the advantage of giving voice to very diverse personalities, both favorable and opposed to the TIAN. It will feed the reflection in view of the meeting-debate which will take place on November 15 at the Town Hall of Fontenay-sous-Bois, during the inauguration of the exhibition Acting for disarmament.


March for peace September 21. Meet at 6 p.m. in front of the lion at Place de la Cymaise, in the St Laurent district (opposite the St Laurent pedestrian bridge) in Grenoble and walk to the new Place de Lavalette museum


Rally of the Mouvement de la Paix. Every year, the International Day of Peace is celebrated on September 21. Wednesday, at 6 p.m., on the initiative of the Creuse Committee of the Movement for Peace, citizens were invited to join in the event. About forty people were thus gathered on the forecourt of the town hall of Guéret to defend peace, act for the climate, nuclear disarmament, social justice and living together.


September 28, 2022 – 8 p.m. The Culture of Peace for a Peaceful Transition. Rue d’Olmor – Municipal hall: Conference/debate in partnership with Femmes Solidaires


In La Rochelle, a rally and then a march in town as part of the International Day of Peace. Dozens of associations relay our appeal and some have indicated that they will be present at our side. A group of young, sometimes very young, dancers from a working-class area of the city, the Ultimatum group, will animate our gathering with music and hip-hop dances.


At the call of the Trégor Mouvement de la Paix, about fifty people gathered this Wednesday, September 21, on the Human Rights forecourt to say a stop to the war in Ukraine and in 36 other countries. “For its future, humanity has no choice but peace.” It is with these words that Françoise Le Loarer, spokesperson for the Trégor Mouvement de la Paix, concluded her speech, this Wednesday, September 21, at the end of the afternoon, on the forecourt of Human Rights, in Lannion.


Initiatives of the Laragne-Vallée du Buëch committee for September 21:
– Celebration around the olive tree of peace in Laragne:
Wednesday September 21 at 6 p.m. in the Jardin Jean Giono (next to the church) to commemorate the International Day of Peace together, with the participation of the Restoublons choir
– Creative workshop for young people in partnership with the MJC and the Laragne leisure center, Wednesday October 5


In the Gers, we have place original panels for peace at the entrances to villages and on the national road 21! (with many photos)


At the call of the Collective for Peace, around forty people gathered this Wednesday at Place Schneider as part of the International Day of Peace celebrated each year on September 21. After the gathering, the procession formed went to rue Leclerc and then took the direction of the town hall where Jacqueline Guillien read the text of the Collective for Peace. “It was particularly important to meet all of us on September 21, International Day of Peace, to affirm our common aspiration, beyond our differences in convictions and philosophical, political, religious, trade union sensibilities…. We must make our demands heard in favor of Peace, the climate, nuclear disarmament, social and environmental justice, friendship between individuals and Peoples.”


The peace committee of Le Havre (76) organizes from September 19 to September 28, 2022:
– September 19, at 6.30 p.m.: evening at the literary café “Les Yeux d’Elsa” with our friends from Femmes Solidaires on the theme “women and peace”
– September 21, at 2:30 p.m. in Gonfreville l’Orcher, we are invited to participate in a performance of songs specially designed for the International Day of Peace by the choir of the residence for the elderly. An intergenerational meeting with the participation of children from a CM1 class with their teacher. and at 5.30 p.m. the peace march in Le Havre, at the call of the Peace Committee of Le Havre with the participation of 25 associations, trade unions and local politicians: departure from the Town Hall to go to the Oscar Niemeyer space.
– September 28 at 8:30 p.m. at the “Le Studio” cinema: screening followed by a debate, of the 1989 film “Black Rain” by Japanese Shohei Imamura. “After the bomb in Hiroshima, the horror, the trauma… life for the survivors”


On the occasion of the International Day of Peace decreed by the UN on September 21, the Friends of Peace, in partnership with the group of readers of La Vie de la Sarthe, offer a conference by the historian Pierre Maucourt on Fridtjof Nansen, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922. In the aftermath of the First World War, this Norwegian, explorer, scientist and statesman, led a visionary action in favor of refugees. A century later, its action is still relevant and can inspire all those involved in the reception of war victims, in particular Ukrainians. Details in our calendar.


In Le Mans, rally at 3 p.m. Place de la République, September 24, 2022. And exhibition from September 26 at the town hall of Allonnes.


International Day of Peace. Rally on Wednesday September 21 at 6 p.m. for peace and against wars in the central square of Malakoff in front of the Town Hall in the form of a “circle of silence”. Animation on Sunday September 25 during the market with installations and a mini-exhibition of artists for peace. This Sunday, September 25 in Malakoff, we will celebrate this event by putting the city’s main square in the colors of peace with an installation created by artists on the theme of hands.


THE SAILS OF PEACE IN THE MEDITERRANEAN. Saturday September 24, 9:30 a.m.: Old Port in front of the central Town Hall, speeches, entertainment 11:30 a.m.: Boarding for L’Estaque – Espace Mistral – entertainment, boat trips


As part of the UN International Day of Peace: Call for citizen rally. Wednesday September 21 – 5.30 p.m. – Jardin de Ferrieres in Martigues: Speeches,Snack, Concert of young martegals on the theme of Peace. In the afternoon, great game of peace at Canto Perdrix
Sunday 25, Peace Regatta: departure at 1 p.m. from Tholon base


Wednesday, September 21, demonstration for peade in Metz, meet at 5:30 p.m. in front of the station for a demonstration that will end at Place des Droits de l’Homme. At the call of a collective of organizations, with the presence of the Mouvement de la Paix.


Flash mob for peace. Date(s): 21/09/2022. Time(s): 11:00 a.m. Meet at Mont Saint Michel at 11:00 a.m. under the ramparts and at 12:00 p.m. on the shore, in the sand towards Tombelaine.


A few supporters of peace marched this Wednesday evening, September 21, through the city to say no to racism and war.


“Meeting for Peace” at HENNEBONT. Saturday September 24, at the initiative of the Morbihan Committee of the Mouvement de la Paix.
– at 4 p.m., opening of the “Rendez-vous de la Paix”, interventions and musical entertainment by “Duo Madachi”, Latin American music
– from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., “Marche de la Paix” between Square de la Paix and Place Foch
– from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., “Pot of Peace” room Chevassu.
with the support of: AFPS, LDH, Libre Pensée, Attac, CGT, FSU, Solidaires, PCF


When the war develops all over the place, when military expenditure increases like never before in the history of humanity (2013 billion dollars in 2021), when the threat of the possible use of nuclear weapons reappears, and when world peace is threatened, it is urgent to act to say stop, that’s enough! This is why the local organizations of the national collective of marches for peace are calling the population to a rally on WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 21 at 6:30 p.m. (international day of peace) place d’Allier in Moulins and invite those who wish to read texts and poems to peace to join them. Moulinois collective of marches for peace (Peace Movement, ARAC, Mrap, CGT, PCF, RESF and CCFD)


Two weeks of non-violence and peace in Nancy from September 21 to October 2, 2022
Tuesday September 20 at 7:30 p.m. (reception at 7 p.m.) at the MJC Lillebonne, 14 rue du Cheval Blanc in Nancy: debate on non-violence “What social, political and economic changes in the face of global warming? How to invent our Low Carbon lives?”
from September 21 to 30 during MJC opening hours, at the MJC Lillebonne, 14 rue du Cheval Blanc in Nancy: exhibition “non-violence is radical”. The objective of this exhibition is to reach people driven by a strong sense of anger but also helplessness in the face of the social and climate crisis. In particular, we want to raise awareness among young people who are now involved in demonstrations, occupations, social and environmental struggles. Official inauguration on September 21 at 6 p.m. for the International Day of Peace.


A fresco depicting a couple of migrants embracing each other has been installed in Névache for the International Day of Peace.


Meeting and march for peace. Wednesday September 21 Place Carnot in Nevers, meet at 5.30 p.m. Walk to the Place de la Résistance (in front of the Prefecture) where the interventions of the Mouvement de la Paix will be read, then the many associative organizations, trade unions and political partners may express themselves.


Many events at the Bar Le Prolé from September 21 to October 2
Until Sept 18 Photography contest on the theme of peace
Sept 24 Café Philo with Marjolaine Pierre
Sept 26 Results of photo context and expo of best 3
Sept 29-Oct 1 Artist-painters create in public
Sept 30 show by Lou Chatell Company on climate and economy as factors for war
Oct 1 Association SERVAS presents its actions for peace
Conference-debate with Mouvement de la Paix
Debate with ARAC, Association of militants of peace
Oct 2 Showing of Film “Timbuktu”


To celebrate the International Day of Peace, the local group of the Movement against Racism and for Friendship among Peoples has planted an olive tree in the city of Oloron.


With the Mouvement de la Paix Committee of Orsay, Les Ulis, Vallée de Chevreuse, the International Day of Peace, September 21, will be an opportunity for a meeting at 2 p.m., supervised by the referent teachers of the eco-delegates with the eco-delegates of the Lycée Blaise Pascal . . . Also, a Cine-Debate around the film “The bomb and us” on September 21 at 8:45 p.m. at the Jacques Prévert cinema.


Rally. Meet on Wednesday September 21, 2022 at 6 p.m. Place de la République in Paris Meet near the statue, opposite Rue du Faubourg du Temple. Don’t forget banners, flags, etc. Flyers and documents will be available for distribution.


At a time when peace in the world and in Europe is once again threatened, nearly 135 young people and adults from nearly 16 different countries have decided to celebrate together this September 21 the 41st International Day of Peace 2022, under the Arc de Triomphe, by reliving together the ceremony of the rekindling of the Flame. . . Invited for this sixth edition on the initiative of the National Association of Local Reservists for Youth and Citizenship (ANRLJC), this delegation welcomed this year the defense class of the Jeanne d’Arc college in Kremlin-Bicêtre, a delegation from Saint Joseph College in Saint Cloud, a delegation of students from the ILERI Défense association and young foreigners taking part in international Rotary International exchanges in the 1660 and 1770 districts. Young people from the EPIDES of Saint Quentin and Val-de- Reuil participated with us in this ceremony.


A symposium on the theme “Republic and fraternity” at the Nazareth Synagogue. The event is organized as part of the bicentenary of the synagogue and commemorates the international day of peace. The event is organized in partnership with the “Rotary International District 1660” club.


Rally in PAU this Wednesday, September 21 at 6 p.m. in front of the Prefecture


The kick-off will be given on Sunday September 18 with the Fête de la Paix in Peyriac Minervois . . . the troupe “La Tripe du Bœuf” will offer its show “14-18, Bleu Sombre Horizon”, an adaptation of texts taken from the war diaries of Corporal Louis Barthas and other combatant authors of the Great War . . Other initiatives are planned for that day and during the week, particularly with primary school children, on children’s rights, the environment, tolerance and non-violence. During the day, we will welcome you with pleasure at the committee’s stand, which will offer you extensive documentation and promotional items. This day received the support of the Cercle Louis Barthas and the municipality of Peyriac Minervois, a municipality that is a member of the “cities of peace” network.


International Day of Peace. Ceremony, exhibitions and workshops in Poissy and Carrières-sous-Poissy!


March for peace, departure at 6 p.m. from the Charles de Gaulle metro station, Cours des Allies. Reading of the national appeal of the collective marches for peace, demonstration and press conference.


Rally of the Peace Mouvement de la Paix, ATTAC, JOC…Wednesday, September 21 – 6:30 p.m.Grand Place Roubaix. As part of the UN International Day of Peace at the call of the Collective of marches for Peace.


For “the international day of peace, Wednesday September 21, our organizations support the appeal of the Peace Movement and invite the people of Comminge to a rally at 6 p.m. in front of the sub-prefecture of Saint Gaudens. Press release ATTAC Comminges, BDS Comminges, COMICO (Collective Migrants Comminges), EELV GLSO, FSU Comminges, France Insoumise Comminges-Savès, Communist Party Comminges, Socialist Party St Gaudens/ Montréjeau, RESF Comminges, UL CFDT Comminges, UL CGT Comminges, UL Solidaires .


Rally for peace at 11 a.m. at the town hall of Saint Léon sur l’Isle, on September 24.


Rally on September 21 Esplanade de l’Europe, behind the media library, opposite the station at 6 p.m. We will meet for the International Day of Peace to claim Peace, to demand that the weapons be silent, nuclear disarmament everywhere in the world, the reorientation of the economy towards an economy of Peace… supported by the CGT, the FSU, AFPS, ARAC and the organizations of deportees, Femmes solidaires.


On the occasion of the International Day of Peace and Marches for Peace, the Saint-Nazaire committee calls for a rally When the war develops all over the place, when military expenditure increases like never before in the history of humanity (2013 billion dollars in 2021), when the threat of the possible use of nuclear weapons reappears, and when world peace is threatened, it is urgent to act to say stop, that’s enough! This is why the Nazaire Committee of the Peace Movement with the local organizations of the national collective * Marches for Peace calls on the population to a rally on WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 21 at 4 p.m. (International Day of Peace) at the War Memorial – Seafront in Saint-Nazaire


A day for peace. Sunday, September 18, 2022Courtyard of the town hall and wedding hall, Pacifist exhibition, pyramid of shoes with Handicap International, discussion an petition around the TIAN, raffle, show “From operetta to opera” with Voice in G minor.


Committee of Saint-Étienne – Loire 42: September 21, 2022 – 5:30 p.m.Gathering in front of the statue of Jean Jaurès, at the call of the Collectif pour les marches de la paix; Place Jean Jaurès in Saint-Étienne.


The association “Foutez-nous la paix!“, with the help of La Mégisserie and Ciné-Bourse present, from October 17 to 30, 2022, the 3rd edition of the festival “Foutez-nous la paix!“ in Saint-Junien.


Lighting of the Flame of Nuclear Disarmament followed by a Conference-Debate with Jacques Terracher, Aeronautical Technician. The civil nuclear between cracks and discomfiture and Jean-Marie Matagne, President of Citizen Action for Nuclear Disarmament (ACDN) War in Ukraine: the Apocalypse for tomorrow? PUBLIC DEBATE. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, Fukushima, Zaporijia… How to neutralize the civil and military nuclear danger?


This Wednesday, September 21, Saran will celebrate the International Day of Peace, with the theme “End Racism, Build Peace”. The event, which the news sheds in a particular light, takes on a new dimension with many events for the general public to experience on the forecourt of the town hall.
From 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.: Sports games, creative workshops, games, entertainment, snack offered to children
5 p.m.: Planting of the tree of peace
From 6 p.m.: Official speeches and reception
8 p.m.: Big Band concert in favor of Ukraine


On Sunday, September 25, on the initiative of the Mvt peace committee south 54, the CDN54 (collective against nuclear weapons) and many organizations or unions will hold a March for Peace to say: NO to all wars No to war in Ukraine! A march against poverty and for social justice. Against racism and for Solidarity. Music and songs in the afternoon.




Round Table for Peace and Concert, 09/21/2022, 6:00 p.m., METRO CAPITOLE at 6:00 p.m.


Schools and peace.
– Tuesday 20, the delegates of each of the 13 schools will bring the creations which will be arranged around the 13 olive trees (in containers) offered by the Tournon-Tain Peace Committee. Then at 6 p.m., official inauguration with institutional partners, teachers, children and parents as well as the Cadets de Bacchus choir.
– Wednesday 21, visits for all audiences of the various exhibitions: student creations, “Peace and Climate” exhibition and “Children’s words and drawings” exhibition.
– Thursday 22, visits organized for schools.


– Saturday September 17 in Loches: distribution of leaflets to the population on the market
– Tuesday September 20 in Tours: press meeting
– Tuesday, September 20 in Loches: meeting / debate with Edith BOULANGER around issues of Peace and Climate (exhibition at the media library)
– Saturday September 24 in Tours: gathering from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. place Jean JAURES with distribution of leaflets to the population and discussions at the call of the collective of the marches for Peace


Rally. Mouvement de la Paix, Valenciennes Committee – Wednesday, September 21 – 6:30 p.m., Place d’Armes – Valenciennes, As part of the UN International Day of Peace, at the call of the Collective of Marches for Peace.


For the International Day of Peace, The Vénissieux committee of the Mouvement de la Paix organizes September 21 on Wednesday afternoon
– Plantation of a Gingko Biloba, Amstrong district (Minguettes)
– Then screening of the documentary “the beginning of the end of nuclear weapons” at the Gérard Philipe cinema
– Debate and speech by the Mayor
– Friendly drink offered by the city.


On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, the World Center for Peace in Verdun is organizing a rally on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 from 5:30 p.m. A member of the “World Union of Martyr Cities, Cities of Peace”, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Verdun is one of the cities that have been deeply marked by war . Its landscape and its heritage still bear the traces. The World Center for Peace, Freedoms and Human Rights plays a key role in remembrance work. The gathering of this September 21, 2022 will also be the opportunity to present a new module  within the exhibition  « Drôles de paix : 1945 à aujourd’hui ». 


On this day to celebrate peace, the children of the Villejuif Leisure Centers explain to us what the word “peace” means to them: Youtube video


September 21, 2022 in Villejuif (94): Celebration of the International Day of Peace
– in the morning presence at the market of the Villejuif Committee of the Peace Movement, distribution of leaflets calling for the gathering
– 10:30-10:45 a.m.: march for peace
. . .
– 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.: Cooperation games at Pablo Neruda Park
Creation of a giant fresco: the children will answer the questions “in one word or in one sentence, what is peace? what is well-being? “. their answer will follow the curves of a drawing forming the dove of Peace:
– 6 p.m.: gathering around the olive tree of peace in front of the town hall, speeches by the municipality and pacifists, then inauguration of the “Cartooning for peace” exhibition at the media library.


Evening of Friendship on September 21, 2022, Salle Makarenko, rue Grétillat in Vitry sur Seine. Exchanges Buffet, Music on the occasion of the International Day of Peace and the 60th anniversary of Algeria’s independence in partnership with the Association Ensemble pour l’avenir.

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What has happened this year (2021) for the International Day of Peace?

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Berlin Alpakaclan Techno Truck World Peace Day demonstration, 17 and 18 September.


The Arab-German Cener for Dialogue “Wasla” organized an artistic evening to celebrate the International Day of Peace.


Event on the occasion of the UN World Peace Day at the World Peace Bell in the Volkspark Friedrichshain. Reiner Braun, Executive Director of the International Peace Bureau, will speak at the event at 16h10


On the occasion of the “International Day of Peace” of the United Nations, the district office invites you to a peace festival on Wednesday, September 21, in the town hall of the town hall, Carl-Schurz-Straße 2-6. The event is aimed at people who are interested in peace in groups, clubs, projects, associations and initiatives.


International Day of Peace. The planting of trees is actually not a big deal and therefore takes place again and again − organized by a wide variety of stakeholders. But on Wednesday morning everything was a little different in the area in front of the town hall in the town park “Alte Bibel” in Bernburg: Kathrin Schröder from Dessau had invited to a planting ceremony. This “heart project” could be implemented thanks to the support of the Peace Tree Foundation and the federal program “Live Democracy!”.


“Bombed” – a word that is unfortunately becoming more and more topical today. And a play of the same name by Sarah Kane, which will be performed on September 21st and 22nd at the Euro Theater Central, on the occasion of the International Day ofPeace on September 21st.


On the International Day of Peace on September 21, an event will take place in front of the town hall in Dinslaken. It will start there at 3 p.m. At this event, all painted doves will be collected and exhibited before being distributed in the Dinslaken city area. The doves were prepared by students in workshops with topics of peace, intercultural training and games.


In a campaign period between September 21st, the International Day of Peace, and the beginning of the autumn holidays on October 14th, all schools in Lower Saxony are called upon, under the motto “Lower Saxony’s schools. Klar für Frieden” to carry out campaigns and projects. Against the background of the war in Ukraine, but also in a broader context, these can address the question of what peace means – for us here in Germany and for people and societies around the world. Whether and how they shape this project is up to the school’s own responsibility and freedom of design. . . . Impressions of the actions in the form of a short report, a photo, a video clip, etc., can be sent to the function mailbox and will be presented here.


The war against Ukraine is still raging, and numerous Ukrainian women are still fleeing to Germany, among other places. Two Lüneburg schools started an action on the international day of peace and called for peace in the schoolyard.


On Wednesday evening, a demonstration against the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine took place on Human Rights Street in Nuremberg. The reason for this was the International Day of Peace, which was celebrated worldwide yesterday. The organizer of the protest was the “Alliance for a Free Democratic Russia – Nuremberg”. Around 90 people took part in the demonstration.


September 21 is the International Day of Peace around the world. On this occasion, the Hanseatic and university city of Rostock invites you to a commemoration on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 12 p.m. under the linden tree of peace on Jakobikirchplatz. After a welcome by Andreas Tesche, 1st Deputy President of the City Parliament, young musicians from the Young Academy Rostock (YARO) present classical works by Johann Sebastian Bach on viola and cello as well as flute pieces by Sigfrid Karg-Elert and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and send a musical greeting to the city.


On the International Day of Peace, Mayor Rocco Wilken, Ralf Tschechne (Head of Social Affairs & Education/Culture) and Tatjana Bakumovski (Integration Office of the City of Vlotho) hoisted the flag of the global alliance “Mayors for Peace” (Mayors for Peace). . More than 8,170 cities belong to the network, including 830 cities in Germany.


At Loreto Convent School The United Nations International Day of Peace is celebrated with the wider community. Our aim is to inspire everyone to think creatively and collectively on how to strengthen the ideals of peace. Pupils in Year 6 have worked hard to prepare a Peace Service to mark the occasion. Representatives from different faiths in our community came to share with our pupils in verse, dance, song and prayer. The service took place in our Palm Tree playground where our Peace Pole; a symbol of the oneness of humanity and our common wish for a world of Peace- takes a prominent position.


Remember that a safe and peaceful society is one of our most precious possessions, said Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise Trade and Employment, Leo Vardakar, in a message read at a Ceremony of Reflection in St Mary’s Church, Tipperary, on International Peace Day, September 21. . . . The event in Tipperary brought diplomats, representatives of Church and State, representatives of An Garda Síochána, the local authority and local and national bodies and organisations. The ceremony was interspersed with music and song from Cahir to Sing choir, from Aoife O’Farrell of Rockwell Music Academy and from singer/songwriter Nick McCarthy. There was poetry and readings from Dr Mary Honan, Deirdre Devally, Eddie McGrath and Kuldeep Joshi. The Clare-based poet and writer, Deirdre Devally, performed one of her own compositions No Free War and also recited one of her poems She Stood Her Ground at the ceremony and she also laid a wreath at the grave of Irish poet, Ellen O’Leary, who is interred in the adjoining cemetery.


Poste Italiane dedicates to International Day of Peace , which is celebrated on 21 September of each year, a colorful postcard themed, a must for all fans and collectors of the sector. In Molise , the postcard is already available in the post offices with a philatelic counter in Campobasso Centro (via Pietrunto), Termoli (corso Mario Milano) and Isernia Centro (via XXIV Maggio). In addition, from Monday 19th to Saturday 24th September , there will also be a special cancellation dedicated to the anniversary . The postcard is also available online at the post office website, in all the post offices with philatelic counters in the national territory and in the Spazio Filatelia in Rome, Milan, Genoa, Turin, Trieste, Venice, Verona, Florence and Naples.


International Day of Peace: today a network of organizations and local authorities is launching a national program of civic education and care for the younger generations in numerous Italian schools called “For peace with care”. It is an innovative teaching tool, specially designed so that young and very young people can release their positive energies and their intelligences. This is to encourage the formation of aware, capable and responsible citizens. The program “For peace with care” 2022-2023 is promoted by the National Network of Schools for Peace, National Coordination of Local Authorities for Peace and Human Rights, Peace Table, “Antonio Papisca” Human Rights Center. And, again, Unesco Chair “Human Rights, Democracy and Peace” of the University of Padua, Eis- Higher Education School “Educating to encounter and solidarity”Of the Lumsa of Rome.


Simone Cristicchi will be the protagonist on the stage of the Petrarca Theater, on 21 September , of the evening event with which Arezzo celebrates the International Day for Peace promoted by the United Nations. From 9.15 pm the music of Cristicchi and the testimonies of the children of Rondine will alternate to let the dove of Peace fly from Tuscany.


Six months of war and no serious diplomatic peace initiative. The Promoting Committee of the Perugia Assisi Peace March launches an appeal for a grassroots mobilization to be carried out on the next International Day of Peace which is celebrated on 21 September . “If governments do not take the initiative, aware and responsible citizens must do so. Today, August 24, is six months since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. Six months of killings, murders, infanticides, femicides, wounded, mutilated, displaced persons, refugees, suffering, despair, destruction, rubble ».


 In a world tormented by dozens of conflicts that have continued for years in global indifference and more than six months after the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the coordinators of the PerugiAssisi Peace March and the Peace Table, have called for this date a national mobilization. . . . The Asti Welcoming Network , continuing its commitment to peace that has already seen it organize various initiatives and principals in recent years and in particular since the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, has joined the appeal and invites all citizens to participate in the Presidium for Peace to be held in Piazza San Secondo on Wednesday at 6 pm (the international Day of Peace).


The Montessori school La Casa di Irma di Bedano celebrated the UN International Day of Peace with a unique exhibition created with the technique freely inspired by the Caviardage method. The technique involves the creation of a poem starting from an existing text (‘Education and Peace’ by Maria Montessori) from which each child has extrapolated the most significant words for him, illustrating it with different artistic expressions. The more than one hundred students of the Institute, divided between kindergarten, elementary and middle school, together with teachers and parents gave life to an unforgettable afternoon on Peace, a very important theme in Montessori philosophy and never so current.


– 21/09 6.00 pm Peace Garden of Porta Cento
– 21/09 SOCIAL CENTER “LUIGEN” aperitif of peace and fried gnocchini
– 22/09 at 21.00 tombola della Pace
– 23/09 at 18.00 MAGI ‘900 MUSEUM: The man of peace
– 24/09 PINACOTECA“ G. CAMPANINI “THE SCHOOLS: exhibition of the works dedicated to peace carried out by the children / young people of kindergartens and primary schools 
– 25/09 CHIESA Ss. TRINITA guided tours to remember the Peace Day by the volunteers of the FAI GROUP of Pieve di Cento


State Comprehensive Institute Boville Ernica. We inaugurate the new school year by organizing, on 21 September, the International Day of Peace promoted by the UN.


The International Day of Peace 2022 , which falls on Wednesday 21 September, is celebrated as part of the “Festival of the Florentine Cultural Associations”, with a double event in the name of Father Ernesto Balducci as a messenger of peace on the centenary of his birth and spread throughout the territory of the universal values of UNESCO.


Galliera Veneta: AN OLIVE TREE FOR PEACE – Wednesday 21.09.2022 – Olive tree planting ceremony on the occasion of the International Day of PEACE.


Wednesday 21 September 2022 at 8.45 pm, on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, the Sala Puccini of the Milan Conservatory will host ” 21settembre2022 hall program “, a musical event organized by our Area Members Committees of Baggio, Corsico, Zoia, Quinto Romano Settimo , Bareggio, Rho, Palmanova, Piazzale Lodi, Rogoredo, Arona and Bonola, in collaboration with the  Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Milan  and  Musical Evenings .


The conference on the International Day of Peace, a meeting scheduled for the ExtraOrdinario Festival 2022 , will be held on Wednesday 21 September at 5:00 pm in the hall of the Social Club of Pinerolo . The Piedmont-Valle d’Aosta section of Amnesty International, the Opificio 121 association and the Mosaico Refugees participate in the event organized by the City of Pinerolo and Controtempo Theater, the organizing company of the ExtraOrdinario Festival . Danilo Franti of Controtempo Theater presented the motivations and contents of the Pinerolese conference on Peace open to everyone and everyone live at Café Bleu .


Discussion for the International Day of Peace. Close down the war, construct the peace. 21 September, 21:15, Parco del Cappuccini Acii Persone Comunità, Pisa. Sponsors: Peace and cooperation table, ANPI provincial committee Pisa, ACLI provincial Pisa, ARCI committee of Pisa, ARCI valdera, CGIL Pisa, CISL pisa, UIL Pisa


Classes 1 A and 2 A of the Nicola Pisano plexus celebrated the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE wearing the rosette of PEACE created in the classroom.


Lazio Women was the protagonist today of the event ” Let’s take the field for peace” , organized in Rebibbia, mainly in the Women’s Prison . The initiative was held on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, and saw mixed teams between Biancocelesti and 324 inmates play in a tournament, who wore the ills of Athletic Rights. The event ended with the participation of some artists and singers. Dr. Mezzaroma , wife of the President of Lazio Lotito , experienced the day as follows:“We lived a day in the name of sharing, sport and reflection on some issues that are too often forgotten. Lazio intends not to leave this event a dead letter, but to commit itself, together with the institutions that are represented today by the director, Alessia Rampazzi, and by the commander of the Institute, Dario Pulsinelli, in carrying out other projects. Everyone is obliged to grant a second chance ” . These are the words of the Lazio Women captain Castiello : “We wanted to give a morning of happiness to all the people present here, this is what counts for us, a different way to train the sporting spirit”.


Peace Run, the longest running relay for peace, the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italia Association and the I Colori per la Pace / Colors for Peace Association will respond today at 6pm to the United Nations appeal , celebrating the International Day of Peace with the “Colors of Peace” initiative to be held in the context of the Colosseum Archaeological Park, a symbolic place for years for appeals for peace and environmental sustainability. . . . For the occasion, 1000 drawings inspired by the theme of peace, made by students from over 130 nations, will be exhibited in Piazza del Colosseo and on the Via Sacra. . . .  After lighting, the torch of Peace will pass to torchbearers of various nationalities ready to travel the Italian section of the Peace Run which will end on September 27 in Florence. The artistic program of the evening will see the intervention of the boys of the “Europa inCanto” choir, already winners of the European Creative Europe program, who will sing the Italian anthem first and then the Puccini romanza “Nessun Dorma”. Mezzosoprano Valentina Volpe Andreazza will subsequently perform Beethoven’s “Hymn to Joy” to conclude the ceremony with Maestro Nicola Piovani’s “Beautiful That Way”. 


The Villa Farnesina Art Museum celebrates the International Day of Peace with the launch of the new video “La Trregua”, as part of the RightsLab project in collaboration with Iulm University of Milan. In the short, the two protagonists and the abandoned space of a factory evoke war scenarios, where the ruins symbolize our condition of provisionality. The images convey the idea of how remote is the possibility of the truce itself, of the interruption of conflicts and of the dream of peace. Rights Lab is a series dedicated to human rights and fundamental freedoms created by IULMovieLAB, by IULM students of the second year of the Master’s Degree in Television, Cinema and New Media; the artistic supervision is by Giuseppe Carrieri. Video on the Italian Vimeo channel


MINISTRY OF UNIVERSITY EDUCATION AND RESEARCH, REGIONAL SCHOOL OFFICE FOR LAZIO, COMPREHENSIVE INSTITUTE “A. SCRIATTOLI . Our Institute, on Wednesday 21 September 2022, will promote educational, training and information for the dissemination of the culture of PEACE, particularly significant interventions in this moment of crisis and uncertainty. Therefore all teachers are invited to carry out interventions aimed at spreading the culture of PEACE, through reflections, reading dedicated passages, etc.


On the International Day of Peace, the students in the Fifth and Sixth Grades of the College français elaborated cartoons of imaginary human figures in order to promote peace and to combat racism.


As part of the celebration of the UN International Day of Peace, the National Council of Monaco welcomed several Champions for Peace, in particular Venuste Niyongabo, Olympic champion in the 5000m, and Fiorina Berezovsky, chess champion, to discuss peace and sports with youth representatives. . . . In the presence of Stéphane Valeri, President of the National Council, Joël Bouzou, President/Founder of Peace and Sport and Marine Grisoul, President of the Commission, Education, Youth and Sports, the Champions for Peace announced the various actions carried out by the association, recalling the determining role of sport for peace. . . . In Burkina Faso, Togo, Colombia, India, Mali, Morocco, Burundi and Rwanda, peace through sport is taught through our “Peacemakers Project”. Since May 2021, thousands of children have benefited from ready-to-use peace-through-sport sessions, delivered by hundreds of peace educators trained by Peace and Sport. Currently, representatives of Peace and Sport are also present in Colombia, on the occasion of the 13th edition of the Friendship Games, which will take place from September 23 to 25.


St Brigid’s Primary School, Magherafelt. Today marked the 20th Anniversary of the UN initiative ‘International Day of Peace.’ To celebrate this special day Primary 7 discussed how best to have peace in a world where there is inequality, injustice and war. We want to take a stand against racism and we want to treat everyone fairly to make this world a better place. Take a look at some of our recipe’s for Peace and perhaps take some time this evening to pray as a family for Peace in our World. 


Morning Beat // World Peace Day Special
Where: Oslo Street Food
When: Wednesday, 21/09/2022, 07:00-10:00
Morning Beat is a sustainable cultural project, where degradable glitter, live DJs and various art/music elements are united in dance and end with a vigorous yoga class!


Escola Basica, Ibn Mucana. To commemorate the International Day of Peace and Gratitude on September 21, 9th D students participated in the LivingPeace initiative. The idea was to build origami doves and, in the ICT discipline, they created logos using different digital tools. These doves will be sent by post to a school in Poland, which has also done the same activity.


“For an environment of Peace” is the title of the exhibition that will open on September 15, at 5:30 pm at the António Rosa Mendes Library, on the Gambelas Campus. This is an initiative integrated in the celebrations of the International Day of Peace which is marked on 21 September. The exhibition is free to enter and will be open until the 30th of September.


Agrupamento de Escolas Cardoso Lopes. The 1st students marked the International Day of Peace by reading and illustrating the work “The Book of Peace” by Todd Parr. With the illustrations, they built a beautiful panel that was embellished with a painting of the peace symbol. The symbol was also used to create necklaces that “spread” peace throughout the community! To end this day in beauty, the students were presented with a white dove, offered by the students of the 4ºC. 


“For an environment of Peace” is the title of the exhibition that will open on September 15, at 5:30 pm at the António Rosa Mendes Library, on the Gambelas Campus. This is an initiative integrated in the celebrations of the International Day of Peace which is marked on 21 September. The exhibition is free to enter and will be open until the 30th of September.


The João de Meira School Group marks this Wednesday the International Day of Peace dressed in White. Under the motto “End Racism. Build Peace», that student community made clear a “no to racism”, in a demonstration in which it intended to show that it is united for peace. Youtube video of their demonstration.


The 21st of September was the World Day of Peace. At Escola EB1 da Zebreira, the educational community came together to mark this day. Students and teachers gathered in the School Library, where visualized a story alluding to the theme and made a bracelet “Peace Bracelet”. At the end of the activity, the children formed a circle. depicting a symbol of union for PEACE.


Católica celebrates International Day of Peace with SACRU. “Fostering peace while tackling racism relies on an inclusive policy approach”. This is what Ana Evans, professor at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP), states in the article written within the scope of the International Day of Peace, in collaboration with the Strategic Alliance of Catholic Research Universities (SACRU). Under the theme “There is no harmony in racism”, the alliance of Catholic research universities, of which UCP is a founding member, gathered the opinions of various specialists to mark this date.


The City Council of the Municipality of Miranda do Corvo will mark the International Day of Peace, which is celebrated on September 21, with the realization of several initiatives during this week. The city joined the Municipalities for Peace Movement on 05.03.2021, committing to the 10 Commitments for Peace. The Movement of Municipalities for Peace was created in 2016, as part of a joint initiative by the Municipality of Seixal and the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation, with the founding municipalities defining a set of commitments for Peace. In the commitments assumed, it is recognized that Peace is essential to human life and a fundamental condition for progress, well-being, democracy, the freedom of peoples and a better world for humanity. 


Teachers and students of the second cycle of the Paredes de Coura School Group celebrated the International Day of Peace this Wednesday. For this purpose, a human logo was built on the school’s sports grounds. The symbol chosen was the one used in the late 1950s by a British peace movement during the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.


The students of the EB 2.3 School in Quarteira celebrated this Wednesday, September 21, the International Day of Peace by spelling the word peace in a frame with their bodies. According to the organization, this was a «very interesting activity», with good feedback and that «involved the entire educational community».


The 21st of September is celebrated annually as the International Day of Peace. The Escola Profissional do Vale do Tejo (EPVT) did not want to fail to mark this date . . . The date served as a motto for the 11th year students of the Multimedia Technical Professional course to carry out some work. Within the scope of the Integration Area subject and, with the support of the professor of the technical area of the course, the students developed visuals for social networks, with illustrations and images alluding to peace. 


More than 800 people, including students, assistants and teachers, joined the walk “united for peace”, promoted by the Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Seraphim Leite.  The initiative began at the group’s headquarters school. . . . . The mayor was present at the concentration of students in the renovated Praça Luís Ribeiro, transforming that place into a giant “peace”. 


The International Day of Peace (September 21) will be marked in Silves with a march, to be held in locations throughout the county.  The initiatives take place on the 21st and 22nd of September and between elements of the Senior Sports classes and pre-school students, the marches will «gather about two hundred participants dressed in white for Peace».


The 21st of September is the International Day of Peace and the Municipality of Sobral de Monte Agraço joined this symbolic date, with the raising of the flag of the Municipalities for Peace Movement in the Paços do Concelho building, with the presence of the Vice -Mayor Luís Soares and Councilor Carla Alves, who praised the importance of continuing efforts to pursue peace around the world. Also within the scope of this event, the children from the Kindergartens of the Basic Schools of Sapataria and Sobral de Monte Agraço enrolled in the Extension of Time Service, created a “Peace Mural”, based on the phrase “Living in Peace is…”. It should be remembered that the Municipality is part of the Movement of Municipalities for Peace and the Network of Educating Cities, and it is within this scope that this activity was promoted, promoting education for peace among children.


On the 21st, as part of the commemorations of the International Day of Peace, at 2:30 pm, the initiative “Conversas à volta da paz” will take place, in a joint organization of the Municipality of Viana, the UCC of Viana do Alentejo and Terras Dentro – CLDS4G. One of the highlights of this cultural week is the presentation of the Archaeological and Heritage Charter of the Municipality of Viana do Alentejo, by archaeologist Ulrico Galamba, at Paço dos Henriques, in Alcáçovas, at 18:30. The penultimate day of the event ends with a night walk for peace, with departure scheduled for Praça da República, in Viana do Alentejo, at 9:00 pm.


Santa Casa de Vila Verde celebrated Peace Day at the nursery with children from Ukraine.


Video of celebration of International Day of Peace


Slovenia marked International Day of Peace with a ceremony at the Cerje Peace Memorial today. This year the rally honored the late writer Boris Pahor and the 95th anniversary of the patriotic anti-fascist organization TIGR, which was set up in the 1920s to fight the Fascists in the western region of Primorska. This year’s keynote speaker was French Slovenian philosopher, photographer and activist Evgen Bavčar who in his keynote address said that he wished that Slovenia would remain an oasis of peace just like Pahor envisioned it. The ceremony was held in Cerje, around 10 kilometres south of Nova Gorica, which is known for a watchtower-like memorial to the defenders of Slovenian territory, that was completed in 2011 at the initiative of TIGR.


September 21 is the International Day of Peace. Casa Mediterráneo joins this commemoration with a classical music concert by a young symphony orchestra made up of a selection of young students from the different higher music conservatories of the Valencian Community and directed by Pascual Cabanes, expressly configured for this event. The concert, made up of a popular, entertaining and varied repertoire, has the collaboration of the High Performance Music School (ESMAR), the Consolat de Mar music store in Benaguasil and the Llíria Town Hall. The performance will take place on Wednesday, September 21 at 8:00 p.m. at Casa Mediterráneo, open to the public until full capacity is reached and broadcast online at a YouTube link.


Motivated by the International Day of Peace, the art world of the area, and by extension the Andalusian, made a plea last Wednesday night for a more just and humanitarian world in the city, just now that we live in times of anxiety and instability. The old church of Santa Marina hosted the I Anduxar Cultural Act for Peace, with the motto ‘Put an end to racism. Build peace’. A cast of musicians, poets, painters and photographers joined their efforts to promote the creation of bridges of understanding, friendship and universal fraternization between towns and their people. This event was organized by the Anduxar cultural association and the ITIMAD Literary Artistic Association of Seville participated. The Royal International Academy of Art and Literature and the departments of Tourism and Culture of the Andújar City Council also collaborated in this initiative. . . . The president of Anduxar, Juan José González, indicated that 25 pictorial and photographic works were presented, with their corresponding texts that were read by their authors.  . . . This event was well attended by the public. 


This Wednesday, September 21, is the International Day of Peace and at Gresol we are celebrating the week of peace with many activities for students. We have created different workshops related to doves and pinwheels. The Dove is a symbol of peace and the pinwheel is a symbol of childhood, of things that blow in the wind… that flow… they remind us of a time when things were simple, happy and peaceful. To celebrate the week of peace, all the students have come to the schoolyard to create a giant peace symbol. This is visible from the air and reminds us how important it is to end wars and violence, and to live happily, safely and in peace with the whole community. In addition to these amazing activities, students are learning songs, having discussions, and giving presentations on what peace is and how it is achieved. They are exploring peace on all its different levels: peace with themselves, peace with their classmates, peace in their communities, world peace…


On Wednesday 21 September, coinciding with the celebration of the International Day of Peace, the International Catalan Institute for Peace presented the ICIP Peace in Progress Award 2022 to the Basque associative network in favor of peace. . . . These award-winning initiatives include several organizations that have played a key role in advancing towards resolution of the conflict, such as the Permanent Social Forum, the now-dissolved Coordinadora Gesto por la Paz and Elkarri/Lokarri. Also included are organizations that work for peace education and the promotion of coexistence and human rights, through the Forum of Associations for Peace and Human Rights Education, where Gernika Gogoratuz, Baketik and Bakeola play an important role. The award also recognizes the Gernika Peace Museum Foundation, Foro Ciudadano Donostia, UNESCO Etxea, the Fernando Buesa , Emagune, the Ahotsak women’s network, Eskubidez, the experiences of dialogues with victims such as Encuentros Ciudadanos-Memoria Lab, the Encuentros Restaurativos between ETA prisoners and victims, and the BatzART! initiative.


On  September 21, International Day of Peace, and also coinciding with the celebration of Sunday September 25, the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, the Delegation of Social Pastoral calls for a liturgical celebration and, immediately afterwards, a concert for the peace. The liturgical celebration will take place inside the Basilica at 7:00 p.m. and will be presided over by Monsignor Javier Vilanova, auxiliary bishop of Barcelona. At the end, there will be a concert for peace by various choirs, made up of both Ukrainian refugees and Ukrainians from the Ukrainian Catholic community of Barcelona.


Next Wednesday, September 21, the children of Belmonte de Miranda will enjoy the fun storytelling “Womagis escapes from the book” . Designed for ages four and up, this storytelling will also be a creative workshop on cultural diversity, through which the International Day of Peace will be celebrated . This unique event, which will take place in the company of Mar Rojo, will be held at the town’s Sociocultural Center, starting at five in the afternoon.


On September 21, the International Day of Peace, the Burjassot Municipal Libraries team has scheduled a new free activity of reading animation on the same day 21 at 6:00 p.m. in the Children’s Library .  . . The activity will begin with a reading aloud session of the books “Different but equal” and “Carla. We are all different”, thus focusing on the theme this year, “End racism. Build peace.” Once this first part is over, values such as respect for life, ways of thinking, different cultures… Each and every participant will be able to give their opinion and, together, each of the impressions will be shared. To end the animation, with reflection also on SDG 16, an artistic origami workshop will be held .


Entreculturas, which is a member of the Cantabrian Coordinator of NGDOs, has launched a didactic unit with material to teach in classrooms about the values of peace and coexistence. The launch is made on the occasion of  the International Day of Peace  2022, which was celebrated on September 21. Under the title of ‘A world in peace’ , the guide includes a compilation of didactic units to work on the culture of peace and develop knowledge, values and social and civic competences that allow the people who work on them to actively commit to  coexistence , conflict resolution and the creation of a culture of  peace in their environments and globally.


On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Peace, which is commemorated next Wednesday, September 21, several initiatives organized by the Values and Human Rights area of the Irun City Council will be carried out in Irun.

September 21:
– 5:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.: BALIOEN LORATZEA: II Forum meeting between young and old people
– 5:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.: USOA-PALOA: Completing the figure of peace with drawings
September 22:

- 7:00 p.m.: CINEMA: “The Breadwiner” (2017) animated film


For the International Day of Peace, in UNED Lugo on September 21 at 12:00 a debate forum will be held with the title “Dialoguing for Peace: Meetings with the university community” with the participation of UNED, Diaconia, ACNUR, ACCEM, Caritas , Misevi Spain and refugees and natives of Lugo.


ADASEC – Asociación de Ayuda Social Ecologica y Cultural de España. Commemorative activity of the International Day of Peace. ONLINE event. Free admission


The Basilica of San Francisco el Grande (San Buenaventura, 1) will host the Music for Three Souls concert on Friday, September 16, at 8:15 p.m. Convened on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, which is commemorated on September 21, it will be offered by JOIRE, the Young Spanish Interreligious Ensemble, made up of professional Spanish musicians and singers representing the three Abrahamic monotheistic religions.


The City Council of Mataró (Maresme) will commemorate the legacy of Nelson Mandela for the International Day of Peace , which will be celebrated on September 21. To highlight his figure and the values ​​of peace and social cohesion for which he fought, the consistory will organize, in collaboration with the Barcelona Provincial Council, a talk that will end with a music show. The Nave Gaudí is the place where this central event will be held, which will be called “ The legacy of Nelson Mandela ”. The conference will be given by the president of the Euro-Africa Center, Divaika Kiemba Come, and the ambassador of the Republic of South Africa in Spain and Andorra, Sankie Mthembi-Mahanyele. The event, in which the councilor for Cooperation and Development, María José Pérez, and the mayor, David Bote, will participate, will end with the show “CabareTango”, the true black history of Tango! with poems about Mandela and music.


The Federation of Choirs of Navarra -Nafarrroako Abestazen Elkartea continues to celebrate the International Week of Peace 2022 with the premiere this Wednesday on its social networks of the work ‘Zatoz’. . . an audiovisual work composed by Josu Elberdin, directed by Itziar Bueno Zamarbide and accompanying Rinaldo Zhok on piano with the participation of three female choirs such as the Tiebas Choir, the Tudela Joaquín Gaztambide Choir and the Elkhos Vocal Group. . . . “A work whose text speaks of unity, coexistence, and the use of the smile as an indestructible weapon”, sums up the director of the Tiebas Choir and preparer of ‘Zatoz’. Click here for the video.


More than 140 choristers from four choirs from Colombia, Madrid and the Basque Country will sing this Saturday for Peace in Tolosa, as part of the celebration of the 20th UNESCO International Day of Peace in the town of Gipuzkoa. . . . The day will kick off with a round table to be held at the TOPIC, which will analyze the relationship between art, youth and peace. . . . Simultaneously, and thanks to the collaboration of UNIMA Euskal Herria, TOPIC will offer workshops in the morning to learn how to make paper puppets, aimed at children, and ‘Doves of Peace’ will be built, based on the work of Néstor Basterretxea, that will be used in the Cultural March for Peace in the afternoon, which will tour the streets of the Old Town of Tolosa starting at 4:30 p.m. The march will be led by a giant Basterretxea Peace Dove puppet, built by his son Jonan Basterretxea, and will also include the participation of institutional representatives, and the guest choirs will perform live on the street at various points along the route . The march will culminate in the Plaza Euskal Herria, where the Madrid Youth Choir and the Cecilia Espinosa Choir will perform. To finish, all the groups will sing together the work ‘Zatoz!’, composed by Josu Elberdin for the occasion and which will premiere that same day.


The 10th edition of the PeaceTalks will take place on the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2022, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. Organized in a hybrid way, it will welcome both face-to-face and online participants. “What does peace mean to you?”, the theme of the very first Geneva PeaceTalks will be revisited by the speakers this year to mark this 10th edition. In parallel, the one chosen by the UN for the International Day of Peace, “End racism. Building peace”, will be the watermark of the event. . . Each Geneva PeaceTalks speaker will share their own perspective on peace. She or he will share their experiences and insights to inspire individuals to think about the meaning of peace and spark a discussion about how each and every one of us can contribute to a world we can be proud of.


A community group based in Andover is planning to lead children and young people in a procession in Harmony Woods as part of UN’s International Day of Peace. Andover Trees United will hold the event from 9.45am to 11.30am on Wednesday, September 21. This is an event that Andover Trees United has celebrated alongside education programme ‘Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots’ every year since 2018.


Community leaders across Bradford have come together to mark International Day of Peace.  The Global Peace event took place on 21st September at Tong Park Hotel in Bradford and was organised by Georgi Majid who is the President of the Global Peace Journey.  The day is devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples. 


International Day of Peace Concert on Wednesday 21st September at 7:00pm in St Joseph’s Church. Featuring the Festiva Choir and Les Encores Children. Followed by refreshments and Guernsey Gache! Join us for this truly ecumenical evening of song, scripture, and worship.


A group of Ukrainian children have joined a choir of 300 school pupils on the Isle of Man for World Peace Day. Pupils from 16 primary schools gathered at Tynwald Hill to celebrate the United Nations’ International Day of Peace. The choir sang a number of songs, including The Beatles’ All You Need Is Love, John Lennon’s Imagine and Padjey Colum Killey, which translates from Manx as St Columba’s Prayer. Almost 100 Ukrainians have applied to relocate to the island since March. . . . Among the pupils performing were also children from the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, the only school in the island where children have lessons solely in Manx.

In addition to the events listed above, there were 6 new events in Europe to celebrate the International Day of Pea:re not listed last year:

Czech Republic: Brno
Germany: Nordrhein-Westfalen
Italy: Rome
Poland: Katowice slask
Portugal: Lisbon
Slovakia: Dolny Kubin


Ex-Soviet Countries: International Day of Peace


A survey by CPNN
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(Натисніть тут для версії українською мовою.)

The following 126 events in 6 countries formerly part of the Soviet Union were listed in Google during the weeks of September 17-28 this year under the key words “Международный день мира”and “Міжнародний день миру”, as well as “International day of peace”. These include 61 events from Ukraine, 45 from the Russian Federation and 9 from regions disputed between Ukraine and Russia.

In addition to these, 16 events are listed on the maps of One Day One Choir and Montessori schools singing for peace, but there is no indication which took place this year and which took place only in previous years.

Note: To save space, where there are many entries for a city, we have provided the text from one or two and only the link for the others.

photo from Ispas Village, Ukraine

Here are excerpts from the articles, translated into English. For the original Russian and Ukrainian texts, click here.

* * * AZERBAIJAN * * *


A virtual exhibition dedicated to the International Day of Peace has opened in the National Library of Azerbaijan named after M.F.Akhundzade, Trend Life reports. The virtual exhibition ( ) presents photographs, related books and articles published in the media.

* * * BELARUS * * *


On September 21, 2022, students of the SD-112 group with an English teacher Olga Anatolyevna Rapinchuk decided to combine business with pleasure and celebrated the International Day of Peace in a narrow circle. Future doctors took part in a quiz, getting acquainted with the history of the origin and purpose of holding this day, then paid tribute to Peace Day with a minute of silence to the sound of the peace bell (the most famous traditions that are observed on this day) and read quotes-statements of famous people about the world. The students were then asked to choose their favorite quote. By the way, the favorite quote was Mother Teresa’s statement: “The world begins with a smile”, which became the theme of this event.


Calendar of events: 19.09 Thematic “We are for a happy, peaceful childhood!”
21.09 – Thematic “Belarus – a symbol of peace” (21.09 – International Day of Peace)


On the International Day of Peace, Gomel welcomed guests from all over the region – government officials, delegations of teachers and schoolchildren, public figures gathered for a large forum in Gomel school No. 27. Before the start of the celebration, the participants honored the memory of the defenders of the Motherland with a minute of silence, laid flowers and wreaths at the memorial on the Alley of Heroes. Further, a rich program awaited the peacekeepers: an online meeting “Children for Peace!” with the participation of colleagues from Kursk, Smolensk, Vladikavkaz and Minsk . . . . Teachers and students of Gomel school No. 27 shared their experience with colleagues from districts that became peacekeeping only this year – this status was assigned to educational institutions in six districts of the region. The guests were given tours of the museum rooms dedicated to ethnography, the history of the school and peacekeeping activities. The meeting ended with the dialogue platform “Children of Peaceful Belarus!”, where the participants discussed joint projects and upcoming marches, actions.


On September 23, 2022, in the spiritual and educational center “Istoki” of the Luninets Central District Library, an hour of enlightenment “Together for the good of the world” was held with the participation of the rector of the Transfiguration Church (village of Yazvinka), Archpriest Sergiy Chizh, the LRCBS website reports. Chief Librarian Irina Novatskaya recalled that September 21 is the International Day of Peace and told the history of the holiday. Father Sergius noted that the main value for any person is peace. War is the physical manifestation of humanity’s hidden spiritual malady. The events of recent years have determined the unprecedented relevance of the International Day of Peace today.


On the eve of the International Day of Peace, representatives of the “Belarusian Peace Fund” visited the Malorita Central District Hospital . . . . One of the areas of activity of the Belarusian Peace Fund is the charitable action “Our attention is to veterans of war and labor.” As part of this action, the country’s health care institutions are being assisted in arranging wards for veterans with modern medical equipment and household appliances for a comfortable stay of patients in them.


September 21 – International Day of Peace. Activists of the NGO PO “Belarusian Republican Youth Union” of the State Educational Institution “Secondary School No. 83 of Minsk named after G.K. Zhukov” took part in the action “Dove of Peace”, dedicated to the International Day of Peace. Our country had to go through a single war. Millions of people died. They died not just like that, but for us to live now. Died for peace in the world. We, the present generation, must remember those who gave their lives for us. The dove is chosen as a symbol of peace.


On September 21, 2022, pupils of the “Solnyshki” group, preschool teacher Shpakovskaya M.I., music director Vilkova N.M. held an event dedicated to the International Day of Peace.


On this day in secondary school No. N. P. Massonov, the city of Svisloch hosted a holiday “Peace and unity – the strength of the people.” The event was attended by students of grades 8-9, teachers, school administration, as well as guests – the chairman of the RO NGO “Belarusian Peace Fund” Tatyana Gzheshchik and the chairman of the regional council of veterans Elena Prokopik.


Photo album of children drawing for the International Day of Peace.

* * * GEORGIA * * *


On International Day of Peace, local civil society organizations in the Samegrelo region of Georgia came together to support people displaced by conflict and promote peace and dialogue among conflict-affected communities. The grassroots celebration at the Chemi Mordu elderly home in Rukhi village gathered women, children, small entrepreneurs and residents from the surrounding communities. A handicrafts exhibition showcased handmade products created by local children and artisans. The event participants also joined artists in decorating the elderly home with a colourful mural, inspired by the theme of peace and social cohesion.

* * * MOLDOVA * * *


International Day of Peace celebrated at the State Medical University. On this occasion, several students of the State University of Medicine and Pharmacology named after. Nicolae Testemitanu organized a flash mob, joining the global campaign “Moment of Silence”, launched in memory of the victims of violence, “Moldova 1” reports. Students say they want to live in peace and participate in an event to convey to people the importance of peace in the context of the war on the border of our country.



On September 21, the Hour of Peace was held in the Azov Village Library. 6th grade students and librarian Akbarova A.S. remembered the history of the origin of a significant date, its meaning and what values ​​it contains.


Belorechensk Children’s Library. Every year on September 21, we celebrate the International Day of Peace. Librarians of the Children’s Library held an event called “Everyone Needs Peace” for pupils of the senior group of kindergarten No. 11. . . . At the end of the event, little visitors glued leaflets with kind words to the tree of peace. The kids understood how important it is to be kinder to each other, to do only good deeds, so that there is world peace.


On September 21, a school-wide event dedicated to the International Day of Peace was held in the school unit in IK-44 Belovo.. . . The students prepared reports about the traditions of the holiday, about its symbols (the dove of peace, the Bell of Peace, the honorary title of Messenger of Peace and Goodwill), about the activities of the International Public Fund “Russian Peace Fund”.


September 21 is the International Day of Peace . . . an educational event “Everyone needs PEACE!” was held in our rehabilitation center! Pupils got acquainted with the history of the emergence of the International Day of Peace, with important world problems that need to be addressed to maintain peace on Earth, the history of the birth of the symbol “Dove of Peace”. Then they drew their own “doves of peace” and prepared a colorful poster “Children for peace on the planet.” At the end of the event, the students were invited to join all the people of the planet who are fighting for world peace.


Middle School 45. International Day of Peace. Our school held Peace Lessons dedicated to this date.The children drew doves,a symbol of peace. They recalled why the dove with an olive branch in its beak, which was painted by Pablo Picasso, became the symbol and emblem of the holiday. The main conclusion that the guys made today is that everyone wants to live quietly and happily under a peaceful sky.


Photos of children celebrating the International Day of Peace at Chelnyabinsk public liceum..


September 21, 2022 Director of the Literary Museum M.Yu. Lermontov Khamdieva R.Kh. organized and conducted an educational hour ” September 21 – International Day of Peace “. During the educational hour, the children got acquainted with the festive date and the tragic events in the history of the country. The educational hour was aimed at developing the best qualities of mankind: patriotism, citizenship, pride in one’s Motherland, striving for peace. Previously, the guys received a task: to draw a picture in support of peace on Earth, to learn a poem. The event ended with an exhibition of drawings and making wishes on pre-prepared paper doves.


The world through the eyes of children: Craft competition dedicaed to the International Day of Peace. 20 September, 2022. City district of Istra, Pervomaisky 33. Children should laugh and live in a peaceful world: Open class of modern dance studio “Phenomenon.” 21 September, City district of Istra, Pokrovskoe.


Podcast from Radio Ivanovo for the International Day of Peace with guest in the studio, Galina Azeeva, Chairman of the Board of the Ivanovo Branch of the Russian Peace Fund


The Department of Scientific and Methodological Work and Library Innovations held a patriotic hour “We are bequeathed to protect the world”, dedicated to the International Day of Peace. . . . The library staff present at the event was given information about the latest events in Ukraine – once a brotherly country that was part of the Soviet Union, and expressed confidence that the Russian Army will establish peace – the peace that we need to live and continue to do good, create and create, build and develop. . . . Those present heard the poems “Take care of the earth” by Mikhail Dudin, “A palm for birds” by Alim Keshokov, “Peace and joy to you who live” by Kaysyn Kuliyev, as well as songs about peace. The event was accompanied by a video presentation “How beautiful this world is.”


Kemerovo Library calendar of events: On the International Day of Peace, the library will hold a library game, “We need to live together together” for its readers. The library specialist will tell the children about the history of this day, about the people who changed our world for the better: Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Stephen Hawking, etc. In the Spell the Word game, children will show their erudition, guess riddles about friendship and friends. In memory of this day, the children will be asked to draw a poster of friendship.


An information hour was held for teenagers, during which they discussed events in the world and remembered the difficult years of the Great Patriotic War. The day before, employees of the Kildeevsky rural House of Culture held an information hour for teenagers and youth “How good it is to live under a peaceful world”, dedicated to the International Day of Peace. . . . At the end of the event, the guys released doves, a symbol of peace.


On the occasion of the peace holiday, a literary and musical evening “Look how good the world you live in” was held for members of the amateur association “Guiding Star” of the Shevin Library. The librarian spoke about the people who changed our world for the better: Princess Diana’s philanthropic work; Nelson Mandela, a South African politician and passionate human rights activist; Stephen Hawking – the famous scientist of the world; Oskar Schindler, who saved 1200 Jews during the Great Patriotic War. The event was accompanied by a demonstration of the presentation “Life on Earth – there is nothing more beautiful!”.


Within the framework of the International Day of Peace, a round table was held at the Krasnodar Cooperative Institute, the participants of which were students of the Faculty of Higher Education, and the organizer and moderator was Associate Professor of the Department of Social, Legal and Humanitarian Disciplines, Ph.D. philol. Sciences Irina Zimina. The topics of speeches and presentations were devoted to a wide range of issues: conflicts and racism, the rights of women around the world, the fight against climate change for the sake of peace, 74 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, etc. The participants of the round table discussed the measures taken by states to prevent wars, and also the contribution of each to the preservation of peace on earth.


Rosetovksaya Library. For the International Day of Peace, here is an online quiz for those who are interested in the topic of peace and stability. You can see the results of the quiz and your mistakes immediately after completing all the questions. The quiz will be held from September 15 to September 25, 2022. All participants will receive a certificate by email by September 25th.


Schoolchildren from all districts and districts of the Kurgan region organized actions for the International Day of Peace. The youth portal of the Trans-Urals told how creatively its participants approached the event. In the Ketovsky Children’s and Youth Center, children drew the world with their own eyes and designed an exhibition, and also created a symbol of peace – doves. Students of the Kurtamysh School of Arts made doves using the origami technique. The guys will take these crafts home and place them in the most prominent place so that there will always be peace and harmony in their families. The educational event “World Peace” was held at the Lebyazhevsk boarding school. At the event, the guys discussed that the world is a calm life, reasonableness, the joy of smiles, warmth and comfort. Each of those present rang the school bell. Its ringing made everyone think: how fragile our world is, which means that it must be protected! The guys danced, read poetry, played, attached doves as a symbol of Peace, protected the planet with their hands. And the guys from the volunteer detachment “Helper” made postcards and doves, and gave them to all the inhabitants of Lebyazhie with good wishes for a peaceful sky above their heads!


On September 21, on the International Day of Peace, a new patriotic space was opened at the Kurgan Regional Social and Rehabilitation Center for Minors, located in Kurgan, along Voikov Street, 26. Hieromonk Athanasius (Korenkin), the ancient keeper of the Kurgan diocese, the rector of the church in honor of the Blessed Matrona of Moscow in Glinka and the church in honor of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers in Bolshe-Chausovo, was present at the celebration. . . .On the occasion of the holiday, nine doves were released. Birds – as a symbol of peace – flew home, having experienced the warmth of children’s hands. The participants of the holiday made a common installation – they lined up children and adults in the word PEACE and photographed it with a quadrocopter. The children recited poems, talked with the life-size puppet Mishutka, listened to soulful songs of the Sofia Love vocal studio.


Kursk Electromechanical College. On the International Day of Peace, teachers Wharikova Antonina Andreevna and Larin Denis Anatolyevich conducted a thematic lesson dedicated to this date. The H-21 group was told the history of the holiday and thematic videos were watched.


International Day of Peace in the schools of Melenki. The issues of war and peace have always been and remain relevant for humanity. This has become especially acute in the 21st century. It was about this that the students in class hours at MBOU “Secondary School No. 4” in Melenki, MBOU “Danilovskaya Secondary School” were talking. In MBOU “Butylitskaya secondary school” a solemn line was held, at which the director of the school Galina Vladimirovna Astashkina made a speech, the students sang poems and songs about the world. In MBOU “Urvanovskaya secondary school named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Emelyanov I.A.” an extra-curricular event “How good it is to live under a peaceful sky” was held. The guys made doves, recalled why the dove with an olive branch in its beak, which was painted by Pablo Picasso, became the symbol and emblem of the holiday.


As part of the implementation of the International Day of Peace, a class hour dedicated to this holiday was held in schools. At the beginning of the class hour, the class teacher held a conversation “What is PEACE?” She told the students about the origin of the holiday, told about the bell, which was smelted and made from coins collected by the children. At this bell every year, on September 21, people gather and at 10 o’clock they ring the bell, commemorating the victims of the war. After the ringing of the bell, everyone participates in a moment of silence. Children also learned about the symbol of the holiday – Dove of Peace. The information that the students learned turned out to be very informative, practical activities turned out to be no less interesting – the children made the Dove of Peace using the origami technique.


The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, within the framework of the Year of the Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia, with the support of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation, is planning to conduct a unique action that has no analogues in Russia and the world, with the participation of more than 10 thousand people. The action is held in order to demonstrate the unity of the peoples of Russia and strengthen interethnic relations. The event will set a record in the category “The most massive waltz”, which will be included in the Russian of Records – more than 5 thousand couples will simultaneously perform a waltz to the “Snowstorm” suite by composer Sviridov G.V. The event will be attended by residents of Moscow and guests of the capital from all regions of the Russian Federation, as well as students of Moscow, regional and regional educational organizations of higher education, students of educational organizations, children’s, professional and amateur dance groups, veterans, pensioners, public and political figures, figures science and culture. The action will take place on September 21, 2022 on the International Day of Peace at VDNKh.


Murmansk Department of Folk Arts and Crafts, September 22 – 14.00, An event with a master class “International Day of Peace”.


International Day of Peace was celebrated at the Myskovsky orphanage . . . . a thematic lesson was held with the pupils, which was attended by Vetrova Galina Aleksandrovna, Deputy Chairman of the Council of People’s Deputies of the Myskovsky City District. Galina Alexandrovna told the children about the history of this holiday, talked about the importance of peace for people of all countries, about the importance of maintaining peace for the sake of life, held a small quiz with the children about what is a harbinger of peace. After the conversation, a master class on making a dove, a symbol of peace, was held. The guys made voluminous doves out of paper and wrote wishes to all people on them – peace, kindness, mutual understanding!


International Day of Peace: Pupils of gymnasium No. 2 traditionally gather on this day at the city stele “Good Angel of the World” before the start of classes. They read poems about peace and kindness, distribute white doves to passers-by with wishes of peace, ring a small bell, thereby joining the ringing of the big Peace Bell, and in order to honor the memory of all those who died in wars and all who became victims of terrorist attacks, a minute of silence is declared. Also, in the morning, the gymnasium organized a morning informational meeting with a master class on making the symbol of the Day of Peace.


On the International Day of Peace, which is celebrated on September 21 on our planet, on all continents, employees of the Novosamarsk rural club held an educational program for children called Peace Day. The host of the program told about the history of the holiday. It is noteworthy that on this day it is customary to ring the bells. Children, according to tradition, rang the bell, passing it to each other in turn, then, holding hands, made a wish that there would be no war in the world, and no one would suffer. At the end of the event, the children attached figurines of doves cut out of paper to the poster “Our Planet” as a sign of a call for peace, friendship and mutual understanding.


Today, September 21, is the International Day of Peace. Together with all the inhabitants of the planet Earth at 12:00, the bells of peace and goodness rang in our school (Gymnasium No. 14 “Universitetskaya”). The ringing of the bell announced that all people need peace, that we do not want war and wish the whole world happiness! Watch the video of today’s promotion on our Youtube channel


On September 21, an hour of relevant information was held for students of grades 5 B of school No. 46 and 3 A, 3 B of correctional school No. 3 “We are different – this is our wealth. We are together – this is our strength”, dedicated to the International Day of Peace. The participants got acquainted with the history of the holiday and its traditions, painted a dove, which is a symbol of peace, and wrote good wishes. The children also read proverbs about peace, watched the cartoon “We need peace”, videos “Dove is a symbol of peace”, “Samantha Smith”, “The world that I need”, etc. At the end of the event, the students concluded that the world begins with a simple human friendship, mutual respect and benevolent attitude towards other people. We need to show our best qualities every day,


On September 21, all countries celebrate the International Day of Peace. On this date, employees of the structural divisions of the MBUK “CCC Pugachev district” held a series of events.
As part of the events, cultural workers held cognitive – game, thematic programs, conversations, actions, videos containing information about the world were shown. They were also drawn on paper and made from origami modules, doves – symbolizing the blue peaceful sky!


On September 21, 2022, the action “Dove of Peace” was held at the MOU “Secondary School 100”. International Day of Peace – a holiday established by the UN General Assembly – is celebrated annually in different states. It is designed to promote the establishment of peace on Earth and the rejection of violence. (with photos)


On September 20, the head of the branch “Museum of the History of the Village of Shakhmaikino named after Mirhaydar Faizi” Gelusya Bagautdinova held a conversation with primary school students on the topic “International Day of Peace”. . . .symbol of peace is a dove”. The students were happy to participate, and each of them very diligently made his own dove.


September 21 – International Peace Day. On this occasion, sports events were held in the Zelenogorsk Park of Culture and Recreation. Specialists of the department of adaptive physical culture of the Comprehensive Center for Social Services of the Population held a relay race with elements of sports games and a mini-golf tournament. The events were attended by 15 people, 3 children and 12 adults. Participants improved their skills in sports games, strengthened their sports spirit and will to win. The event ended with a fun and friendly carousel ride.




In the Stavropol territory young residents released white cranes into the sky on the International Day of Peace.


On September 21, 2022, the action “Dove of Peace” was held at the State Educational Institution “Provalsky UVK”. As part of the annual events of the international “Day of Peace”, our school hosted a drawing competition “We are for PEACE”, in which students from grades 1 to 11 took part. There is a tradition of releasing white doves as a symbol of peaceful intentions, so students released white paper doves into the sky tied to helium balloons to the song of I. Dunaevsky “Fly pigeons, fly”.


The children of our kindergarten also joined the inhabitants of the whole Earth, taking part in the action “Dove of Peace”. The children made doves, a symbol of peace and kindness. Attaching paper doves to a stick. With this action, we want to show all generations that peace on earth is the most important and fragile thing that should be protected and protected.


. . . The International Day of Peace calls for mutual understanding between peoples, ethnic, religious, cultural groups and individuals. In Russia, various events (lectures, flash mobs, charity events, children’s drawing contests, concerts, parades) are timed to coincide with the International Day of Peace, which take place in various institutions. Trostenetsky House of Culture is no exception. At the event, participants will learn the history of the holiday, the traditions of the celebration, as well as interesting facts.


At the Tula Technical School of Social TechnologieS, an hour of spirituality: “Dove of Peace”, was dedicated to the International Day of Peace.


The Victory Museum of the Center for Children’s Creativity No. 2 held a peace lesson on this day for pupils of grades 1A and 4B of the OGKOU Boarding School No. 16. Teacher of the Central Children’s Theater No. 2 Karpova L.A. prepared a presentation and told the children about the history of the holiday, its traditions. She stressed that the people of the entire planet make an important contribution to the preservation of peace. And each of us is capable of doing something for peace. . . . On the International Day of Peace, it is customary to provide charitable assistance, to please friends and relatives with small gifts. The young patriots also made gifts for their parents. They folded and carved a paper dove of peace with an olive branch in its beak, which is the symbol of the International Day of Peace. A master class on making a dove using the origami technique was prepared by the teacher of the association “Paper Fantasies” of the Central Children’s Theater No. 2 Larisa Alexandrovna Sochneva.


On the International Day of Peace, the Central City Library invites schoolchildren of the city on September 21 at 15:00 for an hour of reflection “A world without wars and terrorist attacks is possible. The event is aimed at attracting the attention of children to countering and preventing terrorism and war. Let’s talk about the fact that terrorism is a global problem of mankind and its manifestations entail mass casualties. Why is war bad? How important it is for all the peoples of our land to live in peace and harmony. How can we achieve this?


International Day of Peace. For middle school students the school teachers held a presentation-talk about the history of the creation of the holiday and its traditions.


Lecturers and seventh-graders held lessons dedicated to the International Day of Peace. They recalled the history of the holiday, the famous symbols of the world, the sad story of the Japanese girl Sadako Sasaki, who became a victim of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, and the United Nations. At the end of the lesson, Eurogymnasium students became participants in the action “We vote for peace!”


What could be better than peace?! Harmony with others and nature, kindness and beauty are wonderful at all times. The International Day of Peace is capable of erasing all borders, bringing together and uniting! This holiday is celebrated on September 21 and is designed to make humanity not only think about the world, but also do something for it. Today, students from the MOU “Secondary School No. 13” came to our “Alisa”, and together with them we “released” white doves to the “Earth”!


Today, September 21, on the International Day of Peace in MBOU secondary school # 1 named after B.P. Yurkov, the guys who are part of the media center “Objective” held the action “Peace for me is …”. Participants recorded a video on this topic, voicing their thoughts and reflections. The school also held class hours on this topic.

* * * UKRAINE * * *


This article by Inna Omelchuk mentions Peace Day activities in dozens of schools in the Ukraine, but in most cases it is difficult or impossible to determine the city or village where the school is located.


On September 21, when all the people of the Earth celebrate the International Day of Peace, the employees of the children and youth service department of the Bilhorod-Dnistrovska Public Library invited the participants of the “Young Artist” circle to the hour of peace “Let there be peace from now on and forever.” The head of the department told the children the history of the origin of this holiday, about the symbol of international solidarity of all people of the world, the “Peace Bell”, which was cast from coins donated by children of all continents. At the event, the children made “Dove of Peace” postcards and wrote their wishes on the wings of pigeons, namely: for them to have the opportunity to study peacefully, to realize their dreams, for peace, love, tranquility in their families and a peaceful sky over our native Ukraine, to end the war sooner. The book exhibition “Ukraine wants peace!” was organized in the library, with which young readers got acquainted and watched the video clip “Peace Day”. The children made “We are for peace” hearts with their own hands and presented them to passers-by on the street near the library.


Day of peace at the Lyceum “Bilotserkiv Collegium”! . . . Throughout history, the Ukrainian people fought for their peaceful existence. And in 2022, Ukraine will resist Russian aggression with all its might. Today, every citizen of our country, to the best of his ability, chooses peace and tranquility for our native land. And this is done in a special way by the children in our educational institution. Today, the exhibition “Peace through the eyes of children” was held at the lyceum. All students had the opportunity to express “What is peace”, to write their vision of peace on the wings of doves and to express their dreams for the future.

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What has happened this year (2022) for the International Day of Peace?

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In order to participate in the International Day of Peace, a number of educational events were held in our institution with students: morning meetings (classroom teacher N.M. Rudenko), viewing of informative videos “September 21 – World Peace Day” (classroom teacher T.M. Kruglova) , video presentations “International Day of Peace” (class teacher Adamenko T.A.), “September 21 – World Peace Day”, watching and discussing patriotic videos and songs (class teacher Gryshko I.P.), reading poetry on the topic ” My home is my land called Ukraine”, poetry competition about peace, poster competition “Let there be peace in Ukraine” (class teacher V.M. Zholak), drawing competition “We are for peace in the whole world!”, also winners of education joined the flash mob “We have free wings, because we are from Ukraine”, the creation of the video clip “International Day of Peace” (pedagogue-organizer L.P. Polyakova).


Today, the whole world celebrates the International Day of Peace. Unfortunately, it is overshadowed by our common misfortune: battles continue, compatriots and soldiers die. As never before, we Ukrainians understand the full meaning of the word “Peace”. On this day, the “Bird of Peace” campaign is held in our college. Teacher Broshevan Tetiana Vitalyivna held a master class where students made symbolic paper doves with their own hands, which will bring peace and tranquility to our Motherland, stop the bloodshed and suffering of thousands of Ukrainians


Children of Ukraine want Peace! . . . International Day of Peace is traditionally celebrated on September 21 in Ukraine and around the world. Today, peace in Ukraine is not an abstract desire, it is a conscious goal, because the struggle for peaceful existence, for the right to live in one’s own state continues throughout the country. And today every Ukrainian family felt the highest value of peace, which is the key to a happy life. Peace does not mean losing the war, peace is the daily work of every citizen for improvement, development and peace in the country. On the occasion of Peace Day, students of the 7th grade prepared a video flash mob “Children of Ukraine want Peace!”


Day of peace in the schools of the Buchansk community . . . Educational hours “Children of Ukraine – for peace!” were held in Zdvizhivsk gymnasium. The children made postcards for the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and pigeons. May there be peace in Ukraine! Good people want peace. Both adults and children. They want peace on earth!


The head of the Cherkasy regional party organization, Yury Trenkin, together with the deputy of the regional council from “Batkivshchyna” Tetyana Volochai, visited the first-graders of the Cherkasy school No. 34 on the International Day of Peace. . . . Cherkasy schoolchildren told politicians about how their mothers volunteer and help the army, how they befriend and support their peers who came from the cities most affected by the war. Children are proud of Ukrainian Heroes and worry about their lives, they want the war to end as soon as possible. Students convey their experiences through the drawings they showed their guests. There are Ukrainian soldiers who are defeating the enemy, and houses with yellow and blue flags, and storks in the wheat fields… Because this is their most cherished desire – to live in a peaceful Ukraine!


On September 21, 2022, on the International Day of Peace, Cherkasy State Technological University hosted the art opening “Life Wins!”, which presented the works of laureates and graduates of the regional drawing competition “Racism – NO! We are approaching a great Victory!”. The thematic exhibition, dedicated to the International Day of Peace, takes place within the framework of the implementation in Cherkasy Oblast of the Program to restore understanding for leaders of communities in Ukraine “Peace in the digital age”. (with youtube video)



Thanks to the struggle of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the youth community of Chernihiv had the opportunity to gather at the Regional Development Agency for a creative exhibition-vernissage, which was organized on the occasion of the International Day of Peace and the Day of the City of Chernihiv by NU “Chernihiv Polytechnic” together with the NGO “Center for Gender Education”. The exhibition of paintings of future architects and designers – graduates of higher education at the Chernihiv Polytechnic National University – dedicated to our native city, became a symbol of Chernihiv’s indomitability and its resistance to Russian aggression. . . The event began with the performance of the national anthem of Ukraine on the saxophone, patriotic songs, amazing poems, and interesting stories about Chernihiv by Ervin Meaden. Full of inspiration and faith in the future of their hometown and Ukraine, the participants talked about the need to promote youth initiatives aimed at the development of youth leadership and youth participation in social restoration.

The International Day of Peace. Today, more than ever, we need to fight for peace with all our might, so that the warm, clear sun will always shine, the sky will always be clean and blue, so that there will always be smiles on people’s faces. Students of the AL-111, AA-111 course, together with the group leader Pysana Myroslava Ivanovna, visited the Alley of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and laid flowers at the memorial. Students remembered the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred who gave their lives for our happy and peaceful future.


In this tumultuous time, it is Peace that Ukrainians value the most. . . .Therefore, the teachers and students of the specialization “Spectacular and theatrical events” of the I.P. Kotlyarevsky Hadiac College of Culture and Arts held poetic readings “With Ukraine in the Heart”, dedicated to peace in our native country . . . Anatoliy Nasmenchuk, director of the college, addressed all the participants and spectators with a welcome speech. All those present had the opportunity to enjoy patriotic poems, bandura melodies and a peaceful flash mob. In addition, everyone who cared could join the fundraising for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


. . . On September 21, the world celebrates the International Day of Peace. In Ukraine, by presidential decree, this day has been celebrated since 2002. Today, this holiday is particularly significant for our country. . . . on the eve of the holiday, Oksana Suslova, a leading specialist in environmental education of the Getman National Natural Park, organized a photo challenge “My dream is a peaceful sky above my head” in a remote format, in which students of the Lithuanian educational complex: comprehensive school of grades I-II – preschool educational institution of Chernechchynska participated. village council of Okhtyr district, Khukhryan comprehensive school of grades I-III (supporting institution of education) of Chernechchyn village council of Okhtyr district, Okhtyr general education school of grades I-III named after Boris Antonenko-Davydovych and pupils of the ecological and naturalistic direction of Okhtyr city center of extra-curricular education – Small Academy of Sciences . Children photographed clouds and painted their fantasies, available here on facebook.


On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, the community libraries organized the exhibitions “Let there be peace from now on and forever” (Zyatkivtsi branch library), “Let’s preserve peace on this land” (Chechelivka village branch library) and reviews of the literature “Let there be peace from now on and forever” (Library-branch of the village of Kislyak), “We need a peaceful sky” (Library-branch of the village of Gubnyk), “Let there be peace on the whole Earth” (Library-branch of the village of Mar’yanivka), an information digest has been prepared “September 21 – International Peace Day” (Central Library), “Peace means life” (Youth Department), from which library users and visitors learned about the history of this holiday.


On the occasion of the Day of Peace in Ispasky ZZSO I-III centuries. named after M. Marfievicha, the teacher of the extended day group of the 2nd grades, Gavrilyuk Iryna Anatoliivna, conducted an educational hour on the topic: “Ukraine wants peace!” . . .. During the “Box of Peaceful Wishes” campaign, second-graders from Nushenia wrote postcards with wishes for soldiers. And while working in groups, young artists with great enthusiasm painted the mega coloring page “We are for peace!” Second-graders recited poems, performed the songs “This is my Ukraine”, “Ukraine is my mother”, “My country is Ukraine”, “Cranes”. During the patriotic flash mob, students demonstrated their talent and creativity. Those present noticed the joy and hope on the faces of the children that peaceful days would soon come.


September 21, 2022, branch library No. 15, p. Subalterns of the Department of Culture of the City Council held an educational kaleidoscope “Peace not in blood, but in friendship and love.” At this event, readers got acquainted with the history of Peace Day, a video, and also shared their thoughts and experiences. As a sign of support, they prepared doves that symbolize peace.


The “Dove of Peace” action dedicated to the International Day of Peace. We invited the students to write their most cherished wishes and they all converge on one thing – PEACE! This is the only thing that every Ukrainian aspires to, everyone who supports our country, everyone who helps us win it!


At the Peace lesson, the children learned about the approval of the celebration of this Day by the UN General Assembly, about the symbol of peace – a white dove with an olive branch in its beak, about the peace bell that was cast in Japan; students Tetyanka Brych and Darinka Shmigelska inspiredly read poetry about the war “And spring again…”; all children created essays on the topics “What is peace for me”, “I long for peace because…”. Our wonderful immigrant from the Luhansk region, Mariyka Dmitrieva, touched everyone with a sensual story about her little picture. Dear sixth graders, united and sincere in their wishes and dreams, sent a dove of peace into the world with the hope of the nearest Victory of Ukraine:


Previously, for us, Ukrainians, peace was an everyday reality. On the streets of our otherland – Ukraine, it was calm, all the children went to school, smiling. But sudden changes took place, grief crept in. Ukraine was attacked by an enemy. And we Ukrainians, more than ever, need to fight for peace with all our might, so that we always have a warm, clear sun, so that the sky is always clean and blue, so that there are always smiles on people’s faces. Today, social pedagogue Maria Necheporenko and labor education teacher Iryna Semenyuk held a master class on making a “Peace Dove” for students of grades 1-7. Children will fly symbolic doves in their homes, which will bring peace and tranquility to our Motherland, so that peace reigns in the souls and hearts of people.






BIRD OF PEACE settled in the 5-B class of NVK No. 10 from September 21! We believe that this is how the educational environment should be formed in the 5th grade of NUSH: not adults came up with and made/purchased/decorated it. Those who have received modern education have united to implement a mini-project. This is how the team unites, and the subject “Art” is more interesting to study! Congratulations to the children of 5-B on a good common cause! Thanks to class leader Karina Tkachuk.


On the International Day of Peace, educational institutions of Kremenchuk conduct thematic lessons and educational activities. What students, parents and teachers of Kremenchug Lyceum No. 25 “Humanitarian Collegium” think about peace can be viewed here on facebook


The Chizhevskii library celebrated the International Day of Peace with various events. . . . The visitors of the library that day participated in a master class on making beaded angels that will warm the hearts of our Defenders on the front lines. The librarians prepared a special program for their little friends – girls and boys from the “Kraplinka” kindergarten. Happy people live in peace. To be happy, you need to be healthy, to be healthy, you need to eat right! So, in the department of health care, children got to know the secrets of proper nutrition. And together with the librarians of the subscription department, the children made symbols of peace – doves. Together with them, they were photographed at various locations and in a wonderful photo zone with an aerial installation.


The “Visa” Center (“Action Center”) has updated the exhibition of children’s drawings for the International Day of Peace! . . . In such a difficult time for Ukraine, as now, children’s masterpieces surprise not only the staff of the Visa Center, but also our visitors with their desire for unity and peace in our country. And some especially attracted attention with their warmth and childhood dreams of a strong and peaceful Ukraine. Children of all ages draw and see everything in bright colors, and we feel their desire for a bright future.


Kulykiv Vocational Agrarian Lyceum. For the Day of Peace, which the international community celebrates on September 21, the book exhibition “Let there be peace from now on and forever” was opened in the reading room of the Lyceum library.


Gymnasium News. On the eve of the International Day of Peace, the class teachers held educational hours “Let there be peace on the whole earth”, during which the students spoke about the importance of peace around the world, watched thematic presentations and video materials. All participants of the educational process willingly joined the collective creative work “Dove of Peace”. Despite the fact that the training is conducted using distance technologies, during several days the students sent their drawings, origami, crafts, video materials, which inspired and encouraged teachers, classmates and parents. Peace is a value that we have truly realized in recent months. We wish peace and harmony to every family, peace, prosperity and, of course, a speedy victory! Peace to our motherland-Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes! We believe in the Armed Forces! (Video prepared by Class 5V)







On September 21, on the International Day of Peace, in the gymnasium of the village of Laskiv of the Volodymyr community, teachers-organizers held a charity fair under the slogan “Bake delicacies – help the Armed Forces of Ukraine”: a charity fair was held in the gymnasium of the village of Laskiv. Pupils of each class prepared pastries, sweet drinks, products made by their own hands and sold them. Parents, teachers and schoolchildren themselves bought. A “Peace Box” was also organized, where children threw drawings and postcards addressed to our defenders with wishes.


For the Day of Peace, pupils of the “People’s Craftsmen” circle, led by Olena Verkhova, prepared a photo report of children’s drawings. And the students of the “Souvenir Making” group (leader Nataliya Omelchenko) created the composition “Dove of Peace” as a symbol of peace and revival of our country. . . All drawings are bright and unique, deserve a high rating, and the best ones were chosen by community members as favorites.


“Ukraine asks for nothing but peace and sovereignty, the opportunity to choose its own destiny and seek its own alliances, just like any independent state.” All this, as well as other aspects of the international security system, were discussed during an event for freshmen at the Faculty of Finance and Business Management dedicated to the International Day of Peace.. . . . After all the necessary preparations were completed, the students held a flash mob in the Assembly Hall of the University. It was there that they unfolded a map of Ukraine, created with the help of origami, and wished Ukraine a quick victory in the war with the aggressor and a peaceful life for everyone in the safe Ukrainian State.


September 21 is the International Day of Peace, on this occasion our school held the campaign “We have free wings” Our students made doves of peace with their own hands and drew patriotic pictures, which they handed over to our military. Let’s remember that united, we are a force! And the victory is ours!


In order to form a deep understanding of the importance of peace, education of humanism, patriotism in the Institution of General Secondary Education I-II degrees of “We are against the war” event was held in Mytlashivka, Drabivka settlement council, Cherkasy region. From the mouths of the children came words of gratitude to all those who protect our country from the occupiers, who, with their daily work, bring peace to our land. The action “We are for peace” was held in the village children’s library. Young artists of the Drabiv Children’s Art School under the guidance of teacher Zoreslava Perekhrest and librarians painted a dove, a symbol of peace. With a symbolic dove, they thanked our defenders for the peaceful sky above their heads, for the opportunity to wake up every day and see the sun instead of hearing the roar of guns!


On September 21, educational institutions of the community held thematic events permeated with the theme of peace, unity, and victory. Schoolchildren made charms for the military, which, along with food and medicine, were handed to our compatriots – defenders: Oleh Kozakevych, Yuriy Kolpak and Andriy Rakitin, who were on a short vacation at home on this very day, by village head Tamara Fesko, with wishes for peace and health from all residents of the community.


Academic Lyceum No. 3 of the Obukhiv City Council, Kyiv Region September 21 – International Day of Peace. This year, this holiday is very relevant in Ukraine. In times of full-scale war, we value peace and quiet as much as possible. We are grateful to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for courage, resilience and bravery. It is thanks to the soldiers that we live in relative peace and quiet. The teaching staff, school pupils and parents supported the campaign “Give the warmth of your soul to the soldiers”. We have collected warm things, raincoats, intimate hygiene products, household chemicals, fast food, sweets, tea and coffee…


Odessa State Environmental University. International Day of Peace. The purpose of today’s meeting, organized by the senior lecturer of the Department of Ukrainian Studies, M.I. Myroshnychenko. with students of the 3rd year of the Faculty of Environmental Protection of groups E-20, E-22i, EK-20, TK-20, TK-21i, was to turn to the discussion of topical issues of peace through the thematic mini-discussion “Dimension of Peace”. . . . Students developed the ability to build a dialogue, lead a discussion, prove their own point of view, work with problematic questions. We began to appreciate peace more and understand its true meaning. We believe that peace will surely come in our country and we will live under a peaceful sky!


On September 21 in Pavlograd, the public organization “Agency for Democratic Development of Donbas” held a public event – an art exhibition-opening in Pavlograd, dedicated to Peace Day. . . .You can find out more about the activities within the project on the portal, in the project group on Facebook and on the page of the NGO “ Agency for Democratic Development of Donbass“.


International Day of Peace. . . On the occasion of this holiday, cultural workers of the village of Petrushiv held the “We want peace” holiday. Today, peace in Ukraine is not an abstract wish, it is a realized goal, because the struggle for peaceful existence, for the right to live in one’s own state continues in the east of the country.


Plesetska gymnasium. On the occasion of Peace Day, the 3-A class held an hour of communication on the topic: “Peace through the eyes of a child”.


Sholokhovsky School. Exhibition of handicrafts “Dove of peace” 2nd class. Exhibition of drawings: “Peace on the planet – happiness for all children” by students of the 5-A class for the International Day of Peace.


September 21 is the International Day of Peace . . . Today, peace in Ukraine is not an abstract desire, it is a conscious goal, because a bloody struggle continues for peaceful existence, for the right to live in one’s own state. This was discussed during the music-poetry watercolor “Give, God, peace to Ukraine!”, which took place in the Central Library of PMTG at 6/11 Almaznaya Street. The participants of the event – students of the Poltava College of Oil and Gas, local activists and IDPs – got acquainted with the traditions of celebrating this holiday in the world, talked about the symbols of peace, exchanged opinions. The poetic page was presented by Poltava poetess Nadiya Hryn, who introduced the audience to her work.


In Rivne, on September 21, on the International Day of Peace, city preschool and general secondary education institutions . . . sold patriotic products and home baked goods to support . . . the Armed Forces of Ukraine. . . . “We have cupcakes – our own pastries and products made by ourselves. We want to help the Armed Forces. In my opinion, this help is very important, because our defenders are protecting us now and we need to help them with everything we can,” says dev’ Valeriya Sasko, a first-grader. A total of five such fairs were held in the city: in the square on Knyaz Romana Avenue, school 12, Peremogy Square, Khimik Park and behind the Ukraina Cinema Palace.


Educators of the Rohatynsk territorial community and their students are joining the “Peace Day” flash mob today. Videos are available at the following links: Luchynetsk gymnasium, Lipivsk gymnasium named after Stefan Kachala, Rohatyn Lyceum No. 1, Verkhnolypytskyi Lyceum, Verkhnolypytskyi Lyceum, Rohatyn Lyceum named after the Rohatyn Brothers, Pukiv Gymnasium, Pydmykhailiv branch of Kniagynytskyi Lyceum.


Open dialogue with the community for the international day of peace. “values ​​of peace”: discussion-review, central library of the city of Sarny, together with teachers, joined the celebration of the International Day of Peace. In all age groups, classes, discussions, and viewing illustrations were held for the general public. (With video made by the students.)


On the occasion of Peace Day, online flash mob events “Dove of Peace”, “Stork of Peace”, “Hands of Peace”, “Make a flower of peace”, “We are for a peaceful sky of Ukraine” will be held at Slovyanska ZOSH No. 12. Hours of communication: “We are the children of peace”, “Happiness is impossible without peace on Earth”, “Let there be peace in our native Ukraine” produced an information bulletin for Peace Day.


On Wednesday, September 21, a creative event dedicated to the celebration of the International Day of Peace will be held in the Congress Center of Sumy State University. . . . It will be in the form of a concert, in which performers and authors of sung poetry, as well as representatives of the classical arts, will take part.


Ternopil School No. 4. Pupils of the 3rd grade congratulate everyone on the International Day of Peace! We wish that there will always be a clear and peaceful sky above us, that there will never be wars anywhere on the planet, and that people will be happy and calm!


In the village of Tysalovo, on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, cultural workers held a flash mob “We are for peace on the whole earth” and an hour of communication.


The Student Self-Government of the Faculty of Preschool and Special Education held an online event for students, where they were introduced to the history of the international day of peace and the importance of peace in people’s lives. We believe that soon peace will really come, and we will not hear the sounds of sirens, rockets… That no more Ukrainians will die at the hands of the Russian fascists.


The community’s general secondary education institutions held events to celebrate the International Day of Peace , round table meetings, educational events “Peace for peace”, “Peace in your hands”, “Peace Day in Ukraine”, quizzes – “Turning the pages of history”, “Ukraine is one”, “In defense of peace”, “Our heart Ukraine”, informative minutes, flash mobs.


Photo of school celebration of Intenational Day of Peace at Linguistic gymnasium named after T. G. Shevchenko with Youtube video


. . . on the International Day of Peace, general education and extracurricular institutions of the city of Vasylkov held a “Peace Dove” flash mob. Students of schools and pupils of extra-curricular institutions made paper doves, launched them with balloons into the sky, attached them to the map of Ukraine, painted on the asphalt, distributed them to passers-by, read poems, uttered the slogans: “We are for Peace!”, “We love Ukraine!”, ” Let there be Peace in Ukraine!” with the hope that their dreams of peace in the Motherland will come true. Smiles on the faces, joy in the hearts of students and teachers inspired hope and confidence that there will be no place for wars in Ukraine and throughout the world.


On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, which is traditionally celebrated in Ukraine and around the world on September 21, thematic events were held at the Verbovets secondary school of grades I-III. Every break and every lesson that day was permeated with the theme of peace.


The Student Council of the Faculty of Economics and Business decided to hold a Challenge dedicated to the Day of Peace, to collect paper cranes. The paper crane is a symbol of luck, longevity, happiness, hope and fulfillment of wishes. There is a legend that if you make a thousand cranes and make a wish, it will surely come true. . . . The challenge will continue until September 26, when an equally important world event is celebrated – the International Day of Struggle for the Complete Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. Let’s wish peace to our beloved and indomitable country together! Such a simple act will show our solidarity and will to fight. Ukraine is us, and its future existence depends only on us!


The large and friendly collegium family also dreams of peace, waits for it. The children of the Sich Collegium embodied this dream in their photographs. They enthusiastically participated in the school-wide photo exhibition “My future without war”. Because for everyone, peace is happiness and peace in the family, it is a dream return to native walls, it is an interesting, full, stormy collegiate life, it is the realization of all our dreams and plans. We believe: our heroic soldiers of the Armed Forces are nearing victory over the fierce enemy, after which PEACE will come to us forever. Peace will come to each of our homes, to our Zaporozhye, to our Ukraine. Peace will come in Europe, in the whole world. Believe in it – and let it be so! Peace to you, planet! Peace to you, people!




Plan of activities 09/21/2022 : International Day of Peace
– Information event. Information exhibition. Distribution of leaflets Feodosia city house of culture.
– During the school day, Thematic lesson:International Day of Peace. Design of a thematic stand
– Primorskaya Children’s Art School: exhibition of drawings “Peace through the Eyes of Children”
– Central Children’s Library: Dove of Peace


On the International Day of Peace in the urban-type settlement of Krepensky on September 21, the action “Dove of Peace” was held, which has great educational spiritual significance for the younger generation. The action was attended by the chairman of the Krepensky primary department, the head of the life support department Tatyana Baka, teachers, educators, schoolchildren, students of the medical college, activists of the Krepensky primary department of the OD “Peace of the Luhansk region”. . . . Children came to the holiday with white doves, as a sign of gratitude and appreciation to our heroic grandfathers and great-grandfathers, participants in the Great Patriotic War, this is a message to all people of the earth with a call to live in peace, friendship and mutual understanding. The holding of this action in the village of Krepensky has become a good tradition for eight years.


For the day of peace on September 21, a thematic event “We need a peaceful sky” was held at the Kurakhovsky Center for Culture and Leisure. With their creativity: songs and dances, creative crafts, adults and children showed indifference to this topical topic, and expressed their civic position. Children of the city of Kurakhovo also had the opportunity to take part in master classes in fine and decorative arts.


The Institute of Transport and Logistics and Faculty of Computer Systems and Information Technologies, Lugansk State University. V. Dalia began the day of peace by ringing the Peace Bell. Thus, they honored the memory of all the victims of hostilities and terrorist attacks.


On September 21, activists of the Dzerzhinsky primary branch of the Public Movement “Peace to the Luhansk Region” held a flash mob dedicated to the International Day of Peace in the urban-type settlement of Dzerzhinsky in the city of Rovenki. The participants of the flash mob went to the park with balloons, with paper figures of doves, to demonstrate the desire of the inhabitants of Donbas for peace. – Celebrating this holiday, we want to emphasize that the International Day of Peace is especially dear and significant for us. After all, we have been dreaming of peace in our land for many years. Therefore, the activists of our primary branch traditionally celebrate this holiday, – stressed the chairman of the Dzerzhinsky primary branch of the OD “Peace to the Lugansk region.”


On September 21, 2022, employees of the Cultural and Leisure Association held a youth action for the International Day of Peace “I love peace”. The organizers of the action walked along the central streets of the city of Shakhtersk and told the residents that a global military conflict breaks out in the world approximately every hundred years, claiming the lives of millions of people, that every fifth state regularly faces problems of military operations and terrorism, and also that a symbol of modern day of peace is a dove and an olive branch. As a memento of the holiday, pupils of the theatrical circle “Mask” handed over to passers-by a symbol of peace.


On the International Day of Peace, with the aim of educating the younger generation of patriotism and love for the Motherland, on September 21, activists of the Young Guard Public Organization of the Slavyanoserbsky District held an information hour “Bring, doves, our greetings to the peoples of the world!” . . . The youth performed poems and songs about peace. – For residents of the front-line Slavyanoserbsky region, the word “peace” has a special meaning. For eight years we have been advocating a peaceful, happy life without war, fighting Ukrainian neo-Nazism. We want our aspirations to be supported not only by the inhabitants of the Republic, but also by all caring people who care about the fate of Donbass,” said Artem Kozlov, an activist of the Young Guard project. At the end of the event, each participant received a symbol of peace – a paper dove.


For the day, of peace the library-branch No. 3 held for its readers the action “Peace in the Heart – Peace on Earth”. Together with the librarian, the guys tried to define the word “peace”. Young readers said that the world is the sun, the sky, the Motherland, relatives and close people, friends. They also argued that children, the elderly and women become the most defenseless during hostilities. In her conversation, the librarian told the children about the history of this day, about people who in the modern world on our earth are trying to protect and save this world for their future children. . . At the end of the action, the guys took pictures with drawings about the world, holding a small dove in their hands, because this particular bird is a symbol of peace on earth.


Activists of the organization “Peace to the Luhansk region” held the action “Dove of Peace” in the village of Vlasovka on September 21. On this day, the guys made white doves with their own hands and drew a poster “We are for peace!”