Goma, Nord Kivu, Congo: Third edition of the Amani Music Festival


An article from Radio Okapi (translation by CPNN)

The third edition of the Festival of Music and Dance “Amani” concluded on Sunday 14th February in Goma (North Kivu). Under the theme “Dancing to change, sing for peace”, the festival promotes a culture of peace and reconciliation among the people of a country beset by armed conflict for over two decades.

An extract of the performance by Werra Son

The festival featured artists from the Congo and the subregion of the Great Lakes including Noel Ngiama Makanda a.k.a. Werra Son.

The Senegalese artist-musician Ismae Lô highlighted the conclusion of the festival with his favorite songs including “Africas” and “Dibi Dibi Rek”.

He expressed his desire to return again to the Amani Festival and to continue, with other artists, the work of promoting peace not only in eastern Congo but throughout the Great Lakes region.

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