France: Culture for Peace Award to The Artists in Exile Workshop


Excerpts from the website of L’Atelier des Artistes en Exil: (translation by CPNN)

The Artists in Exile Workshop (L’Atelier des Artistes en Exil) has won the Culture for Peace Award, given by the Chirac Foundation .

about the workshop

Europe is witnessing on its territory the greatest population movement of its seventy years. Among these people are artists forced to flee their country. Being a refugee is not a profession, but the role of art is to say and show what disturbs and to make heard the voice of the oppressed. It is through the voice of its artists that the cultures of countries at risk may continue to be perpetuated. Thus, it is important that refugee artists can continue to practice their art.

This is why the workshop of artists in exile proposes to identify artists in exile of all origins, all disciplines, to accompany them according to their situation and their needs, to offer them workspaces and put them in contact with professionals (French and European networks), in order to give them the means to practice their art and restructure themselves.

The artists’ workshop in exile is also developing its own multidisciplinary festival, Visions d’exil, in collaboratio with partner venues.

our mission

a dedicated place for the aa-e at 102 rue des Poissonniers 75018 Paris

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Question for this article:

Do the arts create a basis for a culture of peace?, What is, or should be, their role in our movement?

The refugee crisis, Who is responsible?

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The artists’ workshop in exile offers:

* a welcome and advice area where artists are received individually and where their needs are identified;

* a convivial space where artists can come, have computers connected to the internet, meet in small numbers, organize appointments;

* spaces of artistic practice where artists can come to work

. . . punctually or in the form of residences, punctuated by demonstrations

. . . under the direction of professionals, art workshops before an amateur audience.

you are an artist in exile …

You were a professional artist in your country, you had an artistic activity in your country, you want to restart or develop your practice, the workshop can:

* take stock of your situation;

* provide meeting and work places;

* find equipped workspaces:

* arrange meetings with professionals;

* organize moments of visibility with the public;

* link with other artists to exchange or complete a project;

* help write a resume or an artistic file;

* relay your profile and projects on its website;

* assist the editing of your project;

* set up courses and trainings;

* inform about the French cultural system;

* facilitate administrative procedures;

* provide advice and indicate the right legal and social interlocutors;

* propose the conduct of workshops.