India: Interfaith Forum for Peace and Harmony formed in violence-hit Manipur for restoration of humanity


An article from the Eastern Mirror of Nagaland

With an objective to provide relief, healing and restoration of humanity to those affected by the ongoing violent conflicts in Manipur, more than 30 people including religious leaders from diverse faith converged at Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple in Imphal and formed Interfaith Forum for Peace and Harmony (IFPH) on Tuesday.

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Manipur has been in turmoil since violent clashes broke out between the Meitei and Kuki communities on May 3, claiming more than 100 lives and leaving thousands of people homeless after thousands of houses were destroyed.

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How can different faiths work together for understanding and harmony?

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The forum (IFPH) was launched following a meeting attended by 34 people, including religious leaders representing diverse faiths like Christianity, Sanamahi, Manipuri Gauriya Vaisnav, Islam and Tingkao Ragwang, as well as various spiritual communities such as Divine Life Society, Art of Living, Brahmakumari, Bhakti Seva Lup and Gandhian movement Ekta Parishad.

The members of the forum resolved to embark on a journey of interfaith understanding and culture of peace by taking moral and social responsibilities of the sufferings caused to thousands of people in both the hills and valley of Manipur,’ read an update received here on Tuesday.

It was also resolved to organise an all faith prayer programme to end the violence and heal the sufferings through humanitarian support services throughout the state.

All the religious leaders appreciated the eight core values of Sanamahism, including humility, trust, calmness, honesty, compassion, good thought, reflection and contentment shared during the meeting and accepted it as common values for interfaith understanding.

The update went on to inform that a working committee of the forum was constituted comprising two representatives from each faith and Deben Bachaspatimayum was appointed as the convener.