The International Society Culture of Peace: Solidarity concerts in Athens and Mytilini / Lesbos


Information taken from the website of The international Society Culture of Peace

Together with Greek refugee initiatives, trade unions and peace groups, the international Society Culture of Peace, based in Germany, is organizing solidarity concerts in Athens and Lesbos to support refugee relief efforts and peace initiatives.


Here are the programmes in Athens and Lesbos.

Programme Athens

Tuesday, 1st November 2016, 21.00h, City Plaza Hotel,
St. Acharnon 78 and Katrivanou, Athens, 104 34
Solidarity and Peace-Concert with the Afghan singers Shekib Mosadeq and
Masoud Hasanzada from Kabul/Germany. Greek music from MikisTheodorakis-Ensemble
with participation of the Peace delegation from Syria.

Wednesday, 2nd November 2016, Visits and concerts in other refugee camps in Athens
3nd November, Departure to Lesbos

Programme in Mytilene/Lesbos:

Friday, 4th November 2016, Visit of the refugee camps around Mytilene.
19.30h, Hotel Lesvion, Mytilene, “Refugee crisis or Political Crisis ?”,
Public discussion about causes of flight. With the peace delegation from
Syria, Heike Hänsel, (Member of German Parliament), Leo Gabriel
(Journalist, Austria), Members of the local community and Siniparxi in Mytilene.
Moderation by Henning Zierock (Society Culture of Peace),
Music by the Afghan singers Shekib Mosadeq, Masoud Hasanzada.
Songs from Mikis Theodorakis

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Question for this article:

The refugee crisis, Who is responsible?

How can there be a political solution to the war in Syria?

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Press meeting:
Saturday, 5th November 2016, 11.00h in the Hotel Lesvion, Mytilene
14.00h Manifestation, Sappho Square, “Overcoming the causes of flight –
We must win peace not war!” with international speakers and music.
Center of Mytilene, “Message from the Sea” , by boat.

Sunday 6th November 2016 visit of historical places around Mytilene
12.00h, Monument of Liberty. March to the Port of Mytilene in
commemoration of the dead refugees in the Aegean Sea. Appeal from Lesbos
for a “Culture of Peace and new relation-ship between the peoples”

Contact: Henning Zierock, Gesellschaft Kultur des Friedens, Tel. 0049 172 7406310

Monday, 7th November, 18.00h at the Press Center ESIEA (organized by ) with participation of leading members of the
 Syrian Civil Society,Contakt: Leo Gabriel,

Panel discussion
Given the humanitarian disaster in and around Syria and the failure of
the international community of States to produce a sustainable peace
some prominent members of the Syrian civil society got together in
Austria and elaborated the ground for a future constitutional process in

In the context of a tour of concerts for the refugees in Greece
organized by the German based NGO Cultures of Peace the international
initiative will present the results of this
conference in order to promote in Greece a Constitutional Assembly for
Syria in the upcoming months.

Speakers: Mouna Ghanem from Damascus, Madjoleen Hassan from Latakia,
Sheruan Hassan from Rojava, Evangelis Pissias from Greece and Leo
Gabriel from Austria.

Music by the Afghan singers Shekib Mosadeq, Masoud Hasanzada.
Songs from Mikis Theodorakis
Date and time: Monday, 7th November 2016 at 18.00h
Place: ESIEA (Trade Union of Journalists); Akadimias Str. No 20 (Metro
Syntagma) Athens

(Thank you to Henning Zierock for sending this to CPNN)