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UN Women: Rebuilding the women’s movement in Afghanistan, one organization at a time


An article from UN Women

After the Taliban takeover, former magazine-owner Siamoy* redirected her work towards women’s empowerment and capacity-building. Focusing on the most vulnerable women, including illiterate women and women with disabilities, her NGO now provides training and start-up funding for women-led businesses in five provinces.

“UN Women gave us hope – the kind of hope I had lost after the Taliban takeover,” says Siamoy. “I was in a deep depression. I thought I would go crazy. I had lost everything. … But now, thanks to UN Women, I have an office and employees.”

Hers is among the 113 women’s organizations being supported across 19 provinces through the ‘Rebuilding the Women’s Movement in Afghanistan’ programme. Launched in mid-2022, the UN Women programme provides tailored training, skills-building and seed funds for small-scale initiatives.

UN Women’s support includes a comprehensive set of training to help women’s organizations improve the way they operate. Photo: UN Women/Sayed Habib Bidell

Women’s rights and employment in Afghanistan 

According to International Labour Organization data, women’s employment rate was 25 per cent lower by the end of 2022 compared to before the Taliban takeover in 2021. With women also banned from working in national and international NGOs as of December 2022, and allowed to pursue a limited number of professions and run home-based small businesses, this programme is providing an essential lifeline for women to build their skills for future work and restore their hope.

“In this difficult situation, UN Women is standing with us,” adds Siamoy. “We will get stronger through this support. If we support 20 women, those women will help another 20 women.”

Since partnering with UN Women in October 2023, Siamoy is now able to pay seven full-time employees. They’ve also received five training sessions on strategic planning and project management.

“The training on project management is one of the best I’ve ever received,” she says. “I’ve changed some of my goals. I don’t want to work for just 20 or 40 women in Faryab anymore. I want to work for 500 to 1,000 women across Afghanistan. I don’t just want to give them tailoring machines. I want to build a factory for them to have a lifetime source of income. I’m dreaming big now.”

In a village in Ghor Province*, 43-year-old Bita* secretly surveys women to find out who are most in need. She established a local organization in 2011 that ran projects for elderly women but had to cease its activities. It wasn’t until 2022 that she was able to revive it, after partnering with UN Women.

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Does the UN advance equality for women?

Do women have a special role to play in the peace movement?

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“When we established our organization, we had just a few members, no formal policies, plans or real structure,” Bita admits. “But a UN Women colleague supported us with developing a policy. Another colleague helped us devise our organization’s structure.  … This has boosted our confidence.”

Building skills, capacity and hope for women in Afghanistan

In Mazar, Balkh Province, 30-year-old Najiba* had established a women’s organization in 2019 and was working as a manager at a private company. But after losing her job following the Taliban takeover, she decided to focus her energy on her organization.

With support from UN Women since January 2024, Najiba can now pay her 10 employees, who hadn’t earned any income since joining. She says training on management, monitoring and proposal-writing have all been extremely helpful.

“We now have a lot of information, which has opened a window of hope for us, especially on safeguarding [beneficiaries from risks] – a topic we learned about for the first time. Trainings on how to make policies and define our goals have also helped us refine and make ours more professional,” says Najiba.

In Baghlan, 23-year-old former medical student Kamela* is a programme officer with a women-led organization dedicated to capacity-building for women and youth, who also received training from UN Women on project management.

“A key lesson I took from the training is my value as a programme manager. Employees have power and I must recognize my power and that what I am doing is really important,” says Kamela.

“The training motivates us to do more. … we’re starting from the ground-up to help each other. UN Women is so supportive, regularly coming to our office to coach us. They tell us that we are doing good, then tell us how we can do things even better. They tell us how to be more impactful with our actions and guide us step-by-step and face-to-face. When we go to the UN Women office, they convey knowledge in a way that really motivates us.”

According to UN Women Special Representative in Afghanistan Alison Davidian, supporting women-led grass-roots organizations is not only helping to keep them afloat but preparing them for future larger-scale work: “This is UN Women’s value added – our commitment to investing in women’s organizations, not only financially but through long-term, consistent technical investment and capacity-building to ensure their success, motivate them and promote their sustainability.”

As of May 2024, the “Rebuilding the Women’s Movement in Afghanistan” flagship programme has partnered with 113 organizations in 19 provinces and supported at least 515 women earn salaries. This programme is made possible through the generous support of donors including: the Governments of Austria, Belgium, Canada, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

* Names, locations, and details changed to protect the identity of the protagonists. They are also not shown in the accompanying photos.

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Dr. Shirin Ebadi Speech In Paris on International Women’s Day


A report from the Nobel Women’s Initiative

On March 8th, I congratulate all of you. I hope that in the coming year, we will witness better conditions for all women around the world.

Firstly, I would like to express my sympathy with the Palestinian and Israeli families who were killed or subjected to sexual violence after the October 7th attack. Undoubtedly, the terrorist attack by Hamas must be condemned, but the painful point is that innocent people in Gaza are paying the price for the actions of a few terrorists. In Gaza, not a single intact building remains, and one or more members of each family have been killed, prompting people around the world to ask, what is the guilt of innocent civilians? Some, including Mr. Netanyahu, argue that the people of Gaza chose Hamas in an election and must bear the consequences of their choice, but this argument is flawed.

On the other hand, Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas, lives safely with his family in Qatar, while innocent civilians in Gaza are being killed. Moreover, Netanyahu does not have the full support of all Israeli people, and opposition among Israelis against the continuation of the massacre of innocent people in Gaza has begun.

In my opinion, if both Hamas and Israeli leaders were women, we certainly wouldn’t see such conditions, neither would the events of October 7th occur, nor would innocent people in Gaza be killed and displaced.

Unfortunately, the world of politics has become more masculine than ever, and one of the reasons for the endangerment of peace in the world is this fact. After the Arab Spring, I stated in several articles and interviews that the Arab Spring would not begin in Islamic countries unless women achieve equality, and unfortunately, we saw how the spring turned into autumn.

In the negotiations currently taking place regarding Palestine, the discussion mostly revolves around ceasefire and the release of hostages, but I believe it is better to move towards peace. Peace will only be sustainable when an independent state of Palestine is recognized, and Gaza is handed over to the Palestinian people. Two independent states of Palestine and Israel, by forgetting their bloody past, can peacefully coexist. And in the early years, to prevent any unforeseen incidents, a UN peacekeeping force must be deployed at the border between Israel and Palestine.In this case, we will see how the Islamic Republic of Iran regime and other terrorist groups it supports, such as the Houthis and Hezbollah in Lebanon, are weakened. They justify their terrorist activities under the pretext of supporting the Palestinian people.

If we examine the situation of women worldwide, we will realize that women have not yet achieved full equality in all countries, and gender discrimination exists in all countries to varying degrees.

In some western countries like European countries and the United States, discrimination is less, while in others, it is more. In European countries, Canada, and the United States, there are laws against gender discrimination, and women are recognized as having equal rights. However, due to some issues such as dual responsibilities of children and caregiving, working outside the home, and also due to patriarchal culture in some social classes, women are less likely to enjoy equal rights.

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Do women have a special role to play in the peace movement?

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A look at the number of women among presidents and leaders of political parties compared to men in such positions is quite indicative of a regrettable reality.

How many women are among the top bankers and CEOs of large multinational companies? Many examples indicate the existence of inequality, and it seems that equality remains on paper and has not yet occurred in society. But in some other countries, often Islamic countries, laws are the source of inequality and oppress women, and discrimination is prevalent. In Iran, after the 1979 revolution, many laws were passed against women. In some cases, they explicitly ignored women’s human identity, under the law of “Diyeh” (blood money), where a woman’s “Diyeh” is half of a man’s. The testimony of two women in court is equivalent to one man’s testimony. A man can have up to four wives and divorce his wife whenever he wants, but getting a divorce for a woman can be very difficult and sometimes impossible.

A girl who gets married for the first time, regardless of her age, needs written permission from her father. A woman who is married cannot travel without her husband’s written permission. And many other discriminatory laws. These medieval laws are not commensurate with Iran’s rich culture and the education of women because for years, half of the students in Iranian universities have been girls, and many professors are women. The mismatch between laws and the cultural conditions of society, especially Iranian women, has led to numerous protests and movements throughout the 45 years of the Islamic Republic regime’s rule. The latest of these was The Women, Life , Freedom Movement which occurred in 2022 following the murder of a young girl named Mahsa by government agents for not adhering to the compulsory hijab. Iranian men also actively participated alongside women in this movement, which was severely suppressed by the government.

According to statistics, over 590 people were killed on the streets by government agents, many were injured or lost their sight, and 20,000 were detained. 70 citizens have been sentenced to death for participating in protests, and eight of them have been executed so far. Although the government managed to suppress this movement to some extent and return people to their homes, Iran is like a volcano that could erupt at any moment.

The Mahsa Movement had the intention of the International community. The European Parliament awarded the Sakharov Prize for Human Rights to Mahsa, who had been killed, and invited her family to accept the prize, but the Islamic Republic banned Mahsa’s father, mother, and brother from leaving the country, preventing them from attending the ceremony. Additionally, the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Narges Mohammadi as a symbol of the Women, Life, Freedom Movement. Narges Mohammadi has been imprisoned for over six years for her human rights activism—these two examples alone is enough to show how any form of opposition in Iran is suppressed.

As for Afghanistan, the situation is even worse than in Iran. Afghan women don’t even have the right to attend high school or university, and they are deprived of any form of social activity. They don’t have the right to work in government offices or international organizations. They don’t have the right to obtain business licenses or engage in independent businesses, not even in small-scale activities. Recently, they have also been denied the right to speak to or be interviewed by the media if the reporter is a man, along with many other restrictions.

Afghan women activists have not remained silent. They continue their struggles both inside and outside Afghanistan, but we see that the Taliban suppress women even more ruthlessly than the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Warmest regards

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ASEAN Tourism in the 2025 International Year of Peace and Trust


An article by Imtiaz Muqbil from eTurboNews (with links added by CPNN)

With brutal wars raging every day, it’s an interesting move for the UN to declare 2025 the International Year of Peace and Trust. ASEAN Tourism sees a window of opportunities.

2025 will mark the 80th anniversary since the end of World War II and the approval of the UN Charter, a good time to reflect on the state of the world since then.

The UN General Assembly has proclaimed 2025 the International Year of Peace and Trust (IYPT), and called for a fullscale mobilization of efforts to build sustainable peace, solidarity and harmony via political dialogue, mutual understanding and cooperation amongst nations and peoples.

ASEAN 2025

Within ASEAN, 2025 will mark the 50th anniversary since the April 1975 end of the Vietnam War and the last year of the “ASEAN 2025: Forging Ahead Together” master blueprint. That gives the ASEAN tourism, the Industry of Peace, a golden opportunity to take the lead in putting Peace at the heart of the future development agenda, assert the “centrality” of ASEAN, counter efforts to sow socio-cultural divisions and raise the definition of “sustainability” to a whole new level.

Approved on 21 March 2024, the UNGA resolution encourages all UN Member States, UN and other international, regional and subregional organisations, as well as civil society, the private sector, academia and individuals, to “disseminate the advantages of peace and trust, including through educational and public awareness-raising activities.” It invites the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the UN’s Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs to facilitate the implementation of the International Year.

Turkmenistan has proposed hosts an International Forum of Peace and Trust in December 2025, as a culminating event for the Year.

The resolution was sponsored by Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, China, Djibouti, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lesotho, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Morocco, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Philippines, Qatar, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Singapore, Tajikistan, Timor-Leste, Türkiye, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu and Venezuela.
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UN Sustainable Development Goals

The move is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals agenda as well as the Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace.

The first UN Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace was adopted by the UNGA in October 1999, exactly 25 years ago next year. In September 2019, the UNGA declared 2021 the first International Year of Peace and Trust. Another resolution in July 2022 declared that IYPT would be held every five years.

Reaffirming the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, especially the determination to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, the resolution notes that sustainable development, human rights, peace and security are interconnected and mutually reinforcing. It:

The Six pillows of Peace and Trust

1) Acknowledges that peace and trust entail accepting differences and having the ability to listen to, recognize, respect and appreciate others, as well as living in a peaceful and united way,

2) Recognises that peace not only is the absence of conflict, but also requires a positive, dynamic participatory process where dialogue is encouraged and conflicts are solved in a spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation,

3) Recognises the urgent need to promote and strengthen preventive diplomacy and peaceful prevention of conflicts through multilateralism and political dialogue.

4) Emphasises the role of women and youth, children and older persons, especially the active participation of women in the prevention and resolution of conflicts and in activities promoting a culture of peace, including in post-conflict situations.

5) Recognises the importance of advancing equality, tolerance, human development, and promoting human rights, as well as investment in education to promote respect, reconciliation, and a culture of peace and non-violence,

6) Encourages the involvement of civil society organizations worldwide.

Windows of Opportunities for ASEAN Tourism

With escalating geopolitical conflicts and socio-cultural-ethnic polarisation posing a clear and present danger to the safety, security, and stability of Travel & Tourism globally, the IYTP opens a clear window of opportunity for the industry to rethink, refocus and reprioritize its future agenda.

(Editor’s note: The rest of this article is available only by subscription. It begins with the phrase “ASEAN tourism is well placed to take the lead for several reasons:”)

International Women’s Day: Asia/Pacific


A press survey by CPNN

In order to gather photos from the celebration of International Women’s Day, we put the following phrases into the google search engine:
° women’s day photos 2024
° Photos “Journée internationale de la femme” 2024
° Fotos”Día Internacional de la Mujer” 2024
° Fotos “Dia Internacional da Mulher” 2024

Here are the results from Asia/Pacific.


A collective group of Afghan women hid their faces and chanted “No to gender apartheid” and “Afghanistan is hell for women.” (frame from AP News video)


A purple wave swept through Darwin city as more than 1000 Territorians turned out to march for women’s rights – with some attendees making a special trip for the occasion (from NT News).


A protester marches during an International Women’s Day rally in Melourne. Photograph: Asanka Ratnayake/Getty. (from The Guardian)


Activists and garment workers shout slogans as they take part in a protest marking International Women’s Day in front of the National Press Club in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photograph: MD Mehedi Hasan/Zuma Press Wire/Rex/Shutterstock. (from The Guardian)


A participant plays with a child as they attend a celebration to mark the International Women’s Day at Freedom Park in Phnom Penh Cambodia, Friday, March 8, 2024. The headband reads “Dignified life.” AP Photo/Heng Sinith (from AP News)


Women in ethnic costumes dance at Lijiang ancient town in southwest China’s Yunnan Province, March 8, 2024. (Photo by Zhao Qingzu/Xinhua). (from the Peoples Daily Online)


Hyderabad, India Fogto: Nadeem Khawar/EPA (from Renascença)


Maitree Network, a conglomerate of over 40 feminist organisations, display cultural street performances at Rabi Thakurer More (Ruby crossing) on International Women’s Day on Friday. (from Telegraph India)


People carrying placards take part in a rally in Jakarta in support of women’s rights, calling for gender equality and the impeachment of Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo. Photograph: Ajeng Dinar Ulfiana/Reuters. (from The Guardian)


Dozens of persons participate in the demonstration for International Women’s Day in Tokyo, Japan. FRANCK ROBICHON (EFE) (from El País)

Question related to this article:
Prospects for progress in women’s equality, what are the short and long term prospects?


In Kazakhstan, protesters denounced a nationwide epidemic of gender-based violence. (Frame from France 24 video).


Women march on International Women’s Day in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Vladimir Voronin/AP (from NPR)


People shout slogans and carry placards during a women’s march in honour of International Women’s Day on March 9, 2024 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (from Getty Images)


Women in Pyongyang, North Korea, celebrate International Women’s Day. Won Jin/AFP (from Folha de S. Paulo)


Jamaat-e-Islami party activists demonstrate to mark International Women’s Day in Karachi, Pakistan. Photograph: Asif Hassan/AFP/Getty. (from The Guardian)


Female supporters of the religious Jamaat-e-Islami party take part in a rally to mark International Women’s Day in Lahore, Pakistan.nPhotograph: KM Chaudary/AP. (from The Guardian)


In the Philiippines women demanded an end to sexual harassment and wage discrimination.(from France 34)


Members of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions march at a rally in Seoul marking International Women’s Day. Photograph: Ahn Young-joon/AP (from The Guardian)


Bangkok, Thailand. Women dressed in pregnancy costumes march to Government House to highlight the meagre maternity leave for women in Thailand, set at eight days. Women’s groups are calling on the government to extend maternity leave to 120 days. Photograph: Lauren DeCicca/Getty (from The Guardian)


From 7:00 a.m., thousands of people, pupils, students, officials, and city leaders were present on Nguyen Hue walking street to participate in ao dai performances to celebrate the International Women’s Day March 8 and the 10th anniversary of the Festival. Ho Chi Minh City Ao Dai. (from VN Express)

Ex-Soviet Countries: International Day of Peace


A survey by CPNN

The following 147 actions in 7 countries formerly part of the Soviet Union were listed in Google during the weeks of September 17-28 this year under the key words “Международный день мира”and “Міжнародний день миру”, as well as “International day of peace”. These include 53 events from Ukraine, 48 from the Russian Federation and 8 from regions disputed between Ukraine and Russia.

In addition to these, 16 events are listed on the maps of One Day One Choir and Montessori schools singing for peace, but with one exception below that is new this year, there is no indication which took place this year and which took place only in previous years.

photo from Smenovtsky, Russia

Here are excerpts from the articles, translated into English.

* * * AZERBAIJAN * * *

BAKU: Employees of the Azerbaijan National Library named after M.F. Akhundzade have prepared a virtual exhibition “International Day of Peace”. According to AZERTAC , the virtual exhibition presents photographs, articles and books on the topic. Those wishing to view the virtual exhibition can use the link .

* * * BELARUS * * *

BARANAVICHY: On September 21, the world celebrates International Day of Peace . On this day, college students learned all about the history of this holiday and held the “Dove of Peace” event, where each participant could write wishes for friendship and peace on paper doves. The participants of the action collected a symbolic globe on which only peace and goodness live. (with many photos)

BOBRUISK: As part of the Peace Day, children born on September 21: Mikholap Alina, Tsyplakova Maria and Shishko Bogdan were presented with gifts from the Leninsky district organization of the city of Bobruisk of the public association “Belarusian Peace Foundation” and the Bobruisk city committee of the NGO “Belarusian Republican Youth Union”. The following performed at the festive lineup: the dance studio “Dance Laboratory”, Daria Bugaeva, Valeria Zayats and Yana Khamdamova – young specialists of our Center. The event ended with a friendly vote of all participants: “We are for peace and goodness on our Earth!” (with many photos)

BREST: On September 21, 2023, Polesie State University took part in the International Round Table “Gagarin, Space, Earth” , dedicated to the International Day of Peace. The organizer of the round table was the Volga Region Institute of Management named after P.A. Stolypin – branch of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Saratov, Russian Federation). The main speaker on the topic “Gagarin – Ambassador of Peace” was the head of the Saratov regional branch of the All-Russian public organization of solidarity and friendship with the Republic of Cuba “Russian Society for Friendship with Cuba”, head of the scientific and organizational department of the Institute, Ph.D. Oleg Yurievich Abakumov. (with many photos)

BYKHOV: On the occasion of Peace Day, the library of the Bykhov-1 microdistrict held an information hour “Peace in this world depends on us!” During the event, the children were told the history of this holiday, how it is celebrated in different countries of the world, about the symbol of peace – the image of a dove holding an olive branch in its beak, conflicts in the world today and much more. The children also became acquainted with the legend of the Japanese crane, which is associated with a little girl from Japan – Sadako Sasaki. At the end of the event, paper cranes and leaflets with the symbol of peace – a dove – were distributed to all those present as souvenirs. (with photos)

GOMEL CINEMA: As part of the events dedicated to the International Day of Peace, the “Doves of Peace” event was held at the “Mir” cinema for students of educational institutions in the Novobelitsky district. (with photos)

GOMEL FOUNDRY: On the International Day of Peace on September 21, activists of the factory “primary organization” of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union of the Gomel Foundry “CENTROLIT” prepared memorial cards for the organization’s employees with wishes of peace and goodness. (with photos)

GOMEL SCHOOL 27: Today is International Day of Peace. In Belarus, a Week of Peace and Creation was organized on this occasion. In the Gomel region, all schools in the world and peacekeeping units joined the marathon. In particular, school No. 27 of the regional center has been holding events, assemblies and flash mobs on the theme of mutual understanding, kindness and friendship between peoples since Monday. And the windows of the educational institution are decorated with children’s drawings. The Peace School organized an open week at the local museum: it talks about the activities of peacekeeping units and diplomatic relations with schools in other countries. Teachers and students from all over the region can visit the exhibition by agreement; excursions are held regularly. This week there is also a competition of poems and essays, a master class on making a dove, radio broadcasts, propaganda teams for first-graders, and lotteries. (with photos)

GOMEL KINDERGARTEN 18: An event dedicated to the International Day of Peace was held in our preschool institution State Educational Institution “Kindergarten No. 18 of Gomel”. . . The students learned where this holiday came from and became acquainted with the symbols of the holiday. The teachers had conversations about what peace on Earth means and how important it is maintain peace, what can each of us do for the sake of Peace and from childhood we must learn to live together, understand each other and take care of the fragile peace. The practical activity turned out to be no less interesting – the children made an appliqué of a dove (a symbol of peace), and it turned out great for them. (with photos)

GORKI: “The circle of the sun, the sky all around.” How students of Gorki Gymnasium No. 1 celebrated the International Day of Peace The event dedicated to the International Day of Peace was held with the participation of Kimmel Olga Andreevna, Chairman of the Goretsk district organization of the NGO “Belarusian Peace Foundation” (with many photos)

ILYICH VILLAGE: On September 21, at the parade ground of the Lyceum of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a lyceum-wide ceremony was held, dedicated to the International Day of Peace and timed to coincide with the Year of Peace and Creation. The main theme of the event is “Action for Peace. . . . the floor was given to the guest of honor – the First Secretary of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Belarus, the head of the Russian House in Gomel, Natalya Aleksandrovna AVRALEVA, who congratulated everyone on the International Day of Peace and expressed her best wishes to the participants . . . The solemn ceremony ended with the final words of the head of the Lyceum of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Alexei Dashkevich. Alexey Georgievich congratulated everyone on the International Day of Peace and announced that teachers would conduct Peace Lessons. According to tradition, the ceremony was completed by the passage of personnel in a solemn march. (with many photos)

IVATSEVICHY: The ceremonial assembly dedicated to the International Day of Peace was held at the lyceum of the Ivatsevichi District. Guests of honor Svetlana Pototskaya, head of the education department of the Ivatsevichi district executive committee, Denis Pokalyuk, chairman of the Ivatsevichi branch of the Belarusian Party “White Russia”, Yana Shelest, assistant prosecutor of the Ivatsevichi district, Alexander Velikoselets, chairman of the Ivatsevichi district organization of the Belarusian Peace Fund, together with Lyceum students took part in the opening of the exhibition hall “Genocide. No statute of limitations.” (with photo)

KLIMOVICHI: Peace in the eyes of children: an action and open dialogue on the International Day of Peace was held in Klimovichi. On this day, employees of the children’s reader services department of the central district library, together with the children’s art school, held the “The World Begins with You” campaign for young readers. In the city park, the event participants were told the history of the holiday and how it is celebrated in different countries of the world. The children learned that the symbol of peace is a dove carrying an olive branch in its beak, and its author is the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Together with the children, librarians attached paper doves to the balloons. (with many photos)

LIDA: The International Day of Peace is celebrated annually on September 21. Today, thematic platforms were organized for Lida schoolchildren, where everyone could express themselves. A dance flash mob “For Peace and Kindness” took place at the Palace of Culture. With this event, students from educational institutions in the region wanted to show that they stand for maintaining peace in our country. Click here for the video

BELARUS STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY : Information hour “International Day of Peace”. September 25, Dormitory No. 5. SSO room, 20:00. Responsible= Educators, SSO

MINSK GYMNASIUM 29: Today, on the International Day of Peace, students of the gymnasium in a solemn atmosphere joined the ranks of young Peacemakers. The gala event dedicated to the International Day of Peace was attended by the guest of honor – Leonovich Vitaly Vyacheslavovich, member of the public council of the Republican public association “Patriots of Belarus”. (with many photos)

MINSK SCHOOL 21: On September 21, at secondary school No. 21, an action dedicated to the International Day of Peace was held. Teachers, students and their parents congratulated each other on the holiday, took photographs and extended paper palms of peace and friendship.

MINSK SCHOOL 155: The capital’s schoolchildren also did not stay away from Peace Day. A gathering of creative children took place on the territory of secondary school No. 155. All of them are participants and winners of the essay competition “Prygazhosts – geta klasna!”, which was initiated by the Minsk branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation. The guests of honor of the gathering – writers, doctors, representatives of the city administration – awarded the authors of the best works. There was also a master class on making peace symbols and a drawing competition on asphalt. There was an open-air museum “What happened – let’s not forget!” (with many photos)

MOLODECHNO: A rally dedicated to the International Day of Peace was held in Molodechno. The “From Generation to Generation” rally at the memorial complex in Victory Park brought together peacemakers of different generations who are not indifferent to the fate of their country. Representatives of local authorities, public associations and Peace Schools, and city residents took part in it. Deputy Chairman of the Molodechno District Executive Committee Alesya Lukovskaya addressed those present with a welcoming speech . . . Chairman of the Board of the Minsk regional branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation NGO Oleg Matusevich noted that the Molodechno organization is the best in the Minsk region both in the number of events held and in their scale. . . . Peacekeepers from this gymnasium went on a bike ride to the places of military glory of the Molodechno region. (with many photos)

MOŬČADŹ: On the International Day of Peace, the action “We are for peace!” was held at the sanatorium boarding school, the kids drew pictures on the theme “How good it is to live under a peaceful sky,” each student tried to make their own bird of peace and take part in the action. The high school students discussed the relevance of the value of peace and the peaceful policy of our state. (with photo)

OSHMYANY: At secondary school No. 3, they decided to celebrate Peace Day in a special way. In the assembly hall, students gathered a lesson on legal knowledge, which was conducted by the head of the legal consultation of the Oshmyany district Svetlana Olenskaya, the head of the civil registry office of the Oshmyany district executive committee Inna Podielskaya, and the notary of the Oshmyany notary office Tatyana Lavtsel. . . . Both the adult and the child were given a paper white dove – a symbol of peace, which was then attached to planet Earth. Throughout the day, the “planet” was gradually filled with snow-white doves, which could not but rejoice. (with photos)

ROADTRAIN: In the Year of Peace and Creation, the Ministry of Education and the Republican Youth Center will hold the second season of the republican project “Road train”. Registration will last until September 8. Passengers of the train can be young people from 18 to 31 years old who are active participants in district, regional, and republican events in the field of education, culture, sports, science, and professional activities. Do good deeds, take care of others and share goodness with the whole country! The start of the project will take place on September 15 in the city of Gomel. The completion is planned to take place on September 21, the International Day of Peace, in the capital of Belarus. The main feature of the project will be visits to nursing homes, orphanages, maternity hospitals, animal shelters, where train participants will organize cultural, leisure, sports programs and master classes, as well as provide assistance in the improvement of socially significant facilities. In order to become a participant in the “Road Train #BelarusYouthCreation” project, you need to register , in the “about yourself” column, tell about yourself, your achievements and your abilities. (with logo of Road Train)

SLAVGOROD LIBRARIES: Events dedicated to the International Day of Peace were held in the district’s libraries:
Central Library at Secondary School No. 1 – thematic exhibition
Rzhavsk Branch Library – peace lesson
City Library – Branch 1 – drawing competition
Novoslobodsk Branch Library – information hour
(with photos)

SLAVGOROD SCHOOL: This morning at the first city school began with an event dedicated to the International Day of Peace. Schoolchildren read poems about peace . . . They expressed their solidarity with all peaceful people of the globe by releasing balloons with figures of white doves into the sky. (with many photos)

SLAVGOROD YOUTH: The youth of the Slavgorod region took part in a motor rally in support of peace and “digitized” the “Blue Spring.” (with many photos)

SMORGON: September 21 is International Day of Peace. The ARZAMAS Gymnasium together with the Smorgon Gymnasium took part in the action “We draw the world on the asphalt!” Students painted a picture about peace and friendship in the schoolyard. We received a photo from Arzamas, in defense of the project, the guys from the Smorgon gymnasium made a video with an original song. The author of the text is teacher of Russian language and literature E.A. Panferova, the music was composed by students of grade 9 “B”. Click here for video

TROTINSK: Every year on September 21, the international community celebrates the International Day of Peace. This Day was declared by the UN General Assembly as a day to strengthen the ideals of peace among all countries and peoples. On the eve of this date, a conversation “The White Crane – Messenger of Peace” was held at the Trostinsk Rural Library for primary school students. . During the event, the children heard the history of this holiday, how it is celebrated in different countries of the world, about the symbol of peace – the image of a dove holding an olive branch in its beak, conflicts in the world today and much more. At the end, the librarian and the children held a master class on making a white crane using the origami technique. (with photos)

VITEBSK: September 21 is International Day of Peace! Today the college held an event dedicated to Peace Day, as well as the year of peace and creation. Students and teachers today came to college with doves – a symbol of peace. They also expressed their opinion about what the word “peace” means for each of them. (with many photos)

VOLOZHIN MUSEUM: On September 21, 2023, an information hour dedicated to the International Day of Peace was held in the museum for 4th grade students of secondary school No. 1 in Valozhin. This holiday was established by the UN to preserve world peace. The children learned about the history of the holiday, its goals, and symbols. In the final part of the event, students drew a dove with an olive branch – the most recognizable symbol of peace on planet Earth. (with many photos)

VOLOZHIN SCHOOL 1: On this day, the Peace lesson “Peace on Earth is a guarantee of the future!” with the participation of a serviceman of military unit 30695 Oleg Nikolaevich Belov. The guest of the event introduced high school students to the history of the holiday, how important this day is, which has been proclaimed as a day of non-violence and ceasefire throughout the world, taking into account the current military-political situation. . . . The school held thematic information hours, and an exhibition of drawings by primary school students “We Need Peace!” was created. The guys also attended an event at the Regional Museum of Local Lore. (with many photos)

ZHABINKA: Today, September 19, secondary school No. 2 of the city of Zhabinka was solemnly awarded the honorary status of “School of Peace”. It became the 27th school in the world and the second in the Brest region (last year Staroselskaya Secondary School received this status). The date September 19 was not chosen by chance. As noted by the chairman of the board of the Brest regional branch of the public association “Belarusian Peace Foundation” Lydia Romanyuk, in Belarus Peace Day is celebrated every third Tuesday of September, and International Peace Day is celebrated on September 21. (with many photos)

* * * KAZAKHSTAN * * *

OPEN SCHOOL: In September we celebrate Family Day, Mother’s Day, Day of Languages ​​of the People of Kazakhstan, International Day of Peace. Together with the UNESCO Associated Schools, we celebrated these dates in a special way – with an online festival of lullabies. The Open School magazine thanks Yulia Ilyinichna Kim, Executive Assistant to the National Coordinator of UNESCO Associated Schools in the Republic of Kazakhstan for supporting the idea and organizational assistance in implementing the project. Click here for video.

* * * KYRGYZSTAN * * *

BISHKEK: The concentration of “Peace and Conflict Study” of the Faculty of “Liberal Arts and Sciences” announces that you have the opportunity to partake in the first-ever Yntymak Week, a global event taking place right here in Bishkek on the occasion of the Global Peace Day. . . . AS A STUDENT, you may contribute to Yntymak Week by participating in Essay and Photo Contests. All students currently enrolled in universities, colleges, or other higher educational and special secondary educational institutions in Kyrgyzstan, regardless of their citizenship, are eligible to take part in the Essay Contest
In your essay, you have to address and reflect on the following questions:
● What does “peace” mean for you as an individual and a citizen of your country?
● How can you and your community contribute to peace building at local and national
● What do you think are the key drivers of sustainable peace in the world?
Three best essays will be selected and published online on the Yntymak Week website.
The winners will be notified by September 19, 2023, and invited to the Award Ceremony on the Closing Day of the Yntymak Week. A finalist of the essay contest will have an opportunity to start paid internship at one of the member organizations of the Peacebuilding Hub.

* * * MOLDOVA * * *

KISHINEV: MilleniuM Training and Development Institute. Dear friends and families, We are extremely happy to share with you moments from a wonderful International Peace Day, where families from Ukraine and Moldova spent a wonderful time together, making our world a little brighter. Children played together and created a soulful atmosphere and beautiful memories, and the volunteer chefs prepared delicious dishes for everyone with great love. Through good actions like this, we promote peace, friendship, understanding and unity among our communities. We thank everyone who participated and contributed to this special day. With lots of love MilleniuM team, EduJoc and Centrul de Tineret Buiucani. (with photos and video)

NIZHNYAYA ALBOTA: International Day of Peace is celebrated on September 21. The holiday covers millions of people, many countries and regions, where various actions and events are held by public and youth organizations. On this occasion, the library of the village of Nizhnyaya Albota organized the competition “The World through the Eyes of a Child.” The competition is held among all library users aged 7 to 16 years. Participants must create original drawings in A4 format using colored pencils, gouache, felt-tip pens and other drawing tools. It is important that the works are signed by the author (name, surname and age) and are not plagiarized. Participants must submit their drawings by September 20th. The library believes that this competition will allow children and teenagers to express their vision of the world through art and emphasize the importance of preserving life without war and cooperation in modern society.

STATE PRISON: Sports events dedicated to the International Day of Peace were held among persons undergoing compulsory treatment for alcoholism in labor treatment centers of the State Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR),. . . . Women undergoing treatment for chronic alcoholism at the women’s section of the treatment center of the UMPiSR State Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice of the PMR took part in a darts competition. . . . A friendly volleyball match was held at the men’s section . . .

Every year on September 21, the entire planet celebrates the International Day of Peace. The cartoon by Soviet artist Yuli Ganf was published in the Krokodil magazine in 1954. And now it’s time to get it out of storage again, because, alas, it is still relevant. (Web link withheld to protect Russian authors.)


ALTAI: On the eve of the celebration of Peace Day, workers of the Kuyagan rural House of Culture and the Tourak rural club held the “Dove of Peace” and “Messenger of Peace” campaigns. The action is aimed at nurturing patriotism, a sense of solidarity, involvement in the events taking place in the world and helps to unlock the creative potential of schoolchildren. At the events, children got acquainted with the history of the birth of the Dove of Peace symbol and with the life story of their peers (Samantha Smith, Sadako Sasaki and Vitya Cherevichkina) from different parts of the planet, who, unfortunately, are no longer alive today, and about their passionate desire to live in a world without wars on Earth. These are children who have remained in their childhood. They will never grow up. The evil committed in the world did not allow them to live on Earth. . . . At the Tourak school, club employees together with children held the “White Dove of Peace” event. Schoolchildren made pigeons using the origami technique and listened to heartfelt stories about their peers, whose names are immortalized forever. (with photos)

ARKHANGELSK: The “Dove of Peace” event was held at school No. 11 in Arkhangelsk on the eve of the International Day of Peace, which is celebrated annually on September 21. Schoolchildren read poems, observed a minute of silence in memory of civilians: adults and children who died at the hands of terrorists in Donbass, and launched white doves symbolizing goodness, peace and good news. The event was organized by employees of the Patriot center. (with photo)

BAKAKOVO: Yesterday, September 21, was the International Day of Peace. A social event “Children for peace on earth!” was held at the kindergarten No. 24. The children had conversations about the history of the holiday and its meaning, listened to songs about peace and friendship: “Let there always be sunshine”, “Stork on the roof”, “Children of the Earth”, and the children also made the holiday emblem “Dove of Peace” in the form bracelets that pupils gave to passers-by and elderly people. (with photos)

BASHKORTOSTAN LIBRARIES: September 21 is the International Day of Peace. This holiday calls on all people to join forces to resist violence and aggression.
On September 20, in the rural library of the village of Petrovskoye, together with the children of the Fidgets club, they held a master class “Dove of Peace”. Guests of the event made white birds – doves – out of paper.
A thematic round table “We are together – this is our strength” took place in the Skvorchikhinsky rural library. The children drew pictures, wrote their warm wishes and put their “Letters of Happiness” in parcels that were collected by the whole village.
A Peace lesson was held at the Sairan village library. During the event, the librarian told those present about the history of this day. Afterwards, the guys cut out a figurine of the peace symbol “dove”.
“May there always be peace! “- under this name an information hour was held in the Yanurusovsky rural library, timed to coincide with World Peace Day. (with photos)

CHEBOKSARY SCHOOL NO. 61: In order to promote the formation of patriotism and citizenship in students on the eve of the International Day of Peace on September 12, 8E grade students spent their primary school years on a virtual trip to international organizations designed to strengthen peace (UN, OSCE, UNICEF, International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent). (with photos)

CHEBOKSARY COLLEGE: The chief librarian of CHETK, E. A. Makarova, prepared a library video lesson “International Day of Peace” dedicated to this event. From which you can learn about the history of the holiday, traditions and procedures for celebrating the International Day of Peace. Click here for video)

CHEBOKSARY MILITARY: In Russia, some security forces and officials used the International Day of Peace to promote war among schoolchildren, reports Arbat.media. On the eve of September 21, at school 31 in Cheboksary (the capital of the Republic of Chuvashia), employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service (Punishment Service) came to the ninth-graders and conducted a lesson in courage. To do this, people in uniform brought with them weapons, a gas mask and body armor.

ENGELS, SARATOV OBLAST: On the eve of the International Day of Peace, a number of events were held at the Engels boarding house. Residents took an active part in creating drawings that reflected a world without war and showed the friendship of all children on the planet, took part in thematic conversations, and also made small white doves out of paper with their own hands, on which they wrote the names of the heroes, and tied them to balloons, filled with helium. . . . Then, in a single impulse, those gathered released balloons into the sky to the legendary song of Isaac Dunaevsky “Fly, doves, fly.” (with many photos)

ILYACHEVSK, BASHKORTOSTAN: For the International Day of Peace, which was celebrated on September 21, the Ilyachevsk Rural Library held a campaign and creative hour “Dove of Peace”. (with many photos)

IZHEVSK: September 21 is International Day of Peace. The UN General Assembly declared this day as a day dedicated to strengthening the ideals of peace by observing 24 hours of non-violence and ceasefire. The Harmony School of the city of Izhevsk took part in the “Ring of Peace, Memory and Joy” event dedicated to this day.

MONTESSORI SCHOOL EUREKA joined with other Montessori schools around the world to mark the International Day of Peace with song.

KIROV: Kirov Regional State Professional Educational Autonomous Institution “Yaran Technological College”. Students wrote what peace means to them. (with photos)

KIZLYAR, DAGESTAN: In School 11, activists of the First Movement organized a master class “The world is in our hands” in the school foyer. The children also distributed information booklets to school teachers and congratulated them on International Peace Day. In some classes of the school, a traditional class hour dedicated to Peace Day was held. Events dedicated to this date were also held in other schools in the city. (with a photo)

KRASNODAR: An open lecture dedicated to the celebration of the International Day of Peace was held at the Krasnodar Cooperative Institute of the Russian University of Cooperation. The lecture was prepared by Associate Professor of the Department of Law, Anna Petrakova for students of the Faculty of Law and Management. (with photos)

MARKS, SARATOV OBLAST: On the International Day of Peace, members of the YDP “Monolith” detachment with the leader, member of the Public Council at the Department of Internal Affairs, teacher of additional education of the Center “Growth Point” O. A. Galenko, together with the educational psychologist Youth Plus, A. Simakhina, held an event among students 5- 6 classes “Look how good the world you live in is!” Our main goal, noted O. A. Galenko, is to promote the formation in the younger generation of a respectful attitude towards each other and towards the entire world around us. (with photos)

MENZELINSKY DISTRICT: On September 21, a series of events dedicated to the International Day of Peace will take place in the rural houses of culture and rural clubs of the Menzelinsky district, which will allow you to reflect on what peace, kindness, mercy are – these are important concepts for absolutely everyone. The program includes: educational hour, action, drawing competition.

MOSCOW CENTER FOR CREATIVITY: We invite you to celebrate Peace Day with us. On September 19 at 17:00 we are waiting for everyone at the Structural Unit “Young Russia” at the address: Prospekt Mira, 43. At the festival you will be able to: take part in master classes, games of different nations and get acquainted with the culture of the peoples of the world and the “wider circle” event. (with poster)

MOSCOW – DIPLOMATIC ACADEMY: On September 21 at 16:30, as part of the activities of the Middle East Club of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BVK DA), a meeting dedicated to women of the Middle East will be held. On the International Day of Peace, the Club invites you to the event “Women Leaders of the Middle East: Their Contribution to Politics and Business,” dedicated to the achievements of the fair sex in the countries of the Middle East. The event program includes speeches by high-ranking guests from Arab states and the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as a cultural part. The meeting will take place in the Assembly Hall of the Academy. (with poster)

MOSCOW – KOSINO-UKHTOMSKY DISTRICT: An educational meeting will be held in library No. 101, where children will be told about the International Day of Peace. The event will begin on September 23 at 15:00. Free admission. Children will be read poems and told about the Nobel Peace Prize and the history of the holiday.

NIZHNY NOVGOROD: Social Rehabilitation Center. On September 21, the International Day of Peace is celebrated annually, the symbol of which is the dove! This holiday calls on all people to join forces to resist violence and aggression! On this day, our students, together with their teachers, made crafts as part of the “Dove of Peace” event! (with photos)

NORKA: Norka rural library branch No. 14
Every year on September 21, the international community celebrates the International Day of Peace. The Norka Rural Library together with the Norka SDK will hold an event in which youth and children of the village of Norkino will take part. Those present will make white doves out of paper – birds of peace and goodness. During the work, they will talk about the history of the holiday and its significance for the population of the entire planet. After the event, guests of the event will distribute the “dove of peace” symbol to the village residents and keep the “dove of peace” symbol as a souvenir.

ORLYONOK, KRASNODAR: In the All-Russian Children’s Center “Orlyonok” there is a change of children’s public organizations and associations “Children’s Diplomacy of Friendship”. Its participants included 150 schoolchildren from ten regions of the country. The program is aimed at developing knowledge and skills in the field of communication, leadership, self-organization and teamwork. The key events of the project will be the Day of the RSDM “Movement of the First” and the International Day of Peace. (with many photos)

ORENBURG: The International Day of Peace is celebrated annually on September 21. In order to develop in young people a sense of personal responsibility and involvement in preserving the peace and traditions of the peoples of the multinational Orenburg region, the youth policy department of the Orenburg city administration is conducting the “Threads of Friendship” quest for students of educational organizations of higher and secondary vocational education on September 21, 2023 at 14:00. We invite a team of 10 people from your educational organization to take part in the event. Gathering and registration of participants from 13:30 at the address: Orenburg, Parkovy Ave., 6a (Perovsky Park).

ORLOV: Our college (Orlov-Vyatka Agricultural College”) held a peace lesson in which freshmen learned that the main goal of Peace Day is to achieve non-violence and a ceasefire, even if only for 24 hours. Advisor to the director for education of Darovskikh L.A. and history teacher Z.N. Sharapova emphasized the importance of this day and called on all people to join forces in the fight against violence and aggression. College volunteers conducted a master class on making a dove of peace and presented it symbolically to the residents of the city. (with photos)

PETROVSK: oday, September 21, is the International Day of Peace, which calls on all people to unite their efforts and resist violence and aggression. To this date, 6th grade students – pupils of the “Ecological Culture and Healthy Lifestyle” club of the “Growth Point” Center of School No. 1 dedicated a socially significant event.
At a meeting with primary school students, the children told them about the history and traditions of Peace Day, handed them postcards in the form of white doves, and asked the third graders to write on palm-shaped pieces of paper the words they would like to say to the people around them. Then the sixth graders organized a symbolic flash mob and launched blue balloons into the sky. (with photos)

PUSHCHINO: Pupils of the Pushchino gymnasium took part in the traditional Dove of Peace event, which takes place as a sign of support for peace on earth, as well as gratitude to veterans of the Great Patriotic War for giving us a peaceful sky. . . . Gymnasium students prepared paper doves and red balloons to participate in the event. (with photo)

REBRIKHA: On September 21, employees of the Rebrikha Central House of Culture held various events dedicated to the International Day of Peace on Revolution Square, in which more than 350 people took part. A drawing competition and a game program “May there always be peace!” were held for pupils of kindergartens “Smile”, “Swallow” and primary school students of the Rebrikha Secondary School. Also, for 2.5 hours, everyone was able to take part in the “Peace to the World!” campaign by signing their wishes on a paper dove and placing them on the “Dove of PEACE” themed banner. At the end of the festive program, a dance flash mob “A world without war!” took place, in which high school students from the Rebrikha Secondary School and students from the Rebrikha Lyceum of Vocational Education took part. (with many photos)

RYBNITSA: The International Day of Peace was celebrated in Rybnitsa. The ceremonial meeting took place at secondary school No. 6 with lyceum classes. . . . The schoolchildren wrote their wishes on paper doves. The figures were pasted onto the stand. And some of the white-winged messengers were released into the sky with balloons as a symbol of good intentions. And everyone has one wish, that the messengers of peace be able to fly to a place where there is no peace now. . . .
Also, in school number 11, a concert program dedicated to Peace Day was organized and conducted by workers of the Olympus cultural and leisure center. The program was intense. Dances, songs, miniatures, poems, instrumental solo performances. And all performed by young Rybnitsa residents. Creative performances were prepared by pupils of Rybnitsa kindergarten No. 10, a children’s art school, the Center for Children and Youth Creativity, and the Olympus leisure center. Click here for the video

ST PETERSBURG, VASILYEVSKY ISLAND: International Day of Peace will be held on Vasilyevsky Island. Every year, at the end of September, residents of the Vasileostrovsky district gather to celebrate Peace Day . Last year, the event was attended by more than 2,000 residents and guests of the island. This year the holiday has grown into the “Mir” Management Company Festival, which will delight city residents with its activities from September 23 to 24.
° Performances by creative groups: teenage and youth club “Leningradets”; contemporary creativity studio ALL Bright; beatboxing and music making schools CONNECT School; pantomime studio “WORD”; charitable public organization “Street of Peace”;
° master classes: on making fox masks from the school of speed reading IQ007; in piano playing from the current pianist of the Italian company MSC Natalia Anufrieva; for painting on a large canvas; and even playing the spoons;
° lectures: from the BioMax volunteer team, where 11th grade students will talk about first aid in various situations and show basic actions in practice; from the children’s programming school CYBERKIDS, where the topic “Child and gadgets: harm and benefit” will be discussed;
° excursions: “From the Church of the Annunciation to St. Andrew’s Cathedral. Two lines – three centuries”; “The Life and Work of Alexander Green”;
° chess tournament and simultaneous play session with international grandmaster Daniil Lvovich Linchevsky;
° graffiti festival

SARATOV: On September 21, the entire planet celebrates International Day of Peace. On this day, 2nd and 4th year students of the branch of the Engels Medical College of St. Luke (Voino-Yasenetsky) in Marx remembered the history of the holiday, significant events on planet Earth, shared their thoughts about what peace is, and first-year students with hope for peace wrote letters to the soldiers (the video can be viewed here.)

SAYANSK: September 21, 2023, within the framework of the Community Center, teachers from school No. 7 together with teachers from MDOU No. 36 “Smile” and the “Young Guard of United Russia” held the “Dove of Peace” campaign, in which schoolchildren and children from kindergarten took an active part in participation. To create a symbol of peace and goodness, volunteers of the Pulse detachment needed only paper, scissors and colored pencils. The birds made will go to the fighters in the special military operation zone. We hope that such warm news from home will give them strength and energy. ( with many photos)

SEMEYKINO VILLAGE: Today marks the International Day of Peace. This is a day of global ceasefire and non-violence. War brings grief and destruction. And this day is celebrated so that people think and stop all wars. Today, children from the 4th grade of the Semeykino educational complex No. 31 came to the library of the Semeykino village to take part in the “White Dove – a Symbol of Peace” event. After watching a thematic multimedia presentation, the children learned about the symbol of peace – the white dove. We also learned how to make a dove out of paper using the origami technique. At the end of the event, the children decorated the tree with their crafts, thereby confirming that they are for world peace. (with photos)

SMENOVTSY: On September 21, a holiday was held at the All-Russian Children’s Center “Smena” – the children solemnly celebrated the International Day of Peace. More than 1,000 children from 85 regions of Russia took part in thematic events. On the eve of the International Day of Peace, thematic events were held in Smena from September 18 to 20. At the “Peacemaking Workshop,” the children were given a master class on making paper doves of peace, which Smenovo members used to decorate the doors and windows of the Center. Participants in the cross-cutting educational module “Good in Smena” developed infographics with which they introduced their peers to the history of the holiday. And on September 21, Smena members immersed themselves in the theme of the day at the morning round dance of friendship. At the “Charge with Peace” event, the counselors told the children a legend about peace and tied a thread as a sign of unity. (with photo shown above)

SOLOVYOVKA: In Russia, some security forces and officials used the International Day of Peace to promote war among schoolchildren, reports Arbat.media . The Russian military visited schoolchildren in the village of Solovyovka in the Sakhalin region. The topic of the meeting was a story about the “Russian Peacekeeping Mission”.

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What has happened this year (2023) for the International Day of Peace?

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SOROKINSKY DISTRICT, TYUMEN REGION: SOROKINSKAYA SECONDARY SCHOOL NO. 2. On September 21, the world celebrates International Day of Peace. An event dedicated to this holiday was held for 3rd grade students. The children read poems about peace and friendship, learned about the history of the International Day of Peace, and important world problems that need to be solved to maintain peace on Earth. (with photos)

STOLBOVSKY: The International Day of Peace. On this day, the “Dove of Peace” event was held at the Stolbovsky rural library. The children carefully held in their palms the symbol of peace on Earth – a white dove, thereby showing how fragile peace on the planet is. The world is in the hands of people and everyone must protect and preserve it. (with photos)

TETYUSHY, TATARSTAN: MBU “Center “Forpost” informs that today, as part of the implementation of the project “Creativity without Borders”, a creative event “Dove of Peace” dedicated to the International Day of Peace was held for young people with disabilities. . . . A specialist from the youth law enforcement movement “Forpost” began the event with a warm-up using a math tablet, then a master class was organized for the participants on making a souvenir with their own hands, symbolizing world peace.

UFA: On September 21, the world celebrates International Day of Peace. As part of developing children’s knowledge about this holiday, developing schoolchildren’s interest in the history and culture of Russia, as well as cultivating friendliness and desire in children to show creative initiative, the ability to live without conflicts, 7 “B” grade with their class teacher Tairova I.V. . visited the “Museum of Polar Explorers named after V.I. Albanov.” (with photos)

URUSSINSKY: On September 21, on the day of International Peace Day, a thematic lesson was held in the speech therapy group of Urussa kindergarten No. 4. The children were told the history of the holiday, explained the meaning of the word peace, and were introduced to the symbol of the holiday – the dove. To protect peace on Earth, children glued cut out palms. (with a photo)

USOLIE, SIBERIA: At the Central Children’s library young readers will learn the history of the holiday, the International Day of Peace, learn which bird is a symbol of peace, listen to poems, riddles, stories and a quiz about the International Day of Peace. At the end of the event, the children will draw a dove, a symbol of peaceful life.

VETLUZHSKY: Cultural and concert center. Thematic hour “International Day of Peace”. Master class “White Crane – Messenger of Peace”. Ignashova O.V., production designer of an exemplary theater.

VLADIKAVKAZ: For more than 10 years, from September 19 to 22, the Movement of Young Peacemakers of the Republic of North Ossetia-Asia has been holding an annual peacekeeping campaign “Peace Week” dedicated to the International Day of Peace. . . According to the established good tradition, young peacekeepers – students of the “Peace Schools” of Vladikavkaz, at the beginning of the “Peace Week”, laid flowers at the stele “Vladikavkaz – the city of military glory” and the memorial slab, under which lie cartridges with soil from all the hero cities and cities of military glory of Russia, and also paid tribute to the victims of the collapse of the Kolka glacier, and visited the Barbashovo Pole memorial. The 12th gathering of young peacekeepers took place in the assembly hall of the Veterans House on the International Day of Peace. After the anthems of Russia and the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania were performed, the flag of the Young Peacemakers Movement was brought into the hall. (with a photo)

VLADIVOSTOK: MBOU Secondary School No. 47. During the lesson for the International Day of Peace, students learned what needs to be done so as not to destroy peace on planet Earth. They became more familiar with such concepts as war, conflict, peace and friendship, kindness and mercy. Students also learned the history of the International Day of Peace and its symbolism. We listened to the song “Children Against War” and got acquainted with examples of children’s posters for the holiday. The symbol of this holiday was made from paper using the origami technique – the Paper Dove of Peace. We drew our own poster: “We are for peace.”

VOLGOGRAD: September 21 is International Day of Peace. The UN General Assembly declared this day as a day dedicated to strengthening the ideals of peace by observing 24 hours of non-violence and ceasefire. Every year the event is held by Lyceum No. 5 named after. Yu.A. Gagarin, Central district of Volgograd . The idea is very simple – ring the bell all together at the same time (12.00 Moscow time), notifying all residents that our planet needs peace. Schools that joined the action posted posts in the news feed of the school account along with text, photographs and videos.

YAKUTSK: Central Library System. September 21. International Day of Peace
14:00 Conversation – May there always be peace.
15:00 Conversation – Everyone needs peace

YEMVA: In Russia, some security forces and officials used the International Day of Peace to promote war among schoolchildren, reports Arbat.media .In the small town of Yemva (Komi Republic), third-graders guessed military songs and professions. The event was held under the title “The World We Need!”

YUGOVKA: The bright holiday on the International Day of Peace was held by the library named after A.K. Yugov together with the Kurgan regional branch of the international public foundation “Russian Peace Foundation”. This year, a patriotic concert was held for Kurgan schoolchildren in honor of Peace Day. It started with the Virtual Philharmonic. The performance of the Moscow State Academic Symphony Orchestra with Karl Jenkins’ work “ Cantata Memoria ” was broadcast on the big screen of Yugovka. . . . Then the young artists of the theater group “Firebird” Elena Prosekova and Semyon Pechenkin, Arseny Prosekov, as well as Sofia Uzun and Ekaterina Romanchuk performed for the audience with piercing and touching numbers. . . Political scientist Vladimir Sablin told the festival guests about the importance of peace on our planet and how important it is to unite in difficult times . Representatives of the Kurgan branch of the Russian Writers’ Union Nikolai Anoshchenko, Nikolai Pokidyshev, Vitaly Nokhrin, Valery Melnikov read poems of their own composition with reflections on peace and the horrors of war. (with many photos)

ZHUKOV: The International Day of Peace. On this holiday, in the city library of the State Educational Institution “Vozrozhdenie”, librarian N. V. Zhdakaeva conducted a peace lesson “A world that everyone needs!” There were 25 children present. At the beginning of the lesson, the children got acquainted with the book exhibition “How beautiful this world is!” and gave a definition to the word “peace”. . . . The result of the event was the creation of the planet “Friendship”, on which white doves were placed with wishes for peace, happiness, love for every person, the absence of wars, suffering, worries, because every person on the planet has the right to peace. The guys showed themselves as true artists and made their dreams of peace on Earth come true. Our children already know well that war brings many troubles and misfortunes. They understand that everything can be fixed if every person is on the side of peace and goodness. (with many photos)

Photo from Zhmerynka, Ukraine

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On the International Day of Peace, Bilhorod-Dnistrian police officers held a thematic event with schoolchildren. In one of the educational institutions, senior juvenile prevention inspector Oksana Kvachuk and community police officer Maryna Bob together with the students made a symbol of peace – a dove, on which they wrote wishes for victory and happiness for all Ukrainians. The children symbolically pasted the birds on the map of Ukraine. During the event, police officers told about the history of the origin of the holiday and watched a thematic video with the children. The guests tied patriotic yellow and blue ribbons to each student and presented balls. “During the war, children grew up prematurely and began to think differently. Now, instead of new toys, they dream of victory, so that their relatives, who protect our country from the enemy, will return home as soon as possible,” – shared the impressions of juvenile police officer Oksana Kvachuk. Finally, the law enforcement officers reminded the children of the rules of safe behavior at home and at school, emphasized safety measures during the war, in particular during the “Airborne alarm” signal. Click here for video

BILHOROD LIBRARIES: International Day of Peace in the libraries of Belgorod-Dnistrovskyi. In particular, in the library on Peremogy Street, children drew on the asphalt on the theme: “We are for Freedom, we are for Peace!”. ,In the branch library named after M. Kropyvnytskyi’s book exhibition “Let there be peace from now on and forever!” is on display. During the day, the children and youth service department of the Public Library held: quiz “Peace through the eyes of children”, master class “Dove of peace”, campaign “White dove, you fly into the world, let there be peace in our Ukraine!” Also, patriotic videos devoted to the Day of Peace were broadcast in the Internet centers of the libraries of CU “PBBD”. (with many photos)

BILA TSERKVA: On September 21, the world celebrates the International Day of Peace. Pupils of Bilotserkiv secondary school-primary school No. 6 “Perspektiva” actively participated in these events. The smallest pupils, who recently became schoolchildren, took part in an incredible flash mob. The children sincerely thank the fearless and brave soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the opportunity to develop, study in spacious, comfortable classrooms, and walk the streets of our city. First-graders, whose parents protect our independence, performed a touching dance, putting their love, tenderness, and goodness into it. Small hearts united for a great cause! After all, the video of this touching flash mob will be sent to dads with the hope of VICTORY and return home. Click here for the video.

BROVARY LYCEUM NO. 11: With the aim of instilling in schoolchildren a sense of national dignity and revealing knowledge about the traditions and customs of the Ukrainian people, on September 21, 2023, on the International Day of Peace, pupils of the “Cossack Glory” and “Cossack Gart” groups held the “Dove of Peace” campaign . Eighth and ninth graders conducted the quiz “I know everything about Ukraine!” at recess. and for the correct answers to the questions they were awarded symbols of doves with wishes for peace, goodness and victory in Ukraine. (with photos)

BUCHA: Today, peace in Ukraine is not an abstract wish, it is a conscious goal, because the struggle for peaceful existence, for the right to live in one’s own state continues. And today every Ukrainian family felt the highest value of peace, which is the key to a happy life. On the occasion of Peace Day, Lyceum No. 5 held thematic events. The day began with a flash mob “The dove of peace flies to Ukraine”, which was prepared by students of grades 1-4. The book exhibition “Under a peaceful sky” is organized in the school library. During the day, the student self-government held the “Dove of Peace” campaign, during which the students of the lyceum expressed their wishes for peace and harmony. Class teachers spent hours of communication “Peace on earth – joy in the family!” (with many photos)

BUCHANSKA: Today’s Day of Peace was celebrated by pupils of the 2nd-A and 2nd-B primary school. We all long for peace, a peaceful sky, peace and tranquility on our land. Children should grow and develop in peace for happiness and goodness. We believe that our sincere wishes will bring peace to all of us. (with a photo)

CHERKASY COLLEGE: Korsun-Shevchenkivo Pedagogical Vocational College. For the International Day of Peace, a book exhibition “September 21 – International Day of Peace” was opened in the reading room of our college, where scientific, popular science, reference publications and articles from periodicals are presented, which consider the importance of maintaining peace for ensuring the sustainable progress of mankind. About the history of the Ukrainian people, their traditions and the military present. (with many photos)

CHERKASY SCHOOL 3:The students of our school also actively participated in the events dedicated to the International Day of Peace, activities took place in every class, not a single student or teacher remained indifferent. Postcards, three-dimensional – appliqués and hand-made doves of peace flowed from all classes of the elementary level of our school. For the parallel of the 1st grades, the class teachers conducted an interactive exercise with elements of a conversation about peace “Whatever our today, PEACE is our tomorrow…”, and also 1-B – colored the mega coloring page “We are for peace in the whole world”, 1 -A- drew pictures “We believe in our victory. We wish everyone peace.” 2nd graders made “Dove of Peace” appliqués, designed postcards “Children want victory! Children want peace!” and watched the video “International Day of Peace”. Children of the 3rd grade made their own paper doves, which united in a single circle to protect our Motherland from war. (with many photos)

CHERNIHIV YOUNG NATURALISTS: On the occasion of Peace Day, the thematic events “I choose Peace”, “I am for peace in Ukraine”, an hour of communication “Peace on earth – joy in the family”, master classes were held for students of education groups of the communal institution “Chernihiv Regional Station of Young Naturalists” from the production of the “Peace Dove”. (with a photo)

CHERIHIV SCHOOL 13: On the occasion of the International Day of Peace and the Liberation Day of Chernihiv, the students of school No. 13 produced a large number of doves, which symbolize world peace. Each pigeon carried a wish for a peaceful sky over our Motherland and an end to hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. They also made a collective drawing on the asphalt “Let there be peace!” The smiles on the children’s faces inspired hope that there will be no place for wars in Ukraine and throughout the world! (with many photos)

CHUMAKY, DONETSK: International Day of Peace at the Chumaky Lyceum. At a time when enemy missiles that bring death are flying over Ukrainian cities and villages, students of the 1st grade took part in the creation of the project “Children of Ukraine for world peace” to show how important peace, freedom, kindness and respect are. An educational hour and a master class “Making a dove of peace”. (with many photos)

Donetsk Youth Palace – Click here for video

DONETSK MEDICAL FACULTY: On September 21, the world celebrates the International Day of Peace. But September 21 in Ukraine is not peace, but 3,500 days of war and terrorist acts without any hint of peace. It is because of this that on September 21, 2023, the cultural and mass sector of the Medical Faculty No. 2 together with the social and humanitarian circle held a round table on the occasion of the International Day of Peace!
Very important issues were discussed at this meeting, namely:
Why does the world go to war from time to time?
Why can’t humanity live in peace?
Is the UN capable of maintaining peace?
(with photos)

DONETSK REFUGEES: Peace Day in Ukraine is celebrated on September 21. For almost ten years now, for Ukrainians, it is not peaceful, but in a struggle with Russia. All these years, Donetsk region has been the place where the hottest battles have been fought at the front. Now here, peaceful cities regularly come under Russian shelling. Residents of Donetsk region told us how they see peace for Ukraine and themselves now. (with a video of the interviews)

FASTIV: The weekend in honor of the International Day of Peace is coming soon and we invite you to celebrate this event at the Dubravushka Club . This is a special holiday that reminds us of the importance of peace in the modern world and the value in human life that is worth fighting for.

GLUKHIV: Girls of the 7-B class of the KZ SOR of the Glukhiv Lyceum boarding school with enhanced military physical training together with the teacher Myskova N.I. joined the celebration of Peace Day. Took part in an online quiz for children for the International Day of Peace. Young ladies made symbolic doves as part of the all-school flashmob “Let there be peace and silence the wars on Earth!” (with many photos)

GLUKHIV HUMANITARIAN CENTER: On the eve of the International Day of Peace, the psychologists of the humanitarian center Prolisk – Sumy , which operates with the support of UNHCR Ukraine – the UN Refugee Agency in Ukraine , held a group event “Dove of Peace” for IDPs living in the IDPs on the basis of the dormitory of the VSP “Agrotechnical College of SNAU” in the city of Glukhiv. The participants of the event received information about the history of the International Day of Peace, took part in a master class on art therapy, made a “Pigeon” craft, actively interacted in interactive games and exercises. (with photos)

KAMIANETS-PODILSKYI: Graduates and graduates of Lyceum No. 13 joined the celebration of the International Day of Peace. Schoolchildren took part in a flash mob. Dressed in embroidered dresses, holding national symbols in their hands, the children formed the word “PEACE”. Pupils chanted the words “Victory!”, “PEACE”, sang the national anthem of Ukraine. Pigeons made of white paper – a symbol of peace – looked especially good. They fluttered in the wind, inspired hope for a peaceful future, for the long-awaited Victory. (with many photos)

KAMIANSKE: Tik-tok video: September 21 is the International Day of Peace. Peace and Victory to you, Ukraine. from student self-government, Kamianske Vocational Lyceum

KHARKIV: On the International Day of Peace, the department of social and humanitarian work held informative talks for students of higher education. The cadets watched the recording of the speech of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi at the UN General Assembly . . . During the conversation with the cadets, the specialist of the leisure department, Andriy Prokhorov, informed us of another rocket attack, which affected five regions of Ukraine on the very day when the entire civilized world celebrates the Day of Peace and calls for an end to hostilities. (with photos)

KRYVYI RIH: School 68. For the International day of Peace, the school library presented the thematic exhibition “We are the ones. We are for peace.” (with poster)

KYIV – SVYATOSHYHSKA DISTRICT : nternational Day of Peace. Pupils and teachers of school #13 organized and conducted a number of events aimed at popularizing the values ​​of peace, tolerance and kindness. The day of peace at the school was rich and vivid: master classes on making the symbol of this day – doves, flash mob “Peace over Ukraine”, reflected on the question: “What is peace for you?”. The children gave different answers: for some it is safety, for others it is harmony, for others it is love. But everyone agreed that peace is the greatest wealth for humanity. This day has a special significance for Ukraine. That is why Ukrainian children especially value peace and wish it to the whole world. Thanks to our defenders! We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! (with photos)

KYIV HOSPITAL: Children’s specialized hospital “Okhmatdit” presents a collection of children’s fairy tales “Bramara and the Kingdom of Assamita” on the International Day of Peace. The book was written by a psychologist, art critic, researcher of Indian culture David Sureshwar, who during the siege of Kyiv was a volunteer in the shelters, helping children overcome the horrors of war with the magic of fairy tales. As the deputy of the Kyiv City Council, the first deputy head of the permanent commission on health care, family and social policy, the co-organizer of the event Nataliya Berikashvili noted, at the presentation, all those interested will not only learn the history of writing books, but will also be able to learn how to portray the main characters in using sign language. . . . Organizers of the event: the public union “Union of Women of Ukraine” in partnership with the public organization “Ukrainian Smile” and the Finland-Ukraine Friendship Association “Kalyn”.

KITSMAN-PODILSKY UNIVERSITY: International Day of Peace is traditionally celebrated on September 21 in Ukraine and around the world.Today, peace in Ukraine is not an abstract wish, it is a realized goal, because for peaceful existence, for the right to live in one’s own state, a war continues in our country. And today every Ukrainian family felt the highest value of peace, which is the key to a happy life. The Student Council of the VSP “Kitzman Vocational College of the ZVO “PSU” joined the flash mob “We are for peace!” Click here for their video

KOZIATYN SCHOOLS: International Day of Peace. In the yard of Lyceum No. 5, a week before this date, students drew a giant dove and painted it in the colors of the national flag. They left their wishes on it: “No war”, “Peace on earth”, “Joy in the family”, “Under a peaceful sky”. . . . In Lyceum No. 3, the third-graders set their desks for the International Day of Peace lesson in a circle, the class teacher flipped through the slides, and the students listened carefully to the teacher and asked her questions. . . . Lyceum No. 1 named after Shevchenko, the event began with drawings on the asphalt by students of grades 1-4 under the slogan “Children of Ukraine for Peace on Earth.” . . . In gymnasium No. 9, even preschoolers and students of grades 1-3 joined the Day of Peace, (with many photos)

LUTSK: In Lutsk, the best readers of the charity online marathon under the hashtag Mir_Ukraine were recognized. The action took place on the International Day of Peace in the regional library for youth.The event was organized in the library courtyard with the participation of creative children’s teams, said the head of the library, Alla Yefremova. Click here for video

LVIV: On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, students of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs organized a patriotic event. Details are provided for the many names of the performers and the songs or poems performed along with photos.

MORSHYN: International Day of Peace is traditionally celebrated on September 21 in Ukraine and throughout the world . On this day, thematic events were held in educational institutions of the Morshyn community .Children painted murals with wishes for peace, happiness and a clear sky. In all educational institutions of the community, the all-school action “Dove of Peace” was held. Pupils made paper doves with wishes for peace and victory for Ukraine. (with many photos)

MYROPIL: On September 21, the world community celebrates Peace Day. On this day, the students of the 4-A class of the Myropil Lyceum under the guidance of the class teacher Tetyana Oleksandrivna Manzhesova held the action “The Dove of Peace flies to Ukraine”. Thanks to everyone who participated. The collected funds will be sent to support the Armed Forces. We wish everyone peace in everything – in families, in hearts, in our native Ukraine! May the Dove of Peace fly into each of our homes with good news on this September day! Together to victory! Click here for their video

NIZHYN: On the occasion of Peace Day and with the aim of expanding students’ knowledge about the importance of peace on Earth, the education of patriotism and love for one’s people and the Motherland, in the Nizhyn Professional College of the NUBiP of Ukraine, class leaders of academic groups held educational events, with students of various courses and specialties a flash mob was held “We for peace!” and the “Wishes for Ukraine and Ukrainians” campaign was organized, during which everyone could leave their wishes on paper figurines in the form of miniature birds. (with many photos)

ODESSA HEALTH CARE CENTER On September 21, 2023, to the International Day of Peace, employees of the Center for Primary Health Care No. 4 held a charity fair in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Doctors baked goodies and sold them, and also held a bright patriotic holiday, where the musical group “4.5.0” performed. Defenders of Ukraine, who are currently undergoing treatment in our city, were also invited to the holiday. All in all, thanks to the fair, the doctors of the CPMSD No. 4 managed to collect about 50,000 hryvnias. All money will be directed to the needs of the military formations that defend Odessa. (with many photos)

ODESSA SCHOOLS For the students of Odesa schools, thematic classes, exhibitions of drawings, newspapers, and various promotions were held for the International Day of Peace. Schoolchildren joined the all-Ukrainian action “Dove of Peace”. . . Representatives of the student self-government of Odesa primary school No. 85 visited defenders-military personnel who are being treated in the Odesa military hospital and presented hygiene products, basic necessities, sweets, children’s drawings, charms made by elementary school students and, of course, letters of support. An open event “May there be peace!” was held in Odesa Lyceum No. 9. During the event, the military chaplain of the 38th anti-aircraft missile regiment met with the students, who congratulated everyone present on the International Day of Peace. At the end of the event, the students handed over the means of individual use and goodies they had baked with their own hands to defenders in the east of Ukraine. (with many photos)

ODESSA UNIVERSITY : Odessa State Environmental University. Peace Day is celebrated on September 21 all over the world. The purpose of today’s meeting, organized by the senior lecturer of the Department of Ukrainian Studies, M.I. Myroshnychenko. with students of the 3rd year of the Faculty of Environmental Protection of groups E-20, E-22i, EK-20, TZ-20, TZ-21i, was to turn to the discussion of topical issues of peace through the thematic mini-discussion “Dimension of Peace”. . . . We began to appreciate peace more and understand its true meaning. We believe that peace will surely come in our country and we will live under a peaceful sky! (with photos)

OKHTYR: September 21 – International Day of Peace. In the Okhtyr Central Public Library of the Okhtyr City Council, librarians had an hour of communication with representatives of the Okhtyr City Red Cross Organization and employees of the Okhtyr City Local History Museum “Let there be peace over Ukraine!”. (with a photo)

PEREYASLAV: Pereyaslav educational institutions held events on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, which is celebrated worldwide on September 21. In the morning, the fourth-graders of Gymnasium No. 1 organized a patriotic flash mob. . . Then the schoolchildren, together with their teachers – Natalia Lytvynenko , Nadia Filonenko , and the deputy director for educational work, Larisa Pylypenko , organized the Peace Walk. They passed by the Alley of Heroes, honoring the memory of the fallen soldiers-compatriots. And then they visited the city council: with loud slogans and patriotic songs, they greeted the leadership and employees of local self-government bodies. (with many photos)

PLESETSK: Today, in the 1st classes of the Plesetsk gymnasium, an hour of communication took place under the slogan “We are for Peace”. Where students learned about the origin of the holiday, watched a video and made postcards. We wish peace in everything – peace in families, peace in hearts and peace to our native Ukraine! (with many photos)

POGREBYSHCHE: HVS № 42 in Pogrebyshche International Day of Peace. Click here for their video

POKROV: On Peace Day, Pokrov’s children demonstrated their conscious position by participating in various activities. Pupils of the art department of the school of arts creatively approached the celebration of this date, expressing their thoughts and feelings through a drawing on the asphalt. With the help of multi-colored chalk, they tried to embody their thoughts and messages. They colorfully depicted Ukraine without war and violence, painted the houses of their dreams under a peaceful sky, the symbol of peace – doves, etc. National symbols and blue-yellow colors prevailed in the drawings. . . . Many online events were also held in cultural and educational institutions. Schoolchildren joined the challenges “Umbrella of peace”, “Ukraine wants peace”, poetic flash mob “Let there be peace in our Ukraine”.(with many photos)

POLTAVA STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY: On the occasion of the World Day of Peace, Oksana Krasnova, a teacher of the department of public health with medical and labor expertise, held a conversation on the topic “World Day of Peace” with students of the international faculty of the 6th year of the 23rd group. Students learned in an interesting way why and when people celebrate Peace Day; learned that the symbol of international solidarity of all the people of the world is the Bell of Peace. They remembered that the emblem of peace is the dove, which symbolizes goodness and well-being. (with photos)

POLTAVA UNIVERSITY: On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, branch library No. 13 for children of the Central Library of Poltava State University invited young users to join the flash mob “Children of Ukraine for Peace”. The visitors were waiting for the bright exhibition-appeal “We want peace in our native Ukraine”, the video clip “We are for peace”. A pleasant highlight was the viewing of children’s drawings “Peace through the eyes of children”, which young talents presented to the library. On this day, the children made their own patriotic hearts and the emblem of peace – a dove with an olive branch. (with many photos)

RIVNE LIBRARY: September 21 is celebrated in Ukraine and around the world as the International Day of Peace, which is not an abstract wish in our country today. This is a conscious goal, because the struggle for peaceful existence, for the right to live in one’s own state continues. Today, every Ukrainian family felt the highest value of peace, which is the key to a happy life. On the occasion of this event, lyceum students of the 7-A class joined the event at the Rivne Regional Library. The students made a symbol – a dove of peace – using the origami technique and expressed their wishes: “Learn to do good to people and do good on Earth. Live in peace and harmony!” (with a photo)

RIVNE REHAB CENTER: On the occasion of the Day of Peace, teachers organized a number of thematic events with the students at the “Special Child” RNRC. During the day, artistic moments, exhibitions of works and drawings were held. “International Day of Peace” information hour was organized by the teachers of the GPA. Educational activities are organized with students of grades 1-4. (with many photos)

SELYDIV, DONETSK: Selydiv Lyceum No. 1. International Day of Peace is traditionally celebrated on September 21 in Ukraine and around the world. An educational hour on the topic “We are for peace in the world” was held with the students of the 1st-V class. The children were interested in learning the history of this day and the meaning of its symbol, the white dove. The children happily made such pigeons with their own hands and “inhabited” our Ukraine with them. During the “Association bush” exercise, children wrote down associations with the word PEACE, and an online exhibition of drawings was also held. Click here for their video

SKVARYAVA: Skvaryavsky ZZSO I-III degrees. Students of the 1st grade under the guidance of Gurska G.V. prepared the event “We are for peace in Ukraine”. Hours of communication in the 2nd grade (head G.V. Fedash) “Peace on earth – joy in the family” in the 3rd grade (head N.M. Savchyn) “Under a peaceful sky” in the 4th grade (head I. Savchuk S.) “Peace on the planet – happiness for all children” encouraged students to think about the most important value of every nation – peace! (with many photos and videos on different facebook pages for each class)

SLOVIANSK, DONETSK: Pupils of Sloviansk Secondary School No. 12 joined the regional flash mob action ” Vote for PEACE!” “. We want to live in a moderate country, under a peaceful Ukrainian sky. We believe that soon we will hear the long-awaited words: “Victory! Peace in Ukraine!” Click here for their video)

TARUTYNE: Community news: a legal educational event for the international day of peace was held in the Tarutyn community with subjects of probation
On September 20, 2023, the head of Bolgrad district sector No. 2 of the branch of the State institution “Probation Center” held a legal educational event for the International Day of Peace with probation subjects for the purpose of national and patriotic education. (with a photo)

TSERKVA: Confirming Ukraine’s commitment to the ideals of peace, in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine since 2002, the Day of Peace has been established in Ukraine, which is celebrated annually on September 21 – the International Day of Peace. The students of the Bilotserki Professional College of Service and Design, like every conscious Ukrainian, dream of VICTORY, the earliest possible cessation of hostilities, the return of relatives, loved ones, friends, a peaceful sky above their heads, the healing of unbearable wounds in human hearts, and wish everyone peace in to everything – in families, in hearts and in our native Ukraine! Honoring the traditions of this important day, teachers and students of education filled the associative tree of Life with inscriptions, which in their opinion are associated with the word PEACE. And on the college playground, energetic girls arranged a dancing FLASHMOB and charged everyone with positivity. Happy Peace Day! Victory to Ukraine! (with photos)

TYSHKIV: A number of events dedicated to the Day of Peace took place in educational institutions of the Tyshkiv community. A large friendly family of the elementary school took part in the action “We want peace in Ukraine!”. Throughout the day, children attached doves and palms of peace to the blackboard in the school lobby, writing their most cherished dreams and wishes on them. At the circle of decorative and applied arts “Fantasia”, students made doves of PEACE. At the end of the school day, everyone had a good time and took pictures on the soft grass of the football field.
(with many photos)

VINNYTSIA: On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, traditional events were held in lyceums and gymnasiums of our city. In the yard of Lyceum No. 5, a week before this date, students drew a giant dove, which was painted in the colors of the national flag. They left their wishes on it: “No war”, “Peace on earth”, “Joy in the family”, “Under a peaceful sky”. . . In Lyceum No. 3, the International Day of Peace event was held in each class separately. The third-graders set their desks for the International Day of Peace lesson in a circle, and the class teacher flipped through the slides, and the students listened carefully to the teacher and asked her questions about peace. . . . Lyceum No. 1 named after Shevchenko, the event began with drawings on the asphalt by students of grades 1-4 under the slogan “Children of Ukraine for Peace on Earth.” . . In the support lyceum. 2 events took place at once. In addition to the traditional thematic hours for the International Day of Peace, they held elections for the president of the lyceum. . . . In gymnasium No. 9, pupils and preschoolers took part in the peace event.(with photos)

YURYIVKA: The head of the Pavlograd district sector, Larisa Bazarna, held an event for the Day of Peace in Ukraine for probation subjects of the sector in the local library. (with photo)

ZAPORIZHIA REGIONAL CENTER: In honor of the Day of Peace, employees of the Zaporizhia Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine came in embroidered jackets and tied symbolic yellow-blue ribbons on the branches of a tree, on which they wrote down the desire for peace, harmony and well-being for our country. Together to peace! Let’s walk to Victory together! Everything will be Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes! (with photos)

ZHMERYNKA: On September 21, at the “Zhmeryn Higher Vocational School” an open event was held – a meeting with a participant in hostilities and a teacher of the school A.H. Humenyuk, dedicated to the International Day of Peace. (with many photos, one of which is shown above on this page)

ZHYTOMIR: Flash mobs for Peace Day were held in Zhytomyr educational institutions. In particular, students of Lyceum No. 32 created a circle in the form of the planet Earth, in the center of which was depicted a dove, a bird that symbolizes peace. In Lyceum No. 21, children made paper doves of peace and thus demonstrated their desire to live in a peaceful country. (with many photos)

September 21 – International Day of Peace. PS what a bitter irony, what a mockery this date looks like today. That’s all I can say without using obscene language. (Web link withheld to protect Russian author.)


BRYANKA, LUGANSK: International Day of Peace is celebrated on September 21. On this day, promotions, concerts, and holidays are held in different countries. On this most beautiful bright holiday, the event “The World I Need” was held for students of UVK No. 17, dedicated to the International Day of PEACE. The event was organized with the aim of introducing children to the concept of peace, its significance and ways to maintain and strengthen peaceful relations, as this is a call to all people in the world for peace, to show care, to safe living conditions and non-violence. The children learned about the origin of the holiday, its symbol, defined the word “Peace,” read poems about peace, and sang the song “Let there always be sunshine.” (with many photos)

DONETSK PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC: Today, September 21, on the International Day of Peace, on the initiative of the Ministry of Information of the DPR, together with the Ministry of Education and Science of the DPR, a thematic exhibition of children’s drawings, as well as open letters of appeal in support of the defenders of our Motherland and wishes for a speedy Victory, was organized. . . . Students from schools in all cities and regions of the DPR took part in the exhibition with great desire. Their works have a deep artistic meaning, because every day they experience the horrors of war and, like no one else, dream of a speedy peace. In their works, the children depicted the feat of the defenders of the Republic, a planet without wars, and an image of a dove as a symbol of peace. Click here for their video

DONETSK CHILDRENS CENTER: Students of the Center for Children’s and Youth Creativity of the Kyiv district of Donetsk took an active part in the action “The Dove of Peace Soars Above Us” and created their own symbols of peace. Click here for their video

FEODOSIA, CRIMEA: International Day of Peace.
° Koktebel Children’s Art School: Exhibition of drawings “The World through the Eyes of Children
° Primorsky Children’s Art School: Info lesso dedicated to the International Day of Peace
° Nasypnovsky Culture and Leisure Center: Master Class “Drawing the Planet” and Exhibition “Peace on the Palms”

KHERSON: September 21 is celebrated as International Day of Peace. For this Day, an information hour was held at the Blagoveshchensk Sports Complex. Participants of the event became familiar with the word PEACE and its symbols. . . .At the end of the information hour, the children drew thematic drawings and a poster “WE ARE FOR PEACE!!!” (with photos)

MELITOPOL: The Konstantinovsky House of Culture hosted a reading competition “Peace-YES!”, dedicated to the International Day of Peace. The children read poetry so sincerely and emotionally that it was breathtaking. All winners, as well as participants, will be awarded sweet prizes. Click here for video

NOVOAZOVSK: International Day of Peace is a holiday dedicated to world peace. This day calls on all people to join forces to counteract violence and aggression. After all, war will not help solve problems; it only complicates life even more, bringing with it death, misfortune and grief. On September 20, 2023, an educational event “The World We Need” was held at the Novoazov Cultural and Leisure Center for the preparatory group of the folk vocal group. Participants of the event got acquainted with the day, which is a symbol of the complete renunciation of violent manifestations and the complete cessation of any military operations, learned the history of the holiday, the main tradition and motto of this day. (with a photo)

SIMFEROPOL: On September 21, all countries celebrate the International Day of Peace, established by the UN General Assembly in 1981. On the eve of this day, employees of the Simferopol branch library No. 4, together with teacher Irina Tomilova, organized an hour of good communication “Peace on the planet – happy children” for the students of the capital’s gymnasium No. 9. During the event, which began with a video clip of the song “The World I Need”, young Crimeans were introduced to the history of the holiday, its traditions and symbols: the Peace Bell, the white dove and the olive tree. branches. After listening to the song “Stork on the Roof”, the schoolchildren learned that since ancient times our people have considered the white stork to be a symbol of peace, goodness and family, which is associated with spring and the beginning new life. (with many photos)

Asia and Pacific: International Day of Peace


A survey by CPNN

We have found 82 events in 16 Asian and Pacific countries. They were listed in Google during the weeks of September 17-28 this year under the key words “International day of peace”, “Peace Day”, 国际和平日 (Chinese) 国際平和デ (Japanese) and अंतर्राष्ट्रीय शांति दिवस (Hindi, new this year). No doubt there were also events listed on the Internet in languages other than those for which we searched.

In addition to these, there are about 140 events listed on the maps of One Day One Choir and Montessori schools singing for peace, but, with the exception of 14 Montessori schools listed here that sang for the first time this year, there is no indication which took place this year and which took place only in previous years.

Fukuyama City, Japan, dedicated calligraphy for peace

Here are excerpts from the articles.


BRISBANE: On the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Association of Australia Queensland and St John’s Cathedral Brisbane are proud to present International Day of Peace 2023. . . This year’s event will be a celebration of local agents of peace, and will feature a lecture to be delivered by Craig Foster AM: Human Rights Activist, Agent for Peace, Former Socceroo, Broadcaster, Adjunct Professor, Author. Craig is a tireless campaigner for refugee and humanitarian rights, and uses his platform and the power of sport to advocate for the fair treatment of all.

COWRA: Cowra’s Peace Day Program will be held on Tuesday 19 September 2023 and includes: Cowra Community World Peace Bell Ceremony, Cowra Youth Peace Forum and Cowra Peace Day Dinner. Alongside this year’s exciting program of events, Cowra Council is collaborating with the Cowra Youth Council and World Peace Bell Association to hold a Peace Day Public Speaking Competition for school students. Local primary school students have also been invited to take part in the Postcards for Peace project, where their messages of peace will be sent to the United Nations Secretary General.

MELBOURNE: Join us for a special silent UN Peace Day online vigil and offer your peaceful thoughts, intentions, meditations and prayers.There will be three intentions around peace (7:30 – 7:40am), hope (7:40 – 7:50am), and compassion (7:50 – 8:00am), held around a beautiful visual of our world with gentle music. Whether you come for 3 minutes or for the full half an hour, it would be lovely to have your contribution to a wave of peace for the day rippling across our world.

MONASH: Join the Women’s Federation for World Peace for the UN International Day of Peace Conference at Mount Waverley Community Centre on Saturday 16 September, 10am to 4pm. The seminar is part of an interactive series developed by the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) and the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) based on the research of Dr John Bellavance’s 12 Pillars of Meaning and Connection Course Syllabus. The series fosters the values and abilities that underpin personal growth and positive relationships.

SYDNEY: Join us for a candle pouring workshop with CandleXchange to celebrate this International Day of Peace.
When: 8am Thursday 21 September 2023
Where: Tower 3 South Lobby, International Towers
To book a candle pouring session please click below to sign in to the Partner Portal, and click “Book now”.


DHAKA: The United Nations-declared ‘World Peace Day-2023’ was celebrated in the capital Dhaka with colorful arrangements. JMI Group, one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturing sector of the country, celebrated the day with due dignity like every year, keeping the theme of “ACTIONS FOR PEACE – Our Ambition for the #Globalgoals” with the objective to establish united peace. On this occasion, the Founder and Managing Director of JMI Group Md. Abdur Razzaq announced the inauguration of the World Peace Day parade by flying balloons and white doves as a symbol of peace in front of the “Shantir Stomvo – Pillar of Peace” established at the Curzon Hall of Dhaka University on Thursday.

EASTWEST UNIVERSITY : Similar to past years, the Department of Information Studies, in collaboration with Dr. S. R. Lasker Library will commemorate “International Day of Peace 2023” on 21 September 2023. In honor of the occasion, we’ll disseminate a range of topics tied to this year’s theme via our social media channels, raising awareness within our university community about the vital role of peace in our existence.

NORTHSOUTH UNIVERSITY: The Centre for Peace Studies of the South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance on Thursday collaborated with the office of external affairs at North South University to commemorate the International Day of Peace.

UN IN BANGLADESH: The United Nations in Bangladesh has teamed up with influencers and the Bangladesh Community Radio Association to mark the International Day of Peace, stated a press release. On 21 and 22 September, 19 community radio stations reaching 28 districts across Bangladesh will broadcast inspiring messages on the link about peace and sustainable development. The messages were recorded by the UN resident coordinator’s office and feature various voices from Bangladesh including educational platform 10 Minute School teacher Sakib Rashid, cricketer Jahanara Alam, ActionAid country director Farah Kabir, Bangladesh Adivasi Forum general secretary Sanjeeb Drong and development coordination officer at the UN RCO Halima Neyamat.


THIMPHU:The resilient Rover scouts of the Faculty of Traditional Medicine gracefully celebrated the International Day of Peace on 21st September with an act performance fostering sensitization on the emerging issues of LGBT stigma and Drug abuse. Along with the act a short advocacy on climate action was presented. Coinciding with the day, scarf ceremony for the new Rover scout members were also conducted. May peace and prosperity prevail globally. Happy International Peace Day.


CAMBODIAN PRIME MINISTER: Prime Minister Hun Manet released a statement marking the International Day of Peace. “On behalf of the Cambodian government, I congratulate and join the international community in observing this occasion, and raising awareness of the precious value of peace. I reiterate the strong will of the Cambodian people to protect and join in building peace and stability in the country, regionally and globally, in a sustainable manner,” he said.

PHNOM PENH: Minister of Cults and Religions Chay Borin instructed all municipal and provincial departments to cooperate with the chief monks and religious leaders to organise a Buddha teaching event at pagodas, spreading compassion to all people on the 21st International Day of Peace. “The capital and provincial departments of cults and religions are instructed to collaborate with chief monks and religious leaders to celebrate the 21st International Day of Peace. They are to conduct Buddhist functions in pagodas, spreading Buddha’s teachings to promote compassion among humans and call for global peace,” announced the ministry in a September 15 statement. “All pagodas must raise national flags, religious flags, banners, slogans and coloured lights to celebrate this day,” the ministry said.


BEIJING: On International Peace Day this year, Western Academy of Beijing is offering students across the whole school the opportunity to learn the many different ways we can make a difference and work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of the highlights of the day will be the leading role student clubs will be taking in running workshops on the day for other students. Throughout the day, students from High School, Middle School, and Elementary School will participate in a variety of workshops and activities centered around the theme of “promoting peace in ourselves, the community, and the world”. Over 20 community partners will be welcomed on campus to deliver spark talks. During these short talks, they will discuss their organization’s missions, goals, background stories, and inspirations. The purpose is to share the amazing work they are doing to further SDG goals as well as motivate our students by sharing what inspired them to “make a difference”.

MACAO: The first “World Bay Area Chorus Bridge” program specially invited the top youth choirs from the two major bay areas in China and the United States – the Guangdong Experimental Middle School Choir from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the New York Youth Chorus from the New York Bay Area to sing through the “cloud” for the first time. Chorus” and jointly performed the original theme song “Wish to Walk on the Sea” .The song “Wish to Walk on the Sea” was composed by Chen Si’ang, a young Guangdong composer and associate professor of the Composition Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music. The lyrics were written by young lyricist Chen Yang. It was performed with two major choirs and took half a year to create. The energetic lyrics and music are full of fairy tale colors and express the good wishes of world peace.

NANJING: September 21st is the International Day of Peace. Nearly 300 foreign students from 34 countries around the world gathered at the Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre by the Japanese Invaders to get closer to history and pray for peace. Nearly 300 international students pray for peace. The international students come from 34 countries including Egypt, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Belarus, India, Jordan, and Vietnam. They are currently studying at universities in Nanjing such as Southeast University, Hohai University, and Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology. Some of them are international volunteers of the Memorial Hall Zijincao. .


ALMORA: International Peace Day was celebrated with enthusiasm at Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Paparshaili, Almora. The chief guest of this program was Advocate Bhavna Joshi Bar Association, Almora and Mahila Samiti, Almora (Vice President). The students of the school presented a song of world peace and presented a short drama explaining the importance of collective transcendental meditation. Peace Volunteers Vandana Tiwari and Aditya Negi talked about the Transcendental Meditation inspired by Maharishi Ji and their responsibilities and inspired all the people to do Transcendental Meditation and Siddhi program regularly, The program was concluded with distribution of Prasad.

ASANSOL: International Peace Day was celebrated on Thursday at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Do Mohani Railway Colony, Asansol. A large number of students including all the Bharat Scout Guide teachers and female teachers of the school participated in the program organized under this. At the beginning of the program, school in-charge Principal Sanjay Narayan shared his thoughts with everyone, after that school student Arpita Sharma gave a speech and class V student Rishita Das presented a very beautiful poem in front of everyone. All the students and teachers associated with the Scout Guide Movement took out a Prabhat Pheri from the school premises to create awareness among the people through slogans and tried to create awareness among the people to establish peace.

ASSAM: International Peace Day was celebrated at The Assam Royal Global University today, by the University Peace Club. Rev Father Clement Raj Kumar, Former Vice-Principal, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, the Speaker for the day, joined Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr) S. P. Singh in disseminating the message of peace, non-violence, and ceasefire.

AZAMGARH: .International Peace Day was organized on Thursday at Mokima Biwi Hall of Shibli National College. . . . Dr BK Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, who organized the program, said that peace and brotherhood should prevail in the country and the world. Our country India has always wished for world peace since ancient times and has always maintained world brotherhood, . . . In the program, former Head of Hindi Department, Professor Altaf Ahmed, Shagufta Khanum, Shaheen Bano, Dr. Javed Ahmed, Dr. Anita Rai, Mohammad Adam, Rajlakshmi Jaiswal, Shivangini Gupta, Sumaiya Parveen, Nidhi Yadav, Aakriti Chauhan, Rashid Khan, Suraj Kumar Yadav, Sarvesh Maurya, Sujeet Kumar, Praveen Kumar Anand, Tooba, Hina Akmal Shaikh Anushka Singh Mohammad Atif Sneha Gupta Alishba and all the students and teachers were present.

GONDPUR BULLAN: Nehru Yuva Kendra Una organized a program under the Meri Mati Mera Desh Swachhta Hi Seva and Nutrition Awareness Campaign dedicated to International Peace Day in Gram Panchayat Gondpur Bullan. . . . On this occasion, District Program Manager of National Rural Livelihood Mission Jyoti Sharma, Akash Bhardwaj from Nehru Yuva Kendra and Master Trainer Surbhi Sharma, Principal Neha Dutta, Anita and others were present.

GURUGRAM: International Peace Day and World Gratitude Day were celebrated with the courtesy of Sweat and Manthan Club of Dronacharya Post Graduate College, Raith. The program was started by BBA Department Head Mukesh Sharma. He welcomed Executive Director Dr. Balbinder Singh Pathania as a resource person.

JAMSHEDPUR: A leading private school of the city, Narbheram Hansraj English School (NHES), observed the International Peace Day (IPD) here on Thursday in partnership with the Times of India. . . Keeping in line with this year’s theme of IPD ‘Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for Global Goal’, the NHES organised an intra-school festival named Serenity-Samanam — an array of events revolving around peace.

MEDININAGAR: Unemployed Sangharsh Morcha organized a symposium on International Peace Day. It was presided over by Morcha President Ram and conducted by Sanjay Kumar. Morcha President Uday Ram said that the United Nations had started celebrating International Peace Day in 1981.

PRESIDIUM SCHOOLS: With a mission to give rise to conscientious global citizens with granules of peace, harmony, empathy, and non-violence ingrained in them, Presidium organized a special assembly on the occasion of International Day of Peace. The students celebrated the Day with an informative narration of quotes on peace by well-known preachers of non-violence like Nelson Mandela and Dalai Lama and highlighted the theme of this year, “Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world.” Presidians also shared their ideas of what peace means with powerful speeches. The assembly ended with the students taking on messengers’ roles of peace and pledging to spread love and harmony in the world.

PUNE: Ahead of 21st September which is globally recognized as International Peace Day, residents of Kalyani Nagar in Pune have called for a day of unity and ceasefire.

RAMGARH: On the occasion of International Peace Day, an oath ceremony was organized by the Lions Club Bhurkunda on Thursday in the premises of E’La Anglais School, Bhurkunda. In which students from first class to eighth class of the school were present. . . . On the occasion, Mala Sharma, President of Lions Club Bhurkunda said that in today’s era, we all should follow life with peace and should always help our nature and the helpless people around us. If we are useful to even one person in our life then it will definitely be a definite initiative in the betterment of humanity. Said that human welfare and progress can be possible only through peace in the world.

SAMASTIPUR: Samastipur Kendriya Vidyalaya program was organized on Thursday on the occasion of International Peace Day. On the occasion, students of the school’s Scouts and Guides participated in full costumes. The children gave the message of world peace by shouting slogans and holding pictures of great men who were messengers of peace. Sanskrit teacher Anil Kumar Gupta recited peace song and peace mantra by the students. On this occasion, school principal Shripati Ram told the children in detail about International Peace Day

SINDHAULI: On the occasion of International Peace Day, at MA Public School located at Mudiya Mod in the area, teachers expressed their views and congratulated International Peace Day. School Manager Mohammad Asif Ali Mansoori, while addressing the seminar, said that in order to maintain peace in the world, all the teachers, elite citizens and enlightened people should keep spreading inspirational words to the people around them. The elected members of the world should come together on the world stage and brainstorm extensively for the pursuit of peace. Keeping away from communal tensions based on religion-caste, high-ranking, untouchability, we should prepare a plan for the welfare of all mankind.

SURAJGARH: A meeting was organized under the chairmanship of Dharampal Gandhi to celebrate International Peace Day at Gandhi Agricultural Farm Surajgarh. . . India has always shown the world the path of peace. The principles of Mahatma Buddha and the path of truth, non-violence and justice of Mahatma Gandhi have taught human society how to achieve its objectives peacefully even in situations of conflict. This path has been paved. This peaceful conduct has always been visible in the behavior of Indian policy makers. The country’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru also gave the message of peace to the world through the Panchsheel principle. With everyone’s consent in the meeting, it was decided to give the message of peace to the world through yoga, music and prayer.


FUJI CITY: Ahead of the International Day of Peace, elementary school students in Fuji City rang the bell on the roof of City Hall in hopes of peace. . . . At the outset, Mayor Yoshimasa Konagai announced that Fuji City, as a “city that has declared peace and abolished nuclear weapons,” aims for a world free of nuclear weapons.Next, two children gave presentations about peace, and one of them, Akari Sunagawa, said, “I think peace will come if everyone is considerate, follows rules, and is kind to others.” Afterwards, three children’s representatives rang a bell together with the mayor at a special observatory to pray for peace.

FUKUYAMA CITY: The calligraphy club of Seinokan High School in Kinosho-cho, Fukuyama City dedicated calligraphy filled with thoughts of peace to Bingo Gokoku Shrine (Marunouchi, Fukuyama City). An initiative commemorating the United Nations’ International Day of Peace.

HAMADA CITY: Before the International Day of Peace (21st), six calligraphy clubs of Hamada High School and Gotsu High School wrote up and dedicated peace letters and four-character idioms at Hamada Gokoku Shrine in Tono-cho, Hamada City on September 16th.

HOKUTO: Today, September 21st, is a day designated by the United Nations as the Day of Nonviolence and World Ceasefire, which calls on countries and peoples around the world to cease hostilities. Our Hokuto UFC 4th year students and above participated in an event with a soccer match held at the Ikoinomori Community Park in Akeno-cho, Hokuto City. . . A bonfire event was also held, where participants wrote down their thoughts for peace. As the sun began to set, the atmosphere at the venue suddenly became magical as the members of the Hokuto High School guitar club performed wonderfully. And then there was the spectacular performance by the Hokuto High School calligraphy club

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Samastipur, India

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HYODOSAN: The Mt. Hyodo Peace Bell will be rung at noon to coincide with the United Nations’ International Day of Peace, which calls for an end to conflicts around the world. Anyone can join.

KANAZAWA: At a shrine in Kanazawa, high school students and others dedicated books praying for world peace. This ceremony is held simultaneously at Gokoku Shrines and other locations across the country to coincide with the United Nations’ International Day of Peace. Calligrapher Toyohisa Abe created two calligraphies to accompany the flute performance. This year, the calligraphy club of Japan Airlines High School Ishikawa wrote calligraphy.

KOBOJI TEMPLE: On September 21st (Thursday), which is International Peace Day, we will hold a special International Peace Day Goma Prayer Puja and International Peace Day Mini Concert at Koboji Temple.

KUNAMOTO: Eleven members of our school’s calligraphy club participated in the 7th September 21st World Peace Prayer Dedicatory Calligraphy. In commemoration of September 21st, the International Day of Peace designated by the United Nations, these festivals are held mainly at Gokoku Shrines across the country. Although the preparation period was short, we were able to come up with the words, paper decorations, sound source, etc. and write them ourselves. Continuing from last year, we had the cooperation of the Kumamoto Prefecture Junior Chamber, and we were able to proceed with the meeting without any problems. Parents were also able to watch the event, and they were happy that it was a good opportunity.

KYOTO: Kyoto Bunkyo Jr. College Elementary School. Tomorrow is the International Day of Peace. We spent time wishing for peace and thinking about peace through talks by the Educational Volunteer Team and the principal. Through studying the SDGs, I would like to continue to look at the world and think about what we can do with a kind heart.

MATSUMOTO CITY: On the 19th, the calligraphy club of Matsumoto Misugaoka High School performed a dedicatory calligraphy at the Prefectural Gokoku Shrine in Misusu, Matsumoto City, in conjunction with the United Nations International Day of Peace (21st). Under the sunny autumn sky, five second-year club members said words such as “Japanese style Keiun” (Japanese-style Keiun), which refers to people with a gentle personality, and prayed for world peace.

MIE PREFECTURE: Bridge International Co., Ltd. will hold “World Peace Festival 2023” on September 23rd at Tsu Country Club in Mie Prefecture. This event is held in conjunction with September 21st, the International Day of Peace, and is an event where you can have fun and think about peace and happiness in the open atmosphere of a golf course.

MIHARA: September 21st is International Day of Peace. This day is designated as World Day of Armistice and Nonviolence. On this International Day of Peace, Radio FM Mihara will be presenting a special program titled “Hoko Nakaoka’s Atomic Bomb Survivor’s Experience.” This is the personal experience of Hoko Nakaoka, who arrived in Hiroshima as an apprentice nurse shortly after the atomic bomb was dropped on August 6, 1945. Hoko Nakaoka, now 94 years old, will talk about what she experienced and saw with her own eyes in Hiroshima immediately after the atomic bomb was dropped. These are the words of the person who experienced it. This is valuable historical testimony. I hope you will listen to it.

MORIOKA CITY: In conjunction with the International Day of Peace on the 21st, high school students in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, dedicated a calligraphy containing their wishes for peace to a shrine. This event was planned by “Wa Project TAISHI,” which engages in peace activities through calligraphy, and 50 high school calligraphy clubs across the country are participating. Eight members of Morioka 2’s calligraphy club participated from within the prefecture, and they wrote each letter powerfully, one stroke at a time, on a piece of paper measuring 1.6 meters in length and 3 meters in width. The words he wrote are “Taihei Tenka.” It contains the hope that the world will be in peace and that everyone will be able to smile. The work will be displayed inside the main building of Iwate Gokoku Shrine.

NAGASAKI: Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum Circular Pavilion. Exhibition of works wishing for peace. The municipal nursery school and certified children’s garden will conduct peace learning and display the feelings for peace felt there as works.

NAGOYA: On the 17th, local high school students dedicated a calligraphic message praying for world peace at Gokoku Shrine in Nagoya. The event was planned by a Nagoya-based organization called “Wa Project TAISHI,” which dedicates calligraphy to 51 locations around the country, including Gokoku Shrine and Peace Parks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, every year on International Day of Peace. 14 calligraphy club members from Aichi Commercial High School participated in the event in Nagoya. I used a brush to fill a sheet of paper approximately 3 meters square. The message written by the club members is “heart of love.” He appealed for world peace and harmony. “We performed this performance with the feeling that we wish for peace in the world with a heart of love, for peace now and peace in the future.” (Aichi Commercial High School Calligraphy Club Director Hise Kanamori)

NIGATA: On September 21st, the International Day of Peace designated by the United Nations, an event was held at Gokoku Shrine in Niigata City’s Chuo Ward to write messages of peace with calligraphy. Calligraphers and high school students from across the prefecture prayed for world peace by powerfully inscribing words such as “Eternal Peace” on large sheets of paper.

NUMATA: Eight second-year students from Numata High School’s calligraphy club performed calligraphy at Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine. Ahead of September 21st, the International Day of Peace designated by the United Nations, I wrote a message wishing for peace on a piece of paper measuring 2 meters high and 1 meter wide. This event is sponsored by an organization that spreads peace through calligraphy, and by September 28th, 50 high school calligraphy clubs across the country will deliver their works to shrines around the country.

OKINAWA: On the 21st, the International Day of Peace designated by the United Nations, six students from Oroku High School’s calligraphy club expressed their feelings for peace in calligraphy in Naha City. The words written on the paper, which is 4 meters long and 5 meters wide, include “Keep smiling forever” and “Lucky comes to the door that smiles.” He chose this because he believed that peace begins with a smile.

OMOTEMACHI: 9/21 (Thursday) International Day of Peace. The Peace Parade is celebrating its 50th anniversary✨The parade was started by Mr. Ohashi. . . Everyone will parade through Omotemachi while praying for peace for people living around the world. If you have time, please come to Ishiyama Park at 15:00 ✨There is no politics, religion, or ideology, just a gathering to simply love and pray for peace. Let’s spread prayers of peace from Okayama✨

OSAKA: Festival / MATSURI Festival in Osaka Expo Commemorative Park / Bell-ringing ceremony to protect the United Nations Peace Bell September 21st (Thursday) “International Day of Peace”.A new type of festival where you can listen to the peace bell and pray for peace through the sound together with many people.

TAKASAKI CITY: Ahead of the United Nations’ International Day of Peace on the 21st of this month, high school students dedicated calligraphy works to pray for world peace at Gokoku Shrine in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture. At the venue, three students from Maebashi Nishi High School’s calligraphy club waved their brushes in prayer for world peace. The three people wrote the four words, “Taihei,” with each stroke they wrote, expressing their desire for peace. It was stored on a sheet of paper 5 meters wide. In addition, before the dedication by the three high school students, soprano singer Yumie Shinagawa from Takasaki City and chanson singer Shintaro Nakano from Kanra Town performed four songs wishing for peace.

TAKAYAMA: On the 21st, which is the International Day of Peace designated by the United Nations, Rakugan, a Japanese confectionery shop in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, handed out rakugan in the shape of the character “wa” to customers. This day was also “Takayama City Peace Day,” and they casually conveyed their wish for peace to tourists and local guests. . . . This year, we have about 200 heart-shaped rakugan and 3-piece sets. For three days until the 21st, we handed them out at stores along with pieces of paper announcing Peace Day. Her wife Tomiko (62) said, “I hope this day becomes a day where everyone becomes conscious of world peace once again.” Takayama City has also been handing out Japanese rakugan for free every year since 2013, when it designated Peace Day. On this day, in front of City Hall, Mayor Akira Tanaka and other city officials read out the Peace City Declaration and then struck the gong of the Bonds for Peace monument with a wooden mallet. 

TOKYO FILM FESTIVAL: The UNITED FOR PEACE FILM FESTIVAL (UFPFF) is a short film festival for students with the themes of “peace” and “SDGs” held every year in conjunction with Peace Day, and this will be the 13th time . This year, for the first time , the event will be co-sponsored with PEACE DAY, a general incorporated foundation , and will be held from September 15th (Friday) to September 21st (Thursday) at Human Trust Cinema Shibuya in Tokyo, starting September 18th (Monday/holiday). It will be held as one of the main actions of “PEACE DAY WEEK”. Part 1, the PEACE DAY special program, will feature a historical dialogue between two Nobel Peace Prize winners, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, titled Mission Joy, which is scheduled to be released in theaters in January. The second part of the International Peace Film Festival (UFPFF) 2023 will feature screenings of this year’s 10 finalists, a judging panel, and an award ceremony.

TOKYO YOYOGI:  PEACE DAY2023@Yoyogi Park, an outdoor festival held at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo on Peace Day (September 21st), will feature singers Yo Yoyogi and AI, as well as children with hearing and visual disabilities. The White Hand Chorus NIPPON choir will perform. The artistic director of this choir is Erica Colon, a soprano singer from Venezuela. The choir consists of a “voice corps” made up of visually impaired children and a “sign corps” made up of deaf children who express their “songs” through body language and facial expressions. “I want to express a world of joy and freedom that connects divided things,” says Colon. While working to popularize El Sistema, a music education program that originated in Venezuela, in Japan, she came across the White Hand Chorus. El Sistema was started in 1975 to raise the self-esteem and sociability of children against the backdrop of poverty and drug crime.

UNIQLO COMPANY: September 21st is International Peace Day. Uniqlo’s charity T-shirt project “PEACE FOR ALL”, which prays for a peaceful future where all people can live in peace, has exceeded 690 million yen in donations. To date, PEACE FOR ALL has received volunteer participation from collaborators with ties to UNIQLO, including architect Tadao Ando, ​​novelist Haruki Murakami, film director Wim Wenders, and artist KAWS. All profits (equivalent to 20% of the sales amount per shirt) will be donated to three organizations: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) , Save the Children, and Plan International) through their respective Japan contact points.

UTSUNOMIYA: Ahead of the 21st International Day of Peace designated by the United Nations, the Sakushin Gakuin High School Calligraphy Club performed a dedication calligraphy to pray for peace on the 18th at Gokoku Shrine in Yozai-cho, Utsunomiya City. 10 first and second year students participated. Wearing a hakama and wielding a large brush, they wrote messages such as “peace” and prayers for peace on a piece of paper 3.5 meters long and 4 meters wide. “The world is unstable, including the war in Ukraine. I prayed for peace for everyone,” said Kenta Kitsunezuka, 16.

YANAGAWA: September 21st every year is the International Day of Peace, commonly known as Peace Day, designated by the United Nations. In Yanagawa City, a Koppori concert and a Wish Tree workshop will be held at Shintomachi Ryokuchi Hiroba, a place associated with Yoko Ono.


TERENGGANU: Let’s join our International Day of Peace Run 2023 – Terengganu! 4Km or 8 Km. RACE PACK COLLECTION
Date: 8 September 2023 (Friday)
Time: 10am to 5pm
Venue: Kompleks Sukan Negeri Terengganu


NEPAL: Nepal has marked the International Day of Peace since 2002 by organizing several activities. On the occasion today, various organizations, including Human Rights and Peace Society (HURPES) and The Story Kitchen (TSK) are hosting programes to assert global peace.

KATHMANDU: The Human Rights and Peace Society (HURPES), Kathmandu has staged a sit-in in front of the Bouddhanath Stupa, a world heritage site, wishing for the prevail of sustainable peace. The protest has been launched to create an atmosphere to maintain peace in Nepal for world peace on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, said Bhagawan Pudasaini, the Society, Kathmandu President. The program was attended by over five dozen of activists working for human rights and peace. The participants called for maintaining peace in the country with placards in their hands. People from various walks of life including the Society’s former presidents Uttam Pudasaini and Homkanta Chaulagain, former chair of Kathmandu Metropolitan City-6 Dipendra Lama, former chair of Gokarnesheor Municipality-6 Ramesh Aryal and the municipality-8 chair Manoj Kumar Dhungana participated in the protest.

NEPAL ROTARY: The Rotaract Club of Pashupati-Kathmandu cordially invites you to our heartfelt event, the Peace Lantern Lighting Ceremony. Join us on September 21, 2023, at Dasharath Stadium, Kathmandu.


AOTEAROA: Peace Movement Aotearoa. Tomorrow on International #PeaceDay, join our lunchtime ‘Election 2023: Let’s get disarmament on the agenda!’ forum to discuss party positions on: • disarmament and arms control policy • space launches • military spending • use of explosive weapons in populated areas • women, peace and security agenda • climate change and military activity • autonomous weapon systems • AUKUS


HYDERABAD: The Department of Social Work, University of Sindh Jamshoro orchestrated an enlightening seminar on the occasion of International Peace Day, being observed every year globally. The event unfolded at the Local Hotel Hyderabad, with a primary objective of stimulating dialogues and awareness concerning the paramount importance of peace in contemporary society. . . . The event reached its zenith with the closing remarks delivered by the chief guest renowned social activist and senior civil citizen advocate Om Parkash who shared his invaluable insights on the imperative task of nurturing peace and unity within society.


VISAYAS: International Day of Peace 2023 – Boy Scouts of the Philippines Western Visayas Region. I am Scouter Dulce Canata of Iloilo Confesor Council and this International Day of Peace, September 21, 2023, I am with the Boy Scouts of the Philippines Western Visayas Region as we proudly join the global movement as Messenger of Peace.


SOLOMON ISLANDS: The Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs each year marked and celebrated International Peace Day (IPD) and this year 2023 Ministry is celebrating on the theme “Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the #Global Goals”. In a statement marking the IPD Minister Hon Samuel Manetoali thanked the Ministry and its peace-building stakeholders for the commitments and effort rendered forwards maintaining sustainable, peace and unity in the country. . . . Permanent Secretary Peter Mae also thanked and acknowledged Ministry staff for their continuous efforts and commitments in delivering peace-building programs and activities in the Country. . . . Due to financial constrain, the IPD was marked and celebrated at the Ministry head office with food and cutting of IPD cake.


KYUNG HEE: In celebration of the 42nd United Nations International Day of Peace, Kyung Hee University System is holding its annual Peace BAR Festival (PBF) on Sept. 21. To commemorate the UN’s seminal day, the annual PBF discussion sessions will take place from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., deliberating how to create a new path for a transitional civilization.


BANGKOK UNPKFC: This is the 7th year celebrating the UN International Day of Peace by the United Peace Keepers Federal Council. At this free event, there will be a host of activities and reflections on the 2023 theme, Actions for Peace. After the delivery of the peace messages, there will be a gathering around the Peace Pole – a symbol of hope for Bay Area communities and peace on Earth for the global family.

BANGKOK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: This year, the theme of the United Nations International Day of Peace is “Actions for Peace”. One of the themes of our International School Bangkok (ISB) Peace Day Assembly on September 20th will be the concept of sustainability as an action for peace. The elementary students will lead the singing of “The Three R’s” by Jack Johnson. They have been working on it in music class and would be happy to teach you the three movements for “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Feel free to play the song in your classroom!

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In addition to the events listed above, there were 14 new events in Asia-Pacific to celebrate the International Day of Peace on the website of the Montessori Schools, i.e. events that were not listed last year:

Australia: Bentleigh, Kensington, Melbourne
Cambodia: Phnom Penh
China: Liaoning
Laos: Vientiane
Malaysia: Puchong
New Zealand: Beachlands, Palmerston
Philippines: Angeles City (2), Nabuq Camarines, Silano Cavite
Thailand: Kalasin Khonkaen

India: Interfaith Forum for Peace and Harmony formed in violence-hit Manipur for restoration of humanity


An article from the Eastern Mirror of Nagaland

With an objective to provide relief, healing and restoration of humanity to those affected by the ongoing violent conflicts in Manipur, more than 30 people including religious leaders from diverse faith converged at Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple in Imphal and formed Interfaith Forum for Peace and Harmony (IFPH) on Tuesday.

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Manipur has been in turmoil since violent clashes broke out between the Meitei and Kuki communities on May 3, claiming more than 100 lives and leaving thousands of people homeless after thousands of houses were destroyed.

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How can different faiths work together for understanding and harmony?

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The forum (IFPH) was launched following a meeting attended by 34 people, including religious leaders representing diverse faiths like Christianity, Sanamahi, Manipuri Gauriya Vaisnav, Islam and Tingkao Ragwang, as well as various spiritual communities such as Divine Life Society, Art of Living, Brahmakumari, Bhakti Seva Lup and Gandhian movement Ekta Parishad.

The members of the forum resolved to embark on a journey of interfaith understanding and culture of peace by taking moral and social responsibilities of the sufferings caused to thousands of people in both the hills and valley of Manipur,’ read an update received here on Tuesday.

It was also resolved to organise an all faith prayer programme to end the violence and heal the sufferings through humanitarian support services throughout the state.

All the religious leaders appreciated the eight core values of Sanamahism, including humility, trust, calmness, honesty, compassion, good thought, reflection and contentment shared during the meeting and accepted it as common values for interfaith understanding.

The update went on to inform that a working committee of the forum was constituted comprising two representatives from each faith and Deben Bachaspatimayum was appointed as the convener.

Zone of Peace, Trust and Cooperation of Central Asia


Excerpts from United Nations Press Release

The UN General Assembly held a debate on the declaration of Central Asia as a zone of peace, trust and cooperation (for background, see Press Release GA/12437).  Many speakers commended that declaration, with some offering recommendations alongside their encouragement, as Central Asian countries showcased regional and national efforts. . . .

AKSOLTAN ATAEVA (Turkmenistan), expressing her gratitude to the General Assembly for its unanimous support in adopting a historic resolution for Central Asia by declaring it a zone of peace, trust and cooperation, pointed out that the concept of such zones enables the international community to create long-term security guarantees.  Among other things, she spotlighted similar such initiatives in other regions; showcased the Central Asia region’s efforts on strengthening peace and stability, such as the United Nations Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia and its project; and highlighted its regional sustainable development projects, including on transport, logistics and infrastructure.  The success of the Central Asian countries in maintaining a further strengthening of stable and lasting peace in the region notably depends on the support of the international community, she underscored, calling on all to cooperate to that end.

AKAN RAKHMETULLIN (Kazakhstan) said to coordinate its joint national efforts and those of the United Nations, his country will establish the United Nations Regional Centre for the Sustainable Development Goals for Central Asia and Afghanistan in Almaty.  The hub will streamline the Organization’s inter-agency regional and interregional coordination and management to transform Central Asia into a zone of peace, security and sustainable development, with a spillover effect into Afghanistan.

Speaking as the Kazakhstan Chairmanship representative to the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia, he said the Conference considers the establishment of confidence-building measures, peace and dialogue as the primary basis for broad cooperation.  It will achieve the goals of sustainable development and socioeconomic well-being on the vast Asian continent.  The Central Asian region is facing unprecedented new and emerging challenges and the forum includes 28 States, with eight observers.  The region’s entire perimeter is surrounded exclusively by Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia member States.  The Conference is a platform that gives Central Asia an outreach to other parts of the Asian continent and neighbouring subregions.  Central Asia tends to gain considerably from the Conference’s multifaceted, multidimensional portfolios.

MARÍA DEL CARMEN SQUEFF (Argentina), underlining the international community’s recognition that the establishment of zones of peace can contribute to the strengthening of economic development and peace, highlighted her country’s experience as an active participant of the zone of peace and cooperation of the South Atlantic.  This zone is notably not only one of peace and cooperation but is also a nuclear-weapon-free zone.  She commended the efforts of Central Asian countries to promote confidence and cooperation at a time when it is more vital than ever.  The success of this initiative, however, will depend on the joint work and determination of the zone’s member States as well as the support of the international community.  In that regard, the current Assembly debate is a sign of that commitment and a promising signal, she said.

MUNIR AKRAM (Pakistan) said his country has made consistent efforts to promote peace and cooperation in its own and adjacent regions.  The Government actively advocated for the creation of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in South Asia for more than two decades.  This was thwarted by the nuclear explosions initiated by its neighbour.  Pakistan has also supported the creation of a zone of peace in the Indian Ocean, as declared by the Assembly in resolution 2832.  His delegation is concerned that the Indian Ocean is being drawn into a geostrategic construct that implies the renewal of rivalries and the emergence of new military alliances.  With these efforts to escalate military and political competition, it is even more vital to preserve Central Asia as a zone of peace.  A peaceful Central Asia can be a bulwark against the extension of conflicts from Europe to Asia and serve as a bridge of peace across the Eurasian landmass.

JONIBEK ISMOIL HIKMAT (Tajikistan) stressed that the Central Asian countries have demonstrated constructive and predictable inter-State relations at a time when the world is experiencing simultaneous crises in security, health, economics, politics and climate change.  In recognizing the significance of economic and social development for its people and the region’s prosperity, his Government has focused on infrastructure development, energy projects and economic diversification; seeks to harness its water potential to drive economic growth and employment; and is open to cooperation to that end.  Mitigating climate change, addressing waste and water pollution and ensuring environmental sustainability are pressing global issues, he continued, spotlighting several of Dushanbe’s initiatives to that end. Regarding its efforts on addressing shared security threats such as terrorism, its financing and drug trafficking, he reiterated his President’s call to build a security belt around Afghanistan while strengthening regional cooperation and coordination.

JOONKOOK HWANG (Republic of Korea) said it is highly commendable that these countries are aligning themselves with the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.  The resolution addresses the importance of preventive diplomacy and the active role of women.  To address the complex transboundary challenges, such as terrorism and climate change, an integrated approach is crucial.  His delegation appreciates the role being played by the United Nations Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia, established in 2007.  The Centre has led to initiatives to empower women and youth.  His delegation supports the Center’s proactive role in addressing the challenges in Afghanistan, which affects peace and stability in the region and beyond.  Climate issues are another crucial challenge facing the Central Asian countries and he welcomed efforts to reach solutions to the region’s water challenges.  Many issues, such as land degradation, require the international community’s consistent attention.  Noting the Republic of Korea’s expanding trade volume with the Central Asian region, he said the Government will continue to expand future economic partnerships with the region, including in digital transformation and health infrastructure.

GERARDO PEÑALVER PORTAL (Cuba) stressed that, to make headway towards a world of peace, the diversity of different political, economic, social, cultural and religious systems must be respected as must the principles and aspirations of the Charter of the United Nations alongside international law.  Noting that the planet is now facing a crisis which began with the COVID-19 pandemic, he pointed out that the world has yet to learn from its mistakes — it continues to waste money by modernizing weapons, billions of dollars which could otherwise be used to achieve peace, sustainable development and a decent life. As such, he urged the international community to focus on eradicating poverty, hunger, disease, ignorance and colonialism’s consequences.  It must also, among other things, address the unjust economic order that reproduces the privileges of rich countries while perpetuating the “lackings” of the poorest. There can be no peace without development, justice and equity, he underscored, spotlighting the United States’ embargo on his country.

SEDAT ÖNAL (Türkiye) said the international community is facing entwined, multi-faceted contemporary challenges, such as international peace and security, sustainable development and human rights.  These challenges cannot be dealt with in isolation from each other.  Greater international cooperation is crucial and each Member State must take action.  Regional cooperation and ownership are essential and Türkiye has contributed to regional efforts to resolve conflicts and address disruptions in the food and energy supply chains.  For example, the country participates in the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation.  Central Asia is key to the region’s stability and this resolution is an important step that shows the collective political will of countries to bolster a culture of cooperation in managing energy resources, trade and transportation initiatives.

AIDA KASYMALIEVA (Kyrgyzstan) pointed out that consultative meetings among the region’s heads of State serve as an important platform for cooperation by ensuring peace and trust.  The fourth such meeting in July 2022 notably confirmed the commitment of Central Asian countries to a constructive and mutually beneficial dialogue and resulted in a treaty on friendship, good-neighbourliness and cooperation for the region’s development. Highlighting a number of issues of importance, including the “Central Asia plus” format and the Regional Centre, she invited Member States and international organizations to further enhance their support of the Five Years of Action for the Development of Mountain Regions.  She also announced that her country aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 44 per cent by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 through the development of hydropower.  She then spotlighted her Government’s cooperation with Uzbekistan on delimiting their border as an example of dialogue and the search for mutually acceptable solutions.

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Where in the world are zones of peace?

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JAIME HERMIDA CASTILLO (Nicaragua) said the Charter of the United Nations asks all Member States to maintain international peace and security and settle their disputes through peaceful means.  The international community recognizes that the creation of zones of peace can help contribute to peace and stability in the specific areas and beyond.  The creation of a zone of peace in Central Asia will help promote cooperation between peoples, countries and cultures.  It is important to maintain territorial integrity and sovereignty as an important part of this work.  Trade and economic openness is important.  The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) created a zone of peace in 2014.  Its people are committed to engage in friendly relations despite their differences.  His delegation supports multilateralism.  Yet there are still countries that do not apply a culture of peace and impose unilateral coercive measures.  He rejected these measures, which are called sanctions, as unfair.  He called for the repeal of these measures.

ANTJE LEENDERTSE (Germany) — noting that Central Asia faces serious challenges which include climate change, water scarcity, geopolitical tensions and the threat of terrorism — stressed that stronger regional cooperation will further promote prosperity by deepening intraregional trade and expanding the use of renewable energy and the protection of natural resources.  The zone of peace in particular can create positive momentum to deepen ties and foster regional cooperation as a strong foundation for maintaining peace and security, bringing forward sustainable and green development and promoting human rights.  For its part, Germany is supporting the Green Central Asia initiative, which focuses on joint regional projects in the fight against the climate crisis; cooperating with all Central Asian States to strengthen comprehensive security within the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE); and funding multiple OSCE projects to foster long-term stability, resilience and prosperity for Central Asia’s young people.

BAKHTIYOR IBRAGIMOV (Uzbekistan) said Central Asian countries have great potential for cooperation and development as they share a common spiritual and cultural-historical heritage, common transport-communication networks and economies that complement one another.  Tashkent strongly believes in strengthening practical cooperation with its neighbours to confront traditional threats of terrorism, organized crime and drug-trafficking, as well as new challenges such as illegal Internet activity.  A long-term peace in Afghanistan can play an important role in connecting Central and South Asia.  His delegation is ready to work with interested Member States to involve Afghanistan in regional economic processes, expand humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people, and promote important social and infrastructure projects.  He recalled Tashkent’s initiative to establish, under United Nations auspices, an international high-level negotiating group.  This group would develop and agree with the de facto government of Afghanistan on a road map of gradual implementation of obligations of the parties.

YOSHINO KOHEI (Japan) noted that 2022 marked the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of his Government’s diplomatic relations with the five Central Asian countries.  Tokyo also established its cooperation mechanism with the region in 2004 — the Central Asia plus Japan dialogue — when no other countries had such a framework of cooperation.  His Government has notably worked with Central Asian countries on tackling a variety of challenges they face, including by providing $4.1 million in grant assistance to empower youth and strengthen social cohesion across the region and by cooperating with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  Building on these achievements, Japan will continue to support peace, sustainability and sustainable development in the region, he pledged.

ROBERT A. WOOD (United States) said his delegation commends the creation of this zone as it creates a foundation for greater cooperation in the region and reinforces the integrated pillars needed for a peaceful society.  The creation of a zone helps strengthen the security of States within the region.  Yet he was disappointed that some delegations fought to prevent the resolution from reaffirming the importance of human rights and international law in sustaining peace.  The resolution should note that human rights and international law are enshrined in the preamble of the Charter of the United Nations.  His delegation was delighted that the role of women in maintaining peace was included.  Women must always participate in the peaceful settlement of disputes at all levels of decision-making.  His delegation is committed to supporting democratic goals in Central Asia.

JAMES KARIUKI (United Kingdom) stressed that cooperation and mutual support between Central Asian countries and their partners is critical given the security challenges facing the region, be it the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan or the economic uncertainty caused by the Russian Federation’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.  In encouraging Central Asian States to continue their work with the Peacebuilding Commission and the Peacebuilding Fund, he underscored that political stability, long-lasting reform and sustainable economic development are necessary for those nations to fulfil their potential.  For its part, the United Kingdom is supporting long-term reform and stability by strengthening its trade links with those countries and working with the region bilaterally and through its regional programming.  He then pointed out that temperatures in the region are expected to rise faster than the global average; observed that this is already driving water scarcity and food insecurity; and called for sustainable solutions.

DAI BING (China) said his delegation supports the establishment of this zone in Central Asia as the world faces many complex challenges and solidarity and trust must be promoted.  China has always supported cooperation that includes mutual benefits.  The upcoming China-Central Asia Summit, which will be held on 18 and 19 May in China, will gather heads of State and will build a closer community and open a new chapter in regional relations.  China will work with these countries to defend the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and build a zone of peace in Central Asia.  China firmly supports the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of these countries.  China opposes the interference of external forces in the internal affairs of Central Asian countries under any pretext.  This would make the region a battleground for geopolitical gains.  He supported efforts to combat terrorism, cybercrime and organized crime.

JOAQUÍN ALBERTO PÉREZ AYESTARÁN (Venezuela), welcoming Central Asian countries’ efforts to promote conflict prevention mechanisms and consolidate regional peace, security and stability, spotlighted his region’s zone of peace and its contributions towards strengthening peace and trust among the Organization’s Member States.  Unfortunately, many of the goals and aspirations within the Charter of the United Nations continue to escape the world’s peoples who yearn for more peace and prosperity.  In that vein, he called on all responsible States to end the ongoing use of inflammatory rhetoric; the use of zero-sum games; punitive, divisive and confrontational approaches; reckless, provocative and unilateral actions; double standards; and the further imposition of agendas of a dubious nature.  Such actions in no way contribute to the aspirations of achieving a lasting peace or preventing the emergence of new conflicts or crises, he underscored, before renewing his Government’s firm determination to defend the Charter.

VASSILY A. NEBENZIA (Russian Federation) said his delegation is a long-standing and reliable partner of the Central Asian nations.  For many years, it has consistently supported the region in its aim for gradual development and this resolution on the zone of peace is an example.  The Russian Federation is also supporting the region by participating in summits.  For example, the first Russian-Central Asian Summit was held in Astana on 14 November 2022.  The region is of major geopolitical significance for the Russian Federation and good relations are essential to maintain its security and stability.  Anti-terrorist activities are important.  The Russian Federation is a key trading partner for the region and a major consumer of Central Asian goods.  Maintenance of the transportation corridors is important to economic development.  The Russian language is prominent in the region, making the Russian Federation an essential part of the region’s labour markets.  He noted that Western parties are seeking to undermine stability through the use of sanctions and imposing their world view on this region.  His delegation is committed to good neighbourly relations.

YASHAR T. ALIYEV (Azerbaijan) said that the zone of peace, trust and cooperation is a shining example of multilateralism and diplomacy which reinforces the three pillars of the United Nations.  It notably contributes to the strengthening of international peace and security while promoting the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, he added. The region’s countries in particular play an important role in ensuring peace, stability and sustainable development as well as in promoting regional and international cooperation in areas such as science and technology, education, environment, trade, transport, culture and others.  His Government notably enjoys friendly relations and constructive cooperation with these countries and has engaged closely in transport, logistics, energy, agriculture and tourism, to name but a few areas.  As such, Baku attaches high importance to further enhancing cooperation by focusing on greater connectivity and communication.

(Editor’s note: The countries of Central Asia do not obey the NATO demand to boycott Russia. The leaders of all Central Asia countries went to Moscow on May 9 to take part in the annual ceremony celebrating the end of World War II.)

Sri Lanka adopts first National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security


An article from UN Women

Sri Lanka has adopted its first National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (WPS), for the period 2023 – 2027 with the support of the Government of Japan and UN Women. The Plan adds to the country’s legal and policy frameworks to protect and empower women in line with international commitments set out in the UN Security Council’s Resolution 1325 (2000). It also aims to strengthen coordination between stakeholders of the women, peace and security agenda, which is vital to sustainable peace and development in Sri Lanka. 

The plan was approved by Sri Lanka’s Cabinet of Ministers on 27 February 2023 and ceremoniously launched on 8th March 2023, on the occasion of International Women’s Day. 

The newly adopted National Action Plan was developed through a consultative process with input from provincial and district level public sector officials, civil society, community-based organizations, women leaders and others with direct and diverse experiences of conflict and crises. It was developed with technical support from UN Women as part of a joint partnership between the Government of Japan and the Government of Sri Lanka.  In 2018, the Government of Japan signed a partnership agreement with Sri Lanka under the G7 WPS framework.

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Prospects for progress in women’s equality, what are the short and long term prospects?

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Speaking on this, Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe stated that while the “status of women in the Asian region is not satisfactory, Sri Lankan women are ahead compared to other countries in the region, and efforts will be made to further expand their rights”. He emphasized that the ‘National Policy on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment’ and the ‘National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security’ will aid in achieving this goal, and the progress made so far was revealed on International Women’s Day. “Sri Lanka will host a meeting of leading women activists from SAARC countries (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) this year to advocate for the inclusion of women’s rights within the organization’s framework. Sri Lanka is committed to working towards achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment in all areas and will take a leadership role in championing the rights of women in the Asian region”.

Highlighting the importance of the National Action Plan, Hon. Geetha Samanmalee Kumarasinghe, State Minister of Women and Child Affairs said: “With the adoption of this action plan, Sri Lanka is equipped for the first time with a policy framework to implement the women, peace and security agenda, which calls for greater participation and representation of women in governance and peacebuilding processes.”  

The National Action Plan further aims to provide targeted support for women who have been and continue to be, directly harmed by conflict, violence and climate insecurity.

In addition, it aims to strengthen the security of marginalized women and girls, and the economic empowerment of women through access to equal opportunities and resources.  

Commenting on Sri Lanka’s progress, H.E. MIZUKOSHI Hideaki, Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka, stated: “The Government of Japan welcomes the timely adoption of this National Action Plan, which will help Sri Lanka’s commitments to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Through our longstanding partnership with UN Women and the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs, Japan is committed to supporting the furtherance of the women, peace and security agenda in Sri Lanka.”  

Prashani Dias, Head of Office a.i. at UN Women Sri Lanka, said: “To help the implementation of this important policy framework, UN Women, with support from the Government of Japan, has provided training on women, peace and security to public-sector officials. Through these programmes, work plans have been jointly developed at the district level to address issues that affect the well-being of women and girls during times of crisis.” 

Apart from these efforts, UN Women has strengthened women’s economic empowerment through entrepreneurship trainings, recognizing that women’s access to employment plays a key role in ensuring their security, and provided women leaders including youth, with skills to promote social cohesion in their communities. 

The adoption of the National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security marks significant progress in furthering gender-responsive conflict and crisis response, while also strengthening the role of women in peacebuilding and conflict-preventative leadership. 

Mr. Rajagopal P. V. to receive the Niwano Peace Prize


A press release from Niwano Peace Foundation

The 40th Niwano Peace Prize will be awarded to Mr. Rajagopal P. V. of India in recognition of his extraordinary work in the service of Justice and Peace. Mr. Rajagopal’s actions in favor of the poorest and most marginalized of his country, carried out through peaceful and nonviolent methods, and his struggle for the recognition of the equal human dignity and equal rights of every man and woman, irrespective of cast or gender, inspires great admiration. His particular accomplishments that garner the highest esteem include negotiating the surrender and facilitating the rehabilitation of gangs, the education of young people in the service of the poor, and, well aware that the primary needs of the poor are water, land, and forests, his commitment to care for the environment.

The presentation ceremony will take place in Tokyo, Japan, on Thursday, May 11, 2023. In addition to an award certificate, Mr. Rajagopal P. V. will receive a medal and twenty million yen.

To avoid undue emphasis on any particular religion or region, every year the Peace Foundation solicits nominations from people of recognized intellectual and religious stature around the world. In the nomination process, some 600 people and organizations, representing 125 countries and many religions, are asked to propose candidates. Nominations are rigorously screened by the Niwano Peace Prize Committee, which was set up in May of 2003 on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Niwano Peace Prize. The Committee presently consists of nine religious leaders from various parts of the world, all of whom are involved in movements for peace and inter-religious cooperation.

Here are some comments by members of the Committee on the selection of Mr. Rajagopal P. V. for this year’s award:

– Rajagopal uses the Gandhian technique of foot-marches for promoting world peace… He has trained many young men and women in nonviolent social practices. His organization is also dedicated to improving the livelihoods of poor people and farmers in India. He is also addressing the problems of climate change and its impact on the lives of the people, especially the marginalized people. A Gandhian like Rajagopal is deserving of the Niwano Peace Prize. (Dr. Ranjana Mukhopadhyaya)

[His] lifelong commitment and work based on Gandhian principles of ‘satyagraha’ and nonviolent activism. [He] addresses structural violence through multiple types of people’s movements which find unique ways to address their most pressing needs and capacities. His approach has global vision, yet began in local Indian communities that spread throughout the country. [He]catalyzed and led many foot marches for land and livelihood rights, tribal rights, some of which have led to land being returned and responsive substantial changes in public policy. (Mr. Somboon Chungprampree)

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How can just one or a few persons contribute to peace and justice?

– With this world characterized by different forms of violence, new approaches are needed to deal with teaching people about non-violence. Also, as the future lies with young people, it is important to actively involve them into promoting world peace and discourage all the wars that are destroying life and the environment. The ideologies such as those based on Gandhi on peace and non-violence could be the pillar or resuscitation of humanity and living together in harmony. People like Mr. Rajagopal, who is the Founder of Ekta Parishad organisation dedicated to Gandhian ideologies of promoting peace and non-violence are key figures that are needed in this world. He believes that peace and non-violence can be addressed successfully through dialogue.

His dedication for world peace made him to organize a year – long nonviolent march covering 12,000 kilometres across ten countries. His activism for peace and justice based on spiritual practice and his focus on young people who are the leaders of the future, can change the present violent nature of this world. His extra strength of not only concentration on his country but spreading his teachings to others globally in the promotion of justice and nonviolence can heal the world. His recognition of the problem of climate change which also affects the lives of people, is also very important as people live in this earth but destroying the environment which results in violent climate changes that kill lots of people, something that could be prevented. He believes that through dialogue the world could work towards the eradication of poverty, encourage social inclusion, act on different ways to deal with climate crisis and halt conflict and violence. (Dr. Nokuzola Mndende)

The Niwano Peace Prize

The Niwano Peace Foundation established the Niwano Peace Prize to honor and encourage individuals and organizations that have contributed significantly to inter-religious cooperation, thereby furthering the cause of world peace, and to make their achievements known as widely as possible. The Foundation hopes in this way both to enhance inter-religious understanding and cooperation and to encourage the emergence of still more persons devoted to working for world peace.

The Prize is named in honor of the founder and first president of the lay Buddhist organization Rissho Kosei-kai, Nikkyo Niwano. For Niwano, peace was not merely an absence of conflict among nations, but a dynamic harmony in the inner lives of people as well as in our communities, nations and the world. Seeing peace as the goal of Buddhism, Niwano devoted much of the latter half of his life to promoting world peace, especially through inter-religious discussion and cooperation.

Here are CPNN articles about some of the previous winners of the Niwano prize:

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2016 – Center for Peace Building and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka, to receive the Niwano Peace Prize

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