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How effective are mass protest marches?

A study, described in CPNN, finds that nonviolent resistance, including mass protest marches, are more effective than violent resistance in both the short term and the long term. The analysis, stemming from a research project on Nonviolent Resistance and Democratic Consolidation, is based on 101 democratic transitions that occurred within the time period of 1945 to 2006. Using data from the Varieties of Democracy Database the researchers analyze improvements for civil society organizations (CSOs, i.e. interest groups, labor unions, religious organizations, social movements, and classic NGOs) after democratic transitions. They compare cases where democratization was induced by an NVR campaign (like Poland and Benin) with transition cases that did not feature an NVR campaign (i.e. violent or elite-led transitions). The four aspects of CSOs that were evaluated include: (1) independence from government, (2) freedom from repression, (3) consultation of CSOs for policymaking, and (4) participation in CSOs.

This question applies to the following recent articles in CPNN:

2 October: 3rd World March for Peace and Nonviolence officially launched in the Spanish Congress of Deputies

Honduras: A massive march cries out for peace in Olancho

Indian farmers call off lengthy protest after govt assurances

Thousands demonstrate in France to stop violence against women

VIEW Reactions to India’s decision to repeal farm laws

Successful start of the Latin American March for Nonviolence, Multiethnic and Pluricultural

USA: Women Rally for Abortion Justice Amid ‘Unprecedented Attack’ on Reproductive Rights

Belarus: Women at the forefront of human rights struggle

Irate farmers storm Delhi on tractors as tear gas deployed and internet cut off in scramble to defend Indian capital

France: Thousands protest against bill to curb filming of police

‘Stop Lukashenko’: Hundreds of Thousands Protest Against Belarusian Leader for Eighth Straight Day

Tens of thousands march in southern India to protest citizenship law

A Worldwide Revolution Is Underway

Kazakhstan: Protests of presidential vote bring 500 arrests

Czech Republic: Prague crowds demand PM Andrej Babis step down

Sudan: top UN official demands cessation of violence and rape against civilians by security forces

Hong Kong protesters march demanding leader resign

Brazil: general strike highlights Bolsonaro’s weakness

Celebrating arrests, but still pushing for change, protesters rally in Algeria

Israeli woman hold mass rallies to protest rising violence against women

France: More people marched in the demonstration #NousToutes than in the demonstration of the “Yellow Jackets”

How Nonviolent Resistance Helps to Consolidate Gains for Civil Society after Democratization

Philippine Catholics march against Duterte’s deadly war on drugs

Live long and protest: the power of mass action is alive in Romania

USA: Women’s marches fight back against inauguration of Trump

Nonviolence Highlights in 2016

40,000 Create Human Chains to Protest Violence in Honduras

March of Hope gathers 20,000 in historic Jerusalem rally

Colombia: Youth for Peace: Mass marches in 16 cities across the country

Papua New Guinea: Thousands march to ‘make a stand for peace’

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The right to form and maintain trade unions, is it being respected?

This question pertains to the following CPNN articles:

Indigenous trade unionists from around the world call for more inclusion and solidarity: “We are not just there to sing the songs and do the opening prayer”

United States: Workers Rising in the South

United States: Labor’s Uptick Isn’t Just Hype

USA” BAmazon Union Vote: The Opening Salvo in a Long Struggle!

USA: Will COVID-19 Spur a Wave of Unionization?

Canada: teachers are victorious as bargaining rights acknowledged by Supreme Court

Canadá: los docentes celebran el reconocimiento de los derechos de negociación colectiva por parte de la Corte Suprema

Canada: la Cour suprême entérine le droit de négociation, les enseignant(e)s savourent leur victoire

Malaysia: Tenaganita Still Fighting for Women Workers’ Rights, 25 Years On

Victory for workers’ rights at the United Nations

What is the state of human rights in the world today?

Recent articles published by CPNN indicate that the state of human rights has gone backwards in recent years. In the face of this retreat, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, has urged all people to “push back the violence and hatred which threaten our world.”

Speaking ahead of International Human Rights Day, Zeid warned that “if the growing erosion of the carefully constructed system of human rights and rule of law continues to gather momentum, ultimately everyone will suffer.”

The failure of global leaders to deal with complex social issues like the massive wealth gap, discrimination, and climate change have led to growing numbers of people to turn to “the siren voices exploiting fears, sowing disinformation and division, and making alluring promises they cannot fulfill,” he said, in a nod to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.

“Discrimination, yawning economic disparities, and the ruthless desire to gain or maintain power at any cost are the principal drivers of current political and human rights crises,” he said.

One set of articles indicates that the fightback has already begun in the United States.

Here are some recent articles in CPNN on the question “What is the state of human rights in the world today?”:

The State of the World’s Human Rights: Amnesty International’s Annual Report 2022/23

Amnesty International: Human Rights wins in 2022

Nobel Peace Prize 2023: PRIO Director’s Shortlist Announced

Leftist President of Honduras Blocks Indigenous Community’s Eviction

Amnesty International : 33 human rights wins to celebrate this year

Annual Report of Amnesty International : COVID-19 hits those shackled by oppression hardest thanks to decades of inequalities, neglect and abuse

Amnesty International: New generation of young activists lead fight against worsening repression in Asia

Global Human Rights Movement Issues Travel Warning for the U.S. due to Rampant Gun Violence

South Africa Launches Plan to Combat Xenophobia and Racism

Amnesty International: After Christchurch, how to beat Islamophobia and hate

Amnesty International: Oppressive, sexist policies galvanize bold fight for women’s rights in 2018

After escaping 35 years of slavery, this black Mauritanian woman is running for office

9th International Conference on Human Rights Education

‘Fascist Rhetoric’ Becoming Commonplace in US and Europe: UN

UN: National Human Rights Institutions will play a more strategic role in education

2015: When Global Governments Trampled Human Rights in Name of National Security

15 Indigenous Rights Victories That You Didn’t Hear About in 2015

UN: Worldwide displacement hits all-time high as war and persecution increase

Amnesty International: A Devastating Year

For articles prior to 2015, click here.

The struggle for human rights, is it gathering force in the USA?

CPNN finds ample evidence that the fightback in the USA to defend peace and human rights is underway. It begins at the local level, as it must be if it is to be sustainable. And it is being led by young people and women, as it must be if it is to have the energy to succeed.

This question pertains to the following articles:

USA: Women Rally for Abortion Justice Amid ‘Unprecedented Attack’ on Reproductive Rights

58 Years After Historic Rally, Thousands March on Washington for Voting Rights, DC Statehood

USA: Exoneration of Scott Warren is a triumph for humanity

Ocasio-Cortez Delivers Powerful Call for Justice as Third Women’s March Kicks Off in New York

October 31, 2018: USA: Planned Parenthood Strikes Back: Preparing for the Worst in the Wake of Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

August 4, 2018: Teachers, activists denounce U.S. immigration policies, attempt to deliver books, toys to detained children

July 25, 2018: USA: A call to resist immigrant concentration camps

February 6, 2018: State Of The City: We’re The Resistance (New Haven, CT, USA)

January 20, 2018: Women’s March protests across America against President Trump

July 20, 2017: USA: Labor Unions Are Stepping Up To Fight Deportations

July 20, 2017: USA: People’s Congress of Resistance

June 26, 2017: U.S. Conference of Mayors Opposes Military-Heavy Trump Budget

June 15, 2017: USA: A Call to Mobilize the Nation through 2018

April 3, 2017: Sanctuary city leaders vow to remain firm, despite threats from U.S. attorney general

February 16, 2017: Restaurants Will Test If The U.S. Can Stomach ‘A Day Without Immigrants’

February 16, 2017: USA: Army veterans forming human shield to protect NoDAPL protesters at Standing Rock

February 3, 2017: A Call to Address Identity-based Violence through Teach-ins at American Universities [and around the World]

January 30, 2017: Donald Trump Declared War On ‘Sanctuary Cities.’ They’re Already Fighting Back

January 22, 2017: USA: Women’s marches fight back against inauguration of Trump

January 20, 2017: USA: Immigrants Prepped For Raids

December 9, 2016: USA: 13 Minnesota churches eye ‘underground railroad’ for those facing deportation

December 9, 2016: USA: Inside the Churches That Are Leading New York’s Sanctuary Movement

November 24, 2016: Tabling for peace in the USA: A new sense of urgency

November 24, 2016: Tucson students learn ‘non-violence’ way of life amidst anti-Trump protests

November 21, 2016: US Election: The fightback for human rights is already underway

November 21, 2016: USA: ’Sanctuary city’ mayors pledge to fight Trump’s threats to immigrants

November 20, 2016: USA: ‘Sanctuary campus’ protests demand universities protect immigrants

November 20, 2016: USA: To Counter Trump, Women Are Mobilizing for Massive March on Washington

Is there progress towards democracy and respect for human rights in Myanmar?

It seems that there is progress in Myanmar since the release from long imprisonment and election to parliament of Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

Here are CPNN articles on this progression:

September 4, 2016: The Elders welcome Myanmar peace conference

July 8, 2016: Teachers lead the way towards Peace in their Classrooms and Communities in Rakhine State, Myanmar

May 3, 2016: Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi Pushes for Peace With Ethnic Rebels

December 13, 2012: Myanmar Invites Nonviolent Peaceforce to Support Peace Processes

August 5, 2012: NGOs in Myanmar for promoting human rights

January 30, 2012: Burma: Suu Kyi confirms run for parliament seat