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Power and Resistance at the World Social Forum in Tunisia Nobel Prize for Peace to Shirin Ebadi
"This is the second time the forum has been held in Tunisia, illustrating its significance in the struggle for a just world more than four years after mass mobilisation across the country inspired uprisings across the region and further abroad." "It not only acknowledges her unrelenting work in human rights in Iran midst an "un-enabling" environment, but it also exemplifies Islamic values in upholding deeply entrenched ideas of justice and equity within the ethical dimension of Islam."
World Social Forum in Tunis: Another world is possible, without the 1% How One Agency Is Trying to Bring Peace to Sudan
"I am proud to join the leaders of Greenpeace, ActionAid, Civicus and the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) in highlighting the urgent need to tackle the vested interests of the 1 percent, in order to build a better world for all of humanity." "Christopher Allen Doucot of the Hartford Catholic Worker Hospitality House was the guest speaker who recently returned from Sudan on a humanitarian mission and talked to us about his experience."
Closing of the World Social Forum: Citizens of the world versus terrorism and oppression The dialogue of bombs & the underreported nonviolent resistance
"The 2015 edition of the WSF is an important step towards universal activism advocating socio-economic change through the participation of more than 50,000 people representing 5,800 organizations including 270 related to youth" "a single suicide bomber gets enormously more air time on the international media than a dozen mass unarmed actions"
Clôture du Forum social mondial : Les citoyens du monde contre le terrorisme et l’oppression des peuples Little Known Peace Efforts in the Middle East
"L’édition 2015 du FSM est une importante étape sur la voie du militantisme universel prônant un changement socio- économique à travers la participation de plus de 50 mille personnes représentant 5.800 associations dont 270 en rapport avec la jeunesse" "When I contrast the plethora of peace related projects discussed on the IFLAC e-list, with a total disregard for its relevance in mainstream media, I have to question why such vital information is being neglected. "
US and Iran: Track II diplomacy through jazz Shukran, Mister President, Thank you!
" I now have a totally different understanding of Americans.” – Iranian participant." "What are the real threats to the Arab revolutions? Danger, or progress? In developing a democratic system can we convert and integrate those who are ' undemocratic''? "
Beirut, Lebanon: Citizenship, Gender and Democracy Building International Roundtable Discussion Ethiopian journalist Reeyot Alemu wins 2013 UNESCO-Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize
"the event was a powerful expression of international networking, civil society alliance building and solidarity with the Syrian civil rights organizations." "She wrote critically about . . . the root causes of poverty, and gender equality. She . . . founded her own publishing house and a monthly magazine . . . subsequently closed. . . arrested. She is currently serving a five year sentence in Kality prison. "
Abu Dhabi: Muslims Plan Peace Emissaries to End Conflicts Workshop in Tunis: Religions and cultures in the service of peace
"Abdullah bin Bayyah, president of the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies, said delegations would be sent to areas of conflict to correct misunderstandings of Shari`ah and explain that these “bloodbaths” benefited no one." "exchange, dialogue and tolerance through a culture of peace by insisting on respect for different cultures and religions in Tunisia. "
Lebanese dialogue aims to strengthen unity in diversity Culture of Peace at the World Social Forum in Tunisia
"The conference, he said, aims to work on several levels to restore a culture of peace in Lebanon and launch initiatives in various areas to establish the principles of co-existence, as well as educate Lebanese expatriates about how Lebanon serves as a model of conflict resolution " "the first WSF in the Arab World, which is especially important since the movements of the "Arab Spring" continue to reverberate throughout the region "
The Peace Centre organized a counseling session for Gaza's children A musical project dedicated to 'Friendship', 'Peace' and 'Love'
"a team of seven youth from the Peace Centre . . . organized a counseling session for dozens of children of Gaza City." "Despite of all the troubles in the Middle East, two international outstanding vocalists of Iran who live in diaspora have joined their talents "
Le Centre de la paix organise une séance de soutien psychologique pour les enfants de Gaza Water for Peace
" sept  jeunes du Centre de la paix . . . ont organisé une séance de soutien psychologique pour les dizaines d’enfants de la ville de Gaza" "For the first time, Palestinian and Israeli experts are working together on a water requirements study"
Women working for peace in Israel Daniel Barenboim: Music as the Universal Language
"video about a group of women formed after last summer’s Gaza war who go out every Friday to different locations around Israel encouraging people to vote in the upcoming elections for whichever party they think will push for a peace deal to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." "In 1999 Barenboim co-founded . . . the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, which allowed young musicians from Israel, Palestine and neighboring Arab countries to play music together. "
Nonviolent Peaceforce Receives Grant to Start Syria Project Daniel Barenboïm: La musique comme langage universel.
"The goal of the NP project is to strengthen Syrian civil society capacity to protect civilians from violence." "En 1999, il co-fonde . . . le West-Eastern Divan Orchestra qui lui permet de faire jouer ensemble de jeunes musiciens venus d’Israël, des États arabes voisins et des Territoires Palestiniens "
Yemen's youth draw peace messages in Sanaa streets A letter from the Palestinian Nonviolence Resistance
"to counter the culture of violence and extremism by painting on walls and selecting phrases and quotes of thinkers, writers and famous global figures which appeal to people of all orientations," "throwing stones did not work and suicide bombs definitely did not work. In this new time period we must use the nonviolence method, but even that seems aggressive to the Israeli occupiers"
Israelis rattled by search for truth about the Nakba Breaking Them Down: Walls that Block People and Walls that Block Words
"The first-ever “truth commission” in Israel, to be held on Wednesday, will feature confessions from veteran Israeli fighters of the 1948 war who are expected to admit to perpetrating war crimes" "no power can stand up against a mass of people that has crossed the border of despair. That is the lesson of Gaza, January, 2008."
U.N. General Assembly Demands Israel Mothball Its Nuclear Arsenal Syria: Vienna Conference Final Statement
"There will never be any real stability in the Middle East until Israel complies with the UNGA resolution. " "We will constitute a Network for Peace in Syria including both, Syrians of all walks of live as well as non-Syrians, supporting a political solution "