What are some good films and videos that promote a culture of peace?

Here are some films recommended by our readers. To add more, see the comment field below.

Film from South Africa: Everything Must Fall

Pre-screening of the film “The Forgiven” starring Forest Whitaker at UNESCO

Film: Truth, Deception and the Spirit of I.F. Stone

Film review: Disturbing the Peace

Snowden: Best Film of the Year

Documentary Review: “Where to Invade Next” by Michael Moore

Edward Snowden Congratulates Laura Poitras for Winning Best Documentary Oscar for Citizenfour

WACC-SIGNIS Human Rights Award 2013 Goes to “Caminhos da paz”

Giving rice for free!

PLURAL+ 2012 Youth Video Festival on Migration and Social Inclusion

Projet de festival international de marionnettes

Interfaith Jury Awards ‘The Orange Suit’ in Fajr International Film Festival

Black International Cinema Berlin: May 2-6, 2012

Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contes

Fourth Contest of Animations for Peace

Photo Contest: Peace in Young People’s Eyes

Gaming for Peace and Justice

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