‘Culture of peace’, a possible future according to David Adams (Editorial preview)


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For centuries, it has been believed that violence is part of the underlyig nature of the human being. But many thinkers and activists are not convinced of that assumption.


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Question for this article:

What are the most important books about the culture of peace?

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In Culture of Peace: A Possible Utopia (Herder), David Adams presents a detailed study based on biology, history and civilizations to locate the origin and cultural causes of violence for more than 2000 years. Likewise, he proposes strategies and traces paths to achieve peace, not as an idea, but as a culture. With his scientific idealism, this neurobiologist of aggression and manager of peace pursues a premise: if war and violence are a human invention, then the human being can also invent and build peace.

Together we can create ourselves as free and responsible beings to act with our own reflections and never again to the dictates of anyone, according to the developer of the UNESCO Culture of Peace Program.

Below and with the permission of Herder editorial we offer part of his book to our readers. (Click here).