Where is peace education taking place?

As an initial response to this question, here is the list of national and local sponsoring organizations retrieved July 9, 2016 from the Global Campaign for Peace Education (see CPNN article about the campaign):

* Act 1 Presentations (USA)
* ActionAid Ghana
* All Pakistan Friendship and Peace Council (All Pakistan Youth Wing)
* Amnesty Nepal, Group-81
* Aotearoa-New Zealand Foundation for Peace Studies
* ASEPaix, Association Suisse des Educateurs à la Paix (Switzerland)
* ASHTA NO KAI (India)
* Asociacion Respuesta (Argentina)
* Association of Young Azerbaijani Friends of Europe
* Assumption College (Philippines)
* Awareness One (Nigeria)
* Azerbaijan Women and Development Centre
* Big Brothers Big Sisters- Kerryville (USA)
* Buddha’s Light Universal Welfare Society (BLUWS) (Bangladesh)
* Canadian Alliance for Youth and Children’s Rights (CAYCR)
* Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace
* Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiations
* CEAL- Ciudardes Educadoras America Latina (Argentina)
* CEDEM-Centre d’Education et de Developpement pour les Enfants Mauriciens (Mauritius)
* Center For Globalization Studies, University BK (Serbia, FR Yugoslavia)
* Center for Human Rights and Peace Studies (CRPS) (Philippines)
* Center for Peace Education, Miriam College (Philippines)
* Center for Peace, Justice and Integrity of Creation (Philippines)
* Centre for the Study of Forgiveness and Reconciliation (United Kingdom)
* Centre for the Study of Peace (Ireland)
* CETAL- Network Culture of Peace (Sweden)
* CEYPA-Civic Education Youth Programme in Albania
* Child and Women Rights Society (Bangladesh)
* Children and Peace Philippines JMD Chapter
* City Montessori School (CMS, India)
* Concord Video and Film Council (UK)
* Concerned Youth for Peace (CONYOPA, Sierra Leone)
* Canossian Schools in the Philippines
* Cosananig Organisation (Nigeria)
* Creative Response to Conflict (USA)
* Culture for Peace Foundation (Spain)
* CRAGI, Conflict Resolution and Global Interdependence (USA)
* D@dalos Sarajevo – Association for Peace Education
* Développement Rural par la Protection de l’Environnement et Artisanat (Cameroon)
* Don Bosco Educational Association of the Philippines DBEAP
* Education for Peace Institute of the Balkans (Bosnia- Herzegovina)
* Education for Peace Project (Landegg International University, Switzerland)
* Educadores para a Paz (Brazil)
* Electoral Institute of South. Africa
* Elimu Yetu Coalition-Kenya
* ESR National Center Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (USA)
* Foundation for Peace and Development (Ghana)
* Fundacio per la Pau (Spain)
* Fundación Casa De La Juventud (Paraguay)
* Fundacion Gamma Idear (Colombia)
* Global Harmony Foundation (Switzerland)
* Helplife Foundation (Ghana)
* Grupa “Hajde Da…” (Belgrade Youth Centre for Tolerance and Peace Development)
* GUU Foundation Community Based Rehabilitation (Uganda)
* Halley Movement (Mauritius)
* Hessisches Landesinstitut für Pädagogik (Germany)
* Human Rights Committee (Serbia)
* Human Rights Education Academy of Nepal
* Human Rights Education Programme (Pakistan)
* Human Rights Eye & Education Center (HREEC, Cameroon)
* Iligan Center for Peace Education and Research (Philippines)
* Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament and Environmental Protection
* Institute for Planetary Synthesis (Spain)
* International Holistic Tourism Education Centre-IHTEC (Canada)
* International Mission for Peace (Sierra Leone)
* International Peace Research Association (Japan)
* International Youth Link Foundation (Ghana)
* International Youth Parliament/Oxfam Australia
* International Society For Human Values (Switzerland)
* Institute For Peace and Justice (USA)
* Institute of Education and Peace (Greece)
* Jane Addams’ Peace Association Inc (USA)
* Jigyansu Tribal Research Centre (India)
* Khmer Youth Association (Phnom Penh)
* Kids Meeting Kids (USA)
* Landegg International University (Switzerland)
* League In Friendship Endeavour (India)
* Learning and Development (Kenya)
* Lebanese American University Center for Peace and Justice Education
* Mandate the Future (Sri Lanka)
* Multiethnic Children and Youth Peace Centers (MCYPC) (Kosovo, FR Yugoslavia)
* National Federation of UNESCO Associations of Nepal
* Narvik Peace Foundation (Norway)
* NDH-Cameroon and African Network of Grassroot Democracy
* Nepal Institute for United Nations and UNESCO
* Nepal National UNESCO Academy
* Network Culture of Peace (CETAL) (Sweden)
* Nova, Centro para la Innovacón (Spain)
* Office of Peace in Horn of Africa OPIHA (U.A.E./Somalia)
* Pan-African Reconciliation Council (Nigeria)
* Parbatya Bouddha Mission (Bangladesh)
* Partnerships and Exchanges Programme for Development (Togo)
* Pax Christi Flanders (Belgium)
* Pax Educare- The Connecticut Center for Peace Education
* Paz y Cooperación (Spain)
* Peace 2000 Institute (Iceland)
* Peace Advocates Zamboanga (Philippines)
* Peace Education Academy of Nepal
* Peace Education Center (United States)
* Peace Education Institute (Finland)
* Peace Pledge Union (UK)
* Peace Project Africa (South Africa)
* Peace Research Centre (Cameroon)
* Peace Research Institute-Dundas (Canada)
* Peaceful Solution Society of Ghana
* People’s Parliament (Leskovac, Yugoslavia)
* Philippine Action Network on Small Arms PHILANSA
* Plowshare Center (USA)
* Proyecto 3er. Milenio (Argentina)
* Quaker Peace and Service (UK)
* Research Academica for Humanism and Jaiprithvi (RAFHAJ, Nepal)
* Rights Works (USA)
* Robert Muller School (USA)
* Sakha Ukuthula (South Africa)
* Samaritan Public School (India)
* Save the World (Nepal)
* Seminario Galego de Educacion para a Paz (Spain)
* Service Civil International-International Voluntary Service (SCI-IVS USA)
* Significant Music (Canada)
* Society For Democratic Reforms (Azerbaijan)
* Society for Human Development (Bangladesh)
* Support Center for Associations and Foundations (Belarus)
* Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society
* Teaching for Peace Workshop (Denmark)
* Triratna Welfare Society (Bangaladesh)
* Vientos del Sur (Argentina)
* United Nations Association of New Zealand
* United Nations of Youth Foundation (The Netherlands)
* Unesco Etxea (Spain)
* Winpeace (Women’s Initiative for Peace, Turkey)
* World Commission for Peace & Human Rights Council (Pakistan)
* World Voices (UK)
* Youth Approach for Development & Cooperation (Bangladesh)
* Young Christian Students of Nigeria
* Youth Forum For Peace and Justice (YFPJ-Zambia

This question applies to the following CPNN articles since the summer of 2016:

Service Civil International: Call for participants: “From Conflict to Collaboration: Building a Culture of Peace in Diverse Communities”

The Role of Universities in Supporting Young People to Become Effective Peace Builders: The Experience of Hawassa University in Ethiopia

Experts explore effective approaches for sustainability in peace, education (Rwanda)

Education for Peace dialogues hosted by National Ministry of Education in Cartagena, Colombia

Philippines: Davao peace summit underscores role of academe

Dominican Republic : CDP and Sinarec sign agreement to promote a culture of peace and reduce violence

El Salvador : MUPI promotes workshops on Culture of Peace

CEPEJ Takes Peace, Environmental Advocacy To Schools Across Nigeria

Mali: Partnership between UCAO-UUBa and EMP: promoting research and training for the culture of peace in Africa

Brazil: Culture of Peace in schools will be the subject of a webinar on February 18th

Spain: 259 educational centers in Almería take part in network “School as a Space for Peace”

Spain: Movimiento por la Paz produces educational material for secondary schools on the culture of peace

Spain: Sierra Blanca achieves second place in the Annual Awards for the Promotion of the Culture of Peace and School Coexistence

UABJO launches Institutional Program for the Culture of Peace in Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexico: Virtual seminar on peace building in schools

La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico: Training of basic education teachers on the culture of peace

Colima, Mexico: Virtual Forum “University Fostering a Culture of Peace”

Quintana Roo, Mexico: Judicial Power for Culture of Peace

Mexico: Courses and training to build a culture of peace

Spain: Movimiento por la Paz launches an online course with «five paths for peace»

Mexico: Universities of ANUIES to share best practices on culture of peace

Mexico: Culture of peace in higher education

Global Campaign for Peace Education: Year-end review

Philippines: Teach Peace Build Peace Movement

Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot educators and activists speak about building peace

Venezuela: the culture of nonviolence is replicated in Petare

Mexico: USEBEQ and UAQ train teachers in culture of peace

Michoacán Mexico: Training for culture of peace and non-violence

Guatemala: SEPAZ Graduates 82 ‘Multipliers of Peace’

Cyprus: Teachers from both sides attend seminars on peace education

Testimonies from the First Advanced AVP Workshop in Apanteos Prison, El Salvador

Dominican Republic: Ministry of Education to promotes a culture of peace and guarantes security in schools

National Campaign for Peace Education launched in Cameroon

Dominican Republic: Reflections on the search for a culture of peace in schools

Mexico: Culture of Peace Diploma initiated by CEDHJ, UdeG and the Institute of Alternative Justice

Mexico: Government of AMLO will include new subjects in schools

USA: Appalachian Peace Education Center

West Africa: Stakeholders call for support of the ECOWAS Conflict Prevention Framework

Lesotho: Is 2019 a year of peace in our schools as peaceful school model takes shape?

Promotion of peace and peace education through schooling: Perspectives and experiences of girls and boys in Mauritius

Mexico: Teachers from more than 800 schools trained in culture of peace

Togo: Young people in West Africa trained in Lomé for conflict prevention

Cyprus: International Institute on Peace Education 2019

Philippines: Peace Education among top priorities in the new Bangsamoro Government

Mexico: Promoting the subject “Culture of Peace” at all academic levels

Honduras: Program in 130 schools reduces violence and promotes culture

Navarra, Spain: The “Schools for Peace and Coexistence” Program will be extended to 61 centers and more than 10,800 participants

USA: Marquette University Center for Peacemaking celebrates 10 years

Mexico: International Congress of Education for Peace Organized in Edomex

Brazil: Culture of Peace will be the theme of a free lecture in Guarujá

6,000 teachers deployed to promote peace in Mindanao (Philippines)

Philippines: New Bangsamoro Organic Law Includes Provision for Peace Education

The UNESCO Chair and the UTPL promote the training of peace managers for Peru, Colombia and Ecuador

Peru: Law to promote the culture of peace and non-violence in basic education

“Building peace from the inside out“ – course start in Jordanian refugee camps

Human Rights Council of Sierra Leone Establishes Human Rights Clubs In Schools

Finalization of activities of ‘Imagine’ Project for school year 2017-2018 (Cyprus)

Mexico: Invitation to study the Master of Science for Peace

Côte d’Ivoire: A seminar on the culture of peace organized at the FHB Foundation of Yamoussoukro

Activity Report: The Turkey-UK “Peace Education in Teacher Training” Workshop

The culture of non-violence will take place in the heart of Lebanese school curricula

Brazil: Experts Support Teacher Training for Culture of Peace

Pontifical Council, WCC develop joint text on education for peace

India: Peace Channel promotes peace education in schools of Kohima

Philippines: MPI 2018 Annual Peacebuilding Training: Creating a Culture of Peace

Peace is not just a two-period a week subject – Prajnya Teachers for Peace Training (India)

Venezuela: Educational sector plans to train teachers in culture of peace

El Salvador to prioritize culture of peace in its schools

Colombia: Unesco recognizes schools in Norte de Santander for their work towards peace

Romania: IPDTC Training programs for peacebuilding and violence prevention

Peace Heroes: Bushra Qadeem Hyder on Fighting Extremism with Education in Pakistan

Rwanda: Building Resilience to Genocide through Peace Education: Concepts, Methods, Tools and Impact

Nigeria: Plateau To Tackle Boko Haram With Peace Education

Dominican Republic: Education Ministry launches student forum for a culture of peace

Innsbruck, Austria: 2017 International Institute for Peace Education (IIPE)

Northern Ireland school receives Evens Prize for Peace Education 2017

Ecuador: Students from schools commit to fostering a culture of peace

Ecuador: Estudiantes de escuelas con compromiso de fomentar cultura de paz

Nuevo León, Mexico: The State Commission on Human Rights seeks to foster peace in schools through workshops

Nuevo León, México: Busca CEDH fomentar paz en las escuelas a través de talleres

Education for Culture of Peace in Cyprus: Sharing Best Practices

Rwanda: Peace Education Added to National Curriculum

Benin to introduce education for culture of peace

Brazil: The Dream Factory creating new paths for Culture of Peace and Non-violence

Le Bénin veut introduire l’éducation à la culture de la paix dans le système éducatif

El Salvador: Discussions to include culture of peace in national educational curriculum

Colombia, Minister of Education: The education sector is crucial for the consolidation of peace

Colombia, MinEducación: El sector de la educación debe ser decisivo para consolidar la paz y mejorar su calidad

USA: Ashland Culture of Peace Commission explores peace education

Bosnia and Herzogovina: Celebrating 10 years of global education for peace at UWC Mostar

Teachers lead the way towards Peace in their Classrooms and Communities in Rakhine State, Myanmar

UK: Quakers hold conference on peace education for schools

Seychelles set to become hub for peace studies

Rwanda: 3-year peace education program concludes with Peace Week and youth conference

Young people from all over the world come together at Hiroshima to learn about peace and nuclear disarmament

The Global Campaign for Peace Education

Three Decades of Peace Education in the Philippines

Solomon Islands: Malaita and Guadalcanal support peace education

India: 250 schools in Tamil Nadu to get Human Rights Clubs

Romania: Systemic Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation & Post-War Recovery and Reconciliation

2 thoughts on “Where is peace education taking place?

  1. Please add to your list of Local organizations the name of NGO “Women for Development” Armenia.

    In 2002 WFD NGO started implementing the project “Peace and Peaceful Conflict Resolution Education in Schools of Armenia”. The main strategy of the Peace Education includes: organizing peace education sessions in schools; trainings for in- and pre-service teachers and increasing the participation of the parents in the process.
    One of our achievements in the field of the peace education is the successful development of educational manuals – handbooks and posters. More than 6 000 teachers from Armenia’s 850 schools were trained and about 70 000 school children were educated in conflict resolution and peace practices using the materials and trainings we provided. The basic positive impact registered by the peace education for the last 15 years is the decrease of conflicts with violent outcome at schools by 70%.
    The sustainability of the project is an achievement, possible due to the institutionalization of our peace education program with the support of the National Institute of Education (NIE) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia.

  2. Hope you will consider the areas of Palestine & Israel in your efforts
    CARE(www.care-palestine.com ) will be more than pleased to start cooperation in the field of Peace education on uni-national & Bi-national levels .
    Looking to hear from you
    Yours in Peace ,
    Dr.Ghassan Abdallah,Director of CARE

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