Europe: International Day of Peace


A survey by CPNN

We list here 191 events in 10 European countries that were listed this year in Google during the week of September 21-28 under the key words “International Day of Peace”, “Journée Internationale de la Paix”, “Dia Internacional de Paz”, “Dia Internacional da Paz”, “Internationaler Tag des Friedens”and “Giornata internazionale della pace” or were listed on the websites of International Cities of Peace Facebook and the website of the Collectif de 21 septembre.

In addition to these, over 300 events are listed on the maps of One Day One Choir and Montessori schools singing for peace, but there is no indication which took place this year and which took place only in previous years.

No doubt there were also many events listed on the Internet in the various national languages in Europe other than those for which we searched.

For events in European countries formerly part of the Soviet Union, click here.


September 21, 2021 #drapeaudelapaix #vredesvlag – Campaign 2021 No new nuclear bombs in Belgium – Sign the UN treaty on nuclear weapons. Let us also make the abolition of these weapons of mass destruction a political priority in Belgium. Global nuclear disarmament is possible if all countries sign the United Nations Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which has been in force since January 2021. Unfortunately, Belgium has still not adhered to the ban on nuclear weapons from the UN. Find here the letter sent to all mayors.

Participating municipalities (114): Amay, Andenne, Anderlues, Anhee, Ans, Anzegem, Arendonk, Assesse, Avelgem, Awans, Aywaille, Beernem, Beerse, Beersel, Bièvre, Bonheiden, Bouillon, Brakel, Brugge, Bütgenbach, Chaumont-Gistoux, Colfontaine, Couvin, Deerlijk, Drongenbos, Enghien, Engis, Erquelinnes, Essen, Fleurus, Flobecq, Fontaine-L’Evêque, Genappe, Ghent, Geraardsbergen, Gerpinnes, Gistel, Haacht, Ham, Ham-sur-Heure-Nalinnes, Hamme, Hamont-Achel, Hastière, Havelange, Heers, Herbeumont, Heusden-Zolder, Hoeselt, Holsbeek, Horebeke, Hotton, Izegem, Jodoigne, Juprelle, Kontich, Kortessem, Laarne, La Calamine, Lanaken, Lede, Léglise, Leuven, Libramont-Chevigny, Lierde, Lincent, Lobbes , Maaseik, Maldegem, Malmedy, Manage, Marchin, Meise, Merksplas, Morlanwelz, Mouscron, Nivelles, Ohey, Oudenaarde, Oupeye, Péruwelz, Perwez, Pittem, Plombieres, Quaregnon, Ramillies, Ravels, Rebecq,Rijkevorsel, Roosdaal, Ruiselede, Sambreville, Sint-Lievens – Houtem, Spa, Stabroek, Stavelot, Steenokkerzeel, Stekene, Ternat, Theux, Thuin, Tielt, Tielt-Winge, Tubize, Viroinval, Visé, Vresse-sur-Semois, Wachtebeke, Walhain, Wavre, Wervik, Westerlo, Zandhoven, Zedelgem and Zelzate.


Nicosia’s Home for Cooperation is a fitting place to celebrate International Day of Peace, a space for dialogue, action and togetherness. On September 21, Home for Cooperation will hold a series of events including workshops, a tour and music. The events will begin in the afternoon with a three-hour workshop titled Promoting Peace for a Sustainable World from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. And while the workshop is on, a walking tour will take place with Vijdan Şengör and Myrto Skouroupathi called Sustainable Nicosia: Current Challenges and Future Visions. The tour will leave at 5.30pm and will cover a two-hour route. From 7.30pm onwards various DJs will take over the decks of the Home Café’s veranda, first DJ Julio and then Radio Pangea, while several drinks and food options will be available.


Day of peace, tree of peace. Ceremony at Allée de l’Eglantine Park at 10:30 AM.
Blossom of the tree of peace and glass of friendship.


Rally for peace. Gathering in Albi on Saturday September 25 from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on the Esplanade LAPEROUSE.. Information, exchanges, petitions, posters, debates, documents


Activities underway for the International Day of Peace
– Septmber 21, 6:00 p.m. celebration of the international day of peace at the place de la paix Angers,
– Saturday September 25: March for peace, nuclear disarmament and the climate, for social justice and human rights, Place Lorraine 2:30 p.m. in Angers


The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed September 21 the International Day of Peace. In 2000, the City of Audincourt joined in this day, which aims to commemorate and strengthen the ideals of peace among all nations and peoples. The 2021 Commemoration will be held this Saturday, September 25, 2021 at 11:00 am at the Peace Tree on the Human Rights Esplanade, in front of the Municipal Library.


Avignon: collective of mutual aid and support for Afghan exiles and their families. Support rally organized this Tuesday, September 21, Jean-Jaurès course in Avignon.
The collective, which has 61 people, was launched on August 23, after the Taliban coup. It accompanies exiles whose families are still in Afghanistan and helps them find accommodation. . . .A conference-debate on Afghanistan is scheduled this Wednesday, September 22 at 6.15 p.m., at Steam Fennel, 145, rue Carreterie, with the Friends of the Diplomatic World. It will be led by Adam Baczko, researcher at the National Center for Scientific Research and at CESSP (European Center for Sociology and Political Science).


Podcast by Escale: the weekly magazine: Let’s all adopt behaviors conducive to peace – September 17, 2021
This week we are celebrating the International Day of Peace with the Vincent Van Gogh College in Blénod-lès-Pont-à-Mousson, near Nancy in France. With the team of its Webradio, Eco Radio, a 100% sustainable development radio station, we will see how young people aspire to peace, not only in this college but also in Benin. With UNESCO, we will come back to this year’s theme: “Getting up, for a more equitable and sustainable world”.


Peace hike: Sunday September 26, 2021 at BLOIS (departure from the parking lot of the Allées stadium) 4 5,10,15,20 km course. Registration from 7:30 am


Rally for peace. Meeting in Bordeaux Saturday September 25, 2021 at 10:30 am, Place des Droits de’Homme.


Afghanistan evening, the fiasco. Testimonies, exchanges, poetry, video on Afghanistan in Bourges this year. The evening will be punctuated by Afghan poetry and embellished with a small snack. Free entry in compliance with barrier sanitary measures.


In Cahors in the Lot, the date of Tuesday, September 21 was chosen for a gathering at 5.30 p.m. in Cahors in front of the town hall.
This initiative will be held within the framework of the International Day of Peace decreed by the United Nations. Its theme will be peace, climate, nuclear disarmament, social justice and human rights. It will be held at the call of the CGT, the Mouvement pour la Paix, EELV, Snuipp / FSU, SUD Education Solidaires, Libraithèque / Le Droit à la laesse, ETM, PCF, Génération.S, France Insoumise, Les Amis de l ‘Huma, LDH, Ensemble, MJC Cahors, Amigrants.


On the International Day of Peace, to promote the Culture of Peace, the municipality, in partnership with the Carrières-sous-Poissy Peace Movement, invites you to participate in a conference. An exhibition will also be visible. The youngest will participate through a drawing competition and will be able to hang a message of hope on the tree of peace.


To celebrate the International Day of Peace: African & female groove concert, organized by the City of Chalette / Loing: at the Le Hangar cultural space.


On the occasion of the International Day of Peace: I walk for peace and social justice. Saturday September 25, 10 a.m., in CHAMBÉRY. Walk from the Pierre Cot space, Quai des Allobroges, to the Town Hall. Sponsored by AFPS, Alternative et Autogestion, Amnesty International, ASEP, Cap à gauche, CGT UL, CGT-UD, EELV, Ensemble! 73, FSU, La Libre Pensée, La Ligue des Droits de l’Homme, La France Insoumise, PG, PCF 73, The Peace Movement, SNES73, SNUIpp, Solidaires 73, All Migrants 73…


The Manosque Peace Committee has planned a Peace March on Saturday September 25 at 2:30 p.m. in Château-Arnoux (City of Peace).
Departure from the pacifist war memorial, walk to the gingko biloba planted with the children of a school.


Cherbourg-en-Cotentin: Gathering at the foot of the olive tree of Peace. Gathering on September 21, 2021 at the foot of the Olive Tree of Peace. Then we will head towards Boulevard de la Saline. There we will stop in front of the monument “the departure” which mentions the thousands of people who left Cherbourg for distant countries and we will also stop in front of a plaque which evokes the immigrants who left Cherbourg.


September 24 in Concarneau: A theatrical stroll through Ville-Close will evoke the 2021 World Days of Peace.


Corrèze: Trees of peace. September 21 is approaching; like every year, our committee intends to give full importance to the International Day of Peace.
Here is the list of events organized around the Peace Tree in each municipality with the children of the school, except in Brive where it will take the form of a gathering in the presence of the municipality around the Peace Tree. in the gardens of the guierle:
September 21 at 10am: Gathering in Brive
September 27 at 10 a.m.: Saint-Cernin-de-Larche
October 1 at 2:45 p.m .: in Chanteix
October 4 at 3:00 p.m .: in Forgès
October 19 at 10.50 a.m .: in Meymac
Argentat: date to be specified
Saint-Martin-La-Méanne: date to be specified
Chamboulive: date to be specified


Events at the Dieppe association house are organized for the International Day of Peace. A screening, an exhibition and concerts are on the program. For Peace Day, the film Les Hirondelles de Kaboul will be screened this Friday, September 17, 2021 in Dieppe. An exhibition by Christophe Méreis, entitled “Faces and Sorrows” is presented at the Maison des Associations from this Friday, September 17 to Tuesday, September 21, 2021. Saturday 18, association stands will be set up from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. At noon, a multicultural meal will be shared and games are planned all day on the theme of peace. At 2 p.m., a concert will be given by Afrika Music and at 4 p.m., Joris Bonvalet will take the microphone.


Embrun: Celebration of the International Day for Peace. Au Jardin du Roc
10h Ouverture
12h Cloche de la Pqix
12:30h Piotr Chyc
17h Exposition de photos
18h Solo de Clowns “En Carafe3
19h Coquin de Sort
20:30h Piotr Chyc et le Jazz Band


Foix: March for peace. Saturday September 25, 2021, at 2 p.m. in front of the Resistance Monument, allées de Villote in Foix. At the call of the Ariège organizations Mouvement de la Paix, ACAT, AFMD, ATTAC, CNT, Couserans-Palestine, FSU, LDH, LFI, NPA, PCF, Solidaires, Sud education, UD CGT, UFAL and the deputies of Ariège M. Larive and B. Taurine


Grenoble: Peace march. Saturday September 25, meeting at 10 am Place St Bruno (behind the wooden dragon). Walk in Grenoble to Parc Mistral.


La Rochelle: March for peace, ambulatory and dance rally –
09/25/2021 – RDV Statue Duperré


Lannion: March for peace. Friday September 24 at 6.30 p.m .: Meeting in front of the Town hall of Lannion


Laragne: Celebration of the international day of September 21 at the olive tree of peace in the Giono garden in Laragne (05) in partnership with the municipality.


Malakoff: To mark September 21, declared International Day of Peace by the United Nations, the City and the collective of associations for peace are organizing Peace Week from September 16 to 25, 2021.
Screening, meetings, exhibition…: the local programming echoes the theme chosen by the United Nations for the 2021 edition: “Getting up for a more equitable and sustainable world”. All the info here


Marseille: The Peace Movement 13 has prepared two events with its partners to celebrate the International Day of Peace. Meeting on Tuesday September 21 at 5.30 p.m. at the Vieux-Port, Marseille : For a generalized ceasefire and the obtaining of the essential means to ensure human security.
9th edition of Voiles de la paix en Méditerranée under the theme “Marseille opens its port, the population opens its arms to the castaways of the migratory routes.”


Each year we celebrate in Martigues, with our partners, the International Day of Peace, not always on September 21. The city will be adorned with rainbow flags of Peace. The young people of the Maison de la Formation et la Jeunesse have been exhibiting their work of writing and drawings on Peace in the great Hall of the Town Hall, since September 8. On Saturday 18 the Martigues Committee of the Peace Movement will hold a stand at the Day of Associations at the Halle from 10 am to 6 pm. Sunday 19, Esplanade des Belges pacifist rally from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Speeches and animations.


Montélimar: September 25 from 10 a.m. Zone 5 Teil – Citizen Forum climate, nature, social


Montmélian: March for peace. Departure on September 24 at 5.30 p.m. in the Jardins d’Höchst.


Montpellier: September 24 at 2 p.m., departure from Jardins du Peyrou – climate march.


On Saturday September 25, 2021 for the feast of peace in Montval-sur-Loir, the usual activities will not take place because of the Covid-19 epidemic. But the screening of a film with Kad Merad and the provision of books and games will be offered. . . .The organizers welcome the partnership of Ciné Off which will lend its assistance by showing a film and the game library which will provide books and games on peace. The film “Un triomphe” will be screened at the Récollets cinema at 8:30 pm.


Nantes : March for peace and climate: 09/25/2021 – The Nantes Peace Movement committee will meet you at 2:30 p.m. at the entrance to rue de la barillerie – cours des 50 otages.


Nevers: Peace march 09/25/2021 – departure from Place Carnot at 10:30 am for an arrival at Place de la Resistance, in front of the prefecture, with speeches and songs.


March for Peace in Nice : Saturday September 25, 2021, meeting at 3 p.m. Place Garibaldi. At the call of Committee 06 of the Alpes Maritimes Peace Movement


Orsay, les Ulis, Chevreuse valley
The activities of the Peace Committee around the citizen and solidarity dynamic of September 21.
Publication in number 141 of MAG, the Municipal Journal of Orsay of September 2021, of the announcement on the creation of the committee.
September 5, 2021. Participation in the Orsay Association Day.
September 13, 2021: Presentation to the elected officials of Orsay of the “Culture of Peace” Project for the City via a videoconference following a presentation in June to the Municipal Office. CF. powerpoint: Orsay, City of Peace.
September 17, 2021: “Les beaux papers” bookshop. Selection of books around Peace. (Cf. The September 21 Poster)
September 21, 2021, 6:00 p.m .: Intervention on the occasion of the Republic Day Ceremony organized for several years by the Municipality with the Call “Act together on Saturday September 25, 2021 everywhere in France” For peace, nuclear disarmament and the climate, for social justice and human rights ”to recall that it is also the International Day of Peace.
September 21, 2021, 8 p.m. gathering in front of the Olivier de la Paix located in front of the Maison de la MJC Jacques Tati. Speech by Mrs. Dea RETY and Mr. Pierre TARIF, the two co-chairs of the Orsay Peace Committee, Les Ulis, Vallée de Chevreuse.
September 21, 2021, 8:30 p.m. Presentation-debate around the book Osez la Paix by the author Pierre-Olivier Payard at La Bouvêche and presentation of the new Orsay, les Ulis, Vallée de Chevreuse local committee of the Peace Movement by its two co-presidents.
September 23, Orsay. Meeting with the teachers of the School of the center for the launch of the project Un ORIGAMI pour la Paix.
September 25, 2021, Paris. Participation of the Peace Committee in the Place de la République Gathering of the “En Marche pour la Paix” Collective.
September 26, 2021, 3 p.m., Orsay. On the occasion of the football match between the football clubs between Orsay / Bures and Savigny, the entry onto the field of two teams with a banner “On the march for a climate of peace” in the presence of the two co-presidents and members of the team. committee.

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Paris : We don’t walk anymore! An agora for a change 09/25/2021
Place de la République in Paris: For Peace as well as for the climate: Less lobbies, more democracy!
Workshops, debates, artistic activities.
At the call of the following collectives and organizations:
Unis pour le Climat et la Biodiversite
Collectif en Marche pour la Paix
Mouvement de la Paix
Democratie Ouverte
On Est Pret
Collectif pour une Convention pour un Renouveau Democratique
Parents pour le Climat
Chretiens Unis pour la Terre
Grevistes de la Faim pour un Avenir Possible


The jury of the “Jean Jaurès de la Paix” Prize, created by the European Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution, met this Tuesday, September 21, 2021 in Paris, in order to choose the international personality that it deems appropriate to carry the title of Man of Peace for the year 2021″. “It decided to award the Jean Jaurès Peace Prize to His Majesty King Mohammed VI, King of the Kingdom of Morocco, in recognition of his great role in the dissemination of the values ​​of peace inside and outside of Morocco.” . . . It cited “his contribution to building a society of justice and peace between men and nations, his very laudable actions in favor of promotion of the development of Africa through its economic, security, humanitarian, cultural and spiritual diplomacy.”

Périgueux : RDV ce 25 septembre à 10h devant la préfecture – Climat march


March for peace: Meet in Rennes at 3 p.m. on Saturday September 25, Place Charles de Gaulle


September 25 a Transition and Climate Day in Saint-Brieuc, through two events.
At 2 p.m.: a Climate Walk at the start of the Promenades to remind people of the urgency to radically change our development model.
From 3 p.m .: a Transition Village at Place du Martray to discover concrete means of action, discuss with community activists on local issues (green algae, bypass ring roads, artificialization of Plains-Cities, Plouisy salmon farm …) Or participate in a climate fresco.


Saint-Étienne : September 24 – Climate Walk – Contact: Youth For Climate Saint-Étienne


Saint-Ouen : On September 21 at 8:30 p.m. the film “9 days in Raqqa” is shown at the 1789 space in St Ouen


Sainte-Lizaigne. Tuesday afternoon, the municipality celebrated the International Day of Peace by placing, in particular, a white flower arrangement at the foot of the Peace Wall. At the end of this ceremony, the schoolchildren from the six classes of the Tournesol school group, supervised by their teachers, took turns planting, near the monument, white daffodils, a symbol of peace, up to the 100,000th bulb. . As mayor Pascal Pauvrehomme points out, the town and the new association of the Gardeners of Sainte-Lizaigne have begun to decorate the long main crossing of the village, which is more than 2 kilometers. “Our goal was to transform this common corridor so that it becomes a common showcase.”


Tarbes: 09/25/2021. Let us march together “For Peace, nuclear disarmament and the climate, social justice and human rights”. Meeting at 10 am Place de Verdun.


Rally for Peace. Saturday September 25 – Meet at 10:30 am at the Carré du Port in Toulon. Make Peace instead of War !


Toulouse : Rally for peace. Gathering on Saturday September 25 at 11 am, meeting at the Jean-Jaurès Metro exit. Speech by the organizations present. Convoking organizations: Mouvent de la Paix, CGT, FSU, Rally supported by La Libre Pensée, Friends of the Earth, PCOF


For the Indre et Loire, a rally will take place in front of the prefecture of Tours on 9/25 at 10:30 am with the filing of a motion and speeches. At the same time, an initiative of the movement takes place on the Loches market (very busy) on Saturday September 18 and we are associated with a solidarity initiative on Friday 24 in Tours in support of women in struggle and to have the return of a mission humanitarian aid in a Greek camp with Kurdish refugees.`


Valenciennes : International Day of Peace
3 meetings of the Valenciennois Committee
– Friday September 17 7 p.m . : Meeting around the film LA THIRD GUERRE
– Saturday 18 – 5 p.m. film JOSEP
– Tuesday 21 – 6.30 p.m. Place d’Armes Valenciennes GATHERING


Venissieux : International Day of Peace
-17h00 place Ennemond Romand – planting of a ginkgo bilboa (tree of peace) in the presece of children from the Maisons de l’enfance Moulin à vent and Ernes Renan
-17h45 foyer Vaillant Couturier – Madame Mayor will sign the “Mayors’ Appeal” for signature by France of the Treaty for the Interdiction of Nuclear Arms


Villejuif : Promoting peace together- September 21, 18h around the Olive Tree of Peace, instead of City Hall in Villejuif. Speech by Mouvement de la Paix. Speech by the Mayor


For the United Nations World Day of Peace (September 21), several thousand people are demonstrating in Berlin today, Saturday. Under the motto “Give peace a dance”, the demonstration with music trucks and DJs is to begin at 2:00 pm at the Brandenburg Gate and move to the Victory Column. 15,000 participants are registered for this “World Peace Day Berlin”. A human chain through the city is planned for lunchtime, it should be part of a long chain on the subject of human rights from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. This is to draw attention to the fate of drowned refugees.


Remscheid, Germany : Concert on the International Day of Peace. The Palestinian-Syrian pianist Aeham Ahmad achieved international fame in 2014/2015 through his performances in the Yarmuk refugee camp. One as a “pianist in the rubble” during the civil war in Syria! He now lives in Germany. Aeham Ahmad inspires the audience at his numerous concerts with the intensity of his songs and the virtuosity of his piano playing. His concert on September 21st on the International Day of Peace begins at 7 pm (admission from 6 pm) in the Lenneper monastery church, combined with a reading from “And the birds will sing”.


On the occasion of the peace day on September 1st, the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge (VDK) is organizing its first virtual peace run. The municipality of Weeze is happy to take up this action and, together with the athletics department of TSV Weeze, is calling for citizens to take part. . . . “How much you walk is up to you to decide for yourself, it’s about actively working for peace”, informs Georg Koenen, Mayor of Weeze. Participants can choose between routes over five, ten and 20 kilometers. How they cope with the distance is up to them: whether walking, running or jogging. The route can be chosen freely. The VDK Weeze would like to work with the supporters to convey the message of peace and send the signal that peace in the world is important. 


World Peace Day was established by the United Nations in 1981 to spread and promote the ideals of peace and non-violence among nations. Flux Laboratory Athens chose this day to honor the universality and sensitivity of the work of Mikis Theodorakis, who passed away on September 2, passing into eternity as a musical symbol of peace and democracy. Drawing on the song “We are two”, choreographer and dancer Markella Manoliadis invited 20 dancers to work together in a separate performance intended for the public space. Today, Tuesday, September 21, at 18.30, they will unite to dance in Agia Irini Square as a symbolic act open to the public. (Click here for video)
      “We are a vast, deep river that is constantly deepening, that is constantly widening and enriching as it moves towards this endless, wide sea, which is global cooperation in a world of peace.”
Mikis Theodorakis


“The last twenty”, an international event organized by the “Village of peace” is an initiative born from the need to give a voice to oppressed countries, communities and minorities, too often relegated to the role of invisible realities in the eyes of the ‘greats’ of the earth, with the aim of starting a path of knowledge, encounter and dialogue so that common international practices and policies can be improved. The events are organized in four days, between 17 and 20 September, between L’Aquila, Sulmona, Agnone, Castel Del Giudice and Piana dei Mulini, places that come alive for reasoning and comparisons in eight thematic tables. Everything will culminate on 21 September with the Peace March in Castelpetroso , on the occasion of the International Day of Peace. “The Last 20” represents the cry of young people, political, religious and civil society representatives together with heads of state, ambassadors, communities of African diasporas and international associations in response to the G20, scheduled for 30 and 31 October 2021 in Rome.


On the occasion of the World Day of Peace, which will be held tomorrow, Tuesday 21 September, at 6.30 pm at Villa Benvenuti (via Sassuolo 6) in Formigine, the meeting entitled “Take care” will be held with Guido Barbera, President of Solidarity and CIPSI Cooperation; Matteo Gandini of the diocesan Caritas of Reggio Emilia-Guastalla; father Massimo Ramundo, collaborator of Nigrizia magazine and Giulia Martina Bosi, Councilor for Formigine Sustainable City 2030. The event, organized by the La Locomotiva Foundation, includes choreography by the Balancé Dance School.


Naples : Live in Villa di Donato. On the occasion of the presentation evening of the 2021/22 Program which will be held on Tuesday 21 September 2021 at 9 pm, the guests of the Villa will be involved in a “world vision” experience with the concert of the cellist Irina Solinas “Ecotonos”. . . . In fact, Solinas’ performance is part of the world day for peace organized by the UN. A 24-hour marathon broadcast worldwide on 21 September, this year dedicated to the value of music. As a musical ambassador, the Como-born artist has traveled entering into relationships with different cultural ecosystems: from North Africa to Persia, from India to China, from Polynesia to the Americas. From these experiences “Ecotonos” was born: a performance that speaks of integration and exchange through music, approaching, with a message of joy and hope, a topic that is more relevant than ever. At Villa di Donato it will therefore be possible to enjoy the live concert and in the national premiere, just as the complete event is broadcast over the air, accompanied by a video story,


The Commission for equal opportunities, peace, human rights, international relations and immigration of the municipality of Reggio Calabria, with the president Lucia Anita Nucera and the Alzaimer Reggio Calabria Association “Romana Messineo”, and the president, Lina Lizzio, on the occasion of the International Day of Peace and World Alzheimer’s Day, communicate the multicolored lighting of the Aragonese Castle on 20 and 21 September in order to raise awareness of the two important anniversaries that testify, the first to the need for a common commitment to guarantee research and the maintenance of peace between peoples and the second, to remember the importance of continuing and increasing research on diseases, but also of giving support and support to the relatives of Alzheimer’s patients who live in a difficult situation.


On the Centenary of the Soroptimist Foundation, the Club of San Marino, adhering to the invitation of the Soroptimist Europa (Sie) ‘Planting trees for a brilliant future’ , celebrates the anniversary with the planting of a tree (a Carpino, Carpinus betulus ) and with the laying of a stone, placed in the Giardino dei Liburni, in the heart of the historic center of San Marino City “.. . .The ceremony, which “will be held on Tuesday 21 September at 5 pm “, will be “accompanied by the lighting of candles , a Soroptimist ritual that every club is invited to perform from 21 September to 2 October”.


For yet another year, Alcobendas has joined the commemoration of the International Day of World Peace with an act that has been held at the Peace Bell Pagoda. . . . With the performance of the Inharmonic choir and a minute of silence in memory of the victims, the event began with the participation of the Mayor of Alcobendas, Rafael Sánchez Acera (PSOE); the Japanese Ambassador to Spain, Kenji Hiramatsu; the president of the Pablo Horstmann Foundation, Ana Sendagora, and the president of the World Association of the Peace Bell in Spain, José Manuel Rodríguez. The mayor called for a planet “in which the right to peace is recognized by and for all people.” Subsequently, several members of the Council for Children and Adolescents spoke, asking for the collaboration of adults to achieve world peace. After the ringing of the bell, the act ended when the children of APAMA and the rest of those present deposited origami cranes in the pond as a symbol of harmony, respect and peace.


The General Directorate of Peace, Coexistence and Human Rights, of the Department of Citizen Relations has organized, for yet another year, a concertto celebrate the International Day of Peace, which will be on Sunday, September 19 at 7:00 p.m. in Baluarte. With this concert, the Government of Navarra wants to show its commitment to promoting a culture of peace and contribute to a plural and democratic society without violence, which addresses its problems and disagreements through dialogue, respect and the shared search for solutions. Under the direction of Carlos Etxeberria Alonso, In Tempore Abesbatza-Coro & Ensemble will offer the work “Jubilate Deo”.


– September 18: March in Geneva, along the Rhône, associated with Jai Jagat and the NGO THe Meal.
Depart from the Batie woods to the Parc des Evaux.
Meet at 9.45am at Bois de la Bâtie, below Sadara.
– September 21: Meditation for Peace at 6 p.m. in the Ariana Gardens, in front of the UN, near the statue of Gandhi.
We will have the pleasure of welcoming Sofia Stril-Rever who will guide us for a meditation around Peace in the world.
Sofia is the French biographer of the Dalai Lama.


The 9th edition of the Geneva PeaceTalks will be held on Tuesday 21 September 2021. Livestreamed from the Palais des Nations in Geneva, the event is organised under the United Nations’ official theme for the International Day of Peace: “Recovering Better for an Equitable and Sustainable World”. Through short talks, eleven speakers from different walks of life and different parts of the globe will tell their stories, sharing their tangible learnings and ideas drawn from their experiences in the fields of climate change, dance, education, health, music and peacebuilding.


Saxon: peace week at school. The primary school and the municipality’s Integration Commission are organizing activities, culminating in a meeting with parents on September 21.


Andover Trees United has once again been invited by the Jane Goodall Institute Roots & Shoots programme to host this year’s main UK event in Andover with a procession in Harmony Woods on Tuesday, September 21.. . . The event will be attended by representatives from the Jane Goodall Institute UK Roots & Shoots team, local dignitaries and some of the businesses who have funded the ATU project, now in its 10th year of tree planting. Tuesday’s procession begins at 9.45am with a walk through the Diamond Wood and will culminate in Harmony Woods, where a commemorative tree will be planted, peace doves hung from trees and messages written on shards of wood left by the woodland classroom build.


The UK’s first Armistice peace podium has opened in Bedworth – as a special gift to the people of the town that does not forget. The podium stands proudly on Rye Piece Ringway and will be used as the saluting base for the town’s historic Armistice Day parade. . . . Standard bearers, veterans, dignitaries, the Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire Timothy Cox and film director Ken Loach gathered for the special unveiling ceremony earlier today (September 21) – chosen as it is World Peace Day.


Belfast, Great Britain, We are setting up and running a Nonviolence Gallery for the week.


Edinburgh : An evening of music, film & debate with Yemeni artists & human rights defenders exploring how art & culture contributes to peacebuilding. The first Geoffrey and Elisabeth Carnall Award Lecture 7.00pm – 8.30pm Tuesday 21 September featuring:
– Radhya Al-mutawakel, Yemeni human rights defender and chairperson of Mwatana Organisation For Human Rights – the recipient of the first Geoffrey and Elisabeth Carnall Peace Award – will join us live from Yemen to talk about the human rights situation in her country.
– Shatha Altowai, Yemeni visual artist and Saber Bamatraf, Yemeni self-taught pianist and composer (both IIEE – Artist Protection Fund Fellows) will introduce their documentary film ‘Voice of the Rainbow‘.
Kate Nevens will talk about the report she co-authored ‘Broken People can’t heal a nation‘ which is about the importance of the arts in peacebuilding in Yemen.


On Tuesday September 21, a “Making peace with out planet walk” will take place, starting at 10.30am from the Friends Meeting House in Northfield End and finishing at the Peace Tree in Mill Meadows. The walk will be led by the Henley Quakers to mark the UN International Day of Peace and will be conducted in silence. Everyone is welcome to join.