Kashmir: KPN to celebrate International Day of Peace at Nageen today


An article by Reyaz Rashid, Kashmir Images

In bid to give peace a chance to prevail in Kashmir and make people aware about benefits of using methods of non-violence to achieve peace with justice, Kashmir Peace Network (KPN) – which had made Srinagar city a member of International Cities of Peace with 120 members around the world – is celebrating International Day of Peace at ‘Samad’s Island of Peace’ in Nageen on Monday.


As part of 4th annual celebration of UN mandated ‘Peace One Day’ on September 21 – the International Day of Peace — KPK like other 120 member cities around the world would gather people, particularly students from high schools, colleges and universities to participate in the event in which one billion people around the world will participate.

“We have seen enough violence and bloodshed, let us give peace a chance here. We want to make people aware of the benefits using non-violence to accomplish peace with dignity, prosperity and justice,” said Executive Director KPN, Bashir Ahmed Ghakhroo, grandson of Abdul Samad Ghakhroo.

During the ‘Peace One Day’ event, students will speak on peace-related topics and peace-building measures in conflict zones like Kashmir. The students would also deliberate upon topics like ‘The Right of People to Peace’, ‘Our Individual Responsibility Towards Peace in Kashmir ‘, ‘Towards Peace and Prosperity in Kashmir’, the organizers said.

“Our organization endeavours to involve people in seminars, workshops on peace leadership training so that people can become ambassadors of peace,” added Ghakhroo.

“KPN wants to put forth real image of people of Kashmir who basically believe in peaceful and non-violent means of resolving issues and problems. The organization wants to develop Samad Peace Academy,” informed the organizers.

“We want to sow the seeds of peace in Kashmir by our small peace-building efforts and we hope our efforts would bear fruit of peace in future,” added Ghakhroo.

The organization has appealed the people to join in the Peace One Day celebrations to give peace a chance.

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