Yamoussoukro, Côte d’Ivoire: Opening of ISESCO Regional Centre for Culture of Peace


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The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Gnamien Konan presided Thursday [16 avril] at the official opening in Yamoussoukro of the regional center for education for a culture of peace (CRECP) in the presence of Mr Najib Rhiati representative of the Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), initiator of the creation of CRECP in Côte d’Ivoire.


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CREP is housed within the Félix Houphouët-Boigny peace foundation. It is intended to promote dialogue, human rights, justice and peace for a better world. It was conceived in 2008, and formalized by the signature of an agreement between the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire and ISESCO in October 2013.

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How can we develop the institutional framework for a culture of peace?

The Houghouët-Boigny Foundation of Yamoussoukro: what is its contribution to the culture of peace?

“Its mission is to promote, in the French-speaking African states members of ISESCO, education for a culture of peace in educational systems and programs, to enhance the capabilities of their culture of peace trainers, and to facilitate the integration of education for a culture of peace in school and university curricula,” said Dr. Dieneba Doumbia, director of research for peace of FHB Foundation.

The current three-year plan of CREP provides an ongoing program of education in human values, according to the representative of the Director General of ISESCO Najib Rhiati.”This program aims to make the school a space of equality and human brotherhood, a space that will pave the way for the establishment of a common life based on the values ​​of peace and solidarity and established by children who will form a youth able to build the future, ” he said.

Gnamien Konan, for his part, explained that conflicts and tensions are born of lack of civic responsibility and lack of democratic participation. “The resulting violence destabilizes our economies, harms our education systems and destroys the legendary solidarity of African countries,” he lamented.

Also, he has hired CRECP facilitators to continuously conduct discussions in order to devise innovative and effective mechanisms and new attitudes that will educate people to the culture of peace, guaranteeing a harmonious development of our country.