Novel Approach to Nuclear Disarmament


Received at CPNN by email from Nomad, Damon
Dear Colleague for Peace,
There are many organizations, campaigns, and initiatives for nuclear disarmament.   Unfortunately, few people can focus on the message, sounds too complex or it’s lost in the buzz of our busy lives.  I have spent the last three years working full-time on a novel way to advocate for the cause, literally novels.  I have written a three-novel trilogy, dedicated to the cause of eliminating nuclear weapons, in the framework of espionage thrillers, without gratuitous violence and wars.

Question related to this article:
Can we abolish all nuclear weapons?

I want to get people interested in disarmament by reading an exciting thriller, founded on science, international relations, and policy.  I have worked and found a publisher. I have no advertising budget or social media platform. I am reaching out to the community of interested people and organizations to help.
Please pass the message on, see the link below to the first book published by Speaking Volumes.
Phantom in the Desert (Nuclear Proliferation Trilogy): Nomad, Damon: 9781645406402: Books