Romania: 1982 Concert for Peace on Earth


Sent to CPNN from Elisaveta Nica

As a promoter of Culture of Peace and Friendship (COPF), I send you this video that presents a musical message of peace. I hope you would enjoy it.  

(Click on the image to watch the video)

Question for this article:

What place does music have in the peace movement?

This musical concert was organized in Bucharest, Romania in 1982 by a genius poet and great patriot Adrian Păunescu during comunism regime more than 35 years ago. His genuine enthusiasm and love for peace greatly expressed in the way how he conducted this concert with thousands of people chanting “Să fie pace în lume” (Let there be peace on earth) associated with moments of a dove play and Olympic flames stand as  symbols of hope and beauty of all Romanians. 

Through its message, this concert has a great contemporary significance for the world we live in.

Păunescu has passed away since 2010, but he left a great legacy to humanity: love for peace and living in peace.
In the last years of his life he lived in loneliness. I read that in his last poem, he wrote “not even GOD sits at table with me.”

I wept.