Dominican Republic : CDP and Sinarec sign agreement to promote a culture of peace and reduce violence


An article from Noticias Sin (translation by CPNN)

The Dominican College of Journalists (CDP) and the National Conflict Resolution System (Sinarec) have signed an agreement to promote a culture of peace at the national level through workshops, courses, seminars and other forms of education.

The agreement was signed by Aurelio HenrĂ­quez, president of the CDP, and Petronila Rosario Adames, director of Sinarec. They will promote a broad program of awareness at the national level through continuous education of the Culture of Peace with the aim of reducing violence in the Dominican Republic.

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Question for this article:

Where is peace education taking place?

Both organizations will work in all the sections of the country to strengthen non-violent communication that facilitates a culture of peace, through seminars, workshops, talks, forums, workshops, conferences, congresses and any other way that educates for peaceful and non-violent coexistence in society.

Sinarec is a body attached to the office of the Attorney General of the Republic and was created by the Superior Council of the Public Ministry, with the aim of implementing a system at the national level that allows the culture of peace to be carried out through social organizations, along with neighbors, professional associations and non-profit organizations.

The two organizations agreed to create a monitoring commission to ensure the development and execution of this agreement. The commission will include made up of two people, who will plan the programs to be executed, prepare logistics and make the invitations.

CDP-CINAREC committed to managing and promoting the activities they carry out together, such as courses and diplomas that they deem relevant for technical development and professional improvement for the strengthening of peaceful coexistence in our communities.

CDP and Sinarec will initiate a cycle of conferences, talks, courses and specialized training. At the end of each training which includeds more than eight hours of face-to-face classes, the participants will receive a certificate of participation.