2nd Walk for the Culture of Peace in Cotia, Brazil, receives support from the World March for Peace and Nonviolence


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On Sunday 09/18/2019, people from the city of Cotia and neighboring municipalities attended the program of the 2nd edition of the Walk for a Culture of Peace, which took place on Sunday (18), in Cotia. The event had the participation of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence, several cultural, ethnic, religious and popular movements.

The Walk is carried out by the City of Cotia, through the Secretariat of Sports, Culture and Leisure, and by the Peace Commission, composed of the Department of Culture and representatives of civil society: Casa de Airá – Tradition and Culture; Instituto Gira-Sol; Casa Olê Orixá Obá Ayrá; Lazaro de Aruanda Flight Temple and The Message from Silo – Parque de Estudos e Reflexão Caucaia.

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The walk, the universal color of Peace, the white, was predominant and the atmosphere of fraternity hovered over the participants. “This event is the celebration of our Movement of the Culture of Peace, of resistance and defense of the rights of people, of cultural and religious diversity. Several fronts and ideologies join hands against prejudice, violence and intolerance.

We are different, we think different, we have different histories, we have different religions, but we are equal in rights. The Commission proposes this dialogue with society, a dialogue for peace through peace”, the Commission notes. For the Secretary of Sports, Culture and Leisure, Givaldo, “The Walk for a Culture of Peace is the biggest mobilization of an event that happens all year round, that holds several meetings and debates with the population”.

According to Gilmar de Almeida, Culture Manager of the city, the event is taking shape and, from now on, Cotia will act in the sense of regionalizing the Path for the Culture of Peace. “Such an important event as this cannot be limited to Cotia. We will seek to expand it, regionalize it, because the fight for peace can have no border,” he said.

In this context the 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence that will “march” from 02/10/2019 to 08/03/2019, traveling around the globe passing through Cotia around 12/12/19, considers very important to support and participate in local events like this held in the city of Cotia.

The Message of Silo, one of the promoters since the last edition of the journey, was also present on this journey. In addition to taking part in the organizational meetings, Silo also disseminated the values of peace and non-violence through its meetings and ceremonies that facilitate the approach to the theme. And the Park of Studies and Reflection Caucaia, through the different people applied in the investigation and promotion of Peace and Nonviolence was also present