Mexico: Courses and training to build a culture of peace


An article from Tiempo (translation by CPNN)

In order to provide support to teachers in conflict resolution and education for peace, in addition to strengthening educational communities, the State DIF, in collaboration with the Subsecretariat of Education and Sports of the North Zone , offers courses and training to improve practices and school coexistence.

The Directorate of the Family Strengthening Center, of the State DIF, promotes these courses —which are based on activities through games— to build a culture of peace, through conflict negotiation and resolution.

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Question for this article:

Is there progress towards a culture of peace in Mexico?

Where is peace education taking place?

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Marta Rodríguez, who is the coordinator of the Family Strengthening Center, mentioned that the methodology on which they are based to impart these trainings is a form of socio-affective learning that teaches adults to resolve conflicts.

In addition, this coordination offers other activities focused on eradicating violence including suicide prevention, reflections on parenting, violence prevention, positive parenting, personal care, family life, etc.

Those interested in these courses and materials can contact the telephone 629 3300, extension 55605, or email

Currently, due to the health emergency facing the country, the courses are being carried out virtually, however, once the authorities of the health sector agree, it is intended to continue with the work in person.