Young people from all over the world come together at Hiroshima to learn about peace and nuclear disarmament


An article by Herbert Lima and Myrian Castello 

The Mayors for Peace Network organizes in partnership with the Hiroshima Peace and Culture Foundation and the Hiroshima University, a summer program in Japan called Hiroshima and Peace. The aim is to provide students with a general understanding of the nature and attributes of war and peace by illuminating various aspects of wartime experiences, including the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and, at the same time, to explore contemporary issues related to world peace in the era of globalization

Students in the Summer Program, “Hiroshima and Peace” (2015)
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The program is hosted by different experts on the field from around the globe and has the special participations of two survivors of the bomb who give testimonials to the young students. This year, 40 young people from different countries were selected to participate in the program that lasts 10 days and it is included in the official calendar of events in memory of the many killed in the atomic bomb attack during the second world war on the city of Hiroshima in August, 1945.

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