France expects to have 1000 kilometers of solar routes within 5 years!


An article from Ubergizmo (translated by CPNN)

As we have mentioned previously, solar roads and streets could well redefine the way we produce energy. These roads covered with solar panels can produce energy to feed urban facilities, or even vehicles driving on the road. The minister of environment and energy, Ségolène Royal, intends to build 1000 km within 5 years.


The minister intends to comply with a commitment made during the COP21, and the French company Colas, a subsidiary of Bouygues, seems to have what is needed. By applying photovoltaic panels 7 mm thick directly on the surface, it becomes possible to capture energy from the sun, in the cities.

After five years of development, in collaboration with the National Solar Energy Institute (Ines), these “Wattway” panels seem to adhere well to conventional routes and can withstand the wear of trucks even in difficult weather.

Thanks to these panels, urban areas can take advantage of “renewable energy closer to the places where electricity consumption is highest and where demand is growing steadily”. And in remote areas, solar highways “will create local production and sustainable energy in place”.

What can be done with the electricity generated? public lighting, illuminated signs, street cars, homes, offices, everything is possible. According Colas, 1 km of Wattway solar road can power public lighting of a town of 5000 inhabitants. To be continued !

(Thank you to Janet Hudgins, the CPNN reporter for this article.)

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