Africa Beijing+25 Youth Baraza: Fem-Foster, Enable, Mobilize


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The Office of the Envoy of the African Union for Youth in collaboration with the Women, Gender and Development Directorate has organized five regional events of the “Beijing + 25 Mobilization of Young African Women” co-organized with the African Women Leaders Network (AWLN) Young Women Leaders Caucus and the International Youth Task Force for Beijing + 25.

The events take place by internet.

Here are some notes from the event for East Africa that took place on October 20. For details, see the video link above.

The closing remarks were moderated by Dr. Chiamaka Nwachukwu from the African Union Office of the Youth Envoy. She introduced reports from the following breakout groups.

Ms Mohamed reported from the group on economic rights and justice.

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Can the women of Africa lead the continent to peace?

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Ms Joyce Nwati reported from the group on sexual reproductive health and rights.

Ms Joanita B reported from the group on feminist action for climate justice.

Ms Sodfa Daaji reported from the group on technology and innovation for feminist action.

Ms Steff Musho reported from the feminist movement and leadership group.

Ms Lusunga Kalanga reported from the gender-based violence group

Ms Irena Kinabo reported from the group that addressed youth silencing the gun.

Ms Gloria Mangi, speaking on behalf of the African Union Youth Task Force and the Moremi Initiative for Leadership Development and Empowerment (MILEAD) addressed the development of young women leadership in Africa.

The event for West Africa was scheduled for October 16. Click here for a video from the event.

The event for Southern Africa took place on Friday, October 23. Here is a video of the closing remarks.

The event for Central Africa was scheduled to take place on October 27 at 14H00 EAT (GMT+3)

The event for Northern Africa was scheduled for October 30.