Mexico: Hip-hop: coexistence for peace


An article by Maribel Sánchez for Diario de Xalapa

With the aim of contributing to the creation of spaces that foster social and community coexistence of youth in favor of culture and peace, on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 December, feature films will be screened in Xalapa, along with a dialogue table, an open forum of hip-hop and a photographic exhibition of street art.

Titled Hip-hop: coexistence for peace. Art, culture and celebration, the meeting is coordinated by representatives of the Collective Cinema Collection, the Center for Culture and Communication Studies, the Music, Society and Globalization Seminar and the Anthropological Looks workshop (Ciesas-Golfo), which coincide in that “Hip-hop as a youth culture has been stigmatized by relating it to conduct of clandestinity, illegality, delinquency and poverty, spreading a negative image of the people involved in it.”

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Question for this article:

What place does music have in the peace movement?

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However, they clarify that hip-hop is an artistic and cultural movement that integrates a universe of expressions that go from the local to the global. They also see it “as a way of life adopted by young people to express themselves, to be visible to society and to coexist with other sectors of the population”, reasons why through it they will seek to transmit a message of non-violence.

Some of the questions on which it will reflect are: How to weave networks of youth in with diverse and heterogeneous citizenship? How do people’s experiences start from cultural communities? Can hip-hop guide us towards possible paths of peace?

Salvador Ponce, Ana I. León, Mariano Báez and Homero Ávila inform interested parties that the first activity will be Friday at 6:00 pm in the Aula Clavijero (Juárez 55), where the documentary Somos Lengua will be exhibited, with which the Director Kyzza Terrazas explores the relationship that some Mexican rappers have with words, expressing their immediate day by day reality.

On Saturday 9, from 12 a.m. to 9 p.m. in Espacio Obra Negra (91 De la Rosa Street, Colonia Salud), the day will begin with the dialogue table Hip-Hop: youth and culture of peace, to continue with the screening of short films by filmmakers Locals, an open hip hop forum and the exhibition 20 years of street art in Xalapa, by photographer Ulises Martínez Ciprés, in collaboration with Roberto Ruiz and Amehd Villegas. At the closing will be the presence of Dj Aka and Stilo (Línea Enferma).

The entrance to each of the activities will be free.