Trying to Survey Events around the World for the International Day of Peace


by David Adams, CPNN Coordinator

There are several websites that invite readers to enter their events for the International Day of Peace (IDP), but it is difficult to get an overall view of what is happening.

idp survey

Let’s start with regular websites? The website has a map of the world with symbols for different kinds of events. After considerable trial and error, since there is no explanation on the page, I was able to separate most of the entries for marches, music, meditation and multiple as of September 21.

Here is what I found, separated by region of the world.

Marches: North America 20; Europe 7; Latin America 4; South Asia 4; East Asia 3; Africa 2; Middle East 1

Music: North America 23; Europe 15; East Asia 4; Middle East 3; Latin America 2; Africa 2

Meditation: North America 55; Europe 53; Africa 14; East Asia 10; South Asia 4; Middle East 5

Multiple: North America 35; Europe 30; Latin America 15; East Asia 10; South Asia 3; Africa 3; Middle East 1

This adds up to 328, while website gives a figure of 1369 events.

In many cases one can obtain information about the event by clicking on the symbol.

How about Facebook? As of September 21 the Facebook page #PeaceDay has dozens of entries every day beginning on September 10, but most of the entries do not indicate the country concerned. One of the entries #iplayforchange carries a map of 295 events in 51 countries. By clicking on the map you find photos from musicians around the world, but no detailed listing of the events. Another facebook page is, where today (September 21) one finds entries listed from Lebanon, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Argentina, Turkey, Libya, Luxembourg, etc., etc.

I get the feeling from “surfing the internet” that the IDP is being celebrated around the world to a far greater extent than we can measure. Is it increasing from one year to another? Does it mark a growing anti-war consciousness? Unfortunately, I see no way to measure this from the available data.

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2 thoughts on “Trying to Survey Events around the World for the International Day of Peace

  1. In Ann Arbor, on Sunday September 20 we had an outdoor peace day(s) gathering and concert with children, art, poems, little speeches and good community from 10am to 10 pm.\\
    On Monday we bought space in the Downtown Library to host peace discussions as they evolved, also showing a video on the occupation in Palestine and reading the 2015 centenary Manifesto of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

    Recurrent attention on the struggle for the commons, in our town and as a common themes in peoples; struggles around the world.

    megiddo peace project

  2. Cette année la Journée internationale de la paix a Connue une Forte mobilisation dans le monde.

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