How can different faiths work together for understanding and harmony?

. . . Tolerance & Solidarity . . .

Asian church leaders call for greater interfaith cooperation

Muslim World League, Patriarchate of Moscow sign cooperation deal

Geneva: Conference on ‘Promoting Peace Together’ Promoting Human Fraternity and Harmonious Co-existence through Dialogue

Fourth edition of living together in Togo

Pope hopes his Arabian trip will help Islam-Christian relations

Pakistan: Interfaith Christmas Celebration

Panel on education and peace at UN in Geneva draws faith and secular sectors together

“Peace through dialogue: Our destiny” is theme of Mindanao Week of Peace 2018

Europe’s Religious Leaders to discuss the role of multi-religious cooperation in social cohesion

Burkina Faso: Inter-religious dialogue for peace: “It is the diversity of religions that gives meaning to religion”

Brazil: Londrina to hold meeting for peace and religious tolerance

Taiwan: The sixth Buddhist-Christian talk in progress

Burkina Faso: A forum talks about peace

Historic peacebuilding program launches in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Qatar: DICID chief highlights role in spreading peace

Spain: Melilla Unesco Center will host the presentation ‘Islam: Culture of peace and non-violence’

Jewish, Christian, Muslim Leaders Feast Together for Interfaith Ramadan Break-Fast in Istanbul

Burkina Faso: Dialogue of religions and cultures: prospects for the Ouagadougou symposium

Burkina Faso: Dialogue des religions et des cultures: tenants et aboutissants du symposium de Ouagadougou

Vatican: PCID and WCC to draw up document on Education for Peace

Niger: Niamey opens a forum on the culture of peace through religious dialogue in the subregion

Niger: Ouverture à Niamey d’un forum sur la culture de la paix par le dialogue religieux dans la sous-région

Muslim Council of Elders, Anglican Church meeting ends on high note in Abu Dhabi

There’s a Place in India Where Religions Coexist Beautifully and Gender Equality Is Unmatched

Beating the drum for peace: A chat with the general secretary of the South Sudan Council of Churches

A Year-long Project for “Living Together – REVE” in Niger

Un an du “Projet Revalorisation du Vivre Ensemble – REVE” au Niger

Lebanese dialogue aims to strengthen unity in diversity

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