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The following events in Asia were listed in “Google News” during the week of September 17-14 under “International day of peace.” We may suppose that there were articles in national languages that are not listed here. For events elsewhere in the world, click here.

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As seen on the map above, there were articles about 22 events in 11 Asian countries.

Here are excerpts from the articles.

China In Yinchuan, capital of northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, incumbent and former politicians from 33 countries, representatives from NGOs, think tanks and Chinese scholars celebrated the International Day of Peace. In his keynote speech, Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao said that society is evolving into a global community of shared destiny where everyone is interdependent, and peaceful development and common prosperity represent the right path to take.

South Korea: Kyung Hee University kicked off the three-day Peace BAR Festival at its Seoul campus to celebrate the International Day of Peace. It has held this festival since 1982 to seek ways to ensure the future of human civilization amid a series of crises including climate change, terrorism, violence, war, human alienation and polarization. This year, the university invited three international academic think tanks, the Club of Rome, the Club of Budapest and the World Academy of Art and Science, to discuss our common future.

Cotabato City, Philippines: The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao led by Governor Mujiv Hataman joined Wednesday the celebration of the International Day of Peace. Hataman said he wished for an everlasting peace not only in the region, but elsewhere in Mindanao where armed conflicts have affected tens of thousands of innocent people.

Cebu, Philippines: The students and teachers of Our Lady of Joy Learning Center joined the celebration of International Day of Peace. The day before, the students prepared paper flowers with peace messages such as “Peace is like a tree that needs to grow.” “Worldwide peace begins in our homes.” “The one who is at peace with heaven brings balance to the world and lives in peace with men and women.” . . . “Blessed are the peace makers; they will be called children of God.”

Manila, Philippines:”>
Coinciding with the celebration of the International Day of Peace, around 500 students from Miriam College, Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) and the University of the Philippines held a candlelight vigil in Quezon City, to protest the recent wave of drug-related killings sweeping the country. Jasmin Galace, executive director of Miriam College’s Center for Peace Education, told the Inquirer that they decided to hold the activity to “We will say our piece, we will speak up for peace,” Galace added. Aside from the activity on Wednesday, she also said that Miriam College and other schools were planning to send a statement against extrajudicial killings along with thousands of signatures to President Duterte.

Jakarta, Indonesia: Peace please!: Students of SMA 74 Jakarta high school raised banners in front of the school on Thursday to celebrate the UN sponsored International Day of Peace. The school, which has a history of student bullying and mass brawls, cooperated with the NGO Global Peace Foundation (GPF) to hold the event, advocating “building blocks for peace” as its main theme.

Yangon, Myanmar: Amid ongoing conflict and in the wake of the 21st-century Panglong Conference earlier this month, religious leaders joined members of civil society at a Yangon gathering to offer their prayers for peace. Attendees of the “pre-celebration” for the International Day of Peace – marked on September 21 – said the National League for Democracy’s Panglong initiative marked perhaps the best chance yet to bring peace to a war-weary land.

Fiji: MORE than 200 students from Lautoka who are part of the scouting program gathered at Saru MGM Primary School to take part in celebrations for International Day of Peace. Kailash Pillay of the Fiji Scouts Association said the reception for the event was unprecedented and there were plans to host a bigger event next year

New Zealand: The Royal Commonwealth Society launched The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2017 on the United Nations’ International Day of Peace. This year’s topics ask young people to explore a deeper understanding of the meaning of peace and the role of the Commonwealth as a network of and for democracy, human rights and peace.

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Tahiti, French Polynesia: A cycle of 7 conference-workshops is being held in Fare Hau on the theme: “I act 1 minute for peace every day.” The first workshop, showing how “the coaching attitude” can be a first step to calm and pacify the world, coincides with the International Day of Peace.

Rawalpindi, Pakistan: Roots Garden schools and Roots IVY schools celebrated ‘World Peace Day’ to express their feelings, ideas and visions of a peaceful world by holding poster competition, poetry competition, essay competition, tableau competition and speech competition on the theme “Citizenship- How can we contribute to make our community better.”

Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan: The Al-Asar Development Organization hosted a ceremony in connection with observance of World Peace Day. A large number of civil society members, students, mediamen, lady health and social workers attended the ceremony.
Addressing the participants, lawmaker Najma Arshad pointed out that terrorism is the biggest threat to the world peace and the dream of having a peaceful society cannot come true without suppressing this menace. She also stressed to eliminate the racial and religious differences which, she termed, fuel terrorism and sectarianism.

Peshawar, Pakistan: Speakers at a function here on Thursday urged government and people to join hands for restoration of sustainable peace in the country to bring a positive change in life of common man. The event was organised by Peace Education and Development Foundation in connection with international peace day

Jamshoro, Pakistan: The International Day of Peace was celebrated at the U.S-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro. The program on “Water & Peace” followed the theme for this year’s Sustainable Development Goals as building blocks of peace.

Sikkim, India: Sikkim today observed the International Day of Peace through the theme of “Yoga for World Peace”in which enthusiastic school children participated. Multi-faith prayers were also organised. A state level function was organised at Paljor Stadium attended by Governor Shriniwas Patil as the Chief Guest and Chief Minister Pawan Chamling as the Guest Of Honour.

Dimapur, India: The Peace Channel in collaboration with North East Institute of Social Science and Research commemorated the International Day of Peace. The programme began with a presentation on the history and background of the International Day of Peace by Akha Richa and Akumnaro Longchar, third semester students of NEISSR.

Urwa, India: When students of Canara High School Association observed World Peace Day on Wednesday, the martyrdom of 18 Indian Army soldiers at Uri was not lost on them. Paying homage to the martyred soldiers by reading out their names, the students and the CHS Association condemned the act of cowardice by the terrorists.

Pilani, Rajasthan, India: At the JMA Pilani school, the Principal Mrs Booma Natarajan read out the message of UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon “Let us all work together to help all human beings achieve dignity and equality; to build a greener planet; and to make sure no one is left behind” and urged the students to express their commitment to peace by becoming a champion of the Sustainable Development Goals. Students recited the Sanskrit shloka for peace and did a peace dove formation to prove that Peace is not just yet another 5 letter word but a “divine manifestation which we have to give birth to within ourselves.

Tamil Nadu, India: A procession by over 100 college students marked the International Day of Peace observance here on Wednesday. The students held placards with quotes of Mahatma Gandhi, and Mother Teresa among others.

Doraha, India: Students of Guru Nanak National College, Doraha, today took out a peace march here on the occasion of International Day of Peace. The volunteers condemned the attack on Indian soldiers at Uri Brigade Headquarters. They said revenge was not a solution. They sought a world which was not divided into groups and sections and the people had the freedom to live, love and move about. They also urged the Government to find an immediate solution to the Kashmir issue.

Mirpur, Kashmir: Like rest of the world, International Day of Peace was also observed in Azad Jammu Kashmir with a call for the establishment of peace across the globe especially in the conflict zones of South Asia including Jammu & Kashmir. A special ceremony was held here on Wednesday under the auspices of the local Chapter of Kashmir Watch International, the UK-based Kashmiri Human Rights outfit. The participants strongly condemned the increased human rights abuses by the Indian occupational forces in occupied Jammu & Kashmir. They also prayed for the establishment of permanent and durable peace in the conflict zones.

Teheran, Iran: The fourth term of “Art for Peace” Festival opened at Iranian Artist Forum on 15 September 2016. 140 artists are exhibiting their works in painting, photography, Sculpture, installation, video art, music and performance at various galleries of Iranian House of Artists. A ceremony was held for the commemoration of the International Day of Peace and the presentation of its medal on 20 September.