Brazil: State Government of Acre establishes union with institutions for the culture of peace


Un artigo das Notícias do Acre

Governor Tião Viana received in the Civil House, on Thursday, 7, the institutions that form the group Walk for Peace in Acre that is led by the Rotary Club of Penápolis. The meeting was an initiative to express the government’s support for the group’s actions and to propose new actions for the culture of peace.

Tião Viana proposed the creation of a permanent committee to discuss public security (Photo: Sérgio Vale / Secom)

The governor thanked the determination of all who, together, have worked the involvement of society in the debate for public safety. “We have to unite and fight to win with peace and truth. We only have one way to combat violence, it is to have a culture of peace in our society. The biggest problem is the drug trade that is invading our country,” said Tião Viana.

The governor’s proposal is that a permanent committee be set up with these institutions to discuss various public security issues. The idea was accepted by the representatives and an agenda for joint debate will soon be established.

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The culture of peace at a regional level, Does it have advantages compared to a city level?

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The group has been running for three years a trip through the city of Rio Branco in order to bring the message of peace and harmony. The last edition was held on November 30. “We need to cultivate a harmonious coexistence in society. For this, we have to make people aware that there is no other path than peace, “said Manoel de Jesus Lima, popularly known as “Garrincha”, a member of Rotary and coordinator of the Walk.


Several institutions of the civil society of Acre are involved, as well as government agencies such as the Military Police. They are: Scouts of Brazil, State Public Ministry, House of Friendship, Brazilian Bar Association, Apae, Diocese of Rio Branco, Brazilian Army, Federation of Acre Industries, Masonry, among others.

“Here we have countless institutions seeking to build a culture of peace, which necessarily begins at home and then radiates to the streets, through schools and various environments. Here we are building an environment that can definitely contribute, now with a permanent meeting, “said Emylson Farias, Secretary of Security.

“Governor, you put something at the Meeting of Governors [held in Rio Branco in October this year] that needs to be considered: the issue of public security is affecting our sovereignty. In this sense, we begin to question whether our mission is being well fulfilled. Providing a sense of security is also our mission, so we are always willing to work in partnership with the Secretariat of Public Security in coping with crime, “said Colonel Wellington Valone, commander of the Acre Border Command / 4th Battalion of Jungle Infantry. He pointed out that because Acre is a border area, the Army has legal responsibility to address cross-border crime which interferes directly with security.