Colombia: University students demand implementation of the peace agreement


An article from Caracol (translation by CPNN)

Margarita Villota, a graduatee of the Universidad del Rosario, says that the resolution of any conflict should not be through the use of weapons, but through legality and political means. “Although it is unfortunate,” the formation of a group of dissidents that have once again threatened to take up arms was to be expected in Colombia, since it has occurred historically in other conflicts, such as in Northern Ireland, Guatemala or South Africa.

Villota points out that it is necessary to build a culture of peace in which citizens can raise their voice and express themselves freely. At the same time, she explains that,their collective rejects the retaking of arms by ex-leaders, as well as all actions outside the framework of legality.

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David Gómez, who belongs to the group, explains that, in view of the dissidents, the agreement is not yet secured, and that is why it is necessary to defend everything agreed in the peace accords if we are to protect the victims and ensure the non-repetition of the war.

The group of the Universidad del Rosario, together with other universities such as Andes, Externado, Nacional and Tadeo, demands that the government guarantee and commit to the right to peace.

“The plan is to seek and support people who were part of the guerrillas, who believe in peace and who are in productive processes or pursuing programs in universities. These people show the country that the majority of the former guerrillas, those were previously in armed conflict, want peace today like the rest of Colombia,” explains Villota.

According to Iván Márquez and Jesús Santrich, Rosaristas Por la Paz considers it necessary for the citizens to appropriate the Peace Process and demand their constitutional right to peace.

David Gómez clarifies that, in recent days, students and graduates of different universities have hael actions, such as last Friday where they papered Bogotá asking for the war to stop, just as they are planning actions for the coming weeks.

The group was started by students and graduates of the Universidad del Rosario to promote the “Yes” in the campaign for the Plebiscite and, subsequently, with the loss of those votes, to develop actions so that an agreement will be reached.