Letter of appreciation to the Palestinian Youth Orchestra


by Phyllis Kotite

“Music is the language of the spirit” –Khalil Gibran
May I express profound appreciation for the magnificent and outstanding performance of the PYO in Paris.  Having followed the evolution of these talented young musicians, ‘grace’ a Lena Saleh, have been astonished at the performances in the major European and Arab countries.  As a Lebanese Arab, and former United Nations staff inspired by classical music, am deeply proud of these creative young Palestinians whose talent enhances our great Arab heritage.  They were one of the best symphony orchestra’s I have ever heard !!  And the guest conductor was excellent also with his lively and harmonious style.


You and your colleagues are to be congratulated on this brilliant initiative which has brought joy and pride to our beleagured region.  It is indeed remarkable that such beauty emerges from the oppression of occupation and sorrow.  Recalling the great poet Mahmoud Darwish:
   “I have found an opening to inscribe the national into the universal,so that Palestine does not limit itself to       Palestine, but finds her legitimate esthetics in a more vast human space.  The Middle East is the birthplace of mazcivilizations.Sumerian, Egyptian, Canaanian,…Mediterranean identity is universal”.
Indeed, this universal spirit was skillfully demonstrated by the PYO’s superb performance of composers from different cultures.  Having cooperated with numerous international development projects for Palestine, am certain that your future, your civic values and manner of governance will be a model for our region.
Mabruk mitte murra, bravo and sincerest gratitude for this moment of beauty, during this dreadful times for our region.   I hope we will meet one day.


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