Panama : Management results in 2021 of the Coordination Office of the Community Mediation Program


An article from the government of Panama (translation by CPNN)

The Coordination Office of the Community Mediation Program presented the main results achieved during the management period corresponding to the year 2021, in order to make visible the efforts and collaborative work carried out by each of the team members.

The presentation was given by Thaiska T. Tuñón Solano, head of the Coordination Office, and community mediators from the Administration Attorney’s Office participated.

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Mediation as a tool for nonviolence and culture of peace

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Tuñón highlighted that, despite the difficulties encountered in the current context generated by the public health situation, important results were attained. Among these, he highlighted the resumption of agreements with different local authorities and national and international organizations to guarantee the operation of the Community Mediation Centers, in addition to the participation in different virtual academic activities at the international level to strengthen national and international technical cooperation.

The actions carried out collaboratively with the Norwegian Council for Refugees were highlighted, as well as the sensitizations developed in the community by each of the Community Mediation Centers. Also, he mentioned that most cases continue to be initiated voluntarily, that is, that the citizen directly attends the Center to request the conflict management service without the intervention of a judge or other authority.

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