Nicaragua: Peace Commissions contribute to the prevention of violence against women


An article by Iliana Vásquez for TN8 (translation by CPNN)

The Reconciliation, Justice and Peace Commissions have assumed as part of the peace culture agenda to collaborate in the development of government policies and programs aimed at the prevention of violence against women, at any of its levels, as reported this Thursday by deputy Carlos Emilio López.

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“They are concerned with the prevention of femicides and other crimes against women, prevention of violence towards children, prevention of computer aggressions such as porno-revenge; as well as opposing other things that manipulate, deceive or destroy the dignity of women,” he said the FSLN deputy.

López said that 7,171 Reconciliation, Justice and Peace Commissions have been established and are operating throughout the country.

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The deputy member of the Commission of Women, Youth, Children and Family of the National Assembly indicated that the commissions are integrating young people from different sectors to consolidate the culture of peace.

“Broken down by departments; we have in Nueva Segovia 450, in Madriz 192, in Estelí 331, in Chinandega 609, in León 542, in Managua 977, in Masaya 346, in Carazo 225, in Granada 279, in Rivas 286, in Chontales 287 , in Boaco 375,” he reported.


According to report number 12 detailing the qualitative and quantitative progress of the commission facilities; in Rio San Juan, 355 have been created, in Central Zelaya 324, in Jinotega 246, in Matagalpa 896, in the Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean 52, in the Autonomous Region of the South Caribbean 73 and in the Mining Triangle 320.

Among other concerns, the commission is calling on countries to take urgent action to stop the thousands of forest fires that have broken out in the Amazon.

“We must stop the thousands of fires that are burning the lung of the Earth. Not only to save the Plurinational State of Bolivia and its president Evo Morales; but to act in a coordinated way to protect one of the origins of life, of the planet”, emphasized the deputy.

In this way, the Reconciliation, Justice and Peace Commissions fulfill the commitment assumed with Nicaragua and the international community to raise their voices in situations that affect the world population, while fulfilling the commitments assumed for the good of Nicaraguans.