France: Several thousand students have signed a manifesto in which they pledge not to work for companies that disagree with their values


An article by Clothilde Bru for Konbini News

In the face of the environmental and social disaster we are facing, we students are worried.

We think that collectively speaking the changes we want to happen is a first step. It’s high time to wake up! Here is our manifesto.

For an ecological alarm clock (@ReveilUn) September 26, 2018

“What good is it to ride to work on a bike if we are working for a company whose business contributes to accelerating climate change?” The day after the publication of IPCC report , (the Group of intergovernmental experts on climate change) recalling the absolute need to limit global warming to 1.5 ° C, thousands of French students have decided to act.

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Question for this article:

Despite the vested interests of companies and governments, Can we make progress toward sustainable development?

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Uploaded less than a month ago, our Student Manifesto for an ecological alarm clock has already collected 11,800 signatures. Joined by university students, these are students from the best schools in France (HEC, Normal Higher Schools, Agro …) who are at the origin of this initiative , as explained by France inter.

The text starts from this implacable conclusion: “our societies continue their trajectory towards an environmental and human catastrophe.” Hence the need to change course. Aware of the strength we represent and our future weight in the labor market, we have decided to commit themselves:

“As we get closer to our first job, we realize that the system we are part of is leading us to positions that are often incompatible with the fruit of our reflections and confines us to everyday contradictions.”

This means choosing our employer according to its carbon footprint: “We want to take advantage of the power we enjoy as students by turning to potential employers with the demands expressed in this manifesto. . ”

The success of this text is a pledge of hope as the situation is more critical than ever.

(Thank you to Kiki Chauvin, the CPNN reporter for this article.)

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  1.  Study in Canada
    In France education has a clear goal: the system must always produce a group of well-educated people with a common culture, language and skills that can serve the state. The French educational system has a very strong emphasis on content, culturally specific knowledge, scientific and mathematical knowledge. The system is designed to meet the needs of the state; individuality and originality are not considered worthwhile values

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