Côte d’Ivoire : The traditional chiefs of Gagnoa call for peaceful elections


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The traditional chiefs of Gagnoa have called for peaceful elections, expressed by the second vice-president of the National Chamber of Kings and Traditional Chiefs of Côte d’Ivoire and the president of the regional committee of traditional chiefs of Gôh, Gbizié Lambert, Monday 12 October 2020 in Gagnoa, at the opening of the awareness day for peaceful elections.

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“For some time now, the presidential election has been preceded or followed by tension, crisis and / or violence,” lamented Chief Gbizié Lambert, explained the reason behind the peace awareness tours organized across the country by the National Chamber of kings and traditional leaders to help maintain social cohesion in different regions.

Addressing a hundred or so traditional leaders, community and neighborhood leaders, women and young people, Chief Gbizié reminded everyone that they must relay information back in their respective communities, in order to that the message be known and understood by all, and that everyone should be at the same level, so that peace reigns in Gôh.

With the approach of the 2020 elections, there is an “immobilization” within the communities as a result of the acts, actions and comments of the politicians, worried Chief Gadji Joseph, president of the departmental committee of the traditional chiefs of Gagnoa. According to him, it is therefore the duty of traditional leaders to continue to work for peace.

“We leaders are part of the culture of peace. And as we are your leaders, listen to us, ”he insisted.