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Battered Women’s Support Services commemorates Prevention of Violence Against Women Week

"BWSS has launched an awareness campaign drawing attention on the effects witnessing abuse has on children.  . . bus shelter ads are positioned around the Vancouver, BC. People are invited to share photos of the ads through social media"

Power and Resistance at the World Social Forum in Tunisia

"This is the second time the forum has been held in Tunisia, illustrating its significance in the struggle for a just world more than four years after mass mobilisation across the country inspired uprisings across the region and further abroad."

World Social Forum in Tunis: Another world is possible, without the 1%

"I am proud to join the leaders of Greenpeace, ActionAid, Civicus and the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) in highlighting the urgent need to tackle the vested interests of the 1 percent, in order to build a better world for all of humanity."

Closing of the World Social Forum: Citizens of the world versus terrorism and oppression

"The 2015 edition of the WSF is an important step towards universal activism advocating socio-economic change through the participation of more than 50,000 people representing 5,800 organizations including 270 related to youth"

Clôture du Forum social mondial : Les citoyens du monde contre le terrorisme et l’oppression des peuples

"L’édition 2015 du FSM est une importante étape sur la voie du militantisme universel prônant un changement socio- économique à travers la participation de plus de 50 mille personnes représentant 5.800 associations dont 270 en rapport avec la jeunesse"

Gobiernos respaldan nuevas funciones para la Comisión de la Mujer

" Esto consolidará los esfuerzos para incorporar la igualdad de género en todos los debates y medidas mundiales sobre desarrollo sostenible."

Les gouvernements approuvent de nouveaux rôles pour la Commission de la condition de la femme

"Ceci renforcera les initiatives d’intégration de l’égalité des sexes à travers l’ensemble des actions et des débats mondiaux sur le développement durable."

USA: Discipline Reformers Get A “Restorative” Lesson

"That is what it looks like . . . when a school successfully implements a culture of “restoration” instead of punishment."

Nonviolent Peaceforce: Women’s Peacekeeping Teams incorporated into South Sudan communities

"now we are a team and it is our right and our responsibility to make peace"

African Women's Journal: African Women in Power/Politics

"we continue to wrestle with power, make our voices heard and bring about lasting change which can be felt by the coming generations . . . A lutta continua. "

The Self-Employed Women’s Association: Shining a light on India’s poor

"the grassroots trade union SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association) has been working since 2009 to promote its “Green Livelihoods Campaign” – known as “Hariyali” in the local language – to provide cheap access to sustainable energy across India."

World Peace Foundation, DR Congo: Vision, Mission, Activities and Projects in 2015

"SHORT AND LONG TERM PROJECTS: Short term: Construction of a peace village . . . Long term: . . . construction of the University of Peace."

Foundation de la paix mondiale, D.R. Congo: Vision, Mission, Activités et Projets 2015

"LES PROJETS A COURT TERME ET A LONG TERME: A court terme : Construction d’un village de la paix . . . A long terme : . . . les constructions de l’Université de la paix"

UN Commission on the Status of Women revamps working methods

"This will strengthen efforts to integrate gender equality across all global debates and actions on sustainable development"

The 15 Journalists Putting Women’s Rights on the Front Page

"The international advocacy organisation Women Deliver have named 15 journalists for their dedication to gender issues"

U.N. Says Maternal Mortality Rate Has Nearly Halved since 1990

"More women are giving birth in a health facility, more women and girls are receiving the sexual and reproductive health services they want and need, and more pregnant women are receiving anti-retrovirals to prevent HIV transmission to their babies"

Women Leaders Call for Mainstreaming Gender Equality in Post-2015 Agenda

"Women leaders from every continent, brought together by U.N. Women and the Chilean government, demanded that gender equality be a cross-cutting target in the post-2015 development agenda"

ONU Mujer: Bachelet destacó participación de mujeres en puestos de poder

"el empoderamiento y los derechos de las mujeres alrededor del mundo . . . y . . . la participación de las mujeres en cargo de liderazgo y garantizar su participación en la toma de decisiones."

ICC/Judges - Women at the top at the International Criminal Court

"This is the first time the ICC has had an all-female leadership"

Una argentina presidirá la Corte Penal Internacional

"Esta es la primera vez que la Corte Penal Internacional ha tenido un liderazgo exclusivamente femenin"