Rennes, France: 210 000 inhabitants move towards food self-sufficiency!


An article from Positivr (translated by CPNN)

Food self-sufficiency is not a utopia, it is a realistic and necessary goal! Following the example of Albi , now a second large French city has also recognized and ’embarked on an ambitious civic and ecological transition program. Here is a close up of this exemplary initiative!

Video of food self-sufficiency of Albi

The city following the example of Albi is Rennes. In order to ensure there is never a lack of food, to support the local economy and to ensure healthy food for their children, the community of Rennes voted last June 27 for a proposal that could change the lives of its 210 000 inhabitants! [Editor’s note: For the presentation and vote on this question, see item 101 by M. Theurier on the agenda of the Council of Rennes, June 27 as shown in the preceding link. The text of his presentation may be found here.]

To achieve food self-sufficiency, the municipality has set aside an area of ‚Äč‚Äčagricultural production estimated at 30 000 hectares. But this is not the only thing needed.

Elected officials have decided to promote organic urban agriculture, agro-ecology, permaculture, Associations for the maintenance of peasant agriculture (Amap) , education in healthy eating … and collaboration of all people!

Indeed, food security is only possible with a massive participation of citizens. These will be invited and encouraged to be informed consumers … but also to become themselves conscientious producers!

The program is also supported by the organization “Incredible Edible” of Rennes whose ambition is the reconquest by the inhabitants of urban areas. Objective: everyone starts to grow organic fruit and vegetables wherever possible and to support a free collective redistribution of production!

Eat well and never lack food while respecting the planet … these simple concrete decisions adopted in the anonymity of city councils are worthy of international conferences!

In the video of Albi (see above) we see deliberations that could change everything (the tone is very serious … but it’s because the subject is too!)

“Think globally, act locally”: the famous expression of Jacques Ellul takes on its meaning. If change is to come, it must come from the bottom up. Albi and Rennes lead the way. Talk to your mayors and enlarge the movement!

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