Call For Registration: Action For Peace Forum In Ethiopia


An article by Bakary Ceesay in The Voice – Gambia

The African Artist Peace Initiative (AAPI) is calling on creatives to register for its first edition of the Action for Peace Forum and Initiatives campaign, which will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 1 to 5 December.

The registration deadline is 1 November. AAPI is a pan-African movement of artists and activists, who use creative arts, communication and cultural diplomacy as a tool to champion the African Union’s Africa Agenda 2063, culture of peace initiatives and social justice across Africa.

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Question for this article:

Do the arts create a basis for a culture of peace?, What is, or should be, their role in our movement?

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The programme will include co-creation workshops with various peace-building initiatives using media, culture, sports and education, and will culminate in the Music4Peace concert.“The present-day situation calls for radical changes in democratic processes and sustainable development,” AAPI said.

“The decade-long Action for Peace Forum and Initiatives campaign intends to address the two kinds of realities: the ‘world of depression’ where everything is moving according to the wishes of those in authority or power, and the ‘world of civilisation and equality’ where laws, rules, money, power, authority, influence and so-called development controls the total activity of human activities.

“This campaign will inspire the thoughts and actions needed to achieve sustainable peace in Africa, through the nexus between critical and creative thinking and the urgent need for a peaceful and secured Africa for all.”

Participants will be expected to cover their travel and accommodation. However, AAPI can facilitate the booking of affordable accommodation and assist participants from countries without Ethiopian embassies to obtain visas.