Brazil: The Dream Factory creating new paths for Culture of Peace and Non-violence


An article by Herbert Lima and Myrian Castello 

Fábrica dos Sonhos (“Dream Factory”) is a Brazilian movement born in 2013 that create spaces for development of people and organizations, realization of dreams, connections and culture of peace. The movement was conceived by Myrian Castello, Thayná Monteiro and Herbert Lima. They dream of a better world where people can make dreams come true. They create activities such as courses, speeches and meetings that awaken the best side of each person by using tools that improve action and reflection.

Cooperative game activity

An activity recently organized by the Dream Factory is the Des-Connection Trail, a new movement that has begun in June 26th and united a group of persons from 14 to 56 years old at Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo. The purpose was to open a space in the stressful and rushed environment of the city where people could disconnect from their routine and smartphones and connect with themselves and with the nature around them, thus promoting a culture of peace, self-knowledge and their relationship with the world.

The Des-Connection Trail has counted on the participation of specialists and activities including:

Cooperative Games – “We play in game as we play in life” – With the purpose of promoting reflection and self-knowledge in a humorous way, the cooperative games invite you to be who you are, without barriers and without judgement.

Biomimicry – Discover solutions to the world through observation of nature.

Culture of Peace – Discover, learn and share what is peace for each person and how we can bring it into our routine.

Neuro Linguistics Programming – Discover and reframe each person’s history.

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Where is peace education taking place?

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Another methodology created by the organization to promote consciousness is “Collaborative Mentoring” that is the collaboration between the participants and the developing of dreams and consciousness.

The Dream Factory proposes the creation of an economy that would be more conscious and positive with the development of a new relation with money for which the organization plans to develop courses accessible to the participants. The Trail participants could choose between: paying for just the material used in the course, the material plus the hourse of organizating work, or else to collaborate with the organization by voluntarily paying more than the costs.

Surprisingly 85% of people choose the last option. Here are some of their comments:

Rodrigues, A. “I thought the payment system was incredible. It made the trail accessible to more people and able to be constructed by everybody. My suggestion is to keep this system of payment choice, so that more people can feel comfortable and participate.”

Finotti, A. “I’ve learned that I don’t need lots of time of being together to become a friend of someone, I learned that a Sunday at the park can be much more than that, I learned that simple moments such as sharing a meal with someone can be amazing.”
During the walk there were some stops with reflections and connections with each person’s history. This was essential for each one to discover more about self-awareness, about nature, opening space to cultivate peace from inside so they can promote it in the world.

The trails take place regularly and with a specific calendar. For more information contact by email or consult the website