Mexico: Oaxaca’s Judicial Power promotes a culture of peace


An article reprinted from the Quadratin Oaxaca (translation by CPNN)

The Superior Court of Justice of Oaxaca has signed a collaboration agreement with the College of Scientific and Technological Studies of the State of Oaxaca (CECyTEO) to promote the culture of peace.

The President of the Court, Eduardo Pinacho Sánchez reported that “together, combining our efforts, resources, wills and the corresponding technical capacities, we can work with better results to achieve a culture of peace among the educational community.”

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Mediation as a tool for nonviolence and culture of peace

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He pointed out that an approach to peace will be offered through the Alternative Justice Center; the approach includes school mediation and restorative justice as conflict resolution mechanisms that empower students to collaborate and contribute to harmonious educational and social spaces.

Pinacho Sánchez stressed that this agreement signifies the recognition and awareness that justice does not depend solely on the Judiciary. “The solution of the conflicts that arise within society does not only correspond to the judges who at a given moment have to pass a sentence. The responsibility rests with all people without exception, to all sectors of society and institutions; it is a general responsibility that we must assume. ”

Gathered in the facilities of the Council of the Judiciary, under the sanitary measures decreed by the federal and state authorities, the President of the Court stressed that the culture of peace must be fostered from the family and the areas in which the first contacts and relationships of a social nature take place, such in the schools where children and young people can acquire the ability and capacity to resolve our own conflicts.