Les Héritiers du Zouglou release a maxi single to raise awareness among Ivorians


An article from Linfodrome (translation by CPNN)

“Les Héritiers du Zouglou” released this Thursday, October 01, 2020 a maxi single of two titles, “Never again” and “My Zouglou”. Faced with the tense socio-political situation in Côte d’Ivoire, Bloco, one of the members of the group, confided that the objective is to sensitize the political class and the Ivorians, in particular the youth, to peace and social cohesion.

The Héritiers du Zouglou call on Ivorians to raise collective awareness.

A few weeks away from the presidential election scheduled for October 31, 2020, Les Héritiers du Zouglou are making their return to the Ivorian music scene with two titles, “Never again” and “My Zouglou”. In their songs, they particularly invite young people, political leaders and all the sons and daughters of the Ivory Coast to the culture of peace.

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The strong lyrics of their maxi single call out. “We want peace. We don’t want any more war. Never again in my country. It is hand in hand that we will have development,.”

Bloco Héritier spoke of their source of inspiration. “It was the current events that inspired us. The events that took place in the different cities also inspired us,” he said.

In their maxi single, Les Héritiers du Zouglou make it clear that Ivorian politics and the future of Côte d’Ivoire are not necessarily linked to the three great political leaders who are Henri Konan Bédié, Gbagbo Laurent and the current president, Alassane Ouattara. “Their time will pass, but the Ivory Coast will always remain,” Bloco Héritier remarked.