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Fourth Contest of Animations for Peace
an article by Tendencias 21 (Madrid)

The organizations Fundació per la Pau and Fundación Cultura de Paz announce the fourth annual Contest of Animations for Peace, which, this year, will have as its theme “Let us construct peace day by day”.

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This Contest of animations for Peace involves the collaboration the following organizations: Afca, Animac, Animadeba, Animadrid, Asifa Catalunya, Asifa Francia, Cinema Truffaut, Cinemes Girona, Coordinadora d’ONG de Lleida,, EHU - Universidad País Vasco, Emav, ESDIP, Filmets, Museu del cinema, Pangea, Pluralia TV, Universitat de València y XTVL.

The announcement calls for work in two modalities: spots - works of less of a minute of duration, and shorts - of more of a minute of duration, within two categories; junior - less than 18 years, and senior - more than 18 years. The closing date for entries will be the May 30, 2012.

The films can be realised in any technique of animation (drawing, plastilina, flash, etc). Those who are interested in participating should consult the Website of the contest.

The winning animations will receive a prize of 300 € in each one of the two categories of the spot modality and 600 € in those of the short modality. The winner of the Public Prize will receive 200 €.

In addition, all of the winning works along with others that the jury considers to have appropriate quality will be included in a DVD to be exhibited in diverse festivals, contests, cinemas and television. Also they will be displayed permanently on the website of the Contest of Animations for Peace.

For further information, contact Fundación Cultura de Paz; Ana Barrero;

(Click here for a Spanish version of this article)


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Can popular art help us in the quest for truth and justice?,

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Latest reader comment:

The winning entries in the animation contest may be found at the following internet address:

This report was posted on November 12, 2011.