More than 29 thousand people registered in the Second International Montessori Congress, a free virtual event


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From July 6 to 10, the second International Montessori Congress will be held, organized by Miriam Escacena, head of Your Montessori Guide, and by the renowned researchers, trainers and founders of Montessori Canela International, who this year will join the organization of this international event, Marco Zagal and Betzabé Lillo Orellana, who contribute their more than 10 years of experience in teacher training and transformation of schools in Spain and various countries.

The virtual event will bring together thirty experts from Spain, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Sweden, France, Slovakia and Italy. Most of the speakers are friends and collaborators of Montessori Canela and will speak on different topics related to education as an element of social change. The presentations can be seen for free during the week of July 6-10.

In Montessori schools, the children are not required to sit passively in regimented rows of desks.

In Spain there are around 150 Montessori schools.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of María Montessori, the founder of Montessori schools.

The program is based on eight axes: Montessori Education, Human Development, Inclusive Education, Educational Neuroscience, Public Schools, Educating with the family and Educational documentary films, united by the theme “Educating in the now: Montessori, culture of peace” ..

The opening ceremony will take place on Sunday, July 5 at 6:00 p.m. in mainland Spain and will be broadcast through the organizers’ social networks.

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Betzabé Lillo Orellana points out that “the purpose of this congress is to be able to convey a message of hope, optimism and tranquility in a context as uncertain as we are in, which is why we emphasize Educating in the Now, since it is important to take this crisis as an opportunity to rethink how we want to live life, discovering the essentials in everyday life, getting closer to the real meaning of happiness.”
The Congress promises a space that allows participants to :

– Become aware of the human potential that is present in the adverse situations of life, because, well oriented and accompanied, they become a source of growth to consider adversity as an opportunity.

– Search for alternatives to find within yourself that energy that is needed to overcome and advance in any difficult or problematic situation that we are experiencing.

– Connect with the creativity that is in each child, youth and adult as part of their being, as a transforming force that takes greater prominence in family, socio-cultural and specific adversity situations such as what happens in these times of pandemic.

– Know experiences, life stories and the creative duality of theory and practice in different areas that favor a more humane education.

– Mutually share inspiration to be able to help all of us nurture an awareness that helps us see that everything we are experiencing is an opportunity to change and grow.

This Congress is aimed at all people who seek to contribute to a better education, to a better society. Marco Zagal explains to us that “there are parents, professionals, and self-taught people from different areas who are always looking to learn something new or reinforce ideas that allow them to create respectful spaces in the different areas of childhood and adolescence. The contribution that we believe this Congress will give to families and professionals is directly related to a broader understanding of what children and adolescents are, and how caring for their psychological, emotional, social and physical life is the best gift. and the best inheritance that we can leave them. ”

Miriam Escacena highlights that “after the success of the congress last year, this year we are once again uniting with a spirit of trust with great expectation”. In these times in which we are facing a true paradigm shift, in which that change in the educational system that so many long for is finally coming true, accessible and quality initiatives are necessary more than ever.