France: Les Résistantes 2023 – meetings of local and global struggles


An article from Les Resistantes

From August 3 to 6, 2023, the Larzac plateau will host the first edition of the Resistance – Meetings of local and global struggles! More than 570 local struggles are identified today on the Reporterre map, and this Meeting by and for struggles will be an opportunity to honor them and bring together this vast movement that is growing across France.

La carte de resistantes dans le sud de France
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From local to global, many associations, unions and collectives also work on related, social, environmental, societal subjects, and would benefit a lot from meeting and helping each other more.

Concretely, these 4 days will be an opportunity to invite new people to join our struggles, to prepare perspectives for mobilization together, to train, to celebrate our victories, to see how to help each other and to strengthen the coalitions of struggles. geographic or thematic that pop up everywhere. Concerts, workshops, assemblies, meetings, training, screenings-debates, shows, children’s area, nature walks, participatory radio and many other things will be on the agenda!

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Local resistance actions: can they save sustainable development?

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The main objectives of the event:

-> Bring together the militant sphere that revolves around struggles without necessarily getting very involved, and encouraging them to do so through clear and numerous means.

-> Make visible and publicize the movement of local struggles across France, its scale and its strength, with a view to recruitment and credibility.

-> Bring together networks of struggles that do not speak to each other or speak too little, isolated local struggles or global organizations that fight on related issues, which would thus see that their case is far from being the only one and that they can find outside support.

-> Accelerate the dynamics of inter-struggle cooperation: the Meetings will make it possible to provide logistical, communication, organizational and financial capacities and skills so that the coalitions of struggles can structure mutual aid, planning and recruitment.

-> Put the struggles, the next deadlines and the next major global battles on the agenda of the media and many allies for the start of the 2023 school year.

-> Structure a long-term network of volunteers capable of supporting struggles and their networks over the long term across France.

-> Make a joyful time that celebrates our past victories and that allows us to prefigure dozens to come!

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