Curitiba, Brazil: Military police discuss culture of peace


Un article from the Instituto Mundo Melhor (translation by CPNN)

On 25 August, the Instituto Mundo Melhor (IMM) brought together police officers from Curitiba to discuss the culture of peace. The activities put an emphasis on values ​​education and pedagogy of coexistence. The project involved about 30 professionals from the 12th and 13th Battalions of the Paraná Military Police and trained police officers from the Units of Paraná Seguro.


The President of the IMM, Jeroslau Pauliki, commented on the pilot experience of working with public outside the areas of education, welfare and health in which they already have expertise. “This pioneering initiative brings us to an important reflection. Even if their professions are diametrically opposed, the work environment, their conflicts and challenges are similar in many ways and this contributes to an open discussion and development for all,” he said.
The initiative is evaluated favorably by the commander of the 12th Battalion, Colonel Antonio Zanatta Neto. “It is an excellent opportunity to integrate the military police in society and to seek new knowledge. Our expectations are good, because I know the platform crafted by the IMM. The contents have been adapted to the military police and we are the pioneers. We want to break paradigms and further advance community policing and citizen services, “he added.
The next meeting of Education for Peace by the IMM with the 12th Military Police Battalion will take place on September 16. In all, there will be four meetings. The contents will be taught by the Center for Studies and Teacher Training in Education for Peace and Coexistence of the Ponta Grossa State University.

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