Past Virtual Events: December 1 -9


Here are events from December that were previously listed on the CPNN page for upcoming virtual events. Unless otherwise noted the events are in English.

Dec 1, 2020 18:30 PM in London

Students say No to War on Yemen
The war in Yemen has entered its sixth, devastating year. Over 100,000 people have died and millions are the brink of famine. The British Government is complicit in this war; over £5 billion worth of arms have been sold to the Saudi coalition since the start of the war and RAF personnel have maintained Saudi planes and directed the bombings. Stop the War Coalition, alongside organisations around the world, has called a global day of action against the war on Yemen on 25th January 2021. Students have played a major role in fighting against British involvement in the war, organising protests across the country over the summer, and will have a vital role in building the day of action. Join us to discuss how we can take action on the 25th January and end the war on Yemen.
— Speakers (tbc):
Lucy Nichols, Stop the War
Malak Mayet, Campaign Against the Arms Trade
Adhiyan Jeevathol, London Students for Yemen
Lamar Campbell, Young Labour International Representative
Hasan Patel, Young Labour Under 18’s Representative
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December 3-5

United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
Development, Environment and Peace Nexus (DEEPEN): Peace Making in Borderlands
— Violence and conflict in borderlands are inseparable from environmental degradation and hinder social development. This close connection, however, also provides the potential to reverse the vicious cycle of conflict, disruption to nature and social exclusion and move, through a holistic transformative approach, toward a virtuous cycle of peace, ecological integrity and inclusive development. At this uniquely multidisciplinary conference, speakers will explore the complex relationships between development, environment and peace in borderlands, challenging conventional approaches and introducing innovative theories and practices for sustainable and peaceful development.
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— The on-line event is open to a global audience and free of charge. Register here.

Friday 4th December 2020 9.15am–12pm GMT

Mayors for Peace European Chapter, NFLA and ICAN joint webinar
European peace and security through the 2020s,
how do we create a safer, more peaceful continent free of nuclear weapons?
— The webinar will bring together mayors and experts on nuclear disarmament, and will concentrate on the important role of local towns and cities in creating safe, resilient, sustainable and more peaceful communities.
— This meeting will be hosted on Zoom and will also be streamed live on You Tube. The meeting will be held in English, with English-Spanish simultaneous translation offered by the City of Granollers.
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December 5 and 6

United for Intercultural Action : European Network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees
Conference for climate justice and peace
— We want to invite you to join us online for a conference which is going to take place online on December 5th and 6th, 2020 on the 10th anniversary of thePrague Spring 2 network.
This time the following questions are going to be raised:
— How can we organize a campaign in all parts of Europe for an eco-social transformation and disarmament and a Nuke Free Europe and Climate Justice?
— How can communities strengthen each other across borders finding ways to build trust and resilience through local food production and stronger solidarity economies?
— How can we dismantle authoritarian, military, trade and financial international regimes that support the continuation of racist colonial and neocolonial oppression and where and what can be the contribution of our organizations like trade unions, peasant and Human Rights organizations to peace and democracy?
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9 December 9:00 -10:30 (Mexico City)

On the occasion of the International Human Rights Defenders Day, the Delegation of the European Union to Mexico invites you to the webinar “Protecting Human Rights Defenders: the commitment of the European Union”. With the participation of human rights defenders in Mexico.
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Mercredi 9 décembre 10H-12H France (en français)
Le désarmement conventionnel, influence t-il le désarmement nucléaire ?
— L’Union européenne, et plus largement les Etats du continent européen ont une approche très variée concernant le sujet du désarmement nucléaire. . . Dans le domaine du désarmement conventionnel l’unité est plus forte, tous ayant adhéré aux différentes normes internationales. La récente fin du Traité sur les forces nucléaires à portée intermédiaire (qui visait à éliminer des missiles emportant aussi bien des charges nucléaires ou conventionnelles) a montré une nécessité de renforcer une voie européenne du désarmement (face à la Russie, la Chine, les Etats-Unis). Mais cette voie commune peut-elle exister au niveau du désarmement conventionnel et nucléaire ? Ou c’est l’unité face aux enjeux de désarmement classique qui peut permettre d’entrainer (une sorte d’étapes par étapes) une position plus forte et commune sur l’interdiction et l’élimination des armes nucléaires ?
— ICAN France, avec le soutient de la Heinrich Boell Stiftung Paris, vous invite à entendre des chercheurs et parlementaires sur ces réflexions, puis à débattre avec eux.
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9 December 2020, 3.00 PM – 4.30 PM CET

Webinar on human rights, peace and security in the Americas
Welcome to a webinar on human rights, peace and security in the Americas, organised by the Swedish Foundation for Human Rights together with the Nordic Institute of Latin American Studies at Stockholm University.
— In the seminar we will discuss the impact of the Inter-American Commission and Court* on the situation for human rights, peace and security in different countries of the Americas. We will also examine the limitations to their power and the possibilities to influence the ongoing crises we see in for example Venezuela and Nicaragua. We are very pleased to be able to draw on the knowledge of prominent experts in different fields to guide us on the topic of the webinar, including the finalists of the Swedish Foundation for Human Rights student essay competition 2020!
— Panellists and presenters:
— Andrés Rivarola Puntigliano, Director of the Nordic Institute of Latin American Studies.
— Diego Rodríguez-Pinzón, Professorial Lecturer in Residence and Co-Director of the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at American University Washington College of Law (WCL).
— Pär Engström, Senior Lecturer in Human Rights at the Institute of the Americas, University College London.
— Amalia Ydrefelt Hanell, law student, Uppsala University.
— Lovisa Kårelius, law student, Uppsala University.
— Helmer Jonelid, law student, Uppsala University.
— Moderator: Sofia Fotini Ekarv, Swedish Foundation for Human Rights
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