Innovative program for leadership, ethics and culture of peace helps to transform young Brazilians


by Herbert Lima, 29 years old and one of the program participants.

If our culture promotes so many kinds of violence, how can we transform it into a culture of peace?

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The idea of leadership, such as so many others is changing. We do not live in an era of constant transformation, but the change of an era. We have enough knowledge to build a society that favors an harmonic co-existence with others with ourselves and the ecosystems we are in. In order to promote such changes however, a change in vision and a new action is needed, and that is the goal of the program “Ethics and Culture of Peace – Youth leadership for Citizen Coexistence”, promoted by the organization Palas Athena and organized in 4 workshops and 3 nature imersions, with a total of 30 hours of activities. This program was designed by Palas Athena, which has worked with leaders from government and private companies, local leaderships and educators from all over Brazil for more than 40 years (more information here: )

As participants, 44 young leaders with different backgrounds in social transformation were selected. The selection process was conducted in a way to guarantee the diversity of the group. All of them now are following up their training and have already generated good results.

“It is really a remarkable program for us, I do believe that all knowledge that I receive here today I will be able to share in my daily activities, and certainly I am a better person since I start to know all these amazing people here. I will be able to work even more for the culture of peace and make the world a better place.”

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