Russia and Ukraine: International Day of Peace


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The following events were listed in “Google News” during the week of September 17-24 under the titles for the International Day of Peace in Russian (“Международный день мира”) and Ukrainian (“Міжнародний день миру”). For events elsewhere in the world, click here.

map or russia:ukraine
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As you can see from the preceding map, there were articles about 24 events in these countries.

Here are excerpts from the articles.

Lutsk, Ukraine Students and teachers of the Lutsk gymnasium №4 celebrated the International Day of Peace with a flashmob, “We are for peace.”

Kovelchany, Ukraine: In Kovelchany city the audience was told that the International Day of Peace was proclaimed by the General Assembly to perpetuate the ideals of peace both in relations within states and among all nations and peoples. At the end of the children released in sky blue and yellow balloons and pigeons with wishes, hopes and expectations that Ukraine will be a peaceful and happy state .

Kalush, Ukraine: “Let there be peace in our native Ukraine!” Under this slogan, youth celebrated the International Day of Peace at the Kalush branch library. Unfortunately, there is ongoing fighting in eastern Ukraine, Not all schools are open. Some are destroyed, in others there is no one to teach.

Poltava, Ukraine: About a hundred students gathered to mark the International Peace Day in Poltava with a flashmob “Dove of Peace”. Among them were students of Lugansk who fled to Poltova during the war.

Kiev, Ukraine: A peace march was attended by representatives of local government and central government authorities, UN representatives, NGOs veterans, participants in anti-terrorist operations and Kiev Youth. The solemn procession was held from Ukraine memorial to soldiers who fell in Afghanistan, the National Museum of History of Ukraine in World War II. People carried banners with the words: “We vote for peace” as well as flowers.

Pokrovsk, Ukraine: In school №2, an exhibition of drawings “World Without War”, symbolized the right of children to live in joy, love, and friendship under a peaceful sky. Children in primary school and high school students took part in the exhibition.

Kremenchuk, Ukraine: By tradition every year on the Day of Peace, Kremenchuk receives a delegation from Indonesia. The delegation was warmly welcomed by representatives of the Kremenchug city authorities. They were taken to the Peace Park, for the ceremony “Dzvony Gong of the World.”

Berdyansk, Ukraine:
Berdyansk took part in the international project for a mural dedicated to the day of peace. The winner was the work of the photographer-designer Darina Polovets “haven of peace”.

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine: On the International Day of Peace Dnipropetrovsk held a Regional Roundtable for the “Women for Peace” national platform. Natalia Nacharyan, deputy of Dnipropetrovsk City Council, said, “Women have an inherent nature of diplomacy, and at the same time a strong will. Therefore, today joined forces, we require a national dialogue in order to achieve peace, mutual understanding and social well-being in Ukraine.” The executive director of the Fund” Ukrainian Perspective “Oksana Zhivaga said “Every day we help peaceful people affected by the war – displaced and wounded. This is a real contribution for the peace and unity of our country.”

Sevastopol, Russia/Ukraine: Doves of peace were released In Sevastopol for the International Day of Peace. The head of the Sevastopol Parliament Ekaterina Altabaeva said “This year for our country is special. October marks 75 years since the heroic defense of Sevastopol in the Great Patriotic war. “We must not allow repetition of the terrible tragedies that war brings.”

Brest, Belarus: On the International Day of Peace in Brest, lamps were set adrift on the canal in favor of life without war and violence. Children enjoyed performances of jugglers and magicians. And then the children released white doves into the sky – a symbol of peace.

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Vladivostok, Russia: On Wednesday, September 21, at the sports waterfront Vladivostok held the action “Let there be peace,” in honor of the International Day of Peace, The action was aimed at attracting the attention of citizens to wish to live, and to recall the heroism of their ancestors.

Stavropol, Russia: In the central square of the Alexander village a children’s program “Peaceful fun”, was dedicated to the International Day of Peace. The event was opened by a small group of the choir of the Stavropol Territory.

Kurgan, Russia: The celebration took place in three stages. At first the townspeople gathered pre-formed doves of peace, second they created their own, third – the participants drew “Dove of Peace” by Picasso. All crafts could be taken home or given to someone. Later hand in hand, participants created a large circle as a symbol of friendship and cooperation among peoples.

Volgograd, Russia: Thousands of bells rang out at Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd as students and delegates from 60 regions of Russia, near-abroad countries and the Baltic states voted for peace.

Serov, Russia: International Day of Peace was celebrated in Serov by students of schools of the city at the square in front of leisure center “Rodina”. They carried yellow balloons and hand-written posters such as “No to war!”, “Happy World! Peace one day”, “Let there be happiness on the planet.”

Moscow, Russia: Every year, the school “Promo-M” celebrates the International Day of Peace. This year the them was the “sustainable development goals” of the United Nations. After singing John Lennon’s song «Imagine» each student hit the Peace Bell to commemorate the victims of war and fighting.

Astrakhan, Russia: The social and health center “Zdravushka” showed a film about Peace Day, following which pensioners left messages on the “Tree of Good” in the form of paper doves symbolizing harmony, world peace and friendship. The Narimanov integrated center organized an event “Let there be peace,” for parents and children involved in the social services.

Kazan, Russia: On the International Day of Peace, the Kazan Federal University held a celebration dedicated to the international round table “Prevention of terrorist and extremist behavior of young people in the Internet space: traditional and innovative forms.” The organizer of this event was the Department of Conflictology of the Institute of Social and Philosophical Sciences and Mass Communications.

Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia:
For the 8th time, the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District government organized the “Peace in the world” youth festival. This time it was held in August in the Town of Kiten, Republic of Bulgaria. About 170 people between the ages of 18 and 30 from 22 Russian Federation constituencies and countries of the near and far abroad took part in the event. The “Peace Formula” creation was the main focus of the event. The “Formula” will consists of initiatives presented by constituencies or countries and aimed towards achieving Global Peace. All the ideas were refined into a final decision to culminate in a flashmob, event, or contest conducted on September 21, the International Day of Peace.

Biysk, Russia: For the International Day of Peace, students from the Bijskogo State College took part in a flashmob action “dove of peace” releasing white paper doves, tied to balloons, filled with helium.

Magnitogorsk, Russia: The schoolchildren of Chelyabinsk region launched into the sky thousands of white paper doves to celebrate the International Day of Peace.

Murmansk, Russia: Sponsored by the public organization “Murmansk Association of youth” and municipal autonomous institution “House of youth”, citizens of Murmansk will take part in the campaign “Dove of Peace” in the city center on Leningrad Street.

Nekrasovka, Russia: The International Day of Peace was celebrated with a festive program called “Peace and Harmony” including a concert organized by residents of the district. The newspaper “Voice of Nekrasovka” published a photo report from the scene.